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Altar Calls Every Sunday

Should Churches perform an altar call every Sunday? How often does your Church do an altar call?

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 ---Jack on 7/13/09
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"Altar calls" are not all the same.
I have witnessed some where you had to "go forward" and make loud and preferably emotional "oral declarations". This does seem to be a modern tradition among certain denominations.
I have seen others where you just stay in your seat and accept Jesus silently in your heart, and maybe go and see a pastor or counsellor afterwards.
And all shades between.
Mark and Ignatius both contain truth in what they say ... their disagrrement is I think imaginary.
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/7/09

There are no examples of altar calls or sinners prayers in the Bible and they have only been in widespread use for the past fifty or sixty years. So does that mean that no one was saved before then? I am a Lutheran and we have a confirmation ceremony where we confess our faith. I know some people who go to non denominational churches were members of traditional churches in the past but they never really believed it in their hearts until they came forward. But people can also come forward or say a sinner's prayer a thousand times and if they don't believe it in their hearts, then they won't be saved. The key is to believe in our hearts and confess Christ with our mouths but the Bible doesn't specify one particular way to do so.
---Kent on 8/7/09

Mark V. I am fully aware what altar calls are for. I am saying that this tradition, as practice by modern Evangelicals, was started in the 18th century and not the only way for one to make a Oral Commitment or for a Pastor to minister to non-Christians or heterodox. Many do not practice this tradition, but still minister to non-Christians and believe in Oral Commitment (I have given examples for my own experiences). Each Bishop/Pastor, though, do it the way he sees it fit. As long as he do it! That's all that matters. Understand?

---Ignatius on 8/6/09

Ignatius, what in the world do you think altar calls are for? So that people can make an oral committment. It is not to look good, or to sing songs. The call is made just in case there is anyone who has heard the gospel, believe it with their hearts and wants to make an oral commitment.
If you were in a group church at someone's house, and you had heard the gospel and was read to make an oral commitment you could ask there if anyone was ready to give their lives to Christ. Altar calls are for anyone who wants to make a true commitment. Orally Ignatius.
I am sure all through the church history that many after hearing the gospel made an oral commitment. It is with the mouth one confesses and with the heart that one believes.
---MarkV. on 8/6/09

Mark V. "Altar call" is a 18th century tradition. Are we to say that the Holy Apostles and the Early Church never believe in oral commitment or care about the non-Christians (because they didn't had this Protestant tradition)?

In Orthodoxy, we don't have tradition at the end of our worship service, yet we firmly believe in oral commitment (evident in our celebration of Holy Baptism when we renounce Satan, confess Christ, etc). I remember when my Parish had only 25 members. Now we have 60+ professing Orthodox Christians (most were non-Christians before) now attending Divine Liturgy (and other services) every week. We are still growing. Something we during right even though we don't follow this tradition. Amen!

---Ignatius on 8/6/09

Mark V. What? I have visited many Evangelical churches who do not follow this 18th century tradition and yet to say they don't believe in oral commitment is a lie. Many Pastors I have meant simply told all unsaved to stay where they are and repeat the Sinner's prayer with him. In other churches, the Pastor (and his helpers) went to all new comers (including me) after the service and ask if we were Christians, if not they wanted us to repeat the prayer.

The Holy Apostles and the Early Church (1st-11th cents.) never had this tradition, yet they firmly believe in oral commitment (evident in the writings of Early Church Fathers, when they discuss the meaning of Holy Baptism and how it was celebrated) and led many to Christ.

---Ignatius on 8/6/09

Ignatius, as I said before concerning altar calls, they are a tradition of the church outside of the RCC. I gave why others do not have them. They don't believe in making an oral commitment. And many times they don't realize they are saved. They could have missed one step in the latter of their faith, and live life not knowing if they are saved or not.
What I see that is good about altar calls and confessions of faith orally is that a person remembers their commitment to Christ. Just like in marriage, some might forget the date but they know they did it. We should not be ashame of making our commitment.
If we are ashame to make a commitment to our wife's at marriage, then we should not marry them. The same holds true for Christ.
---MarkV. on 8/6/09

