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What Is Truth In Life

What is a good, simple and an objective definition of Truth? And is there a difference between Truth and fact?

Moderator - The Word of God.

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 ---Janze on 7/5/09
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truth is there is no life in the flesh.Life, eternal life is spiritual.The truth is follow jesus and life,or choose the flesh,the world and be dead.
---tom2 on 8/19/09

truth?do you know what life is?do you seek to amass possessions?work for 40 years building a retirement portfolio for a better life when you retire?do you believe life is a continuous journey of decisions,and consequenes,and worries?That it is finding a mate and raising a family?Christ said when he saw a funeral procession to his disciples,let the dead bury the dead.SO what is life,the truth of life?Its not what many think it is,even many christians,be in the world ,but not of the world.the truth is life is only in christ,and the truth is life is spiritual,not physical.thats the truth,and the only fact that has any meaning what so ever.
---tom2 on 7/20/09

when jesus told pilate he came into the world to be a witness to the truth,he meant spirityual truth,pilate asked,what is truth,thinking not of the spirit,but wordly truth and probably how it effects the flesh.
---tom2 on 7/12/09

The word is truth and Christ is the living word.
---larry on 7/9/09

Truth is what Jesus said it is in John Chapter 17 - "Thy Word is Truth."

Anything outside the Word of God is truth mingled with a lie - like what satan did to Eve...he took the truth and mixed in a lie with it and Eve swallowed it.
---anon on 7/9/09


A fact that has been verified, "at last he knew the truth", "the truth is that he didn't want to do it"

Conformity to reality or actuality: "they debated the truth of the proposition", "the situation brought home to us the blunt truth of the military threat", "he was famous for the truth of his portraits", "he turned to religion in his search for eternal verities"

Accuracy: the quality of being near to the true value, "he was beginning to doubt the accuracy of his compass", "the lawyer questioned the truth of my account"
---eric1968 on 7/7/09

there is a vast difference between spiriyual truth,and the truth of the world.The fact is the only truth with any meaning is spiritual,aka the truth of God,the truth of jesus,the truth of his word,are all that have any life.debating truth which is not of God,or facts which arent are meaningless conversations or the world and have no life in them.
---tom2 on 7/6/09

in john 18-38,pilate asked jesus"what is truth",jesus didn,t respond. Why? iam sure pilate would never have understood what jesus had to say about truth,just as many in the world today dont.
---tom2 on 7/7/09

The Bible is the Word of GOD that it is truth on matters pertaining to GOD.

In Science truth is facts that can be shown from experimentation and seen.

Trust the Bible.
---Samuel on 7/6/09

---tom2 on 7/6/09


I appreciate your comments because it recognizes the distinctiion between Truth and fact and illustrate the difference between them.

Believers need to be clear about the meanings of the words and the concepts that constitute the franework of their faith.

Since God is the only entity that is immutable, that does not and cannot change, then Truth is information about God. Whereas facts are the consclusions of empirical determinations or information about the changeable.

The recognition and the acceptance of the difference between Truth and fact, allow the Believer to live more faithfully to the Truth of the Bible and by extension, the Principles of Grace.
---Janze on 7/5/09

I guess what iam saying is,in this life we live in the flesh truth is neither prevalant,or practiced much. We lie to ourselves more than others around us,and when we live without jesus are actually dead,but we dont realize it.Life is in the spirit,in a relationship with God through his son.So what does it really matter of the truth of the world?or any facts of the world?or the entire universe for that matter?They mean NOTHING.
---tom2 on 7/5/09

"What is a good, simple and an objective definition of Truth?"

When Pilate asked "What is truth" if he had waited for the answer, chances are Paul would have been inspired to answer in the words of Jesus "Sanctify them in the truth: thy '[Father's] Word is Truth'." Denoting the essential Word of God, Jesus [The] Christ, 'the personal wisdom and power of God'.

For man, "simple and an objective definition of Truth" is simply this. What ever a man believes to be truth, is for that man truth, whether it is a "fact" or not.(o:
---Josef on 7/5/09

the truth? whatever a man sows that shall he also reap.sow death reap death sow life reap life.The truth of jesus christ is the only truth of any importance.
---tom2 on 7/5/09

are you asking about the facts of a physical reality?or the faith in a spiritual one?whether the spiritual one is a fact or not?Truth comes from God,he is truth,the only real truth that matters.Knowledge of him is all that matters.
---tom2 on 7/5/09

life is not this physical reality,life is choosing jesus. Until we are saved we are dead,spiritually dead,there is no life in us.Until you or anyone matures enough to realize this there will always be issues.
---tom2 on 7/5/09

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In Jesus's time, according to the rule of law (OBJECTIVE truth), there was no genuine and valid reason that Jesus should have been crucified.

The only reason Pilate sent Jesus to the cross was that the crowds were yelling and rioting about the "tradition" on that day that Pilate was to set free whoever the people chose.

Pilate was forced to send Jesus to the cross instead of Barabbas because of the people's bias (Jesus was crucified because of the people's SUBJECTIVE/chosen/BIASED truth).

In scripture, God included Pilates question so that we might notice the importance to our salvation of genuine/OBJECTIVE truth (John 18:38, 2 Thessalonians 2:10).

We should speak "in no uncertain terms".
---more_excellent_way on 7/5/09

Truth is that which is established, faithful, reliable, constant, and unchangeable.
Facts are observable, evident, known to exist or to have existed, yet subject to change.
The difference is facts change, truth does not.
Truth-Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Clay.
Fact-He changed his name.
I know there are some who would quote Rom. 1:25 to attempt to show that the truth can be changed.
However, although the way it is written in the KJV of the bible is a "fact", the "truth" of the statement is this: "They 'exchanged' the truth of God 'for' a lie."
---josef on 7/5/09

people say,if they just had more money they would be happy,is that the truth?People think had they a nicer home,or car,they would be happy.The earth is round and spins,thats a fact.But actually the only truth that means anything,and which is the ultimate fact, is SPIRITUAL TRUTH. tHE TRUTH OF ACCEPTING JESUS,of being born again,of receiving the free gift of eternal life.This is the truth,and the only fact that means anything.everything else leads to DEATH.
---tom2 on 7/5/09

Jesus and the Bible are both truth.
---Moderator on 7/5/09

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Jesus Himself is "the truth" (John 14:6). Jesus is all that God's words mean, in human form, of how to be in love, how to be relating with God our Heavenly Father and loving all people, and Jesus in us shares this with us > "My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you," (Galatians 4:19) > so the real truth is the correct words of inspiration along with the spiritual reality of how the Holy Spirit forms and grows Christ in us so we become "as He is . . . in this world." (1 John 4:17) > also, "the Spirit is truth." (1 John 5:6) Real truth, then, is not just God's words but how they mean to be and live in God's love (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/5/09

Moderator, "The Word of God" are you talking "Jesus (Logos) here? Or every word from Gen to Rev is God-breathed and error less?
---1st_cliff on 7/5/09

Anything, an I mean anything, that can make it a lie, is not of the truth!

Mat 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Mat 10:6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Mat 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Oh, the glory of the father!
---TheSeg on 7/5/09

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