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Burning Bibles Acceptable

I heard on the radio that the government is burning Bibles. Is this correct? What's wrong with this country?

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 ---johnJ on 7/9/09
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If you so much as read a book or a movie that is about satanic rituals (i.e. "Harry Potter"), then you are literally inviting the devil in to confuse and wreck havoc in your mind until you are fully separated from God.

So, should we worry about what we read or watch, yes.
---JoelV. on 12/7/09

Burn all Disney books a well...

As a matter of fact burn ALL book of fiction... oh my goodness!! oh my!!!

Theyre all lies (fantasy) and therefore evil.
(/end sarcasm)

How do you people sleep at night being so uptight? Why worry about such petty things. Our God is mightier than anything satan has made or will make. Please put your faith in Him and stop worrying about what movies and books say.
---JackB on 12/4/09


If you want to burn a book/or book series, burn the "Twilight" series!

That is an abomination inside and outside of God!
---Joel on 12/4/09

Don't burn bibles!!!!!!!!!! Bibles are the most important books in the world!!!!! Burn garbage like Harry Potter books not the most perfect one ever....
---Angel11 on 10/17/09

Angel you are a darling and I don't want to cause a misunderstanding. But, some of the politically correct New Versions need burned with Harry's.
Many translations are taking groupls of people out of scripture which changes the truth in context. Of course we know that even the K.James has a few errors that can be found by the searcher. Thanks for you love of scripture though....many don't and would tear the O.Testament out thinking it's not necessary to understanding.
---Trav on 10/21/09

Don't burn bibles!!!!!!!!!! Bibles are the most important books in the world!!!!! Burn garbage like Harry Potter books not the most perfect one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rise and Shine people who think it's okay to burn bibles!!!!!!!!! Even if bibles are the only thing around for you if you have to make a fire to keep warm and survive, don't do it. If you have to die for god, DIE FOR GOD. Dedicate your life to GOD, not Satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The government is also thinking about taking the "In God we Trust" off the money which is making god boiling angry. There are many things wrong with the world today.
---Angel11 on 10/17/09

Elder-- I understand what you are saying.
I see no reason you should be prevented from praying in Jesus name. There's a fight going on even now by chaplains demanding this right.

But the military simply will not allow you to do certain things. Evangelizing Muslims in a theatre of war in the Middle-East would be one of them. They will prevent you. If you resist, it will affect your career and you may be discharged.

Thus I say, IF you have a burden to evangelize the Muslims you should not belong to the military. It's not the career for you. Hook up with a ministry to Muslims.

Rom 13:2Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.
---Donna66 on 7/28/09

"A soldier may evangelize elsewhere (like within his unit). If he feels called by God to reach Muslims, he should not re-up."
Donna I do respect you so take the comments as thought provokers and nothing else.
Are you saying that as a "lifer" I have to give up my obedience to the Lord to be a soldier? God called me into the military as well as into the ministry. I held services when there was no chaplains available. As a Chaplain I was directed to do things contrary to God's directive.
Our problem is that too many "christian" live by the situation ethics.
Give me a Bible verse for what you said and I'll shut up.
No where should I be disobedient to God to be obedient to the government.
---Elder on 7/23/09

Elder--Not sure why Bibles were burned (possibly so that Muslim combatants wouldn't find them?).

As I understand it, adultery and fornication are not routinely prosecuted in Muslim countries (at least male participants aren't)
Cursing may different. But American troops wouldn't be "cursing" unless disrespecting something Muslim. The MOST INFLAMMATORY thing in Afganistan is proselytizing for Christianity! And that could get a
soldier(s) killed! Commanders want as many men as possible alive and combat ready.

Also, as in the surge, part of the mission is securing the good will of locals.

A soldier may evangelize elsewhere (like within his unit). If he feels called by God to reach Muslims, he should not re-up.
---Donna66 on 7/22/09

This statement is completely out of line. The statement is itself condemning to the person who made it. But Jerry have wonderful news for you. You can be forgiven!!!!
---mima on 7/22/09

Donna you will have a hard time with me on this one. I was in an armed conflict/combat zone and I did the same thing.
How is it that many of these countries we go into have laws regarding adultery and fornication and the "commanders" don't take actions against that activity? They don't stop the cursing or vulgar speech either.
A soldier does not give up his duty to God just because of a war or because he is in the military. The war this soldier was fighting was the real one...Spiritual.
The whole statement of mine was not addressed. Why were the bibles not sent back where they came from? And, what about burning Harry Potter books?
---Elder on 7/21/09

Elder -- As I understand it, this occured in a combat zone...which, of course, has some restrictions different from non-combat service.

