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Youth Gangs Popular

Despite a lot of police work and arrests, youth gangs are growing. Why are these gangs so popular?

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 ---Augie on 6/26/09
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IMHO, kids are drawn to gangs by a strong need to belong. Many are dropouts from school. They have no group of associates from school. Many have families where all the adults, for various reasons, are disengaged from childrens' day to day life. So there is no sense of belonging at home. Their "gang" becomes a "family"...driven by adolescent rebellion.

Our church actually has two youth groups (not by design). There are the church kids and the community kids. The latter group THRIVES on personal attention from an adult. They are fed a meal with Home-made goodies, and listened to. Sometimes church members homes serve as emergency "crash pads". There is Bible teaching, but the main commodity is love.
---Donna66 on 8/10/09

>>>>>This generation is coming against authority because of the horrible treatment when they are arrested and booked<<<<<

BEFORE they were arrested and booked, what was their excuse?
---Donna66 on 8/7/09

Policemen over the years have become a very bad example to the younger generation,many years ago they were decent, respectful and not mean and racists.This generation is coming against authority because of the horrible treatment when they are arrested and booked,i know what I am saying,we must pray for Christian Police officers.
---Caroline on 8/6/09

1) Pray for them lost souls.

2) Visit them in prison and minister to them there.

Have you ever noticed that the gangs act like a religion? The gangs have a belief system, rites, rules, rewards and penalties. These people already understand religion, it's just they want their own religion.
---stephen on 7/23/09

get them involved in a Christian youth program. It's never too late to start unless you are dead!
---jack on 6/30/09

how do we solve this problem for the teenagers or kids already involved in youth gangs?
---joanie on 6/29/09

The Bible says train up a child in the way he should go. There is another factor which possibly contribues to joining gangs,that is changing Social Customs. Teenagers or the majority,want to fit in,be part of that accepted group at school,if they don't they will look for the feeling I'm ok,I belong,in other places. When I was a teen we were part of a group who hung out together at home and school,good kids,a cheerleader,captain of the football team,etc,not what is thought of as a gang now. There were three girlfriend- boyfriend couples and always from three to five or higher boys without girlfriends. We weren't old enough to drive so my Mom took us everywhere. We belonged and with that comes acceptance and feelings of confidence.
---Darlene_1 on 6/29/09

disfunctional families without Jesus as their anchor. So now how do we solve this problem?
---joanie on 6/29/09

A failing church to evangelise the Youth!
---Carla3939 on 6/29/09

Josef pretty much summed it up accurately. Security and discipline in the home is the best deterrant to kids joining a gang.
---Trish9863 on 6/28/09


Good reply! I'd like to add that some kids find these things to be pretty much difficult, if not impossible, to find in churches. That is why many young people join gangs once they have tried and given up on the church scene.

As a former gang member, I miss my fellow gansters. Not sure where they are today. You can't have one foot in the gang world and the other foot in the Christian life though.
---Sag on 6/27/09

People in despair and having self-hatred will do anything self-destructive. They are just another version of the nazis.
---eric1968 on 6/27/09

What Josef just said is right. And, it's a result of both the breakdown of the family and of society, and it's also a result of the weakness of the compromising Church of today. PLUS, the lure of "good times" with drugs and money and "power". If you had real quality love at home and with good friends, etc. you would be much less likely to get involved in Gangs. Period.
---Gordon on 6/27/09

"Why are these gangs so popular?"

Gangs gives it's members a sense of security, belonging, togetherness, discipline and structure not usually found in todays broken family unit, unfortunately, and of course fear is always a factor, a fear of being alone, isolated and unprotected.
---Josef on 6/26/09

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