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What's Up July 2009

It is time for a July What's Up?

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 ---Trish9863 on 7/1/09
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Hi Ralph, wanna trade places for a few months lol :D I hate the summer worse than anything--although this has been a blessed summer! :) But yeah, I really hate the heat and would love to trade places for a couple months! :D Seriously, God bless :)
---Mary on 7/28/09

Donna, don't remind me of the decreasing daylight. It only means we are now headed for winter, my least favorite season. Although I wouldn't mind it so much if this global warming hoax was actually real. Cold is not for me.
---ralph7477 on 7/27/09

AMEN Elder. Our prez encourages Iran to have nuclear energy, but we must make do with windmills.

I wanted to respond to your "hoarding water"
theory...but didn't want to make fun of something you might actually believe!!! (one never knows)

I'm more concerned about the daylight we are losing, minute by minute, every day. If this trend continues, it is projected that by the end of the decade, most of our daylight will have leaked down to the Southern Hemisphere and we will be living in near darkness! I've got a few to share this concern

Seriously, the global warming thing, I think, is a scheme to unite countries preparatory to a global government. But Hillary cant get China and India to co-operate!
---Donna66 on 7/25/09

The same ones spouting this garbage to us are the same ones making millions off of the issue. Gore for one. Others getting elected to change the climate while those who don't know are sucking in their every word. Global warming or starving which is worse?
Americans sleeping in the streets and eating out of trash cans while the elected "Greater than thou" crowd worry about law abiding citizen having guns. They can't protect us and won't allow us to protect ourselves. We have enough fuel in the ground to run this country for 200 years yet we have to buy foreign. While the foreigns buy up the nations resources and property. We have a toll road owned by France in our state.
Global warming is not the problem... brain dead people is!!
---Elder on 7/23/09

I'm going to wonder outloud. Does anyone else besides me see this Global Warming outcry,from leaders of the World,just Satans little or big trick to get the world focused on that instead of focusing on the Spiritual dirty work he is doing in the world now? Old Earth has always run hot and cold,from Tropical to Iceage,cycle after cycle,it continues,the thing is with all the attention,news reports,people are more aware of it. The World is going through major hurt not because of weather,but because of crooked or inept people. It's time,isn't it,people stopped worrying about what they can't change,leave the weather to God he can take care of it,as Elder said,and start praying for Godly leaders in the World.
---Darlene_1 on 7/23/09

WHAT!! What?
Are you saying that my theory doesn't hold water?
The whole issue is that in these last days people will believe a lie. If the globe was warming I think God is big enough to take care of that too. Even Gore doesn't believe his lies. Just look at his past electric consumption.
---Elder on 7/23/09

The "politically correct" term now is "climate change"...that may be due to the fact that "global warming" was too easy to argue with. Climate change is always present. What isn't known is how much man has to do with it.

The projections about future climate conditions use a very questionable "hockey stick curve" to extrapolate conditions far into the future. But politicians have made this a political issue to accomplish their own goals.

I'm for clean air, clean water and recycling as much as possible.But I have yet to see scientific evidence (which everyone says exists but they can never produce) that warrants alarm.
---Donna66 on 7/21/09

"Global warming" is caused by storing and not using water. Yep, all those hot water heaters, farm storage tanks, Water Towers all over the nation, liquid drinks such as bottled water, Pepsis and Cokes, Wines, liquors, ice trays, indoor swimming pools, tractor tires and all the other stuff that holds the water from being recycled. Yea, this includes sewerage tanks, automobile radiators and the water pipes coming into your house, fire sprinkler systems and so on.
How many are willing to pour out all of these containers and solve the problem? Or are you going to trust Mr. Gore on this?
You see the Glaciers wouldn't hafta melt if there were enough storage water let loose.
---Elder on 7/20/09

The reasonable route to take with Global Warming is to concede what even wacko conservative denialists have to admit.
A lot of the stuff were putting into the air is not helping so we should stop it if possible.
Then there are the anarchy loving tree huggers who also err and want to make climate change a religion. Still, to deny what is going on in the polar ice caps is absurd and proves with idelogues that seeing is not believing.
Where moderates are needed we often have ideologues.
China and India aren't stepping up to the table anyway.
---larry on 7/20/09

Ralph ... You clearly have much more definite views about this subject than I do, and presumably those opinions arise from knowledge

So perhaps you can give me some information about those Viking navigations of the Northern seas.