Mark V. I am not sure how the RCC came into this discussion. Altar call is a Protestant tradition, not mandatory in every church (Catholic, Protestant , Orthodox, etc). Each Bishop/Pastor can lead people to Christ without a formal altar call. I have nothing against this tradition (why should I be?) but this is not only way a Pastor can lead people to Christ. A Pastor (and his helpers) can talk to "new comers" (privately) after the worship service and ask if they are a non-Christian (etc). This is not possible in a big church (with lots of new comers coming in), but a formal altar call is just one way.
---Ignatius on 8/5/09

I have seen some different actions by people standing by, while leading someone in a sinners prayer I have seen, small six -eight years old children pray also. I have seen and heard pastors praying while I'm leading someone in a sinners prayer, I have seen elders and/or deacons immediately call their churches and insist on me speaking and giving a altar call to their churches congregation and on rare, very rare occasions churches sometimes will have me give an altar call. I do not remember ever giving an altar call in a church than someone didn't come forward to be saved. The Holy Spirit will use the altar call to convict the lost.
---mima on 8/5/09

Ignatius, Altar calls are mainly a protestant tradition not RCC's. Because the RCC traditions never have anyone commiting their lives to Christ verbally, with their own mouths. As I said before they go through steps from 1st communion to second, baptism, eating Christ every Sunday and so on, and there is really no time when they commit their lives to Christ at all.
What the protestant follow is the words that are in Scripture. "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation"
Confession is with the mouth, and faith is from the heart.
---MarkV. on 8/5/09

Ignatius 2: If I was to ask a group of RCC's to make a confession they would not do it. They would stick to traditions of the church. They could be at home along, without anyone close to them to judge them and yet they will not confess Christ as Lord with their own mouths.
The following verses in Romans 10:9,10,11,12,and 13, say, "For the Scriptures says, 'whosoever believes on Him will not be put to shame" you see whether you are an RCC or protestant it does not matter so long as you confess with your mouth and it won't bring shame to you. "For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. For whosever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved"
---MarkV. on 8/5/09

I agree with Mark V that there are many ways one can make a confession of faith. Formal altar calls are just one way. I visited a few Evangelical churches where the Pastor did not invite people to the altar, but rather told all unsaved to stay where they are and just repeat the so called sinners ' prayer (another Protestant tradition) with him. One church didn't do this. The Pastor simply went to all new comers (including me) and ask them if they were saved (after the service). There is no one way to lead people to Christ. The Bishop /Pastor do it the way he sees fit.

Altar call is just ONE way. My parish do not follow this tradition and we have lead people to the Ancient Faith.

---Ignatius on 8/5/09

Donna. I never said it was prohibited. I merely said it was simply a Protestant tradition, not mandatory as Leslie and others would like us to believe. Orthodoxy do not have a formal "Altar Call" at the end of our Divine Liturgies, but within the text of the Divine Liturgies, we are reminded how fallen we are and in need of God's forgiveness, communion, etc. Many Churches can lead people to Christ without having a formal altar call at the end of there worship service. The Early Church (1st-11th centuries) did.

I have nothing against this tradition. Just don't try to make it mandatory and say those Churches who do not have this tradition do not care about others.

---Ignatius on 8/4/09

Kent, people make a confession of faith in many ways as Donna has stated. The reason it is ask at Church is because Sunday after Sunday the Word of God goes out. And many who attend have received the gospel with understanding. And since they are there in large numbers, many are ready to make a confession of faith.
I can see where most RCC do not agree, since coming to Christ or a commitment to Christ is never acknowledge as a commitment. They go through different rituals 1st communion, 2nd Etc. and in the end they consider themselves save. Yet, even when they think they are, they are not sure because there wasn't a moment they could remember as been the day they confessed Christ as their Savior.
---MarkV. on 8/4/09

Leslie. Altar calls, though not anti-biblical, as practice by modern Evangelical Churches is a 18th century tradition. Why are you and others making this Protestant tradition mandatory at the end of each worship service when the Holy Apostles never had this tradition?

I don't care about others? Just because I don't believe this tradition is mandatory? Many churches have led people to Christ without having this tradition at the end there worship service (my included). The Holy Apostles did! Altar calls, sinners' prayer, etc, are purely Protestant traditions that are not mandatory.

