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Christians Required To Tithe

Malachi 3:8-12, Matthew 22:21 Speak about that tithing is REQUIRED by God for ALL people, since Christians are now the Priests. If you do NOT tithe, you ROB from God and are in DISOBEDIENCE to Him. Comments?

Moderator - Christians are not required to tithe, but to be cheerful givers which may be less or greater than 10%. Do as the Holy Spirit leads.

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 ---Leslie on 7/9/09
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Gary for the final time GOD has COMMANDED us to tithe - Genesis 2:16-17 (First Tithe), Leviticus 27:30-33 (now our currentcy is paper money), Malachi 3:8-12 (NOT titheing = robbing God), Matthew 22:21 (what is God's is the tithe). After ALL those scriptures if you don't see that GOD COMMANDED it, then you are in REBELLION to God Himself. REPENT of face God's judgement on this. When you do NOT obey what God commands, you are NOT His, and do NOT love Him (John 14:15, 1 John 2:3-6). Also when you do NOT do what God commands, you put Christ back onto that cross, and spit in His face - You in essance say that you KNOW MORE than God does (Pride = being like Satan).
---Leslie on 7/15/09

The chiden of "Israel" were required to give a TITHE of all their increases...and it would seem unwise to suppose that the Lord would require less of His people today when
the time is very short and a great work is to be accomplished by the use of our means in giving the last merciful message to he world.
Even though Malachi is not here in person to teach the carrying out the Israelitish system of tithing he would agree with it and second our Lord when He spoke the following words is support of the "tithe" But woe unto you (Pharisees) fot ye tithe mint an rue and all manner of herbes, and pass over judgements and the love of God: these ought ye to have done and not leave the other undone." Luke 11:42
---Pierre on 7/15/09

within the OT God has said that he loves a cheerful giver,and his law saying that he wont be mocked,that whatever a man sows,that shall he also reap is part of the scripture.God is a giver,he gives to all,so we must be givers also,not grudgingly,but cheerfully,knowing that God will reward us.
---tom2 on 7/15/09

I do follow the laws of the O.T. Torah...ALL of you that think that tithing is NOT Biblical - you trample the blood of Christ, and spit at Him.

Sorry, if you wear any cloths of mixed fabric or do not honor the poor tithe, you are not following "all" the laws.

As for spitting, I GIVE about 7% to my local church, 4% to the poor, and sometimes another 2% to missions, and yet your sanctimonious attitude says I hate the cross and may go to hell because I call it a freewill offering?

You need to learn what scriptures say about judging.

If you say a full 10% belongs to a LOCAL church that does not honor the poor tithe portion, you have been brainwashed by a cult that does not follow scripture.
---obewan on 7/15/09

On the subject of free will offerings, vs. tithes, I have this to say.

Some churches are smart enough to know where their financial support comes from, and they are very gracious to receive any amount, even from people who do not give a full 10%.

We have very many wealthy people at my church. I mean, if a smart person runs the numbers they answer these questions:

How much is 7% of $100,000 or $200,000 vs. 10% of $25,000? Churches that honor the scriptures by teaching "freewill offerings" may end up richer by not offending their biggest donors.
---obewan on 7/15/09

Ofcourse,God is looking at your intention.He does not require your tithe. Everything is His. The woman who tithe the 2 coins ,gave her all,100%.
---jemima on 7/15/09

The command to give as one purpose in his heart, is NOT a NT idea. Exodus 25:1-2.

The idea of tithing had existed long before the laws were codified at Mt Sinai. It's not NEW. (Gen 14:20, 1 Jn 2:24)

The laws of tithing are full of blessings.(pro 11:24-25, Mal 3:10, 2 Cor 9:6).

There are actually 3 laws of tithing-
1)10% to the levites & priest so that they are able to give glory to elohim and do His will. (2Chron 3:14)
2)10% to be saved in order to celebrate the commanded feasts. (Dt 14:23)
3)10% to be given every 3rd & 6th year to support the widow and orpahs, & those in need. (dt 14:28-29)

May people claim that these are pointless, but many financial gurus today teach these same principals.
---Meira on 7/14/09

Pierre - In a previous blog you gave the reference of Nehemiah 10:37-38. This PROVES my point that the whole tithe was NOT taken to the temple or to the storehouse. It is very clear in verses 37 and 38 that the FIRSTFRUITS were taken to the temple and the TITHE was taken TO THE LEVITES IN ALL THE CITIES - THE LEVITICAL CITIES. The people did NOT take the tithe to the temple. In verse 38 we are told that THE LEVITES took the tithe of the tithe to the temple. Therefore, Malachi 3:10 can ONLY be referring to the tithe of the tithe that the LEVITES took to the priests, NOT the tithe from the people. This has been my argument all along. The people did NOT take the tithe to the temple.
---Gary on 7/14/09

"SusieB - No, I don't have a "new revelation" at all. MOST Christian churches teach that tithing ENDED at the cross."................Gary on 7/14/09

MOST Christian churches do not teach that. Christians believe in the entire Bible, which teaches to be a cheerful giver.
---Kelly_P on 7/14/09

The question would also be what kind of tithe or giving is required?

