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Does Radio Substitute For Church

Is listening to church sermons and teachings on the radio an O.K. substitute for not going to church on Sunday? Are these radio programs also good to support financially?

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 ---Augie on 6/8/09
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Where the sermon is given isn't important, the content is.
Christianity has become a hundred buses driving in different directions with no destination.
Billions of dollars are given to churches every year the majority goes to operations so that the church can whats the goal again?

No one understands why there are so many denominations so the conclusion was to drop the labels and call ourselves by one name: evangelical.
Christianity is no longer a destination at the truth, but a journey.
---michael_e on 8/14/13

Steven, I do not believe Christians have the wrong definition of what a Church is. Believers belong to one body in Christ, that is the church of Christ. And they can be found everywhere around the world. Where ever they are, Christ is there. Denomination do differ one from another, but they are not created by satan or demons, they are created by man who differ in certain parts of Scripture. No matter where Christians meet, tares will be present. Many teachers are false teachers alright, but you can find them in many places, more so on T.V. many will pay deeply for stealing the money from people who are convinced from others that God can help them if they give their money. God doesn't need anyone's money. Everything already belongs to Him.
---Mark_V. on 8/13/13

Most christians have the wrong definition of "church."

Satan has had over 2,000 years to infiltrate the church and divide christiandom up into worldly denominational churches/cult each having their own rituals, traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible.

Church is simply chritains.

We are not to forsake the assembly of us for wherever two or more are gathered - whether in a home, a park, on the street corner, or at your local cafe - there will Jesus be. When one is homebound, one can gather christians to meet at their home. And, at the same time, get healed through fervent prayer.
---Steveng on 8/10/13

Is listening to church sermons and teachings on the radio an O.K. substitute for not going to church on Sunday?
---Augie on 6/8/09
Yes they are
ince the bible in no book, chapter or verses teache sthat there shoudl be a regular weekly sunday ( 1st day) assemble of the saint, radia, and TV are a good substitute for sunday church

Ithey are however no substiture for Sabbath assembly
---francis on 8/9/13

Hello,My Sis.Shira4368 you sure are correct your post here 8/7/13

Lk6:43-45,1Jn4:21 Heb.9:12 Mt.19:19
I read alot of verses not one speaking against any race or nationality,

Bible teaches
love one another all peoples regardless of race,nationality! Thankyou love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 8/9/13

the only reason I would listen to preachers on the radio is I would have to be house bound. then I would get on the internet and find out their doctrine and if they are false. tv and radio preachers are sending millions to hell with false doctrines that people believe. the bible says for believers to gather together in one accord.
---shira4368 on 8/9/13

Is listening to church sermons and teachings on the radio an O.K. substitute for not going to church on Sunday?
---Augie on 6/8/09
Yes they are
---francis on 8/8/13

Sermons & teachings on the radio & TV is NOT a substitute or replacement for belonging to a people based Church. You are called by Christ to be saved and work/cooperate with other-persons to save other-people Matt.28:18-20. If God leads you to do so, it is not bad to support broadcast-based or broadcast-part of Christian ministries.
---Adetunji on 8/8/13

lidia, what in the world? God sent His Son to save all people. I don't see the race thing in my bible. whoever says their race is the only one going to heaven is a crock and don't know nothing.
---shira4368 on 8/7/13

Wow! This is interesting,churches far as here, my area sure do not visit nobody unless, forgive me but,it's the give alot of "dough" dollar bills yall! nobody visit me in hospital they promised to come,never showed up! One lady said her husband a deacon said "she not our race you not going!"
---Lidia4796 on 8/6/13

One of the lies and deception of Satan which has infiltrated the CHURCH and has been happening for ages is the CHURCH is a building people go to on Sunday Mornings.

The CHURCH is not a building. The CHURCH is the BODY OF CHRIST, made up of those people who have an INTIMATE, TRUSTING, and COMMITTED FAITH in CHRIST JESUS.
---Rob on 7/13/09

Nothing takes the place of going to Church on Sunday. More often if you want to. My wife told me, years ago, it was a Sin to miss Sunday Services. The sick and infirmed, can have the Clergy from the Church I go to, to go to visit and bring the word of God to them. I would also recommend that person who cannot make it to Church on Sunday listen to the Radio and Television that covers our Denomination not only on Sunday, but has much as they want to. It is very up lifting. The Clergy or Eucaristic Minister will give them Communion if they want it. If you have young childern, babbies on up. Bring them to Service. They will, by your guidence, learn how to behave in Church. All bases are covered. Peace be with you!
---William on 7/11/09

