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Christian Home Schooling Best

In the USA, some public schools, and even some private schools, have bad learning environments. Is home schooling your children the "best" option these days?

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 ---Sag on 6/16/09
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Trav: "Hebrew word "Erets" meaning country or land, 1700 times is avoided."
..*specific context*, not by its meaning in all contexts. ---Ktisophilos on 9/16/09

Context.... Wish more people would use. Context we find that scripture is written by one people, too one people for one people.

Area would be around 450,000 sq miles. Noting Egyptians,Assyrians,Phonecian civilizations didn't stop....but, marched through the flood witness to "Erets" being local. It was Adam/Noah's lineage that was destroyed. He alone was "Perfect" in gen. These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.
Genesis 6:8-10
---Trav on 9/18/09

Yes! Homeschoolers, on average, outperform public school students by 30 to 37 percentile points in all subjects. (HSLDA)

Even if that were not the case, isn't our children's eternal state the most important thing?

Homeschooling presents real-life opportunities vs. being locked inside buildings that increasingly resemble prisons. Age-segregation makes children extremely peer-dependant.

My daughters (homeschooled) have interacted with people of all ages in various social situations from volunteering at a food pantry, singing at a nursing home, volunteering at a hospital, working in a family business, 4-H, choirs, drama, church, mission trips, and much more!
---Vicki on 6/27/09

I depends. There are excellent Christian curricula for K-12, if parents are diligent teachers. There are co-operatives for home schooled children in most areas that provide social activities, sports, drama, foreign language studies etc.
I've seen students from this type environment excel in college and in life.

However, if the only motivation for home schooling is to "protect" a child from the "evils" of public school, a child may grow up nearly un-educated.
EDUCATION must NOT take a back seat to the complications of living. If a parent cannot devote themselves fully, they should place a child in the best school available.
---Donna66 on 6/21/09

Ed: Are you rich? I would never have been able to send all of my children to private schools. There are plenty of people in our society just trying to put food on their table and pay their housing costs today. Are you familiar with the unemployment rate these days?
---Trish9863 on 6/21/09

Nope, too many excellent private schools.
---Ed on 6/19/09

In my opinion, home schooling is not the way to go. Public schools are a disaster. What's left? The Christian school. I believe children going to a private Christian school are most likely getting the best education along with the interaction between children that is needed, and getting the least of the bad things that are in the public schools.
---Gary on 6/17/09

My Children went to church school for most of their lives until I lost my job.

They found the education to be in fact better then public school. But they also found how to deal with others and team sports.

My daughter is going to college with many children who were home schooled. Some do well others do not know how to deal with the college enviroment even though it is a Christian college. Home school is not the best. A good church school is. But you need to really look at the church school and check it out.
---Samuel on 6/17/09


Where is this *in the Bible*? The "socialization" myth is self-serving on the part of teachers unions, because their teachers will scream at the kids, "you're here to learn, not to socialize."

In reality, homeschooled kids learn to deal with people of widely different ages. Government school "socialization" involves artificially age-segregated herds that have no application to adult life. And "socialization" in practice often means peer pressure and bullying.
---Ktisophilos on 6/17/09

Why would any Christian parents want to send their kids to public schools? Now they are pushing sodomite propaganda in the California schools from an early age, and they teach goo-to-you evolution as fact. And the kids are there 6 hours/day, 5 days/week. How can one hour of Sunday school undo that?

Parents who claim that they can teach their kids the truth are just sending out confusing messages. I.e. learn from your teachers, but what they are saying is often a lie.

As for the "witness to the other kids" excuse, if you really believe that, send them to a liberal Sunday school and an Islamic Monday-to-Friday school.
---Ktisophilos on 6/16/09

A big part of education is learning to interact with others. Children who are home schooled may miss this important aspect of education and find themselves in a world of confusion once they get out into the "real world." Children need to interact with other children their own age.
---Gary on 6/16/09

While I support parents' rights to educate their children any way they see fit, including home schooling, it's not for everybody.

I know some children (of two different families) who were home-schooled, and they didn't really learn anything. One even picked up her mother's paranoid fears.
---Cluny on 6/16/09

While I support parents' rights to educate their children any way they see fit, including home schooling, it's not for everybody.

I know some children (of two different families) who were home-schooled, and they didn't really learn anything. One even picked up her mother's paranoid fears.
---Cluny on 6/16/09

That is a personal decision that each individual family must make for itself. I believe it depends on the school district, the parents' work responsibilities and the ability of the parents to provide a well rounded experience for the children.

I teach public school and raised my children in the public schools, and am a product of the public schools. I praise God that the Christian friends who led me to the Lord attended public school, as I would have never met them. Same for the man I was married to for 25 years. The youth ministries in their churches encouraged outreach to classmates, as does my church now. My children brought many of their classmates to church and many accepted Christ as a result.
---Trish9863 on 6/16/09

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