YHWH Elohim would much rather us give from the heart as in Exodus 25.

At the same time tenthing seems to have been used to support the 1st century Melchelchidic priesthood that replaced the Levitical priesthood when the temple system was put away by Messiah's Atonement.

Obviously, giving "all they had" to support the Acts assembly was key to it's humble begining.

The Torah also mentions the 2nd tenth to be saved for Biblical festivals and the 3rd tithe used to help the poor and needy. Duet. 14:23-29

These tithes relate to use in the New Covenant Apostolic letters and culture. The Holy Spirit is the guide to support His Work.
---Yochanan on 7/14/09

You are the first human on this earth since Jesus that has been able to follow all the laws of the O.T.--Gary

Your statement is incorrect.What did Yahushua tell the young rich man when he asked what must he do to have eternal life. (mt 19:16)
Yahushua reply: keep the commandments. (v17)
Yahushua then lists them and the man replies "all these I have kept from my youth".

Just because a person can't keep them perfectly, doesn't mean that he shouldn't try to either.

Should a child quit trying to obey his parents because he failed to clean his room as instructed. That would be absurd.

If you love Yahushua, you will keep his commandments. (Deut 7:9, Jhn 14:15)
---Meira on 7/14/09

SusieB - After a meeting with a pastor at a Baptist Church in Fresno, CA, he said he would do his own research. Within one week he stopped teaching Malachi 3:8-10. Within a few more weeks he stopped teaching tithing altogether. The Baptist Church NEVER TAUGHT tithing until the 1870s. A pastor at Church of God in Fresno met with me. He did his homework before our meeting. During the meeting he said I was 100% correct, and that he would have their website changed to take out tithing as a requirement. BOTH of these pastors had been teaching and collecting the tithe for over 20 years. The third meeting was with a pastor of the Pentecostal church and he also stopped teaching tithing.
---Gary on 7/14/09

My former church taught grace giving - the view that one gives in accordance to how God has bless them.

They did not teach tithing since they always received more in the plate from grace giving then they did from teaching OT tithing.

The type of thing we have today which we called tithing is really a Christianized version of the OT tithe which was used to support the temple and the Levitical priesthood and was largely agricultural in nature.
---Lee1538 on 7/14/09

Pierre - I not only agree with all the N.T. verses on stewardship, but I have taught stewardship to a group of ministers. I totally agree that we, as Christians, should be the best stewards of our money, time, and everything else that God trusts us with. But those verses have to do with giving, NOT the tithing laws. Tithing was a LAW that ended at the Cross. Tithing OUTSIDE the law was VOLUNTARY, therefore, it was a free-will gift of ten percent. Tithing was an O.T. DEBT that was due from those who qualified to pay it. It supported the Levitical priesthood. God claimed ONLY the Levitical tithe was His. That tithe has ended.
---Gary on 7/14/09

Larry - When God wrote the law on our hearts, it was the law of the Spirit, NOT the 10 commandments.
Okay Gary, I won't judge you for tossing the 10 commandments. If you're not convicted by the Holy Spirit about the declaration I am not here to judge.
I think wisdom and discernment will tell the Christian whether the Ten commandments or abstaining from shellfish are on the same level of reverence and compulsive obedience.

However the ALL CAPS (shouting) and general didactic tone to others on the blog edifies no one and neither enlightens or gives glory to God. Why the anger?
---larry on 7/14/09

SusieB - There are many churches from the denominations you listed that do NOT teach tithing. I have emailed many different churches and religious organizations to ask how they justify tithing on income, and no two replies were the same. In fact, the founder of the Baptist Church in Utah answered my email by telling me he and his wife were members of a Baptist Church in Pennsylvania, and they were sent to Utah to start the very first Baptist Church there. He went on to say TITHING ISN'T TAUGHT IN THE N.T. CHURCH. He said they teach giving from the heart, not under compulsion. Over 100 ministers recently LEFT the Church of God in Christ because they said they refused to teach tithing because it was not scriptural.
---Gary on 7/14/09

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Leslie - you will be blessed because your heart is in the right place. You clearly want to please the Lord and understand that its all his. Like the noble Bereans you are too grateful to hold anything back. God bless you.
---larry on 7/14/09

Gary: You are asking for texts again from Leslie Why not start wih some of the txts I supplief you with. Some of them fit well if you will make an effort to believe that the
Lord still appreciates good stewardship, even in NT times.
---Pierre on 7/14/09

"To ALL - Yes I do follow the laws of the O.T. Torah, including tithing..... Leslie on 7/14/09"

Gee, and before you, ONLY JESUS could do that! Congratulations, Leslie. You are the first human on this earth since Jesus that has been able to follow all the laws of the O.T.