---Ignatius on 8/4/09

Kent -- good grief! Most saved people weren't saved because of an alter call! Most were led by a friend, a parent or perhaps a pastor at some time other than the end of the service. There's no such thing as the "sinners prayer". The sinners prayer is any prayer of genuine repentance to God. Sometimes a person seeking salvation claims they don't how to pray... so someone will have them repeat an appropriate prayer for forgiveness and inviting Jesus into there life.

The alter call is simply an invitation for anyone who has a spiritual need to approach the alter for prayer and/or counseling if needed.
---Donna66 on 8/2/09

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SusieB "If you kiss one of those icons does that make it worship?????"

No. In some cultures, kissing people hands is a sign of greeting or a act of reverence (like we Americans usually hand shake a person hand when we greet them). Kissing can be done as a act of reverence and not worship. The same with bowing.

---Ignatius on 8/2/09

I have never done an altar call and I have never said the sinner's prayer yet I know I am saved.

The altar call and the sinner's prayer are recent traditions that have only become widespread in the last fifty years or so.

Does that mean that no one was saved before then?

I am a Lutheran who believes I am a sinner and that Jesus is Lord and that he died and rose from the dead.

I also have repented for my sins and have been baptized for the remission of my sins and I have received the Holy Spirit.

The altar call and the sinner's prayer are not found in the Bible but I do think they are Biblically based and are a way for people to profess their faith but they are not the only way to do so.
---Kent on 8/1/09

Ignatius --There's no Biblical requirement to have an "alter call". Of course, it's not prohibited either. Jesus used the simile of inviting people to a feast. The "alter call" is often called the "invitation"

Hopefully, Christians are leading people to Christ wherever they find themselves! But the alter call has proved a convenient way for people to receive ministry at a time they are likely reminded of their spiritual needs. It's not part of any churches written policy that I know of, but it's use is widespread. I don't see any problem with it.
---Donna66 on 7/31/09

Ignatius - While alter calls are found no where in scripture, a call for repentance and making disciples is - this is a form of alter call. I guess you don't care if people go to Hell or not. We are called to love others, and bringing them to Christ to save them from Hell is the ultimate expression of love. I guess you must not love anyone.
---Leslie on 7/31/09

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If you kiss one of those icons does that make it worship?????
---SusieB on 7/31/09

Donna "Are icons more to God's liking than alter calls?"

Your question is puzzling since Holy Icons/Statues has there origin in the Old Testament (the Ark, the Temple, etc). And unlike SusisB response, they are not idols. Idols are simply anything that one worship either alone or alongside God. However, Holy Icons/Staues were so prevalent in the Old Testament that they were in the Tabernacle and then later in the Temple. They were full of images of cherubim (Ex. 25:18, Ex. 26:1, Ex. 26:31, 1st Kings 6:23, 1st Kings 6:29, 1st Kings 6:32, 1st Kings 7:29,36, etc). Those, like SusieB, confuse Icons/Statues with Idols. Of course, Holy Scriptures makes the distinction, even though they refuse to do so.
---Ignatius on 7/30/09

Lesie "[......]Not having an alter call is like saying you want people to go to Hell. This is why they are so important - they give people an opportunity to go to Heaven, and not Hell."

What you and others fail to realize or will not accept is that altar calls, while not anti-biblical in nature, are not needed as part of any Church service. It is not a New Testament tradition. It has its beginnings in the 19th century American evangelist Charles Grandison Finney. One can reach out to those who are non-Christians or heterodox without any need of a Protestant tradition of altar calls.

You believe altar calls are mandatory, even though no such requirement is found in Holy Scriptures.

---Ignatius on 7/31/09

Cluny -- All churches tend to develop practices and traditions that become meaningful to them. We have absolutely no idea how God would have us conduct services because He didn't tell us.

