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Gingrich Labels False Prophet

A prophet is a religious cleric who claims to have a message from God. He/she serves as an intermediary to deliver God's message to humanity. In describing President Obama (a politician, Chief Executor of the U.S.) as a, "false-prophet", do you believe Newt Gingrich knows what a prophet is?

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 ---Leon on 6/10/09
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God puts man on & God takes man off the throne(no matter what country)to Fulfill Bible prophecy & these leaders dont have to be christian like. They may have some knowledge of the Bible about some things. Just like the man wrote,freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is NOT scriptural(man's idea). I dont believe ther's a such a thing as christian politicians,Why? This makes politicians vulnerable to RATT(to make things hard & bad)for God's people.
---Lawrence on 7/4/09

Elder~ I agree....but I was thinking on more specific terms...but don't worry. God bless.
---Anne on 6/26/09

Elder~ I agree...but what's the best way for the people to make a stand?
---Anne on 6/25/09
First, Anne, we must study God's Word and get the truth of the meaning. Now I didn't say the application. The Word is of only one interpretation but many applications.
Next we must agree to live by what God has said.
It is easy for us to hear a message or read a passage and think of how much someone else needs it. We must allow God to speak to us and them apply His message and teaching to our own hearts and lives. Then we can teach others.
---Elder on 6/25/09

MarkV,glad you did,thanks. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/25/09

Correct Larry! Gingrich is just another guy (politician) endorsing the use of religious rhetoric as he jockeys for position -- no more or less. :)
---Leon on 6/25/09

Elder~ I agree...but what's the best way for the people to make a stand?
---Anne on 6/25/09

How could Obama be a false prophet if he's not a prophet?
Under no circumstances could any president of the United States be considered a prophet. This is not biblical Israel or some errant dream that the Pope is Christ's intermediary.

The U.S. is not a theocracy and Gingrich was attempting to be as critical and derisive of Obama as possible. He was cynically using key words to move the evangelical base toward him for 2012.

Gingrich may be correct in some of his observations about the president, but this wasn't the holy spirit speaking through Gingrich to warn the saints. Puleeze.
---larry on 6/25/09

Darline, I really liked your response on 6/17/09 and also Donna's. You both put it down the way it really is. Hope others can see the same. It would be good for others to read what you both wrote.
Do you know why I don't worry so much? It is because nothing that happens, is outside of God's control. He permitted this president to be there for a reason. Maybe we are suppose to go through a very bad time before we go good. Whatever is in store, God is our dependance. All we can do is vote our conscience and trust that God's plan will be as He has made it. After all He is the Architect
---MarkV. on 6/25/09

This is disappearing faster than ever with Obama in office...wouldn't you agree?
---Anne on 6/18/09

No, I would not. This has been disappearing LONG before Obama became president.
---NurseRobert on 6/18/09

Yes, the slingshot has been being loaded for a long time. But now it is being shot at an alarming rate.
It is time that the citizens told the elected politicians what to do not the other way around.
If Christians did what the Bible taught we would have little or no need for interference from the elected officials.
---Elder on 6/24/09

"You can tell by his husk, there's corn inside!" ??? :D

I've never heard that saying before Cousin Nesta. Hillarious!!!
---Leon on 6/18/09

And peeling the husk's full of fat worms!!
Yummmmmie, say the lovers/electors of the worms.
---trav on 6/24/09

no wonder Americans will encourage African countries to borrow from then....

to make them slaves huh?
---patience on 6/19/09

please tell me where you got this information from ?

It isn't truth. Actually it is America that owes a lot of money to other countries.
That would be what contributes to the US being the world's police.
If we were trying to make slaves, we would be demanding any money we have lent out to pay off our debt to other countries.
Right now, because of BO, China pretty much owns us.
---miche3754 on 6/23/09

Obama, Chief Executor of the US

I think that's a rather fitting title for him. After all, he is presiding over the (re)distribution of the country's estate.

Here's Gingrich's statement on global warming (which tells me all I need to know about the Newtster):

"I think...that the evidence is sufficient that we should move toward the most effective possible steps to reduce carbon loading in the atmosphere."

(Read: carbon tax.) He wouldn't know a false scientific premise if it bit him, let alone a false prophet.