When and where were they?
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/20/09

Alan, you would concede then, that the climate is not necessarily changing faster than when you were younger even if you think it is. I doubt you were taking note of climate change rates when you were a boy.

You do realize that there have been times in the past when there was little or no polar ice. How do you think the Vikings were able to navigate the Northern oceans? Greenland was named Greenland for a reason. It was once green, not ice covered.

You also should research the reason that Australia has periods of drought and rains. Australian weather is heavily influenced by the periodic El Nino and La Nina cycles in the Pacific. Severe Australian droughts caused by El Nino have been recorded since the 1700's.
---ralph7477 on 7/20/09

OK Ralph, I should have said I am now seeing the climate changing at a faster rate than it did when I was younger.

And in fact the globe is getting warmer ... even if not in your part of it though.

The polar caps are disappearing, as are the alpine glaciers.

Australia is suffering great droughts across large parts of it ... a new feature (so I understand, although Warwick may be able to confirm or deny this)

These changes maybe made by God, or maybe man.
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/20/09

"Have you forgotten I said we should not talk aabout "warming" but climate change?"

Oh, so now that the warming has stopped we are now supposed to pretend that the problem is now "change" in general?

"And there has been climate change ... witness many more storms and hurricanes. The pattern of weather in my country has changed immensely in my lifetime. At a much faster rate then before."

More storms and hurricanes than when? Facts, figures? Please simply tell me how fast the rate of change is currently as opposed to what it's been for say the last thousand years. You must have this information to make such a statement. Or is it just your feeling?
---ralph7477 on 7/20/09

Ralph ... I have a cat-flap that responds to the chip in my cat. These electronic gadgets really work , because the cat-flap keeps the elephants out ... and the crocodiles. I keep telling the manufactuers to use this in their advertising, but they don't.

Have you forgotten I said we should not talk aabout "warming" but climate change?

And there has been climate change ... witness many more storms and hurricanes. The pattern of weather in my country has changed immensely in my lifetime. At a much faster rate then before.
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/19/09

"That pattern has changed, and it seems that it is because of us".

Alan, what exactly has been this "pattern" that you cite? It must be a fixed constant pattern in order for you to detect a change. It can't be a warming pattern since there has been no warming for a decade. In fact, the recent colder temperatures have lowered the averages back to "normal", whatever that is supposed to be.

This supposed climate cause and effect is ridiculous. Using the "logic" you've bought into, I can claim that drinking coffee prevents squirrel attacks. I drink coffee every day and I have never once been attacked by a squirrel. I am safe from squirrels and it seems that it is because of the coffee.
---ralph7477 on 7/18/09

I've felt for a long time the cutting of trees is a big contributor to climate change. All the modern causes man has come up with just haven't caused me to believe they are the only problems. Without our air purifiers,the green plants,there is nothing to clean the air now. Rain forests alone used to cover 14% of earth,now only 6%. In 40 years that will be gone. The Amazon Rainforest alone provides more than 20% of worlds oxygen. An estimated 4 billion trees are used just to produce paper. Its estimated 20% of global greehouse gas emissions come from deforestation. No doubt all factors together contribute but without trees and plants we have no oxygen supply. I know in our area of Texas they are clearing the land for houses at an alarming rate.
---Darlene_1 on 7/17/09

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Ralph ... As you say, the climate is always changing very slowly and over long peiods of time. That pattern has changed, and it seems that it is because of us .
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/16/09

Those of us who live in the Arizona desert know that global warming is a constant thing. That's why they invented air conditioning.
---SusieB on 7/8/09

It would be really neat if the climate change/global warming argument went somewhere else. IMHO.

I have a praise. My son invited me to join him this coming weekend on a trip to Cooperstown, NY to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. What a blessing.
---Trish9863 on 7/8/09

Global warming is not a good phrase to use because it is fantasy and a scam.

Climate change is demonstrable and "tragic"? Really? Alan, when has the climate not been in a state of change? I suppose it would have been better if Europe and North America were still covered with ice and glaciers?

