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Should Iran Bring Back Shah

Should Iran bring back the Shah who supported Israel?

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 ---Sag on 6/22/09
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The conflict in North Ireland is not 'over religion', it is inspired by religion.
---Janze on 7/1/09

\\ It's all greek to most of you, so it dont matter how it's spelt.\\

BTW, YLBD, I read, speak, and pray in Greek.

Do you?
---Cluny on 6/30/09

\\ It's all greek to most of you, so it dont matter how it's spelt. Do u think Salvation requires good grammer or spelling?

Get a clue, cluny

And so you think you're saved and I'm not.

Maybe you think you're a wit, and you could be half-right.
---Cluny on 6/29/09

YLBD -- Salvation doesn't "require" good
grammer or spelling. But effective communication does.
---Donna66 on 6/29/09

>>the divisions are between two CHRISTIAN sects and the hostilities go back for hundreds of years.<<

It's commonly thought that the conflict over north Ireland is a conflict over religion.
As I understand it, the main contention is political. The English claim north Ireland, while the Irish feel that territory is rightly theirs. The fact that the Irish are primarily Roman Catholic and the English officially Protestant (since the time of King Henry the VIII) adds fuel to the fire. Maybe someone from the UK can tell me if I'm mistaken.
---Donna66 on 6/29/09

Who are we to say and besides, any Shah that backed Israel would be never be elected, and executed if his support was announced post-election.
---larry on 6/29/09


I think that Northern Ireland is still a place where communities are separated by killings, walls and religion. Just as a reminder, the divisions are between two CHRISTIAN sects and the hostilities go back for hundreds of years. Some Catholics and some Protestants have managed to reduce the number of killings among them, but please do not become so righteous yet, there are people, in North Ireland and in England, who still believe that they will"... NEVER come to terms with each other's philosiphies..."
---Janze on 6/29/09

It's all greek to most of you, so it dont matter how it's spelt. Do u think Salvation requires good grammer or spelling?

Get a clue, cluny
---YLBD on 6/29/09

I guess, theres no understanding in yu.\\

Let me see is I grasp your words properly.

You don't give the proper titles of old stories, and don't even spell out simple words like "you".

But I have no understanding.

Is this what you are saying?
---Cluny on 6/28/09

I guess, theres no understanding in yu.
The Shiite and Sunni will NEVER come to terms with each other philosiphies, it has nothing to do with you or me, these ppl are haters and wont stop until yur all dead.

Like sheep being led to the slaughter house, ain't got a clue to their future...
---YLBD on 6/28/09

jANZE ... "The US Deprtment of Justice or The National Center for Missing Persons would be able to help you"

I thought that since you had confidently given those statitics you would be able to answer my question.

But you appear not to know whether the reference is to total number, or to proportions.

Without thst information, your comment was not helpful.
---ALAN8566_OF_UK on 6/27/09

\\Do you remember, Allah and his 40 thieves?\\

Doesn't it bother you to pop off about things you clearly know nothing about, YLBD?

It's not "Allah and his 40 thieves".

It's "Ali Baba [not the same name, at all] and THE 40 Thieves." He had no connection with them. He merely stumbled upon their lair and found their ill-gotten gain.
---Cluny on 6/25/09


The US Deprtment of Justice or The National Center for Missing Persons would be able to help you.

---Janze on 6/25/09


I appreciate your response.

The information that I supplied was simply intended to make the point that all human beings are creatures of God, and as such, are flawed, by definition. Western thought is no more effective in creating peaceful and harmonious societies than any other philosophical thought.

The country of my birth is NOT Eden, but the point was not to make a comparison, just to emphasize the fact that Eden is NO WHERE.

I was born in the West, but the geography of birth is not an indication that I am not an American, in other ways. America is a marvelous country, but that does not entitled it to select and install governments, in other countries, at will.
---Janze on 6/25/09

Bring the Shah back(?)
Thats what started this mess with Iran in the 1st place, when America/Carter helped the Shah back in 1978, they swore Vengance on America.

Did you know that the prez of Iran(Ahmanijad)took part in the hostage crisis in 1979?

Plotting(Meddling) other nations outcome is one reason why these people hate us.

The Main reason, is because we dont bow to "their" Allah!

