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Addicted To Pain Pills

My husband of 45 years is addicted to pain pills. He had 4 back surgeries, is prescribed 6 pills daily, but wants more. I hide them, or he would take a month's supply, then buy them on the street for $5 each. We fight daily over this. I tithe my income, and pray. He is a Christian. Any advice?

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 ---Linda on 6/26/09
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many people are addicted to pain medication. that is why everyone must be careful. my daughter was addicted to them also. she took so many that her immune system shut down. she died at 41 yrs old. prescription pain meds and Xanax especially do kill.
---shira4368 on 8/23/13

To Shira4368,Mary, I tell you my heart is breaking the whole Obamacare treat us Critically ill or Seniors who are alone,a real struggle,

I had a lovely day till I got home,terrible pain,I do NOT want Mary
be hooked ON pills!
,upset I did not grabb a pill but, I got so frustrated

I just started breaking dishes,cups.

Next 7 days they going to do tests all over ..
my knee is literally going to crack & leg pain goes left side up my back again! over whelmed could not stand it!
I just had to do something!

2 hrs.. for pain pill.. I beg God please forgive me.. I had a terrible thought
what went thru my mind..

Later, I sat and ask God please forgive me..
---Lidia4796 on 8/23/13

Hi Lidia, I am so very sorry about the pain and the cancer, so deeply sorry honey. May God bless you in the midst of this tribulation somehow. Love and hugs, Mary PS: I'm lucky I can't take morphine--allergic to it.
---Mary on 8/23/13

Hello,Mary, good see you,
my old dr. had given me a pill NOT too addictive I take it mostly -
can not stand the pain anymore,

I refuse to take strongaddictive stuff VCD it',s really dangerous! I am horrified, how people with cancer Could even sell their meds
it has hurt the people who are worse off! (Doc with reason) refuse unless in hospice care... final stages..

I was offered it at hospital,then
myself, I refuse it! I really think it too,dangerous period..
yrs.ago, child born, they gave me morphine! Horrible addictive.. refuse it,now too!
---Lidia4796 on 8/22/13

I urge anyone on painkillers to get off as soon as possible. My brother passed away almost 2 years ago and the EMTs and doctors said it was largely his pain pill addiction that caused his heart attack. Not to scare anyone but please get off the stuff with medical help. God bless.
---Mary on 8/22/13

I watched a loved one take vicadin every 4 hours for pain and watch the clock till they could take another one. Fortunately for them, they realized where they were headed and increased a natural supplement for 3 days and no longer felt the need to take vicadin since then. The supplement they took was digested into their body within 10 minutes and is all natural and non habit forming. If anyone would like more info about it, please send me an email on here. My name is danet9597 thank you! Praying for you!
---danet9597 on 8/21/13

I am beyond grateful today to be off of percocet, was addicted and had to wean myself off. Fortunately the nurse at the wound clinic had mercy on me and gave me just enough--but not too many, so I was able to wean off them--thank God!
---Mary on 5/22/13

I know exactly how you feel. I too have to hide my sister's pain pills, and give her daily doses.

We both take the same meds. But she is prescribed more.
She will use one month's supply in 15 days. Then beg for my medication. I will demand for her to pay me back, but than the cycle continues.

She goes through my room looking for them while I am at work.
It is very stressful and hard.
I as well tithe my income and pray. I would seek a Christian professional help for yourself. I don't know if you can get him to go.

Also, one factor you must check. He may be under prescribed for his back pain.
I hope he is going to a Pain clinic. They are experts on knowing if someone is an addict or just under medicated.
---Nikki on 5/21/13

I'm so sorry for your situation and will be praying for you and your husband. I have personal experience with Suboxone. It can really help and maybe that could be something you could both do some research together. I know one thing for sure, out of my 10+ years of battling withdraw. The Lord is always there.. Bless you both...
---Speer29 on 5/21/13

I was addicted to pain pills for 2 years, averaged around 10 perks a day. I am not a doctor, I took some street advice. I was able to find a drug called soboxin. I used 4th's of the pill. Broke it into quaters. I took a piece of this drug for 6 days. I took xanax 1.0 mg plus two sleeping pills at night. I quit with no withdrawels whatsoever. Was easy as pie. Finding the soboxin will be the biggest task here. I got lucky THANK GOD!!!! I quit cigs over two years ago. Nicotine holds nothing to pain pill addiction!!!!! Hope this helps someone. I am not a doctor.
---Mark on 7/28/11

Yes>>>It may require some pain and suffering but you need to ask God to help you get off the pills. Believe me, if you are a true Christian God can help you with this. You say that your husband is a Christian. Well, if he is and he is walking close to God 100%, which is what God requires from His people, then He will help your husband. Same goes for you. Bless you++
---catherine on 9/14/09

Suboxone is often an excellent choice for doctors to prescribe in helping people who are addicted to opiates wean off the drugs. Good suggestion.
---Trish9863 on 9/13/09

I was in his situation. I wasn't a bad person but I did things I would not have done due to the addiction. I tried everything and without help it is impossible. This is just a suggestion but one that saved my life. I found a doctor that prescribed Suboxone. I just had to take the medicine 24 hours after having opiates out of my system and within half an hour I felt no cravings, no withdrawals and no depression. It is not a replacement but it allowed me to get myself back enough to get further help. Think about doing some research on it. There are negatives to anything but it saved my life. If you have any questions or want someone to talk to that understands, I would be happy to help. We are all human and make mistakes.God Bless you both!
---ali on 9/13/09

read somewhere cayenne pepper blocks pain receptors in the brain, might help with pain. the problem with synthetic pharmacuticules is they are so physically addictive,requiring more and more as one builds a resistance to maybe get his perscription swithched to a different medication may help,to atleast break this addiction,then you have to break the new habit.may the Lord bless you best in your struggle.
---kevin on 8/6/09

Look up online the article called...