BTW: the O-Man ain't no prophet--true, or false.
---BruceB on 6/23/09

IF, and that is a BIG "if", were here in 10 yrs. as we are today,
the deficet will be 7 trillion, we will not recover from this, the bed we are to lay in has been made...
---YLBD on 6/22/09

OK. Maybe a million was a bit much...wishful thinking perhaps? But a trillion dollars is hard to conceptualize. I couldn't divide it out on my 9 digit calculator.

A little research, told me that $1,000,000,000,000 (a trillion..per scientific and American system...not the same in all countries)

Is the total value of all the stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Could pay for all the goods and services produced in Australia in one year.

Could repurchase every US home foreclosed in
2007 and 2008

Could pay the rent for every renter in the US
for 3 years or the mortgage of every homeowner for 14 months.

The annual US budget is now roughly 3 trillion dollars.
---Donna66 on 6/22/09

I dont know about a million, but $50,000 to every adult in this country would have done wonders for the economy, However, it's not the way of the Dems. to give money, they like to take money, so good luck on that one:)
---YLBD on 6/20/09

This is disappearing faster than ever with Obama in office...wouldn't you agree?
---Anne on 6/18/09

Anne, I agreed with you, but my response wasn't posted.

larry -- I like your idea of giving each taxpayer a million. WE could spend our way out of the depression! How much did the gov't spend to bail out GM? But GM had to take bankruptcy anyway! It was a totally predictable loss for the taxpayer.
---Donna66 on 6/19/09

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Further, its not the current Obama spending that would bankrupt the country its the budget out years from entitlements not from stimulus.
No responsible leader anywhere in the G20 would suggest we allow the Bear Stearns collapse to just continue bank after bank after bank. Commercial real estate (now add car dealerships)has yet to come home to roost as those prime properties will be off the tax rolls next year. Things will get worse before they get worse.
Like you Saq, I would have preferred the much cheaper solution of giving all taxpayers a million dollars or year of Jubilee as opposed to bailouts, but since that was not an option, just allowing the financial system to die in order to save it would be highly irresponsible.
---larry on 6/19/09

well... i didn't know it was sooo bad to borrow money
no wonder Americans will encourage African countries to borrow from then....

to make them slaves huh?
---patience on 6/19/09

yes Saq, there are a lot of true believers who would opt for a depression to clean out the sytem and kind of run the country like a large airline. If it fails it fails. The problems are so severe wacko liberals and wacko righties must check their ideology at the door but are incapable of doing so. They just keep repeating the same pablum of mass social engineering or the laisser-faire marketplace.
You are correct that a total world wide financial collapse (where we were headed) would have eventually flushed the system, but no one wanted to take the chance as the world had already caught pneumonia from our cold.
I vote for a biblical year of jubilee.
---larry on 6/19/09

"...I apologize for the typo."

No apology necessary Miche. I knew what you meant. If "we" can't make mistakes we can't make anything. :) Yes, that applies to the President too! Yes, he must be held accountable in a spirit of Christian love. Pray for him, pray for me, I'll pray for you & God will do the rest. Peace!!!

---Leon on 6/19/09

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Nurse Roberts~ Yes, you have a very good point there and I agree, but it just seems to be getting constantly worse and worse in that area.
---Anne on 6/18/09

This is disappearing faster than ever with Obama in office...wouldn't you agree?
---Anne on 6/18/09

No, I would not. This has been disappearing LONG before Obama became president.
---NurseRobert on 6/18/09

leon- My family did not like Truman much and he was often an object of ridicule by the press (rather like G.W was). But as Darlene says, he was an honest and courageous president who ended the world's worst war and honored the Constitution and the American heritage.

Thankfully,Obama does not face the same situation.
As the president of "change" he has made more changes to American law and economics than most presidents in their whole term. And in 5 months he's spent more money (that we don't have) than all previous presidents combined.

If he wasn't trying to push his agenda through so fast with so many unknowns, I'd be more patient.

I feel duty bound to object, but my FAITH is in God alone.
---Donna66 on 6/18/09

Whatever happened to Government-

OF the people
BY the people and
For the people....

In other words having representatives in office who actually want to honestly do the will of the people who voted for them.

This is disappearing faster than ever with Obama in office...wouldn't you agree?
---Anne on 6/18/09

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I believe you meant to say "implore" (pray). I agree, & have been trying to say that very thing for quite some time. We must always pray for those in authority over us & allow God's will to be done according to His (not our) timetable. :)

Yes I did and I apologize for the typo.