Do you remember, Allah and his 40 thieves?
Its the story of their(islame)founder,
Read about it, Mohammud ran with a band of thieves and one day while in a cave, his Allah talked to him, blah blah blah...

Sooon, ALL people will know who God IS, and who he ain't!
---YLBD on 6/25/09

Janze: From all indications, you're not an American. No where in the world is perfect (Eden). However, where you live must be close (certainly better than the USA). If I may ask, where is that? Thank you. :)
---Leon on 6/25/09

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Donna: I agree with you recent comments regarding middle easterners not completely understanding western-style democracy. No they don't, but they're learning & many seem to like, & are gravitating towards western-style democracy. Especially, twenty-something middle easterners.
---Leon on 6/25/09

Cluny: Regarding your comments 6/24, are you of middle-eastern orgin & living somewhere else in the world (other than the ME or USA)? You've indicated you're attending church in a middle-eastern community somewhere.

A few years ago, I regularly attended a Christian missionary church in a middle-eastern (Islamic) country. Your pastor's wife, though credible, is one person expressing only her opinion.

I certainly didn't mean to stir your ire. Yes, that's good enough for me. I'm sorry! Thank you. :)
---Leon on 6/25/09

Well, Iran seems to be more of a hardline country than ever before now. The military and police squelch and kill protestors now. Iran is doing everything it can to disable communications in the country. Foreign news reporters are no longer allowed. And so on. Sounds much worse than life under the Shah.

I think that it is only a matter of time before the USA and/or Britain and/or Israel will be forced to attack Iran. It will be either that or face a nuclear armed monster. I'm now sure about how Britain came to be the next "Great Satan".
---Sag on 6/25/09

Janze: From your comments, it seems you're not an American? Obviously, no place in the world is perfect (Eden). Where you live must be close to it, certainly better than the USA. Where do you live? :)
---Leon on 6/25/09

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Janze ... your statistics are disturbing ... but are you referring just to the total numbers (which would not be surprising bearing in mind the size of the country) or the greatest proportionately to the population?

Even for a nation the size of the US, the figure of 2000 disappearances per day seems very high. Is it verified, or just folklore?

(The UK has the highest proportion of schoolgirl pregnancies in Europe, and of STDs)
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/25/09

Can anyone still say that Iraq has a representative government?

The Americans have killed and wounded about a million or more Iraqis and destroyed most of the institutions.

Amazingly, the great freedom to speak and the free flow of information utterly failed to inform the Americans of the devastation they have created.

Millions of Americans, today, do not want Obama as their President. Would an invasion and his removal be welcomed events? And would anyone who resisted the ivnvasion be called a terrorist or a patriot?

Somehow, in the selectively, informed minds of the Americans, Middle Eastern people are weak and child-like in their desires and therefore, need the direction and assistance of the grown-ups.
---Janze on 6/25/09

Janze, your comments are true and sobering. Still the young secular population of Iran wants freedom even if its for unbridled consumption that ultimately brings them to ruin. They want the power to decide as most americans would not trade our drug and murder problem for Iran's satanic Islamic society.
There is nothing in Daniel 10 to suggest the Prince of Persia is acceding this part of the world anytime soon. He is powerful and has dominion which is a powerful word.
Sadly, some Christians and most conservatives have chosen to fight the prince on the ground and in the flesh and not in the high heavenlies. Therefore there is no chance he will be defeated before God's end time calendar.

Put the chances of a Shah about 10%.
---larry on 6/25/09

I have to agree with both Cluny and Leon. Even with the internet (and many exchange students) they can't be said to "understand" Western-style democracy.

They see everyday Americans enjoying luxeries that they would definitely like. They hear Americans speaking freely of things they wouldn't dare mention. They blog and twitter.

Like all people, they long for freedom...
but they have little concept of representavive government and might not be comfortable with it, either, having lived in a theocracy for centuries.

Iraq has a representative government now, but it will take time and many adjustments to make it truly theirs. I don't think most Iranians are even considering such an extreme change at present.
---Donna66 on 6/24/09

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The Americans seem to believe that the people of the Middle East and elsewhere want or should want their system of government.

Why should any other nation want a system that:
(a) Produces the highest number of murders in the world,
(b) Produces citizens whose consumption of illegal drugs is the greatest on earth,
(c) Performs more abortions than any other nation on earth,
(d) Spends more money on war and the preparations for than all other nations combined,
and (e) Imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation on earth.