Now we have people in power implementing a new world order to try and stop climate change. They have classified Co2, that we all exhale, as pollution. As if the exact climate we have now is the correct and proper climate for the Earth after thousands of years of natural warming and cooling cycles. And all the drones dutifully change their light bulbs thinking they are saving the environment.
---ralph7477 on 7/7/09

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"Global Warming" is not a good phrase to use, because it allows denialists to say that their particular tiny area is not hotter, or even that it is colder than before.

Climate change is a much better description of what is happening, and the change of weather patterns is demonstrable, and tragic.

Whether the cause is man made, or not, it is still happening.
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/7/09

darlene1,seems like global warming has left western pa this summer.tonight july 6th the low is to be 53 degreesmwe havent had a day over the lows 80s ,and then only a couple,mostly 60s or low 70s,and cloudy so far,with lots of rain.
---tom2 on 7/6/09

Tom 2, it seems the weather across USA may be "off" this year. I am in Central Texas and we have already had days 100 degrees or above. One Day was 103 with a heat index of 106. The air is heavy a lot of days with the heat and it seems I'm not getting a good breath,I run right back inside to the airconditioned air. Our Black Lab cries from it and we've been putting her in during the day to keep her from being hurt. Our high temps here usually don't get that hot until August-September and it started this year the first of June or last of May,already there has been water shortages in the area and we are between two lakes. We're in for a tough summer. I think we all need to do some heavy praying for God to fix whats wrong.
---Darlene_1 on 7/6/09

here in southwestern pa Iam wondering if summer is ever gonna arrive.still going down into the 50s at night,cold,rainy,more like spring weather so far.
---tom2 on 7/6/09

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Praise the Lord your grandson was not hurt worse. My son-in-law rides a motorcycle, and I pray that he stays safe. Prior to my granddaughter's birth, he did not have a proper helmet, but when Isabel joined the world, he got a nice helmet with birthday money family sent him. He realized how important it was for him to be safe.

Thanks for praying and understanding.

---Trish9863 on 7/5/09

Trish my prayers are with you. My Grandson went to get massage for all his soreness and pain,and she worked out a lot of the soreness so now he is comfortable when he just takes overcounter meds. I misunderstood what happened ,he turned the corner and a fender drug and flipped the cycle over on his leg with other one over top of cycle,I think he hyperextended the muscles His friends saw the accident and went back to help,good thing they did,he was pinned down and they had to lift the cycle off him.I still thank God it waasn't worse. Just a little blessing note. The woman who gave the massage was the mother of an exgirlfriend and she took extra care to help him.
---Darlene_1 on 7/5/09

I could use some wisdom and am praying about how I should travel to see my daughter when my grandson arrives. Airfare is really inexpensive from an airport an hour away from here. But, pinning down a travel date when I don't know when he will arrive is difficult. It takes me 10 hours to drive there. But, with driving I have more flexibility in my return travel date. I would appreciate your prayers about this whole event. My grandson is due in exactly one month.
---Trish9863 on 7/5/09

Trish hi,happy lady,I'm glad you're being blessed.Doggies grab your heart and won't let go. A friend brought a black Lab 9 week old puppy to my husband nearly 8 years ago and gave the dog to him,I screamed "NO". I never dreamed we would get"in love" with her she would sleep in the house. Please pray for my Grandson,28,he was turning a corner on a parking lot when he had to lay the motorcycle down to avoid something worse, He has cuts and abrasions in several places and wasn't wearing helmet and bumped head. He said he is having trouble walking & pain in hip. My Greatgrandchildren both have ear infections. Augie I will be praying for you.
---Darlene_1 on 7/2/09

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God has blessed me with an adorable dog that is really keeping me moving. I am walking every day, and just enjoying this little guy. He is a Shiba Inu.

I am also being blessed by my job at the psychiatric hospital. There are a lot of people who are hurting, and need to know that people care about them.
---Trish9863 on 7/1/09

I need to find a new job. I hope that ministries like this one manage to get through the tough recession out there. Everyone is affected to some degree. ChristiaNet helps me stay positive.
---Augie on 7/1/09

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