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Husband Doesn't Love Me

My husband just told me two weeks ago after being married for 7 years that he does not love me and that he is tired of being married. I feel like my world has crumbled, we have both gotten away from God.

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 ---Cynthia on 7/1/09
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cynthia, pray for your husband. I prayed for mine for 40 years. I know your world has collapsed but take it to the Lord Jesus and leave it there. that is harder to do than just words and I understand that but your option is to pray hard and long. If your husband does leave you, God will give you peace. I pray for your peace.
---shira4368 on 6/26/12

You both get back with the Lord God Jesus. There is an old saying that says, The family that prays together stays together. For he is the Rock of foundation, and by him all things consist.
---Eloy on 6/26/12

Judy, we don't use text speak on blogs. None of the blogs I use, Christian or secular, use text speak. Text speak use is usually restricted to cell phones and IMs.

Because not everyone uses it, it's rude to use it on blogs, because it makes reading them difficult, if not impossible.
---Trish on 6/26/12

I wd say divorce him then, but then again maybe he doesnt mean it, maybe something else is tiring him out, tell him u still love him, but if that doesnt work, be more than happy to leave him, theres plenty of fish in the sea waiting. ive barely been married for 2 months, and I wanted it to be forever but looks like it wont be anymore. Ive been putting up with my husbands emotional problems for over a year now, and ive had enough, I cant take it anymore so im going to tell him we shd split :/. He cares more about other things than our marriage, he doesnt care about anything about our wedding day, and now that he unblinded me, I see now it was like that all along, I was just blinded by "love".
---judy on 6/25/12

i do understand. I've been married for 16 years and my husband doesnt love me either, and he makes sure that I know. But even though we are still living in the same roof, I have never turned my back on God, I have even gotten closer to him for God is my husband, the Lord of Host is his name. And I can truly say I have never been more satisfied in my entire life. There's nothing like the Love of Jesus.
---joy on 10/9/09

I know exactly how you feel after 7 years my husband says hes not happy anymore. I dont understand and I just want us to work on it but he is already seeing other women and it hurts sooooo bad.
---crystal on 8/27/09

My husband of 12 years reminds me almost daily that he no longer loves me and wishes I'd get out of his life. there's no love or affection, we go no where together, or even have conversation. I've never been so lonely and if I had a job, cash & a place to go, I'd never look back. I'm stuck.
---Dee on 8/10/09

thank God you still love him
tell him so.. that you still love him despite your challenges

start drawing closer to God especially in prayer

you could also invite him to join you in prayer

a family that prays together stays together

God bless you

take heart, let God take control of your hearts once more....
---pat on 7/31/09

Cynthia, I believe the answer Patricia gave is a great one. I would also add, that when someone wants to move out, or says, they don't love you, there is really something very wrong with him that you might not even know. Too many things could be going on with him that you don't know or understand, but one thing I advice you, and never beg for him to come back. If you beg, you have done nothing about the problem he has. It will still be there until it changes. Most of the time it happens again and again. Sometimes though it hurts, it is better for the person to leave. Gives you time to think and gives him time to change. Sometimes it takes a long time. Listen to Patricia and others for help. My prayers are for you and family.
---Mark_V on 7/17/09

You know my husband also told me that he was no longer in love with me too. He moved his things out of the house and I had to beg him to come back. He finally did and now we are trying to work through it. do you have kids?
---paola on 7/17/09

My husband did the same thing after being married for 23 years. I stayed in the church and remained faithful to God, I worked and took care of our 4 children. The best thing to do at this point is to nurture yourself, develop intimacy with God through prayer, and seek support whether its through a book, a friend, family, or the church. Do not go through this by yourself. If you do it will be really heavy. Sometimes men do things out of fear or irresponsiblity. Take courage and know that if God is for you WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU.....
---Patricia on 7/3/09

Thats not good to hear especially for some of us about to get married, but if you were once on God thats what was connecting you and since you are all away from him then devorce can be the result since with God devorce is not accepted and by moving away from him, you are giving the devil the room to take control

Please get back to God as fast as possible, you will see the results!
---gladman on 7/2/09

Cynthia, you are only a prayer away from God.

Pray this prayer: Father God in the name of Jesus I repent for falling away from you. I want to come back Lord, truly I do, but I don't know how. Will you show me the way Lord? Will you lead me and guide me back to you Lord?

I will pray to you Lord and say, Draw Me and I will run to you, but you must Draw me Lord as I do not know my way back to you. In Jesus name I pray.

Cynthia, begin each day with this prayer, and pour out your heart to God. Tell him why you think you fell away, maybe you got tangled up in the things of this world. Repent and God will hear your prayers and restore you. You need God in your life right now - He also needs you too!
---anon on 7/2/09

Cynthia, don't believe in what you've seen or heard, believe God. His word says you are one with your husband and you are. The Bible says with God all things are possible, so believe not only in his goodness but his sovereignty over your life that's been hidden in Christ.

Things wear out and fail unless you take care of them, a marriage is no different. Start with honesty before God, acknowledging your failure, and ask him to lead you back to his way for your life. He's faithful to love and bring you back to life in him. Perfecting your relationship with God will fine tune the ways that you fail, and will repair this breech. It may get darker before dawn breaks, but there's the best use of stubbornness, using it to believe God.
---Pharisee on 7/1/09

I appreciate your sincerity in you 2nd sentence. The best thing for you is to 1st go back to God. Call upon Him Ps.50: 15, John 6:37. God will let you know what to do.
---Adetunji on 7/1/09

Stormie O'Martian has a really good book out called "The Power of a Praying Wife" that helped me through a dark period in my marriage about 5 years before my husband officially called it quits. It couldn't hurt to learn to pray for him and your marriage.
---Trish9863 on 7/1/09

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You have the answer to your dilemma right there in your question. You say you both have gotten away from God, then you both need to get back to Him as fast as you can. If you are both true believers, God will help you work things out, because He says over and over again in Scripture "I hate divorce." You need to be seeking His face as earnestly as you can right now,
---tommy3007 on 7/1/09

I agree with Bila. You and your husband both need to come back to God, because it is not about you and your husband, it is about God. Humans are selfish. We all have our own motives in mind. We should instead be focusing on what God wants.

If he does end up divorcing you, take heart that God will never leave you. God will always be there for you.
---amand6348 on 7/1/09

I'm in a similar situation. My wife decided to leave me and filed for divorce without my knowledge. There was no adultery in our marriage, but she still wanted the divorce. Well, you can't force someone to love you and stay married. It hurts to find out that what you once thought was "forever" is now trashed.

Please find a good support group in a church. I've tried some Divorce Care groups.
---Augie on 7/1/09

That is very sad, and scary.

But if he is telling you the truth, and not just trying to give you an excuse to divorce him or separate . . .

at least, he's telling you how he really feels. And if you yourself have been getting away from God . . . this would be "why" this is happening, I would consider. And "maybe" both of you have some discovering to do, about how it is to be with God and how to love. "You're together, so you can find out together." (o:

You married him. You *both* have been getting away from God? Then I'd say maybe you have had enough in common to marry one another, and now to go this way. You can see, now, perhaps, what it is about you two that you need to do better about.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/1/09

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