Are icons more to God's liking than alter calls?
---Donna on 7/30/09

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Trish9863 - Would you want your friend or family member to go to Hell? Not having an alter call is like saying you want people to go to Hell. This is why they are so important - they give people an opportunity to go to Heaven, and not Hell.
---Leslie on 7/30/09

We must not forget the thing that maters! Souls saved by the grace of God! Altar is spoke of hundreds of times in the Bible. We have become a gereration of political corectness nuts while refuseing absolute THUTH. We must stop tring to creat a church or religion thats fits me and yield to the spirit of God.The altar is not mans tridition, but rather a place of sacrafice to the living God. May we all make an altar to the Lord before,after,and during church!Scripture references:Judges 6,24,Matt.5,23,1ch21,26 and many more.
---Bubba on 7/28/09

Betty....I wasn't talking about altar calls. I believe they are necessary for every church service. I was talking about what I found out when I was researching why Orthodox churches stand up during their services. Cluny had brought this to my attention, saying that his church had the service by the "full Biblical pattern" which intrigued me.
---SusieB on 7/27/09

susieb- Even if what you found on the internet is true, there is nothing evil about altar calls. They help gather in the lost, not scatter them abroad.
---Betty on 7/27/09

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After cluny's post regarding always standing in orthodox services, I did some online research. Talk about repugnant! The traditions that cluny referred to as "full Biblical pattern" were shocking to say the least. There is nothing Biblical about them at all. Icons! Idols!
---SusieB on 7/25/09

I often refer to my little witnessing ministry as the "altar call" Ministry. For in essence that's what I do, I actually ask people do they want to be saved. Principally I do this because most people do not know how to be saved. And while it is true that I hear criticism about my type of witnessing, I pay little attention to that criticism. My basic concern is the salvation of a person's soul and it is my intention not to be deterred or let that purpose be pushed aside!!! I believe an altar call is in order at any time, weddings, funerals, are chance meeting on the streets. It is in fact on the streets where I do most of my witnessing.
---mima on 7/22/09

cluny- Can you prove with scripture that they are repugnant?
---Betty on 7/22/09

\\cluny- I have heard it said that one of the ideas behind the altar call is this verse: Matthew 10:33 "... Nothing evil about it.
---Betty on 7/20/09\\

betty, altar calls are merely traditions and precepts of men. Like most things in evangelicalism, they are fond things vainly invented, founded upon no warrant of scripture, but rather repugnant to the Word of God.
---Cluny on 7/21/09

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"In Orthodox Churches, the worship is offered in the full Biblical pattern as is pleasing to God and the pure Word of God is preached without fear or favor."
---Cluny on 7/20/09

Cluny...Would you please explain the "full Biblical pattern" to us? This is really interesting as I had no idea there was any set pattern we needed to follow. Where did this pattern come from in the scriptures? Thanks. Learning is a wonderful thing. We all need to do it daily.
---SusieB on 7/20/09

cluny- I have heard it said that one of the ideas behind the altar call is this verse: Matthew 10:33 "But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him also will I also deny befoe My Father which is in Heaven." Also, I have heard ministers remind people that Jesus said, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, & take up his cross and follow Me." (Matt. 16:24) People that have answered altar calls made a conscious decision to devote their lives to Jesus Christ & at the same time they let the congregation witness their commitment to Christ. Nothing evil about it.
---Betty on 7/20/09

Susie--Nice to know.

In Orthodox Churches, the worship is offered in the full Biblical pattern as is pleasing to God and the pure Word of God is preached without fear or favor.
---Cluny on 7/20/09

Cluny. It is nice to see another Orthodox here. I am also a Eastern Orthodox Christian! Christos Anest! My parish do not have pews as well, but there is chairs in the back for those who can't stand for the entire Divine Liturgy. Although having altar calls is a Protestant tradition, the Holy Orthodox Church still say "Come and See"! We do not need to add altar calls to our Divine Liturgies to minister to people. The Eastern Orthodox Church is during that just fine without the Protestant tradition of altar calls.

Anyway, I am so glad I am not the only Eastern Orthodox Christian here.