Yes, I do pray that God's will be done.
But that doesn't mean we ignore the things Obama is doing directly against God.And we should not make excuses for him either.
Every man/woman reaps what they sow.
And right now, He is sowing our country right into the ground. NOt holding God's morals right and true, is bad. Very bad.
---miche3754 on 6/18/09

"You can tell by his husk, there's corn inside!" ??? :D

I've never heard that saying before Cousin Nesta. Hillarious!!!
---Leon on 6/18/09

When on the campaign trail against Mrs Clinton when he stated,"if his daughter got pregnant, he would take her to an abortionist"!You can tell that Obama has no empathy,as he attacked Hillary, and He had HIS guys in Alaska territory digging up and dirt that he could find all during his campaign.Mr. Obama was not honest then and he is for sure fooling the American people by doing exactly what his cousins did while they ran the Whitehouse into the ground. You have heard that he is cousin to good old Dick Cheney (cousin 15 removed) and GWB (cousin 17 removed). I heard all of his speeches and I have been seeing him kiss everybodies hand and bowing before all of these kings and queens, but you can tell by his husk,there is corn inside!
---Nesta on 6/18/09

"We must deplore him to turn back to God and hold God's righteousness as truth..." Miche, 6/18

I believe you meant to say "implore" (pray). I agree, & have been trying to say that very thing for quite some time. We must always pray for those in authority over us & allow God's will to be done according to His (not our) timetable. :)

Don't be moved by what you see Darlene. Pray, have faith in God (not the world system) & He will pour out multiple blessings upon you.
---Leon on 6/18/09

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How about giving President Obama a fair chance to prove himself? God bless! :)
---Leon on 6/18/09

He is certainly proving that this is no longer a nation Under God. By allowing unGodly things. We as a nation will suffer for it too.
Psalms 9:17
The wicked shall be turned into hell,And all the nations that forget God.
Psalm 33:12
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,The people He has chosen as His own inheritance
Proverbs 14:34
Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people

We must deplore him to turn back to God and hold God's righteousness as truth, not others.
---miche3754 on 6/18/09

Leon you know I meant the process of deciding and making a hard choice,not the outcome. It isn't about giving Obama a chance he has already failed my generation if the new health plan passes because he'll be cutting how much hospitals and doctors are paid by Medicare,Medicaid. Any sane thinking person knows the doctors and hospitals will get their money and some on Social Security who barely get by now,will have to either pay it ourselves or do without needed services. I'm sorry but I am rather old fashioned people should not be automatically given what others have worked hard to earn and have paid into SS. I don't believe in forced charity and when Obama ups Tax to help cover the Health insurance for others,thats what it is. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/18/09

Donna & Darlene: First, I give all due respect to former President Truman on many levels. Yes, he did make hard decisions (beginning 4 months into his presidency) appropriate for his times. He was an extraordinary 20th Century President who faced very difficult 20th Century problems.

Now, are you ladies saying President Obama (approximately 6 months into his presidency) should deal with today's global dilemmas, e.g., wars, etc., the same way President Truman did? I hope not! Remember, this is a very different world. We're not the only ones with "The Bomb"!

How about giving President Obama a fair chance to prove himself? God bless! :)
---Leon on 6/18/09

Donna66,one thing our generation can say is we have seen what a good President should be. Honest,loyal to USA,practical,determined to run the Country by the Laws which are in effect,without making drastic changes which lead away from the liberty Americans have known plus bound to protect Americans at all costs. They also took pride in being an American and held their ground. Leon,Truman would not have played pattycake with our enemies as proven by the actions he took in World War II. He was a man who knew how to make hard decisions in the face of adversity.Leon I do agree with you we as Christians need more prayer,USA is in big trouble and where two agree as touching anything on Earth its done in Heaven.
---Darlene_1 on 6/17/09

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leon, It's beside the point...However
Truman would be respected by many. Unlike Obama, he WAS able to make a hard choice! He and the Allies tried REPEATEDLY to NEGOTIATE an end to the WWII. But the Japanese continued their vow to "fight to the death".

He was faced with the choice of using the Bomb or of ordering a conventional invasion of mainland Japan, which The Pentagon estimated would cost up to a million Allied lives. The number of casualties in the Far East had already been horrifically high. The Japanese military were known to be extremely cruel to prisoners. Thus he regarded the conventional option as unacceptable.