I guess this is a day for celebration!
---Gary on 7/14/09

"SusieB - No, I don't have a "new revelation" at all. MOST Christian churches teach that tithing ENDED at the cross."................Gary on 7/14/09

Gary.....Do you consider Baptist, Assembly of God, Nazarene, Pentecostal Church of God, Church of God, or Church of God in Christ to NOT be Christian churches? These are some major denominations who teach tithing. Please tell me which denominations are the pastors from to whom you are teaching this new revelation of yours?
---SusieB on 7/14/09

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Leslie - I can't find any scripture where God commanded anyone to tithe on income, or for that matter, or anything that man made or earned. Can you PLEASE give me the scripture you use to support your belief that you must tithe on your income? And do you really follow the scriptures and KEEP YOUR TITHE AT HOME every three years and invite the poor to your home where you divide up the tithe to them? And PLEASE give me scripture to show where God authorizes the Christian church to receive His tithe, and where he gave us permission to take His tithe to the church? How can we learn if you won't give us the scriptures? Without the scriptures, your credibility is getting very weak.
---Gary on 7/14/09

TIMOTHY - All of us non-tithers believe in giving. The N.T. teaches giving from the heart, NOT under compulsion. The argument here is not whether we should be supporting the church, but how we are to support the church. The tithers say we are robbing God if we don't tithe ten percent of our income, yet at no time did God ever require anyone to tithe on anything man made or earned. Robbing God is part of the O.T. law and dealt specifically with the Levitical tithe and nothing else. I, personally, give far in excess of ten percent, but not all of it to the church. Those who attend church are morally obligated to support the church financially according to N.T. teachings, NOT by O.T. law that ONLY applied to the Levitical priesthood.
---Gary on 7/14/09

To ALL - Yes I do follow the laws of the O.T. Torah, including tithing, and God has made sure I have more than enough in my bank account, even NOT having a job for a year in this tough economy. I choose NOT to rob God considering He has done so much for me, that to rob Him of what is rightfully His (ALL money is His, and 10% is NOT asking alot), this would be saying that what He did on the cross was NOT enough and that He still owes me more. In other words, I spit in Jesus' face, and say He is NOT good enough if I do NOT do what He asks of me, including tithing. This is for ALL of you that think that tithing is NOT Biblical - you trample the blood of Christ, and spit at Him.
---Leslie on 7/14/09

Leslie - You, like other tithers, always want to start with Malachi 3:8. You need to look at Malachi 3:7: Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept them....
Now, you need to IDENTIFY exactly which ordinances (commands) God is speaking about. Until you identify the ordinances, you can't know what God is claiming He was robbed of. Can you give me the scripture for those ordinances? Can any of you tithers give this group the scriptures of those ordinances? If you can't, how do you know whether or not you are robbing God? Are you relying on what your Pastor says, or do you really know what God says?
---Gary on 7/14/09

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If God were reading this board, He'd be shaking His head and saying, How are they coming up with this stuff? Why can't they simply believe me? So much carnality arguing about tithing. They just can't get it right.

The Secrets of the Lord are for those who fear Him. Obviously none of you know the secret to tithing. And it's not that you get a return or anything worldly or carnal like that.

When the Pharisees couldn't understand the parables, Jesus told them it was because their eyes were blinded to the truth. Need I say more here?
---anon on 7/14/09

OBEWAN: My point is give what you can even if it is very little or just a time donation, I specifically stated that the 10% doesn't matter. My response was meant for those that don't tithe at all thinking that this it is legalism yet attend the church anyway. I'm sorry if my post was unclear.
---TIMOTHY on 7/14/09

To obewan and others that support my views: Notice how the tithers judge us by saying we rob God, and even go as far as infer we will go to Hell. Right there they are not following the teachings in the Bible. Notice how the tithers avoid the issue of following all of the tithing commands given by God. Notice how the tithers actually CHANGE God's work to justify taking their tithe to the church. Notice how the tithers actually CHANGE God's word to justify tithing on their income. Notice how the tithers actually follow NO PART of God's commands to tithe. Notice how the tithers are stuck on Malachi 3:8-10 even though it is spoken to the priests, not the people. Notice how they are following what man has taught instead of God's Word.
---Gary on 7/14/09

To Leslie and others who claim you MUST follow all God's laws to be obedient, and that you are robbing God if you don't tithe:
Why are you not answering my specific questions? DO YOU FOLLOW GOD'S TITHING COMMANDS OR NOT?
The tithe in Leviticus 27:30-34 which is tithing crops and animals and taking the tithes to the Levites AND Deuteronomy 14:22-26 which is the feast tithe AND Deuteronomy 14:28 which is known as the Poor Tithe.
---Gary on 7/14/09

