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Stopped In Front Of A Joint

I got lost while driving and stopped in the parking lot of a local "adult entertainment" joint. My Christian friend told me that my behavior might be seen as a "stumbling block" to others. Hmmm. What do other think?

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 ---Sag on 6/22/09
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I think that your friend is being too judgmental. It doesn't matter what others think. What does Jesus think?
---amand6348 on 7/1/09

If you stopped there on purpose it IS a stumbling block, but if by accedent, it is just that (an accedent), not a sin. It all depends on if you knew of this place being there or not.
---Leslie on 6/27/09

Wait a minute,Andy. Seg says he GOT LOST while driving and stopped in the parking lot of a "adult entertainment" joint. Sometimes in traffic, when you need to stop to get your bearings, you pull in any place you safely can.

I don't see where there is any indication that he SET OUT to do anything but FIND HIS WAY somewhere. He didn't linger. He didn't do it to "test" his friend. The question implies that the friend(?) questioned his behavior after the fact.

Don't make this incident more important than it is.
---Donna66 on 6/24/09

Well, my "friend" seemed to be offended by my behavior. I told him that I would prefer to stop at a safe location, rather then try to look at my road map, while driving, and possibly have a fatal accident. I learned that my "friend" didn't understand me as well as I thought he did. That is his problem, not mine.

I try to look at the "positive" side of things. The joint provided a safe place for me to stop and read my road map. I didn't go inside or get caught up in any sinful acts either. I got to my destination without having an accident. Amen.
---Sag on 6/24/09

Sometimes in Las Vegas tongue talking spirit filled people will wonder through the casinos.
Immediately security guards surround them not to hinder then but to keep the gamblers, prostitutes and other curious people from bothering or hindering the spirit filled people from having their say.
I find this very interesting, and while I've not seen it myself I have heard reports of it. Have you ever heard something similar?
---mima on 6/24/09

so bassically sag you stopped to test your friend? does the bible not teach that one should not be a offence to hios fellow believers?
---andy3996 on 6/24/09

jesus went into the homes of sinners,didn,t he?his reponse was the healthy have no need of a physician.The churches attitude is that sinners need to come to them is wrong,we are to go to them as he did.No to answer your question,if someone who knows you saw you parked there believes that you are there for seeking entertaiment,aka sinning,then they really dont know you,and you aren,t resposible for their thoughts,unless you really are there for the wrong reason.What they believe to be wrong is only wrong when its the truth.
---tom2 on 6/24/09

If this is a stumbling block to anyone then they are already a stumbler looking for a reason to stumble. Granted, I would choose another establishment next time to stop in front of however this should be a minor issue if one at all.
---TIMOTHY on 6/23/09

I guess you have found out what kind of friend you have then.
---Trish9863 on 6/23/09

Well, I feel a little bit woozy, right now, while thinking about stopping in front of an adult joint - - - as if that stuff doesn't go on in > me < , at times. Jesus talked with that woman at the well, and I suppose she was a known whore. And the disciples were critical of that, but Jesus later referred to them as His friends. So, if Jesus had held them to some one perception He could have gotten of them, at the time of that incident . . . He could have always perceived them as not being His friends.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/23/09

you stopped to spend the night there, or to ask directions?
---andy3996 on 6/23/09


I told my friend about my stopping there. You might say that this was a "test" if he was really a friend.
---Sag on 6/22/09

Trish. Every business has a sign in front of it so that's how the Christian friend knew what it was. I wouldn't want my vehicle parked there as I do believe it could be a stumbling block. I wouldn't park in front of a pub or liquor store either, Rumors start flying pretty fast if we start doing that.
---john on 6/22/09

I think your friend is foolish. I'd disregard the whole incident. If someone saw you and genuinely worried about your presence there, they should ask you.

You have no responsibility for what other people think.
---Donna66 on 6/22/09

How did your Christian friend know you were there? Whatever...he/she needs to lighten up. Assuming you did not enter the place, nor linger once you figured out where you were going, it is no big deal.
---Trish9863 on 6/22/09

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