He made a a HARD decision and ENDED World War II
---Donna66 on 6/17/09

You're very, very funny Ralph. :D

I recently heard a local Christian grocery store chain owner say, "Frequent realism plus laughter equals balance." I wholeheartedly agree.

In your natural state of mind, you, Miche, etc., sound so hopeless, powerless & fearfully out of balance. The truth (reality) of the matter is Christians have available the supernatural resource of prayer to move God to action. (Matt. 6:7-15, Jas. 5:16, Eph. 6:18)

Donna & Darlene: Give 'em Hell, Harry Trueman?! Oookay! I wonder how he'd fair with today's world leaders? :/ Hmmm -- World War III?

It's all about balance brethren... Get real!!! :)
---Leon on 6/17/09

Miche, what Leon is trying to tell you is that you are simply not smart enough to see what the President is really doing. After all, Obama is your superior. You, my dear, are sweet but naive, as are all the little serfs who question the motives of the benevolent State.

I'm sure that Leon did not question George Bush when he was President either. After all as Leon says, we are not the President. We don't get the big picture.

Now run along children. Don't bother the President. He has important work to do. He will see to all your needs. Our betters are looking out for us. Go to your jobs and keep sending in those taxes like good citizens and trust that they will be put to good use by the elite.
---ralph7477 on 6/17/09

Darlene 1 --

I, too, am old enough to remember Truman and agree about treasonous behavior.

Obama is not very wise at all. But he is smart. He lays the groundwork for his changes, and manipulates people by
scaring them into hasty decisions (e.g. the "Stimulus" Bill, which no one was given time to read).

I believe he is trying to force his health care plan the same way. He labels it URGENT (for the economy) and undercuts every thing that makes the present system work. He threatens taxes on employee health benefits... cutting Medicare and Medicaid...refusing to cap malpractice suits...anything he can do to make health care expensive...and puts the pressure on.

He won't listen to alternative solutions.
---Donna66 on 6/16/09

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Leon, are you saying it is a lie that He barrowed money from China to boost our economy?
Brother, I am not sure what you are reading or seeing but it isn't truth.
He did. We are now in debt to a country that can come in and take over if they want to.
Yours, and mine hard earned money will now be taxed to pay it back.
But you don't think that is wrong?
You don't think it is wrong to pay for a mistake that someone else made?
Come on brother, open your eyes!
---miche3754 on 6/16/09

Obama may be a "good" man but he's inexpeienced,not a wise man. No American President ever stood in another Country and demeaned the USA. He is throwing all America stands for to the people of other Countries just to play up to them and seem "BIG" and better than other Presidents. When I was growing up and thats a long time ago,I saw Truman in person,when his train stopped in Temple our whole 3rd grade class went over there,it would have been disloyal,bordering on Treason,to apologize for anything America was doing to help other Countries in fighting evil and protecting USA. Now Obama will cut Medicare and Medicaid to hospitals which will leave us to pay it to give our money,Medicare,to ones who haven't earned it,thats evil.
---Darlene_1 on 6/16/09

Miche: I mean you no disrespect & say this in love. You think you see but don't get the big picture. Why? You're not the President of the United States. :) Your views & judgment calls are therefore way out of balance. Dear lady, you think you know, but, based on your irrate comments it's obvious you don't.

God bless, keep you & may he broaden your understanding so that you won't be so quick to falsely accuse others of things far beyond your understanding & knowledge. (Matthew 7:1-5...)
---Leon on 6/16/09

Leon, it is not poison.
It is the truth.
Have you asked or questioned WHERE he got the money from?
DOn't you realize the US being in debt to a NON Christian country can and will jeopardize our freedom?
Open your eyes brother.
I am not saying he isn't a good man, I am saying he has taken wrong actions.
We should have never bailed out these banks or car companies. It will be our hard earned money that will pay it back. DO you want to pay for something you were not responsible for?
---miche3754 on 6/16/09

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"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them [? -- him] drink."