---Ignatius on 7/19/09

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Cluny...Thanks. I had no idea that your members actually stand during the entire service. My husband preaches without notes and uses lots of scripture with the guidance of the Holy Spirit for his services in the jails, prisons and homeless shelters. The church we attend has praise and worship at the beginning of the service with a time where we all greet each other for a few minutes. While the pastor preaches we all sit in cushioned chairs which replaced those old, hard pews a couple of years ago. The pastor is young and uses notes, but allows other more "seasoned" (aka older) preachers to preach also.
---SusieB on 7/20/09

\\ cluny...Do you all stand up during the entire church service? What does the minister set his Bible on when he talks? Tell us more about your "orthodox" church.\\

Yes, standing is the usual posture for the entire service..

There are chairs in the back for those who need to sit.

The Gospel Book is borne by a server when the priest or deacon reads it.

Most Orthodox priests and deacons preach without notes.

What happens at your "christian church," susie?
---Cluny on 7/19/09

Tom 2, your answer was a great. I believe just like you said, the Holy Spirit convicts people after hearing the gospel. Some hear it for a long time and do not make a commitment, but as they grow in the Word and began to understand their position with God, the Spirit convicts them. And when it does it is always the right time. At that moment a person who is truely convicted will make a commitment. Even if there is no alter call God finds a way of bringing them to Himself.
What is wrong is when the word of God has not been given and people get emotional and answer an alter call, when in reality, it was not the Spirit bringing them to God but a false reason. Faith comes from hearing, hearing the Word of God. I am happy for your daughter.
---MarkV. on 7/18/09

Please understand that alter calls are a man made tradition, a person call be saved anytime he or she wants. To say that its right or wrong to have alter calls is not important, but to give a person the opportunity to be save is.
---Phelix on 7/18/09

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Leslie, it is possible to end a worship service without an altar call and still communicate that you care about the people's eternal destiny. My pastor ends our services differently every week. We do not have a formal altar call, but he invites the congregation to accept the Lord at their seats, and sometimes he invites the congregation to come to the front, if they feel led, to pray, or get counsel on salvation or confession. An altar call is not mandatory, and not having one does not mean a church does not care.
---Trish9863 on 7/18/09

Too many people are professing Christ, and Christ is not saving them! Preachers are taking the credit for lost souls and this is wrong. Only Jesus can save you through His powerful Blood. Preachers should keep an open mind when half the congregation comes marching down to the front, Proclaiming Christ. Only Jesus chooses and only Jesus saves.
---catherine on 7/18/09

after 60 years of living,and 2 marriages,and countless situations with daughters and grandchildren,and traveling the world I have come to several conclusions. One is that people are deceptive,extremely deceptive,and in many cases for petty reasons.Only God knows the heart,altar calles have never been big for me,but jesus calls us anywhere,and anytime.
---tom2 on 7/17/09

\\Yes, they should. A person may need to commit his or her life to Christ & they might give in when an altar call is made. If there isn't an altar call, some people go out & never make that commitment. Some die that week unsaved.
---Betty on 7/17/09\\

And all because people don't do something that's nowhere in the Bible.

Right, betty?

If a person "gives in" because of an unbiblical altar call, then this is NOT because of the wooing of the Holy Spirit, but mere emotional manipulation.
---Cluny on 7/17/09

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cluny...Do you all stand up during the entire church service? What does the minister set his Bible on when he talks? Tell us more about your "orthodox" church.
---SusieB on 7/17/09

I prefer the alter calls to take place on the 7th day of the week, Sabbath.
We have an alter call whenever the sermon lends itself to such call.
---Pierre on 7/17/09

My current church does not give an altar call per-se, but every week after the message before the closing prayer they make the announcement that if people want prayer our counseling about salvation or any other life issues the elders will be up front for prayer. That gets a better response since people are under no pressure to make some kind of emotional public display.

A "fundamentalist" church I attended in college was out of control. One Sunday they sang 73 stanzas of "Just As I Am." The ushers came into my asile, grabbed me by the arms and tried to drag me out to "get saved". I had been a Christian for 10 years.
---obewan on 7/17/09

Susie B I've never heard it but from Mike Murdock when I was at a church service he was preaching at. It makes sense that very easily it could have happened to more ministers than one. I get that you think it was just a story some told and it could be,but I think,Mike was one it really happened to.
---Darlene_1 on 7/17/09

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\\ cluny are you Christian?
---pat on 7/17/09\\

Yes. Are you?
---Cluny on 7/17/09

Yes, they should. A person may need to commit his or her life to Christ & they might give in when an altar call is made. If there isn't an altar call, some people go out & never make that commitment. Some die that week unsaved.
---Betty on 7/17/09

cluny are you Christian?
---pat on 7/17/09

cluny...Pulpits and pews weren't in the Bible either. Shall we throw them all out???
---SusieB on 7/14/09\\

As a matter of fact, we don't use them at all in my church. So we don't have to throw them out.