The soldiers' commander was NOT ordering something ILLEGAL. What the soldier did WAS illegal in the country where he was stationed! Civilian or military, you cannot stay in a foreign country and say, "I'm free to break your laws because this is not illegal in MY country.
---Donna66 on 7/21/09

Donna66, in my years in the military I never swore to support/uphold any unlawful order. This includes when I was ordered by a bird Col. to not pray in Jesus' name. I still did. Not in rebellion to the Col. but in obedience to the Lord.
I was ordered to put on personal clothing of a higher ranking person as he taught a class. I refused to do that also. It was not a lawful order.
If they didn't want this man giving out Bibles they could have restricted him. It was unlawful to take his personal property and destroy it. If it had been a copy of the Koran you would be seeing that right now!
There was a soldier prosecuted for throwing a discarded page out of one in the trash.
This is about Christian liberty to obey God, nothing else.
---Elder on 7/20/09

Elder -- This soldier willingly joined the military. He was not compelled to do it. When he joined, he pledged to follow every direct order from his superiors unless that order required something that is against the Geneva Convention. Soldiers do give up some of their personal freedoms in order to serve.

Yes, it is "illegal" for this soldier or anyone to speak of God's salvation in Afganistan, a Muslim country. To do so would put his llfe and those of his fellows in danger. Yes, they could be executed. It's happened before. It could also hinder the mission of the military in that area, part of which requiures building trust among the locals.

He may evangelize elsewhere or re-think his military commitment.
---Donna66 on 7/20/09

It is but a book more no less . So if someone burns it they destroy the word of God ...NO get over it ....
---jerry on 7/20/09

First, where did obeying military law supersede obeying God? Will we obey when it is against the law to pray in Jesus name or attend Church? Yea, some probably will.
Next, if the soldier had the Bibles shipped from his church as said at their cost why would it cost the military to ship them back? Think about it!
Last, is it also "illegal" for this soldier to speak of God's salvation in a host country? What's next? Execute him?
Hum-mm.... Why do the same bloggers get upset when a church burns Harry Potter (or potty) books yet make excuses why it is OK for the Government to burn personal property bibles?
It is never right to obey man's law over God's law. It is pure humanism.
---Elder on 7/20/09

I agree Donna. It probably cost too much to return the Bibles, so the only respectable way to dispose of them would be to burn.
---johnj on 7/20/09

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I don't know the details of this story, but the reasons for the military reg is understandable. And a soldier is duty-bound to obey orders unless they contradict the Geneva convention.

Distributing Bibles in a country where this is illegal (and inflammatory) could potentially endanger all American soldiers in Afganistan.

As for burning...I guess it depends on your
perception. I'd rather they returned the Bibles to the sender. But "burning" is the ONLY "respectful" way to dispose of an American, why not the Bible.
---Donna66 on 7/16/09

\\That there are regulations against prozetelyzing for security reasons is acceptable. nevertheless to burn a bible as trash is unexcusable. there where other ways to solve this problem.
---andy3996 on 7/14/09\\

Good, andy.

What? Can you give us some of these "other ways"?
---Cluny on 7/14/09

so what happened to the soldier that did this? was he court-marshalled for disobeying regulations?
---johnJ on 7/14/09

Evenso, how can any free religion nation burn bibles not to offend a religion, and thus offending the greatest religion in the world. if any would have burnt even ONE coran, a vast explosion of violence would have been the consequense. but since it is "only a book" of "retarded and peacefull Christians", it becomes ok, it seems that some Christians even defend this Vile offence. That there are regulations against prozetelyzing for security reasons is acceptable. nevertheless to burn a bible as trash is unexcusable. there where other ways to solve this problem.
---andy3996 on 7/14/09

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Steveng: There is more to this story than you tell. A Christian soldier defied military regulations by having the Bibles sent to him from his home church, and was going to distribute them to the citizens in Afghanistan, in direct defiance of military regs. Because the Bibles were part of a plan to proselytize, against regulations, they were disposed of with the rest of the trash for that military base. ALL trash at the base is burned, and that is how those Bibles got burned. It was not part of a Bible burning incident. It was part of the regular trash burning.
---Trish9863 on 7/9/09

StevenG...I am aware of what happened in Afghanistan. However, I am not aware of any Bible burning in this country. While watching the news today, it occurred to me that if there were not two was going on, the unemployment rate would be out of site. These soldiers need to come home.
---SusieB on 7/9/09

Some church sent an unsolicited shipment of Bibles in a local Afghani language to our trooops there for them to distribute.

This is strictly against military regulations.

Contrary to what some people think, American armed forces are NOT Christian soldiers marching as to war.

It might have been better to have refused shipment and sent them back to the sender, but recipients have the right to do what they wish with unwanted parcels.
---Cluny on 7/9/09

SusieB: "JohnJ....Stop believing everything you hear. Stop listening to all the gossip mongers."

Bible burning isn't anything new. Bibles are being burnt everyday, mostly in communist and muslim countries.

But there was a recent article, though, telling of a bible burning incident in Afghanistan by the US military. They did this to keep the bibles from entering the country as military rules dictate. The military didn't want Afgans to think that the US military or the US governemnt were converting muslims which would endanger US troops.

Knowing that we are living in the end times, every country will see the buring of bibles - including America.
---Steveng on 7/9/09

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JohnJ....Stop believing everything you hear. Stop listening to all the gossip mongers.
---SusieB on 7/9/09

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