"The Water Cure Recipe" (at Curezone)

Water is very important to the body for health and relieving pain also. When used with SEA SALT (natural salt, not "table" salt), many, many symptoms and their pain can be eliminated. The natural foods that God provided humanity with provide CURES and are not addictive.

Sea salt has more than 80 minerals in it and is not harsh on the body, and it does many wondrous things that the pharmaceutical companies don't want us to know (they want us to buy their medications/drugs only).

Do not drink diet drinks or eat diet foods (they contain ASPARTAME and other flavor enhancers).

God gave us foods that CURE (TRUST).
---more_excellent_way on 8/3/09

Have you both prayed together about this? How's his prayer life?
I just want to commend you on your strength and your ability and willingness to help him in the ways you can.
Don't give up on him or God. God will see you all through this.
Your husband has to see that there is a problem because with any addiction, the heart and mind have been convinced that God isn't enough. That's a hard pill to swallow but satan cleverly disquises the body's need for medication that it is soul food also. Continue to pray, and if you'd like, I'd like to pray for you also.
hugs, srnityblu
---shannon on 7/9/09

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Linda I echo David, "women realize the power of a praying woman - especially a wife!!" "Is any among you suffering? Let [him/her] pray. For the prayer of faith shall save him that is sick, and the Lord shall raise him up. The effectual, fervent, prayer of a righteous [man/woman] availeth much" For it is operative in the power of God. It is written " these signs shall accompany them that believe.. they [we/you] shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." Believe this? While your husband sleeps lay your hands on his back and remind the Father of His word to us and hold confidence, without wavering, that He hears you, and that you have what you have requested, and that request will be tangibly manifest.
---josef on 7/6/09

After thinking some more, it could be that your husband is NOT addicted to pain pills, but is honest-to-goodness in serious chronic pain that his current medication is simply not controlling.

I know that both of you are suffering.

By all means, see your doctor. There could be something else wrong.
---Cluny on 6/29/09

Thanks for your prayers. The pain doctor did a spinal cord stimulator implant, and said that was the last resort. It helps some with the pain, but he is still struggling with both pain and addiction. He refuses rehab at this time. I am trying to get him to do water therapy. I will ask the doctor about the testosterone suggestion. It seems nobody wants to work with us any more.
---Linda on 6/29/09

Whew! This is a tough one that I deal with myself... Addiction is a stronghold and must be dealth with in prayer... I don't know if enough women realize the power of a praying woman - expecially a wife!! Confront him with his behaviors - not his addiction and you might get a wedge in. If we are confronted with our addictions, we will fight tooth and nail. Behaviors can't be argued with. Remember - Paul the Apostle admonished us to "do all things in love". Pray... pray... pray and may God grant you peace and mercy (you and your husband!) Amen.
---David on 6/29/09

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One of the guys here at my office has back problems. He bought some kind of electrical black box. He wears it on his belt, and puts some electrode wires on his body. It works for him and he takes no drugs.
---obewan on 6/29/09

If he is in that much pain, has he been back to the doctor to see if there is anything else wrong with his back. Pray for relief and healing.
---zach on 6/29/09

continue to pray and sounds like you need to seek professional help. ie rehab
---joanie on 6/29/09

I used to be an addict of drugs. My advice is to put your complete trust in God, and to turn to God in this matter. Have the faith that God will help your husband with no doubt whatsoever. Have a lot of prayer and practice patience. Never give up, and be there for your husband all you can. God bless.
---nicola5775 on 6/28/09

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If he is an addict, he will not make a change until he hits some type of bottom in his personal life. He needs to want to break free from the drug to even begin rehab. I don't know what that may take for your husband but I would say to just keep praying that he would want to make the change. Arguing with him or trying to control his addiction will always turn out to be futile and may even enable him in his distorted thinking. For example, he may become more determined/obsessed with, to take the drug out of anger. I will keep you in my prayers:).
---jody on 6/28/09

I see many people who become addicted to pain killers after multiple surgeries in the rehabs and hospital I work in. I suggest he check into rehab. There are medications that can be given for pain management, but he would have to work with the docs and be totally honest about his use/abuse.

Most importantly pray for him. Addiction is not easy, but workable, if the addict is willing to be open, honest and willing to go to any length to stay clean.
---Trish9863 on 6/26/09

I have a dear friend severely afflicted with fibromyalgia.

He must take morphine, Duragesic, and vicodin--not to be pain free, but to bring it to a tolerable level.

He has a good rheumatologist who is constantly monitoring him, and he is VERY self-disciplined about this.

My heart really goes out to you and your husband. Nobody gets addicted to these meds just because they are taste treats.

Perhaps aquatic therapy, aka water exercise might help him. Or testosterone replacement (oddly enough). Speak with your doctor about this.
---Cluny on 6/26/09

Why not try a rehabilitation center?
---Pharisee on 6/26/09

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