Ralph & Miche: True, you can't make "him" drink, especially if the watering hole is poisoned. :/

"Buy the truth & sell it not, also wisdom, & instruction, & understanding." Pv. 23:23

"...the truth will make you free." Jn. 8:32
---Leon on 6/15/09

ralph, it's okay.
You can lead a horse to the water but you can't make them drink.
Everyone is SOOOO excited about having our history making president.
They haven't asked where he got the money to help our failing economy. They don't want to know. They don't want him to be a failure like so many of our other presidents which would mean he isn't super man. He is just a man. Stop looking at the history making event and start looking at what he is really doing.Obama has borrowed so much money from China, we might end up becoming part of them.
Open your eyes, Leon. Ask the hard questions- Who, what when, and where. Seek and you will find even though you might not like it.
---miche3754 on 6/15/09

Yeesh. Why do I bother sometimes?
---ralph7477 on 6/15/09

"I supplied you with many facts which are indisputable. [???] Rather that respond to the substance [???].. you go the route of making the discussion about me...typical liberal strategy. When you can't dispute the facts [???]...criticize the person supplying the facts." [???]

Don't be such a stick in the mud Ralph (SMILE)! Your diatribes aren't "facts" proving the President is phoney. You've merely expressed your opinions, not facts.

It's okay for you to judge others, but when your character is questioned that's anathema & not to be tolerated (SMILE).

"It wasn't an accusation but an observation." In other words, it's about your opinions (SMILE).
---Leon on 6/15/09

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Leon, you asked me for "real" facts to support my "accusation". It wasn't an accusation, but an observation.

I supplied you with many facts which are indisputable. Rather than respond to the substance of what I wrote, you go the route of making the discussion about me. This is typical liberal strategy. When you can't dispute the facts, start to criticize the person supplying the facts. And no smiley face either. :(

I, for one, am not going out of my way to find fault with this President. He is putting it out there in plain sight for everybody to see. I guess we are just supposed to pretend that we don't notice and that everything is just peachy keen.
---ralph7477 on 6/15/09

Obama is not a prophet as described in the Bible. But he does have a massive plan for the future of the country (and perhaps the world). It transcends the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. He believes we can "evolve" into a better system. (after 200+ years of incomparable success, I'm for sticking with what we have.)

I remember him saying " We live in a wonderful who will help me change it?"

He is determined to change the USA...and in five months he's taken major steps in that direction.
---Donna66 on 6/14/09

Leon,I just don't think it is as simple as having two ways. Another group in Romans 2:14,15 For when the Gentiles,which have not the Law,do by nature things contained in the Law,these,having not the Law,are a law unto themselves. Which show the work of the law written in their hearts,their conscience also bearing witness,and their thoughts meanwhile accusing or else excusing one another. This group lived without law but their social laws,judging each other because not God's. No one knows what they worshipped if anything. Atheist don't believe in any type of God and therefore it follows they don't worship anything. It doesn't necessarily follow they worship themselves or money. They would avoid anything which is seen as religious.
---Darlene_1 on 6/14/09

Thanks, Donna. I could come up with a second list if Leon wants to read more, though I doubt it would mean anything to him.
---ralph7477 on 6/13/09

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Ralph: Do you think you could competently do the president's job without people saying the same about you, especially if they didn't like you in the first place & were hellbent on finding fault with any & everything you did?
---Leon on 6/13/09

ralph7477 --- Good summary!
---Donna66 on 6/13/09

Dear Darlene: In this life we have but two choice. 1. Worship the Creator (God). 2.Worship the creation (everything under the Sun made by God). There's no neutral zone where people are non-worshippers (non-religious). One who doesn't worship God, by default, worships the creation, i.e., (people -- including self worship, places in the heavens or on earth & things -- possessions...) as explained in Ro. 1:16-25.

Idolatry is the worship of anything apart from worshipping God & Him only. Our examples? That's fantasy! :) ALL have sinned & come short of God's glory no matter how morally "good" we are. That's what the Bible says! And, it's not about what we know. GOD KNOWS ALL hearts!
---Leon on 6/13/09

The Prez. says he has no interest in running car companies, yet he runs them.
He says he has no interest in running banks, yet he runs them.
He says that we are out of money after he quadruples the deficit, yet proposes more spending.
He says that he "created or saved" 150,000 jobs in the past four months even though millions of jobs have actually been lost.
He scolds executives for flying their private jets to Vegas and other hot spots, and then proceeds to fly the wife up to NYC in a private jet for a date night.
He appoints a "pay czar" to oversee what people earn while claiming to support free markets.
He even has to lie about bowing before a Saudi King.
What is NOT false about this man, Leon?
---ralph7477 on 6/12/09

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"Obama isn't a false prophet. he is simply false, period." Ralph, 6/11

Ralph: Are you saying President Obama is, in your opinion, phoney (not real, fake)? If so, do you have "real" facts to support your accusation?