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SusieB - No, I don't have a "new revelation" at all. MOST Christian churches teach that tithing ENDED at the cross. This is NOT new. What is new is the teaching that tithing is required in the N.T. It started around 1870. Just do some research on the topic. Most pastors teach it correctly. Most pastors who teach it wrong are merely repeating what they have been told and have never studied the topic on their own. When I teach to pastors, they normally reject what I teach but are willing to study the scriptures themselves, and THEN they determine their teaching was wrong. The way tithing is taught today is a new teaching to the Christian Church.
---Gary on 7/14/09

Why are churches the only place that Christians feel that stealing is not a sin?
You pay for what you use at every other establishment
What is stealing about giving less than 10% to a church? People are willing to give to pay their way, they just do not give 10%. At my current church, the people only give 3.5% and yet there is over a $6 million budget. They have 57 full time staff members, and multi-million dollar buildings all paid for.

How much is a seat in a building and a sermon worth? $125? $250? Or maybe only $50. We can get good theater tickets for only $50, and that is "paying our own way".

I prefer to give the balance of my money to Christian charity.
---obewan on 7/14/09

Here is a list of some well-known theologians, preachers, etc. who oppose tithing in the N.T.:
John MacArthur
J. Vernon McGee
Charles Ryrie
Phillip Schaff
New Catholic Encyclopedia
Nelson's Bible Dictionary
Unger's Bible Dictionary
Wycliffe Bible Dictionary of Theology
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Encyclopedia Britannica
Moody Bible Institute
Dallas Theological Seminary, Charles R. Swindoll, President

Those are just a tiny sampling of those who know and teach that tithing is not valid today.
---Gary on 7/14/09

Why are churches the only place that Christians feel that stealing is not a sin?
You pay for what you use at every other establishment then why not pay your way at church? Simply stated, if you attend a local church on a regular basis then pay what you can when you can or stop going. If you are poor then don't pay or pay what you can, pay with your time or service. If you are rich, then pay more with money and service. The ten percent doesn't matter, doing the right thing matters. Stop using the goods and services of your local church if you will not pay for them, stop using the Bible to justify stealing from God.
---TIMOTHY on 7/14/09

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If you read the first chapter of Malachi, you will see that they were offering up to God all of their blind, sick, lame, etc.. animals. Under the law they were suppose to give God the best of their flocks. Malachi 3 8-10 is referring to the quality of their offerings, not the quantity. This is not taught properly in the church today. The widow gave from the heart, the others gave their portion required by the law.
---Bob on 7/13/09

Genesis 7:5 (KJV): And Noah did according unto all that the LORD commanded him.
Genesis 21:4 (KJV): And Abraham circumcised his son Isaac being eight days old, as God had commanded him.
Leviticus 9:10 (KJV):But the fat, and the kidneys, and the caul above the liver of the sin offering, he burnt upon the altar, as the LORD commanded Moses.
Leviticus 27:34 (KJV): These are the commandments, which the LORD commanded Moses for the children of Israel in mount Sinai.
Either ALL of the above apply to you, or NONE of the above apply to you. You can NOT pick and choose which laws to be obedient to. All the above applied to a specific person, or a specific group of people.
---Gary on 7/13/09

Gary...Thanks for your additional posts. Now I get it. You are one of those guys who has a "new revelation" and nobody has ever had it before. Therefore, you must teach it to those pastors cause they don't have a "new revelation." At least now we know where you are really coming from.
---SusieB on 7/13/09

Gordon - The first thing we need to establish is the definition of tithe as used in the scriptures. IT MEANS A TENTH PART. You CAN'T tithe a little or a lot - it has to be ten percent if it is a tithe. Otherwise, it is NOT a tithe. IF a person does not "tithe" exactly one tenth, it is NOT a tithe. Those who tithe are law keepers. I have chosen grace over the law. You can't have both. Since some of you don't even know the definition of tithe, maybe YOU are robbing God since you believe you are required to pay a tithe, which is EXACTLY TEN PERCENT. No more. No less.
---Gary on 7/13/09

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Leslie - Do you follow ALL the laws of the O.T. or are you picking and choosing which ones to follow?
---Gary on 7/13/09
Your comment begs for an answer to this question: Does she wear any garmets of mixed fabrics? She better not if she wants to follow the law since she says the law has not changed and must be followed today. Would she be in line to stone to death a couple caught in adultery? I am glad she is not out in the parking lot at my church waiting to make her kill on the people in the celebrate recovery ministry!
---obewan on 7/13/09

gary - Malachi 3:7 applies robbing God to the Levitical tithe ONLY.
Larry - When God wrote the law on our hearts, it was the law of the Spirit, NOT the 10 commandments. Read the Bible. Since there were over 600 laws in the O.T., stop picking and choosing which ones came into the N.T.
Leslie - Do you follow ALL the laws of the O.T. or are you picking and choosing which ones to follow?
Susie - The N.T. also teaches to honor your mother and father. Nine of the ten commandments are repeated in the N.T. but NOT as commandments. IF you have the spirit, you will do the right thing. Those that need the law do NOT have God's Spirit. READ THE BIBLE.
---Gary on 7/13/09