Only if you're ill or physically not able to go. I have a church home I go to, but I also have a 5 yr old who is over hyperactive.We donot know yet if it's ADD or what, but most of the time we're in church with his friends in Sunday School, but on the days he won't calm down I end up watching services on t.v. through "the word" network or through our churches video online (usually that's a Monday though)So the answer is yes & no.We need the fellowship defentally,but if you can't make it to church as long as you're getting the word, do what you need to do.
---Candice on 7/9/09

Scripture says, forsake ye not the assembling your selves from the sanctuary. If your laid up,crippled & other dire circumstances is diff,if your to lazy that dont count.
---Lawrence on 6/28/09

The majority of the people I have listened on the radio or watched on television are FALSE TEACHERS WHO DISTORT AND PERVERT GOD'S TRUTHS.

Scriptures tells us not to forsake the assembly, Hebrews 10:25.
---Rob on 6/10/09

Betty...What would you consider the "true gospel" to be?
---SusieB on 6/10/09

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If a person is physically able, he or she should go to church. Otherwise, why not watch "preaching" on tv or the internet. There are some church sites on the web & you can watch their entire Sunday services just as if you'd been there. Supporting the true gospel is a good thing, isn't it? It helps others learn the truth that might not learn it otherwise.
---Betty on 6/10/09

I agree with Don. but it is not always as simple as it sounds. A "group home" for developmentally disabled adults was next to a church I attended.

But people were "disturbed" at their prescence in the service. A few made some strange noises. Some just "looked" unappealing. I suggested we have a Sunday School class just for them...even it was for only 2-3.

But parents feared it would frighten children who shared the same space. (I thought it might be a learning opportunity for them).

We couldn't utilize their group home because it was state supported. Any other site reqired transporting them, which demanded special licensing for the driver.
---Donna66 on 6/10/09

So you will know I speak with a certain amount of knowlege in Christian radio and TV, my BS work was in Christian Radio & TV Production. NO! Listening to Christian radio DOES NOT replace going to church. Like anything else, a Christian must discern a fruitful Christian program from just a person with a personal agenda. You can't get the Christian fellowship needed from a radio/TV program. The exception to attending a local church may be if the person is unable to attend a church. A person's tithe money should go to the local
church but if they want to support Christian radio, it should be with money that isn't the tithe.
---wivv on 6/10/09

I wish to ask a question: Have you ever thought of helping these persons get to church, or taking communion to them or having a time of prayer, bible study, and sharing in their homes? The Bibles doesn't say anywhere in the New Testament that we have to go to a central church somewhere i.e. 1st and Broadway Ave.
It does admonish us to met with the sick and infirm in their homes if need be. so I would also ask if you are following Christ's steps in this regard? Do not answer this is for you to ponder and take action on
---Don on 6/10/09

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There are people who are unable to attend church or cannot get to one that teaches the Bible. For these people the radio can be a spiritual life-line. There is much that is missing, of course...corporate worship,fellowship, personal prayer or counsel...but a good radio ministry is much better than nothing.

Most of us can use radio as a supplement to personal Bible study and church. If the broadcast helps you, I see no reason not to contribute, if it doesn't diminish what you give to your church.
---Donna66 on 6/9/09

If you are an invalid who is not able to leave your home, then the radio services would be considered a substitute for church. Other than that circumstance, I can't imagine why someone would depend totally on someone that don't know talking over the radio for their spiritual growth.
---SusieB on 6/9/09

Those who think that the purpose of going to church is to hear sermons or "have a good time in God's house" are totally missing the point.
---Cluny on 6/8/09

John, Leslie:

I agree with you that Radio and TV are not a substitute for going to church.

I always meet people who have an excuse for not attending. Maybe they had a bad church experience or their family never attended in the past. Whatever. Some reports state that there is a large number of these folks in the USA. Only a fraction of the population attends church now days. Among some age groups who have trouble getting to church, like the elderly, Radio and TV have become their church-at-home.
---Augie on 6/8/09

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It's is not a substitute at all. The Bible is clear that we are not to foresake the assembling of ourselves together. It is for encouraging eachother and praying for eachother. It is for the excercising of spiritual gifts for the building of the body. Listening to a radio totally makes you incapable of doing these things.
---john on 6/8/09

Radio, TV, and internet sermons are no substitute for going to church. Church is a place where you can not only fellowship with God, but also with fellow believers. You can not fellowship with believers with radio, TV, and internet.
---Leslie on 6/8/09

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