Thank you. :)
---Leon on 6/12/09


I would have just let the "bailed out" companies fail. People have told me that the executives should have been beheaded and their skulls hung on Wall Street. USA Presidents are "chicken" to just let the markets work normally. We won't know the extent of any business failures until we let them happen. It sounds like few people will be buying anything from those companies now. Everyone knows that you'll just be paying for the "bailouts".

I'm sure that officials in Beijing, China are happy with the multi-TRILLION debt level of the USA. With President Obama's "bailouts", China is that much closer to being "in charge" of the USA. That is what concerns me.
---Sag on 6/12/09

Leon yes thats my opinion. Thanks for the Bible verses,I read them but it shows in them they only cover two groups of people,those who love and worship God and those who made idols in the image of something and worshiped the image,idol. Not intending to be contentious but that doesn't cover all the people. There is another group who worship neither God nor Images,Idols,that group is those who worship no one and no thing and aren't religious at all but can still be good people in behavior,not evil. I wonder if there may be other groups which are still not covered by our examples. The world today is vast and there are many things we don't know about much of its inhabitants.
---Darlene_1 on 6/12/09

Darline and Saq your observations are interesting and the bailout that started with President Bush and continues now may have good reasons that we cannot see. President Bush said if we had heard what he did from Paulson anyone within reason would have moved to create TARP and rescue companies. I'm convinced the D (depression) word was discussed in the Oval office and no one knew what would happen had we just let Bear Sterns start the dominos falling. No president wants a depression on his watch.
The Fed chief, Treasury Secretary and others have all read Galbraith's book on what Hoover (spend nothing)did and are refusing to follow the same playbook as Hoover did in 29. Can you blame them?
---larry on 6/12/09

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"Religion is...not everyone fits into the needed form or mold of religion therefore not everyone is religious." ??? -- Darlene, 6/11

Is that your opinion Darlene? If so, how then do you explain Romans 1:16-25?

According to the Bible there are two distinct types of religions/worship, i.e., Creator (true/pure: Jas. 1:27) & creature (false: Romans 1:16-25). The Bible shows "All" of mankind fits into this mold.

Thank you. :)
---Leon on 6/12/09


I agree with your posting. I questioned the "bailing out" of companies before it even started. Some of them, like General Motors, are sliding into bankruptcy anyway. It would have been better if the USA government had just given everyone a large sum of money with the condition that it needed to be SPENT by a certain date. The citizens would probably have had the USA economy going strong in very short time.

With money to spend, people would be buying more, companies would be selling more, layoffs would slow to a trickle, and people would be earning more to keep on spending.

So far, President Obama's stimulus plan has only added a few dollars more to the USA's debt. Success? Failure? Not Sure?
---Sag on 6/12/09

It wasn't Newt Gingrich who called Obama a "false Prophet". It was Jon Voight the actor,Angelina Jolie's dad. Voight was hosting the GOP Fundraising Dinner in Washington when he said it. He also said "we are becoming a weak nation" and Republicians need to find their way back to power to free the nation from this "Obama oppression". With his speech he set the tone of the dinner for the evening. Gingrich actually said Obama's plan to fix the economy through stimulus dollars and investing Federal money into bankrupt companies has " already failed". I wonder how much each household would have gotten if that stimulus money would have been given directly to the people and gone straight into the economy.
---Darlene_1 on 6/12/09

I don't know that Newt has ever admitted to being a Christian. He has a right to his opinion. (Certainly his derision is no worse than the insults about Bush when he was in office)

Since Conservatives have virtually no voice in Congress, I think Newt feels the need to speak for those who otherwise would never be heard.

Oh,Nurse, don't get me started! FREE enterprise is basic to the American Way. Businesses have aways been FREE to take "risks" because otherwise there is no profit. They and their investors know failure is possible. Obama has overturned 200 yrs of law when SECURED creditors get LESS than unsecured creditors! Even no-TARP businesses are to have NO FREEDOM to set wages. It's an expressway to serfdom.
---Donna66 on 6/11/09

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Gingrich hasn't a clue and has nothing edifying to submit to the public discussion. If he is a christian and is praying for our leaders he certainly isn't urging others in public to do so.
I don't hear love in his speech but constant derision and so while not judging Newt what I hear from him week after week is disturbing.
If your not holding office and you are constantly in the public square why aren't you urging both conservatives and liberals to seek HIS face?
That and the authorship of the book makes you wonder if its not just image renewal.
---larry on 6/11/09

Leon, It's a tongue in cheek reference to what he has done to the US Constitution and what he wants to do to most of the freedoms we've enjoyed for 200+ years.