We are commanded to give back to God a portion of what we have prospered. We are not given a set amount. Just what we have purposed in our hearts to give.
---Jon on 7/13/09

gary - Tithing before the law was VOLUNTARY. Abraham GAVE a tithe. The Israelites PAID a tithe. There is a BIG difference. Check the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries and you will easily find that Abraham's tithe was a free-will give while the Levitical tithe was a DEBT that had to be paid. You aren't robbing God because you don't make a gift. You were robbing God when you didn't pay the debt. Further, God claimed ONLY the Levitical tithe as belonging to Him, and He gave that tithe to the Levites. It is really that hard to understand? I can see how the local church has failed so many of you. The local church also failed me. I had to learn this from the Spirit. Now I teach what I've learned to Pastors.
---Gary on 7/13/09

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If you think that the O.T. is done away with and replaced by the N.T. you are living in DISOBEDIENCE to God and His HOLY WORD. This also means you do NOT belong to God, according to the Bible. This will eventually end you up in Hell, according to the Bible. ---Leslie on 7/13/09
Then according to your logic, those people who tithe to churches that do not spend 1/3 of their tithe money intake on care for the poor are destined to hell? I repeat, you cannot have it both ways. Can you not see the fallacy in your own logic??? Does your church give 1/3 of ALL tithe money to the poor? I bet they don't. Youre the first person that has ever told me that non-tithers are going to Hell though.
---obewan on 7/13/09

Some of you just don't get it. Just because the Spirit has taught me that tithing ended at the cross does not mean I don't support the church. I am a strong believer in cheerful and sacrificial giving. I give way more than ten percent of my income, and do it cheerfully. I let the Spirit guide me in my giving as taught in the New Testament. If you just tithe there is no prayer involved. True Spirit-lead giving is a joy and the Lord has blessed me more than I could have ever dreamed of. Tithing was law. There is no heart involved in tithing. God wants your heart. Many of you really need to do some heavy praying along with your research and studies. I have prayed more on this topic than any other and the Spirit has shown me the truth.
---Gary on 7/13/09

If you research the tithe you will find that the practice began before the Law was given. Therefore, when Christ remarks that "you have robbed God" it is not governed by the Law but relates to all that have faith and believe in God.
---gary on 7/13/09

The N.T. does not replace the O.T. is fulfills the O.T.
The arguments here over Levitical law prove it so. The law is incapable of giving the liberty we find in Christ Jesus, but God did not intend for any of his word to contradict itself because of some imaginary line after 39 books. The difference is not the law but that the law is written in our hearts. The 10 commandments moved from tables of stone to tables of flesh.
With O.T. Jews the law was simply external.
Berean type giving well exceeded 10% as they were led by the Holy Spirit and that should tell us something.
I wonder how many of those who argue we are not under the tithing law return more than 10% back to the father.

---larry on 7/13/09

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The N.T. does NOT replace the O.T., it is ADDED onto the O.T. Anyone who thinks otherwise is doing what the Bible calls adding to and taking away from scripture, which we are told by God NOT to do this. If you think that the O.T. is done away with and replaced by the N.T. you are living in DISOBEDIENCE to God and His HOLY WORD. This also means you do NOT belong to God, according to the Bible. This will eventully end you up in Hell, according to the Bible. Debate it all you want, but this is what God says (period).
---Leslie on 7/13/09

Gary...Thanks! Now I don't have to read that Old Testament. It gets pretty tedious sometimes. I've just replaced my complete Bibles with just a New Testament. It's gonna save me a lot of time teaching in Children's Church and Adult Sunday School Class. It's a big relief to know that the New Testament replaced the Old Testament. I can now teach those kids that they don't have to honor their fathers and mothers cause that was in the Old Testament.
---SusieB on 7/13/09

Leslie, What you've stated is absolutely correct. For anyone who claims to follow GOD, and knows about tithing, but, does not do so, is indeed robbing GOD. It isn't that GOD needs the money. It is firstly about OBEDIENCE. And, then, it shows where your PRIORITIES are. GOD has set up His Ministry on Earth in such a way that it takes money to get materials that are needed in the Church, and money to help the poor, and to evangelize, etc. The Scriptures explicitly declare that wherever your treasure is, there your heart is also. What a Christian does with their money reveals what's in their hearts. Is GOD first? Then He will be offered Tithes and Offerings.
---Gordon on 7/13/09

