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Husband Turned Muslim

My husband turned Muslim about a year ago. Now he's rarely around because he is more comfortable around Muslims. Our family life is non existant and i often get the blame. What do I do?

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 ---Anaisa on 7/4/09
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There is always more going on in relationships than anyone outside can see. Elohim's Holy Spirit is the only one that can draw one to Yahushua(Jesus). Much prayer and encouragement.
---yochanan on 7/15/09

About all you can do is pray that God will open his heart to the holy spirit.
---jackie on 7/14/09

Jon is correct, but remember you can't argue or discuss anyone into the kingdom, this will take intercessory prayer and fasting to restrain the enemy.
---larry on 7/14/09

I hate to be the one to tell you this but your husband is on his way to Hell. Muslim is a man made religion. Your husband is now lost in sin and you are unequally yoked with a nonbeliever. What you need to do is convert him back you Christ or his soul will be forever lost to Satan. Under no circumstance should your children be exposed to Muslim doctrine. It is posion.
---Jon on 7/13/09

What about kids? Are they being raised Muslim too?
---jackie on 7/13/09

Do not lose heart. Pray and you will have a greater testimony to share with us. God Bless You
---joby on 7/12/09

It's like that old motley crue song "Run for the hills....etc." Actually you should get marital counseling with this guy before he turns out to be like the other muslim men.
---amand6348 on 7/10/09


If you had a child that lived in way that you thought was outside of your expectations, what would you do?
---Janze on 7/10/09

He TURNED Muslim? How does a born again Christian TURN Muslim? So one day he decided Jesus wasn't the way, the Truth and the Savior of the World, and decided to turn Muslim?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your husband really knew Jesus, he'd NEVER EVER turn away from Him. To know the Lord is to Love Him with all of your heart and soul. Jesus said, "If you love me, you'll obey me."

You can pray for him, but what do you want God, Jehovah God to do? Change your husband's heart back to Jesus when you just said he TURNED Muslim? I'm not sure what you would like God to do. It's your husband's free will, he has a choice to make.
---anon on 7/9/09

please just sit with him and ask what he is so interested about islam and listen and think carefull and you will definetly know what to do next.
---Ali on 7/5/09

Was he a believer in Christ prior to his conversion to Islam?

The only thing you can do is pray, which is more than it sounds like. Storm heaven's gates on his behalf and on behalf of your marriage.
---Trish9863 on 7/5/09

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