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Is Retirement Biblical

None of the people in the Bible every quit working for God. He required people to work after Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. Now days, people retire and quit working. Is retirement Biblical?

Moderator - Retirement as doing nothing other than sleeping I don't think so. Retirement as doing something different that doesn't pay such as volunteer work or teaching grandkids - yes.

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 ---Augie on 6/8/09
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wivv - You should have read the earlier comments on this blog. God COMMANDED the Levites who worked in the temple to RETIRE FROM WORK at the age of 50, so the Bible, DOES say something about retirement. See Numbers 8:25. The KJV says they shall serve no more, they shall do no service. The NIV says must retire from their regular service and work no longer. The Bible does not instruct you or me to retire at any particular time. That wasn't the question. The topic is: IS RETIREMENT BIBLICAL, and YES, it is.
---Gary on 7/10/09

The Bible is a book primarly of spiritual information and instructions. Although if the Bible addresses other situations, it's true, for example health issues. But, it states NOTHING about retirement. Retirement is a cultural matter. The reason people in the Bible worked as long as they did was more out of need than anything else. For example: on paper, I'm a retired missionary and get Social Secturity, but work 40 hours a week, because I want to pay the bills - not because I think the Bible instructs me to do so.
---wivv on 7/9/09

God's blessing on your book. May it enlighten many. GOD is the one who never "retires"...He's just as able now as when He formed everything out of nothing.
---Donna66 on 6/11/09

My mom has worked all the way through her "retirement". My parents bought a "hobby" farm when Dad retired and raised strawberries to sell. (Pick your own type).

At church, mom has been head of the women's missionary work circle for about 30 years now. They make mittens for homeless children, and quilts for missionaries, and do other work projects.

When I "retire", I plan to do construction for Habitat for Humanity, and work for the Salvation Army and homeless shelter.

I have heard of preachers that "retire" and continue teaching into their 90's albeit on a "reduced" schedule.
---obewan on 6/11/09

Sam - If work has to be physical, then I would disagree. We can be useful just by encouraging others, testifying to others, talking to others. My mother is 92, lives in an assistant-living apartment because she can no longer take care of herself. Yet she still encourages her children and grandchildren. She is still useful. She would not consider that to be work.
---Gary on 6/11/09

People should continue to work in some way even into their old age unless physically they can't. Once you quit working, you are no longer useful and ready to go meet the Creator.
---Sam on 6/11/09

Donna - It was after I retired that I got my calling from God. I just finished writing a short book (just less than 30 pages) about tithing today and give it free, as a download, from my website. God has been opening doors for me to teach to pastors as well as my teaching on the internet. I never felt that I had a calling before retiring. What a wonderful way to spend much of my retirement time, serving the Lord.
---Gary on 6/11/09

Gary -- That's very intersting about the Levites. I never knew that. Bet a lot of folks didn't.

I was happy to retire, because I could see that I was not able to perform as well as when I was younger, nor keep up with all the changes and the technology.

I don't feel bad about that. Aging is a normal part of life.
Retirement didn't mean I quit "working". I quit working for pay and started working for enjoyment! At last I could follow through on some of the ideas I felt God had planted in my mind years earlier.
---Donna66 on 6/11/09

A sad thing I've seen, more than once, is when a pastor is aging, perhaps becoming physically less capable, but feels that he cannot, dare not, give up his church.

Sometimes the church begins to suffer from lack of "new blood", new ideas. The congregation dwindles. But the pastor, feeling that God disallows retirement, struggles on, trying to carry on what God called him to earlier in his life.

Apparently, nobody suggests to him that "Retirement" need not be an end to ministry.
Relieved of church administative responsibilities, the pastor could teach, counsel, write, etc....minstering in the areas is which he is most gifted. The wisdom he's acquired is valuable. He might even discover a new calling from God!
---Donna66 on 6/11/09

The Levites who received the tithe, and worked in the temple, were required to retire from all work at the age of 50. See Numbers 8:25. So YES, retirement IS biblical. It was commanded of the Levites who worked in the temple. The KJV says they shall serve no more, they shall do no service. The NIV says must retire from their regular service and work no longer. At that time they could only assist, but do no the work themselves.
---Gary on 6/10/09

to simply answer your question ,NO.God has no retirement plan,even after death.
---tom2 on 6/9/09


Thanks for your reply. I agree with what you said.

While I am not retired, I do witness to a lot of folks who are. Many of them are frustrated that they have too much time on their hands. When I explain that God wants us to put our time to good use, like you explain, some retired folks just say that they don't like doing any of that stuff. I guess that it is up to these folks to decide to make themselves useful. I think that their frustration is a result of not making themselves useful. Nobody else can make the decision for them.
---Augie on 6/8/09

By the time of Chris, the average life span did not provide enough years for retirement It does not you are going to find a lot of modern issues that were never completed in "Bible times."

Retirement provides people time to do thing that they could not devote as much time as they might have desired to religious and missions subjects activities.
---Phil_the_Elder on 6/8/09

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