Moderator, How many Christians, who likewise believe that tithing is not a commandment, take that to heart and do not tithe at all? Or, very little? As long as it's not a commandment, Saints are going to find plenty of other things to do with their money, especially in these financially-strapping times. And, after all, "GOD is a Miracle-working GOD, He can produce things out of thin air. He doesn't need anybody's money". It's already a fact, taken by Barna-type polls, that giving withing the Church is DOWN. And, has been BEFORE this economic crisis. Also, many of the ones within the Church who do tithe, are those who can "least afford it". God the Father is telling His "children" to do something, we should obey.
---Gordon on 7/13/09

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This statement is correct.
"YOU have a choice. You either put yourself under the law, OR you accept grace. You can't have both. I choose the grace of God.
---Gary on 7/12/09

And to my fellow bloggers, a little study will prove Gary correct concerning tithing.
---mima on 7/13/09

I am in complete agreement with Gary, who has obviously researched this subject and has what I would consider a very good understanding of it.

"since Christians are now the Priests. If you do NOT tithe, you ROB from God and are in DISOBEDIENCE to Him. Comments?"

The Levites received the tithe, as a reward for their temple service, they did not pay tithe. The tenth that they offered unto the LORD was an offering given to the High Priest, who at the time of the commandment was Aaron. (Num. 18:26-28).
Jesus is now our High Priest, we give willingly of our resources in His honor, to aid those He has set apart exclusively for His work (1Cor.9:13,14) and to the less fortunate than ourselves. (Pro. 14:31)
---joseph on 7/13/09

Bottom line concerning giving of any kind as to the LORD.

"Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, [so let him give], not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." 2Cr 9:7 (KJV)

"Each one must do as he has made up his mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2Cr 9:7 (RSV)

See also Deu 15:7-14>Ex. 25:2>Ex. 35:5>2Cor. 8:12
---joseph on 7/13/09

Mark_Eaton - The reason for "arguing" O.T. is that some just can't understand that the New Testament REPLACES the O.T. They want to hang on to SOME of the law, but not ALL OF IT! They pick and chose which laws they believe are still valid with NO scripture to back it up. My purpose in "arguing" the OT is to show them they aren't following it, either. They try to adapt the Bible to the times not understanding that God's Word does NOT change. Adapting the Word is changing it to where it would no longer be God's Word. Christians are to adapt their life to the Word, not the other way around. Some just don't get it. They follow false teachers without knowing it.
---Gary on 7/12/09

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Leslie - And you actually think you are obeying God's command by taking God's tithe to your church? God said the tithe belongs to HIM, and He gave it to the LEVITES. How dare you give what belongs to God to just whoever you please! Show me where God gave YOU permission to take HIS tithe to the church, or where God even gave the church permission to accept HIS tithe. ---Gary on 7/12/09
Amen to that. She can not have it both ways either. If she "owes" the tithe, then she owes the 1/3 poor tithe portion. If her church does not care for the poor, they are "robbing God."
---obewan on 7/12/09

Why are we constantly discussing the OT?

Heb. 8:6 "But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, by as much as He is also the mediator of a better covenant, which has been enacted on better promises"

Heb 8:13 "When He said, "A new covenant," He has made the first obsolete, But whatever is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to disappear"

2 Cor. 1:20 "For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes, therefore also through Him is our Amen to the glory of God through us"

Jesus is the fulfillment of all of the promises of the OT.

The OT covenant was inferior to the NT. Why would we want to operate under the OT covenant?
---Mark_Eaton on 7/12/09

Leslie - You said, "Christians that do NOT tithe are in direct REBELLION and DISOBEDIENCE to God (period)."

OK. Which PART of the tithing laws have you picked and chosen that you will follow? The tithe in Leviticus 27:30-34 which is tithing crops and animals and taking the tithes to the Levites? OR, Deuteronomy 14:22-26 which is the feast tithe? OR, Deuteronomy 14:28 which is known as the Poor Tithe? Do you OBEY GOD and honor all three of the tithing laws, OR have you PICKED AND CHOSEN what you want to obey, and then CHANGE what it says to suit the needs of your church? By your own words, you are robbing God IF you honor one but not the others.
---Gary on 7/12/09

Leslie - And you actually think you are obeying God's command by taking God's tithe to your church? God said the tithe belongs to HIM, and He gave it to the LEVITES. How dare you give what belongs to God to just whoever you please! Show me where God gave YOU permission to take HIS tithe to the church, or where God even gave the church permission to accept HIS tithe. You are right. There is no debate. You either follow God's command or you don't. And show me where God EVER commanded ANYONE to tithe or anything that man made or earned. YOU are making up your own Bible. YOU are NOT following God's Word. Show me scripture, nothing else.
---Gary on 7/12/09

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Michelle - Matthew 23:23 is speaking to the law keepers, who were under the Old Testament law. Malachi 3:10 applies to the priests. The people NEVER took their tithes to the temple in the first place. Only the Levites took the tithe of the tithe to the temple for the priests, and ONLY that tithe went to the storehouse. Notice also that Malachi 3:7 is referring to the law.

