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Fiance Financials Not In Order

My fiance and I want to do right by God and want to get married. The problem is, because of some financial issues going on with him, we can not legally get married right now. Can we have a church wedding without being legally married? Is that considered being married in the eyes of God?

Moderator - If his finances aren't in order, then he isn't ready to be married. Wait.

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 ---Brittney on 6/11/09
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Yes, you can have a church wedding w/out being legally married and, yes, it would be considered married in the eyes of God (There is no "legal" marriage requirement in the Bible, nor is it against man's law to have a ceremony w/out it being legally recognized, so no law is broken. The Amish marry this way all the time). However, you will probably have a hard time finding a minister to officiate the marriage. The reason being is that once a minister (pastor, priest, etc.) is licensed by the state to officiate weddings, they are legally bound to ONLY perform legally recognized ceremonies. For a minister to do otherwise would be breaking the law.
---alwayson on 6/15/09

What do his finances have to do with legally getting married?
---Ed on 6/14/09

SusieB, I wouldn't doubt there are trolls and drive-by posters, even here.

Well, guess what? NOBODY can afford to get married, and NOBODy can really afford to have children.

Unfortunately, there are laws that will revoke or reduce the pensions of certain widows and widowers if they remarry after the deaths of their original spouses.

How's THAT for being anti-marriage?
---Cluny on 6/12/09

cluny...Brittney probably won't be back on to discuss this matter. It seems that most of the question lately have been asked by "fictious" people just to get a discussion going. I was also referring to many, many couples we have met in the years we have ministered who say they cannot "afford" to get married yet they can "afford" to live together and most times have children when they can't "afford" to get married. Raising children is more costly than a marriage license.
---SusieB on 6/12/09

\\"Do right by God" = get married cause we are living in sin. I'm sick of people saying they can't afford to get married. Yet, they can afford to live in sin.
---SusieB on 6/11/09\\

SusieB, I doubt you know ANYTHING about brittney's situation.

Let her answer for herself, please.
---Cluny on 6/12/09

Are you sure you are using the correct wording about legally being able to marry? Do you mean financially? I would encourage you both to discuss all your financial difficulties before you take the plunge. If you are not both in agreement with what the Bible says then perhaps you are not ready to get married Gods Way! Are you more concerned with your fiance not being able to help pay for a wedding in the church? You can legally be married in the court if you really desire marriage in spite of current challenges. I understand where you may be coming from, going through some challenges myself. I will keep you in prayer that you are making the right decision about this marriage that could effect the two of you the rest of your life.
---Jesus_Child on 6/11/09

"Do right by God" = get married cause we are living in sin. I'm sick of people saying they can't afford to get married. Yet, they can afford to live in sin.
---SusieB on 6/11/09

How does your getting married "do right by God"?

Does He get an extra ounce of glory if you do marry, or lose a year off His eternity if you don't?
---Cluny on 6/11/09

What financial situations can keep someone from being "Legally" married? Never heard this one but am interested.
---TIMOTHY on 6/11/09

If neither of you are legally married to someone else, there is no legal reason you can't get married. If you are trying to have a church wedding to "deceive" his creditors, what would you call that?
---SusieB on 6/11/09

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