My opinion, of course.
---Donna66 on 6/11/09

Donna, I always enjoy your responses. Would you please enlighten us on what he wants to do with "most of the freedoms we've enjoyed"?

Thank you.
---NurseRobert on 6/11/09

Leon,it's your right to believe whatever you please about people being religious,but that doesn't make it a fact. Religion is faith coupled with a set belief system and evidenced by specific behaviors, Religion is also built on having a supernatural God who is sacred,devine,and has power. Usually religion has two divisions for the World, one sacred and the other profane. Western religion also has the highest moral code in which truth is of the utmost importance. It traditionally includes practices,values,institutions,traditions,rituals,and scriptures associated with the core belief. So you see I respectfully disagree with you,not everyone fits into the needed form or mold of religion therefore not everyone is religious.
---Darlene_1 on 6/11/09

It's more than just your opinion, Donna. It's reality. Obama isn't a false prophet. He is simply false, period.
---ralph7477 on 6/11/09

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Leon, It's a tongue in cheek reference to what he has done to the US Constitution and what he wants to do to most of the freedoms we've enjoyed for 200+ years.

My opinion, of course.
---Donna66 on 6/11/09

President Obama has never identified himself as a prophet. Neither has anyone of any credibility. The only time that the word 'prophet' comes up in relation to the President is when it is being used by those who oppose him. Mr. Gingrich clearly falls into this category. People can respectfully disagree, but name calling and applying false labels to people is never a kind thing to do. I respect that President Bush and others like him have decided not to participate in negative publicity, but have shown class in respecting that Mr. Obama is the freely elected President of the United States of America.
---AlwaysOn on 6/11/09

"Personally, I like, 'Chief Executioner' best!"

Donna: Are you alleging President Obama has executed people? If so, who?
---Leon on 6/11/09

Darlene: I respectfully disagree with you about all prophets (seers, even soothsayers) not being religious. Religion is the sum total of what mankind believes, feels & acts upon.

Though not all prophets are members of the clergy, contrary to what many people think, everyone on the planet is religious. Everyone believe in god(s) of some kind, who is somewhere out there. Even the atheist believe in a god (themselves) since they're certain there isn't a God. :)
---Leon on 6/11/09

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Not all Prophets were religious. Some were called Seer's but they did the same as Prophets but not from God. They did it through a spirit that was in them. Acts 16:16 Once when we were going to the place of prayer,we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. If Obama predicted something was going to come to pass in the future and it didn't I suspose he might could be called a false Prophet then,but its seems to me it is stretching it a bit to apply prophet to a man who only thinks he can acomplish something and fails. I would just call that bad judgement. I have no idea what Gingrich knows or thinks he knows either.
---Darlene_1 on 6/10/09

I expect Newt sees a prophet as one who predicts the future (not necessarily an intermediary from God) and a false prophet as one who leads people astray. These are common perceptions among people who do not study scripture.

Personally, I like "Chief Executioner" best!
---Donna66 on 6/10/09


I should have consulted you before I wrote my posting. Anyway, I agree 100% with what you said. I believe that the BIBLE says that we should ALL be careful about casting stones. Jesus says that unless you are PERFECT, don't !!!
---Sag on 6/10/09

With Newt's background, he should be careful who he throws stones at...
---NurseRobert on 6/10/09

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It sounds like Newt Ginrich didn't have anything better to say and so decided to start calling other people names. No, I don't think that Newt knew what he was talking about. Political bashing or something of that sort.

I have trouble with Newt's political party (Republican) claiming that they are "conservative" and family-friendly. Their lifestyles and speech don't seem to reflect that very well. In the case of Newt Ginrich, I think that his divorce-and-remarriage and calling the President a "false prophet" were just the opposite of "conservative" and family-friendly.

---Sag on 6/10/09

I think an executor is someone who administers the estate of a dead person before it is distributed to the heirs. Is that what Pres. Obama does? Is the USA dead?
---eric1968 on 6/10/09

I wasn't even aware that the U.S. has a Chief Executor.
---ralph7477 on 6/10/09

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