YOU have a choice. You either put yourself under the law, OR you accept grace. You can't have both. I choose the grace of God.
---Gary on 7/12/09

We can NOT pick and choose what we obey, because we believe it or not, or are offended by it or not. God said it and it is settled - God does NOT care whether you believe it or not or are offended by it or not - it is NOT relevant. God said OBEY ALL of His Word and Commands (period, NO discussion or debate). Christians that do NOT tithe are in direct REBELLION and DISOBEDIENCE to God (period). SusieB you make a great point - we obey preachers that just want to take our money to make themselves rich, but do NOT obey God - that is sad.
---Leslie on 7/11/09

Matthew 23:23 says How terrible it will be for you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites!For you are careful to tithe even the tinest part of your income, but you ignore the important things of the law , justice, mercy, and faith. you should tithe, yes but you should not leave undone the more important things.

Malachi 3:10 says Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my temple. if you do, says the Lord Almighty, I will open the windows of Heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won't have enough room to take in!Try it Let me prove it to you.
---Michelle on 7/11/09

However i could enter in this useless discussion i choose not to, because at the end it will lead to nothing. feel free and do not judge, and by all means do not make laws that are unbiblical (as the law of not giving tithes as a newborn Christians). many who do not give tithes are just as legalisic upon their own vision as those who do. to end "I started giving tithes as soon as i found out that it is faith, and not law". let him who understands grasp the truth.
---andy3996 on 7/11/09

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Let's be accurate, here.

Leviticus 27:30-34: Children of Israel required to tithe crops and animals.

Numbers 18:21: The Lord gives the whole tithe to the Levites.

Numbers 18:25-32: The Levites give a tenth to the priests, who use a portion of it for a heave offering to the Lord.

The priests never tithe. They give a PORTION as an offering, not a tenth. If WE are now the priests, then I guess WE also do NOT tithe, but rather give an offering from the tithes Levites give to us. Good luck on finding a Levite to give you a tithe!
---Gary on 7/11/09

Leslie - As I have explained before, the priests robbed God of offerings by giving the worst instead of the best in the heave offering. (Malachi 1:14)

The priests robbed God of the tithe by stealing the Levites portion used for food by the Levites when they served their time at the temple. (Nehemiah 13:10)

The priests, themselves, NEVER tithed. There was NO command for the priests to tithe.

The command to tithe was NOT given to ALL people, but rather to the Children of Israel. (Leviticus 27:34)
---Gary on 7/11/09

Tithing is, of course, mentioned in the New Testament, but it is never mentioned in connection with a Christian!

The Pharisees were required to tithe...all Jews were, and they were Jewish rulers!
Jesus asked that their attitudes be charitable in addition.

Heb 7:4 speaks of Melchisedec, an ancient priest and King of Salem (Jerusalem) who fed and blessed Abraham after battle and to whom Abraham gave a 10th of his goods.
But it's stretching the meaning to imply that, because of this, Christians should tithe to the church.

You will find no place where Christians are required to tithe. Nor is it mentioned for Christians as "priests" to receive tithes.

GIVING, however, is strongly encouraged in the NT.
---Donna66 on 7/10/09

I find it strange that people are willing to send money to preachers on television that they don't even know, yet they will not tithe or give offerings to the local church. Many send money to missionaries who they know nothing about either. For instance, I've found several ministries who say they have orphanages in India or other foreign countries. That's very convenient since we can't check out the orphanages and see if they actually exist.
---SusieB on 7/10/09

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Now our currentcy is paper rather than animals or grains, but God NEVER changed His mind on this, just because the currentcy changed.
---Leslie on 7/10/09
The currency did not change. Money existed when tithe laws applied. You need to prove non-farmers bought food with money and tithed it.
"But if that place is too distant and you... cannot carry your tithe... then exchange your tithe for silver... to buy whatever you like: cattle, sheep, wine or other fermented drink, or anything you wish. (Deut. 22-29)
---obewan on 7/10/09

Leslie - The priests RECEIVED the tithe from the LEVITES, who received the tithe from the people. As a priest today, as soon as a Levites brings me a tithe, I will surely tithe on it.

You seem to think the currency in Leviticus was something other than money. Not so. Read Leviticus 27:31 - the people could BUY BACK the tithe for MONEY. They even had WAGES in Genesis. Even in a barter exchanged, what is RECEIVED is INCOME. Tithing was NEVER on income. Can't you understand this very simple fact?
---Gary on 7/10/09

PAT - The 3-year tithe was for the poor. The Levitical tithe was yearly. According to New Testament teaching in the scriptures, the Christian Church is to be supported by free-will offerings, from the heart, not under compulsion.