Of course, you might say that the USA has a higher standard of living. And that conclusion may be so based on the instruments of measure that are used.
---Janze on 6/24/09

Leon:part 2

The truth is, what people would want a system where 2000 of the citizens go missing every day. And many of those who go missing are children, and some of them will not be seen alive again. If those are devastating statistics of democracy, I would avoid it like I would avoid the ebola virus.

No doubt, there are people in Iran and other places who may be thinking that they want what America has. However, one of the many things that USA is very good at, is presenting itself as Eden re-discovered. And how many can resist the unending drumbeat Eden and its virtues, real or otherwise.
---Janze on 6/24/09

\\"Trust me.[?] People from the middle east do NOT understand Western democracy and don't want one." Cluny, 6/23

How do you know that Cluny? Are you from the Middle East [ME]? Have you ever been to the ME? Do you know anyone from the ME?\\

Yes, I do.

The pastor, his wife, and most of the people where I go to church.

I know three brothers there whose uncle was martyred in his own house by Mahometan fanatics in Lebanon PRECISELY because he would not renounce Christ.

And I was quoting the pastor's wife when I said that.

Is that good enough for you?

How many Christians from the Middle East do you associate with on a regular basis?

Please tell me. Be specific.
---Cluny on 6/24/09

"Trust me.[?] People from the middle east do NOT understand Western democracy and don't want one." Cluny, 6/23

How do you know that Cluny? Are you from the Middle East [ME]? Have you ever been to the ME? Do you know anyone from the ME?

Before the internet Western democracy ideaology was easily suppressed by Middle Eastern dictators. By completely controlling the media in their countries, they were able to control the minds of their people with made up propaganda about the West.

NOT ANYMORE! Most of people in Iran are under 30. They're technology saavy, many are highly educated (enlightened) & desperately "want" a major change from the religious dictatorship of the Iatoldyousos.
---Leon on 6/24/09

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The shah is dead. You would have to resurrect him.
---eric1968 on 6/24/09

\\NO! Iran needs a "real" democratic government that has a built in balance of power representing the will of the people.\\

Trust me.

People from the middle east do NOT understand Western democracy and don't want one.
---Cluny on 6/23/09

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who died in 1980, was a supporter of himself, power, women, $$$. But his family would like to rebury him in Iran. Though, I can't see how Jesus would be glorified by this act. Overlooking sin, and blindly supporting the Israeli government, while thinking that is the same as being compassionate to Jewish people, is foolish, Proverbs 14:12 / 16:25.
---Glenn on 6/23/09

Augie, you actually took the time to do what would make you able to know all that? I understand that every country is part of the world, so it can not do God's will, while being spiritually functional in Satan's kingdom > "for without Me you can do nothing" > (John 15:5). So, there is no way that can work, for ones who are in Satan's kingdom > we've seen how "even" democracy has not worked in the U.S. Ones keep on like it can --- like Charlie Brown going, again and again, to kick the football that will be held . . . by Lucie ? ? ? With the loosy goosies . . . in any country . . . uh-uh. So---"those who are outside God judges." (in 1 Corinthians 5:13) It's a matter of who God will use to manage Satan's people.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/23/09

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NO! Iran needs a "real" democratic government that has a built in balance of power representing the will of the people. They don't need to return to a monarchy which in essence would be a royal dictatorship. Neither is it in the best interest of the Iranian people to continue under the strongarm domination of a backwards religious dictatorship.
---Leon on 6/23/09

The Shah of Iran never did support Israel. Before the nation was re-named "Iran", it was called "Persia".

The Shah had what might be called a LOVE-HATE relationship with Israel. He needed help building Iran's infrastructure. At the same time, the Shah needed someone to purchase Iran's Oil so that the infrastructure projects could be financed. Israel helped out simply because there were no other choices. The Shah never did recognize Israel.

Bringing back the Shah of Iran would only be substituting one harsh ruler for another. The nation's biggest problem is that it doesn't recognize Jesus Christ. Until it does, Iran can look forward to more violent chaos.
---Augie on 6/23/09

Is a Mahometan monarchy any better than a Mahometan hierocracy?
---Cluny on 6/22/09

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