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Old Women Date Young Men

Does anyone think it is appropriate for older women to marry younger men? Men marry younger women all the time.A nd why do some men like marrying and/or dating older women? Is it biblically acceptable?

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 ---Judy on 6/2/09
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I came across this and I laughed. Abraham was 10 years older than Sarah!

My husband is 11 years younger than me.

Unless someone is old enough to be the others parent or grandparent, I see nothing wrong with it.
Maturity really has nothing to do with age. It has to do with ones experiences and what they believe.
I have seen Christians that have been saved for 20 years who are still babes in Christ. And ones who have been saved for a 5 years who mighty mature warriors for Christ.
---ginger on 4/9/12

How about a 43 yo woman involved with my 21 yo son?
---Charles on 4/8/12

I'm afraid unless it's like months or some really insignificant differences days or hours even, Nope.

Why cos I'm full time momma and can't be doing with an additional CHILD.

My husband needs to past the flower of his age :) mature and saved, or he didn't stand a chance.

At least if your both Youths or both mature, you have something along with being saved in common with each other. If a man is older ain't nothing wrong with that, but a woman needs to have youth on her side for da babies. It's okay if she can't have any cos of waiting but preferably she's as God intends, not selfish, one track mined, full of worldly perceptions, like wise the hubby.

from a momma
---Carla on 9/20/10

I would prefer to have a wife younger thna myself .. in fact I can't imagine having a wife as old as myself, let alone older.

But logically, since life expatancy of women is sbout 4 years longer than a man's it is logical that the wife should be 4 years older.

Why do men want it different? I suppose, because we need to be looked after in old age, and want a younger wife to do this!

The result of men having younger wives is that we far more widows than widowers.

And widowers seem far more needful of another wife than widows who seem much better at looking after themselves
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/19/10

Older person marrying a younger person can work out but I would not recommend it. When a person begins to age , they tend to stew in their own ways. They stagnate and become stiff and stuffy. Very seldom want to change. They become unteachable, failing to learn new things. most lose their sexual desire and sense of playfulness. That signals the end is near. The relationship is just about over and a lot of time has been lost and wasted. You can then choose to stay with this person or lose your identity. A slow painful death of the soul and mind. Or the opposite can happen. Life is about taking chances. It could work out for the best.
---Robyn on 9/19/10

Here is your answer
Genesis 38:11 Then said Judah to Tamar his daughter in law, Remain a widow at thy father's house, till Shelah my son be grown:

What do you think the age difference was?
---francis on 9/17/10

\\. While younger women are still trying to "find" themself.
---DELORIS on 9/14/10\\

Younger men, on the other hand, have already found themselves, right?
---Cluny on 9/15/10

Where in the Word does it state a man should be older than woman in order for them to wed? Putting a Biblical taint on this age issue is base.

Younger men who date and marry older women usually do so because older women are more settled, self-assured, self-contained, and know what they want. While younger women are still trying to "find" themself.
---DELORIS on 9/14/10

Are there any bloggers out here that are a older woman that married a younger man? How did it work out?
---Ed on 6/4/09

My mom married a man younger than her and they are still together after 30 years.

Sadly, she has Alzheimer's and he has cancer but he is still with her. He says until the end.
Boy, I wish I could find a man that loved me that much!
---miche3754 on 9/30/09

Not to contradict anyone but Jesus in the New testament did not come to abolish the laws of the old testament. and 1 of the commandments is honoring your parents and that's exactly what Isaac did when he married Rebekah. However do note this very important fact- God told Abraham to move to find a wife for his son. Abraham only moved, God is the one who arranged the whole thing. I believe that if God wanted 2 people from 2 different corners of the world to get married and do His will, who can stop it? And the marriage will be a fruitful one and full of love as it it was planned and blessed by the Father.
---Esther on 9/30/09

Why Not?
It takes love,respect, good communication, commitment and lots of work for any marriage of any age. Hopefully, if the two people are Christians they are equally yoked inn all things. Just because you are christians and close to the same age doesn't mean you are a match.
---Don on 6/10/09

Well good for Grandma!! She was one tough ole booger.
---Anne on 6/5/09

Grandma had out-lived three husbands. Then she met a much younger man who was in his 60s and had never been married. She outlived him too.
---SusieB on 6/4/09

\\However, that was back in the Old Testament. Today, we are living in the New Testament where MUTUAL love is the new standard.
---Augie on 6/3/09\\

Actually, Augie, even in the NT, arranged marriages were the practice.

For example, there's the Lord's Parable about the King who made the marriage for his son. You don't think this was just the wedding dinner, do you?

Furthermore, why do the Epistles say three times, "Husbands, love your wives" if they had gotten married for the sake of love to start with? (Note that wives are NOT commanded to love their husbands, but to just submit to them.)
---Cluny on 6/4/09

Are there any bloggers out here that are a older woman that married a younger man? How did it work out?
---Ed on 6/4/09

As you stated it isn't wise, but allowed.
---Ed on 6/3/09

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I've also seen couples who were close to the same age, yet one of them aged faster than the other. This leaves a serious situation when one spouse doesn't want to or can't continue an active life.
---SusieB on 6/3/09


You have a good point. I believe that it "best" to marry someone in your own age group. However, God allows people to choose from among whoever is available.
---Augie on 6/3/09

Sounds too wierd to me. Why would someone want to marry their mommy? Real men want a good looking young thing.
---Ed on 6/3/09


Unless there is MUTUAL love between the partners in a marriage, it just won't work out. In the case of a marriage where children from previous marriages are involved, things get much more complicated. There has to be love between ALL the people who are involved in the remarriage, or it just won't work out. You can see these facts in all the successful, and failed, marriages wherever you live.

As for the Biblical pattern of arranged marriages, I don't know if there was MUTUAL love between the people. The custom of the day was to follow whatever your "patriarch", or parents, commanded. However, that was back in the Old Testament. Today, we are living in the New Testament where MUTUAL love is the new standard.
---Augie on 6/3/09

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Two couples we know had this age difference. One woman was 18 years older than her husband. His family was upset when the marriage happened. They were happily married for many years until HE died before her. She later died at the age of 89. The other couple has an age difference of 15 years and have been married for about ten years, marrying when she was in her 60s and he in his 40s. He is her caretaker and she is hard to live with and extremely jealous of him when another woman talks to him. All four of these people were Christians. Every situation is different. The Bible says nothing on age difference, only that we should be equally yoked.
---SusieB on 6/2/09

\\The man and the woman must share MUTUAL love for each other. \\

augie, how does this square with the Biblical custom of arranged marriages?
---Cluny on 6/2/09

I don't know of any biblical reference to this.

I have not come across many men who want an older wifre, but there are many women who prefer to have a younger partner (I suppose in the same way as many men like to have a youndger woman, because it is flattering & maybe more exciting)

There is a logic to it, bearing in mind that a woman's expectation of life is about 3 years greater than a man's.
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/2/09

Any man can marry any woman. They just need to both be CHRISTIANS who are living lives in line with God's word.

That is only the beginning. The man and the woman must share MUTUAL love for each other. There are also differences in personality, interests, values, etc. that should be considered.
---Augie on 6/2/09

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