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Find Out God's Calling

How can I find out God's calling for my life?

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 ---michellem on 6/3/09
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Our calling as Christians is made very clear in God's Word(bible)We are to do the works of Christ. Feed the hungry and poor,help the homeless,be hospitable to strangers(aliens) when we can. All charitable acts are Christian callings. Visting hospitals,nursing homes,praying for others(intercession)Evangelism,discipleship,altar work. We have no excuse for not doing Kingdom work. It just a matter of having the right teaching and knowledge. No you have a measure of what you need to be doing(calling) Now go to it! God bless you in your calling(s)We do not have to be a Benny Hinn,TD Jakes,Joel Osteen etc..we are all called to do the work of Christ.
---Robyn on 6/14/09

We are all called to charity and justice. If you feel called to do anything, it is okay to do it if it won't interfere with your being charitable and just in all your doings.
---eric1968 on 6/14/09

"How did you know you found God's calling? His Word, prayer time, what felt right, etc?"

You will find righteousness, [a 'knowing' that you are in "right standing" with the Father] Peace, [a sense of ease and confidence that surpasses all sensually based understanding], and "joy unspeakable and full of glory:" You will rest at ease in what you 'know' from within is the abiding presence of Deity and the guidance of HIs Spirit. For when you have found "God's calling" you will find that you have found and entered into His kingdom within, and have willingly submitted to the reign and guidance of His Spirit in your life without any preconceived notions as to where that guidance with lead you.
---josef on 6/9/09

A call to cease from my own vain carnal efforts and to submit to His work in and through me. Trusting that the good work He has started in me, He will bring to completion.
To withdraw from the darkness and ambiguity of a sensually based mentality and to enter the light of a mind focused on Him. To set my course in life in reliance upon His direct divine inspiration, trusting that He will guide and empower me to live out His principles for life. To do whatsoever I do in word or deed, all in the name of the Lord Jesus, to the glory of God the Father. My apologies for the two part post beloved, sometimes the flow of my thoughts are difficult to contain. To summarize in a cliche, I am called to "Let go, and let God" work in my life:o)
---Josef on 6/8/09

What is God's calling on your life Josef?
---Mary on 6/7/09

"How can I find out God's calling for my life?"

His calling for your life, it is the same as for each of His chosen, that we, by the faith of His Son, 'Be' conformed to the image of His Son.

As concerning your individual calling, whatever you find in your hand to do, If it is virtuous or praiseworthy, do that with all that is within you. "Present your [body] a living sacrifice" Offer and yield your character, your distinct individual qualities and characteristics to the Father, as His representative, and, example of one resting in His will.
Be soft and pliable in His hands, commit your ways to Him, trust Him, and He will direct you.
---josef on 6/7/09

How did you know you found God's calling? His Word, prayer time, what felt right, etc?
---Mary on 6/7/09


Great answers everyone!

I have found God reveals things to me in many ways. Reading His Word, Dreams, Experiences with people (lessons)

When I ask Him a question I also ask Him to bless my study of His Word. It is amazing how He has led me right to my answer, even to the detailed points of my questions.

Once I was in church and the Pastor said he had prepared a sermon, but God wanted him to preach something else. The Pastor began preaching and God, through that man, answered all three hard questions that I asked God the day before. (No one else knew about my questions to God)

God is completely amazing and I feel so thankful, humbled, and in awe that He would answer me.
---SuzieH on 6/7/09

How many of you bloggers know God's calling on your life? Lets hear.
---Ed on 6/6/09

God's calling goes out to many, but many to not listen to the call. God puts people in your way to show you his word.The people that God wants are those that want to learn about him, they want to obey his word. He want people that wont fall from the worries of life,and prosecution. To live for Christ is not a sprint, but a Marathon to endure and fight the temptation of the flesh, the world, and the devil to the end.

The fact that you are here asking that question is the start of God calling you out. A person that doesn't re pond to Gods call would not ask, but just ignore the call and happily go back to sin and the world.
---batieste on 6/5/09

Wait on him. You know someone once said to me, "If you wait on God you'll be waiting forever," but in all actuality, I think people need to be more receptive to what he has to say, but we're not. We as a people are always so busy. Find time in your life, in your year, in your month, in your week, in your day for Him. He Loves you and cares for you. Sometimes you may feel like your prayers are going up to the wall or against a wall. Other times you will feel His presence.
---amand6348 on 6/4/09

Ask Him.

But in all probability, what you're actually doing at a given moment (sin excepted) is what God actually wants you to be doing right then.
---Cluny on 6/3/09

Simply ask Him.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 gives easy instructions:

1) Realize that God has a plan for you.(verse 11)

2)Spend time with Him, seeking Him pertaining to the plans He has for you. (verse 12)

--Also don't go seeking people's opinions or ideas. Seek God and He will confirm it.

--Don't go looking for something huge...start with the little things.(Luke 19:17)

--When you pray...don't just talk, listen!

3)In Jeremiah 29:13, God promised that if you seek Him w/ your whole you WILL find Him.
---Rickey on 6/3/09

Read Micah 6:8
---Pharisee on 6/3/09

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