Just because someone doesn't tithe doesn't mean they don't give. I give FAR MORE than a tenth of my income. But I give it cheerfully, NOT under Old Testament law.
---Gary on 7/10/09

Tithing is in the New Testament:

Hebrews 7:4 - Now consider how great this man was, unto whom even the patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils.

Our carnality will want to argue that this isn't tithing. As Bayless Conley says, let's forget about tithing ten percent and do what they did in the book of Acts, they gave ALL they had to the poor.

It's a matter of an act of obedience to God and where your heart is with God. If you love someone, you want to give, you want to bless, isn't it more blessed to give than to receive? And doesn't your heavenly Father multiply a return unto you?
---anon on 7/10/09

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There is much said about tithing NOT being in the New Testament. That is not so. Jesus made the issue real plain in Matt 23:23.
He spoke to the Pharisees and told them that they were right in their tithing. He also told them they were wrong in leaving the other "duties" undone.
It has never been right to just tithe and forget all of the others duties. Also we cannot do all of the other things and forget tithing either.
Guess what? Tithing has never hurt anyone. But, that is not all we are to do.
It never has been an issue about what we give as much as what we keep and why. It has never been about what we have as much as it is about what has us.
---Elder on 7/10/09

we are all "priests" yes, but not all of us are into full time ministry

the ministers, poor etc. still ought to be provided for

tithing is supposed to be every three years according to what i studied from the shepherd's staff

the church must have overseers who will ensure that the provision made available is properly distributed
---PAT on 7/10/09

Lawrence - If you GIVE a tithe, then you are giving. You might call it tithing, but the fact is, you are giving a free-will offering. But don't be fooled by the false teachers. When you GIVE to the church, you are NOT giving to God. Nowhere in the Word did God ever give the Christian Church permission to receive His tithe. You can GIVE all you want to the church. But IF you try to PAY God's tithe by "giving" it to your church, you have sinned against God. You GIVE out of love. If your pastor teaching robbing God to non-tithers, he is teaching the LAW, not giving. Robbing God ONLY applies to those who were under the Levitical priesthood.
---Gary on 7/10/09

Regarding Matt 22:15-22, What is God's? certainly not just tithes. there is a deeper meaning here. Consider Matt 19:16-26, Matt 22:34-40. Jesus wants our all, for all is God's.
Regarding tithing, this word is used very loosely anymore. The word means 'a tenth' and was given by Abraham and Jacob, but was demanded of the nation Israel. To say we are now the Levitical priests and need to tithe, we must first obtain the tithe from the other 11 tribes as gary and obewan expounded upon.
How strange it is to say that now we are all priests and therefore must pay tithes when the OT priesthood first received tithes before they paid.
Oppositely, the free-will or love offering didn't have requirements of what, how much, etc..
---MIchael on 7/10/09

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The aforementioned references in Malachi and Matthew appear as commandments and not suggestions condluding it probably was a commandment. Remember we are essentially receiving all instruction from God through Jews of which tithing was Levitical. Most American Jewish congregations now use assessments based on the size of family and I'm not sure if its 10%.
As usual with money its a test. A test to see if the conservative pastor all of a sudden wants liberality in giving (Berean), and if the parishoner who resists 10% uses scripture to justify giving whatever he or she feels they can safely do that week.
Maybe the question should be how much of God's money should we keep?
---larry on 7/10/09

mima - good point. People who believe that tithing is required have missed an important part of stewardship. Pastors have wrongfully convinced people to pay the tithe to the church, and then tell you don't worry about what the church does with the money. That is the OPPOSITE of what the New Testament teaches. A good steward of their money will be very concerned that the church use the money properly. Once you understand tithing was abolished, you stop and think about where your money could best be used. Good stewards don't give blindly. Those who still tithe need to Read Hebrews chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10.
---Gary on 7/10/09

1st WE as Christian ARE the Priests of today according to the Bible - so tithing IS for us. 2nd tithing WAS REQUIRED by God for ANYONE that followed Him - the FIRST (10%) was to be SET APART for God and made HOLY (Leviticus 27:30-33). Now our currentcy is paper rather than animals or grains, but God NEVER changed His mind on this, just because the currentcy changed. The Bible says that if you do NOT obey God's commands (including tithing), you do NOT belong to Him but to Satan (1 John 2:3-6). If Jesus or the early apostles NEVER said NOT to tithe, chances are that it is still REQUIRED by God. The ENTIRE Bible (O.T. & N.T.) is to be OBEYED, NOT just the parts that you believe in, and omit the rest.
---Leslie on 7/10/09

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