If the Apostles didn't use them, why should we--or you?
---Cluny on 7/16/09

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Darlene1....I have heard that same Mike Murdock story told by dozens of preachers over the years. Makes me wonder how many of them are really true.
---SusieB on 7/16/09

Think about this: If you do NOT have alter calls at church, what you are in essance saying is that you do NOT care about people and their eternal future - You do NOT care if they burn in Hell or not. This is because alter calls are a way to give an invitation to salvation, which will save from the wrath to come. Can you put your ear to the ground and listen to the screams for help and turn a deaf ear? Can you look people in the eye and tell them that you do not care if they burn in Hell or not? Can you look Jesus in the eye and say that Him that His people are not important enough to save one soul from an eternaty in Hell?
---Leslie on 7/15/09

The whole idea of attending church is for the coming together of the brethrem,and for the gospel to be delivered to everyone there.There is a variety of people at different stages of growth in their relationship with the lord,and the altar shouls always be open for anyone convicted by the spirit when the services are over.\\

Where is this taught in the Bible, Tom?

Please give book, chapter, and verse.
---Cluny on 7/15/09

Having an open Altar is needed to encourage anyone with any need to come forward for prayer,how that is handled is up to each Church,as Alan of UK and SusieB have shared. Mike Murdock,evangelist,singer,songwriter said at one of his night meetings,where he was visiting a church to preach,time grew short due to a late hour,and he failed to have an altar call for the lost and just closed the service. He later got the news a young man who was there,and lost,left the church and was killed that night in an automobile accident. It affected him profoundly knowing he didn't give the young man a chance to be saved and he has never closed a service since without an Altar call. Praying at the Altar before service also makes for a more anointed service.
---Darlene_1 on 7/15/09

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The whole idea of attending church is for the coming together of the brethrem,and for the gospel to be delivered to everyone there.There is a variety of people at different stages of growth in their relationship with the lord,and the altar shouls always be open for anyone convicted by the spirit when the services are over.This should be a standing procedure at all services in all churches.Anything alse is actually hindering the work of the holy spirit and NEVER should happen.
---tom2 on 7/15/09

Hers a great story. My daughter Brenda had attended services at my church for months,she was raised in the word ,but for years had wandered.About 10 years ago,on a wednesday evening service at the age of 26 it was near the end of the service when she walked into the church,straight down the isle to the pastor,turned to the crowd of about 20 or so and said I believe,then turned back to the pastor and said I want saved,help me.Not all people quietly get convicted.
---tom2 on 7/15/09

Hi Susie ... we do it differently.

Our "prayer ministry tean" is available in a quiet corner of the church, or in a side room.

Neither way is the only way, and neither is wrong.
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/15/09

cluny...Pulpits and pews weren't in the Bible either. Shall we throw them all out???
---SusieB on 7/14/09

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My pastor says we can seat in her seats or come up to the altar,the altar is always open when the altar call is given.We have the alter calls after he finishes preaching and before the service is dismissed.We sing hymns like invitation hymns Jesus is calling,or Lord i am coming home.Altar calls are not just for the ones that are lost,but for those of us that want to come up to pray for lost loved ones.And if needed someone can take us to another room and pray with us if they want.If you are truly living for the lord and wanting God's will,your heart will be in it to pray at the altar or at your seat,and you would be glad,like and love your church for doing it every service.
---angea on 7/14/09

Please note that there is no E in the word "altar" or the non-Biblical term "altar call."
---Cluny on 7/14/09

alan...Our pastor always leaves time at the end of the service where he announces that anyone who wants to come to the altar to pray can do so. If they want special prayer, he and the other ministers in the church are in the altar area for that purpose. Since our church is a praying church, some of the members will always go to the altar to pray and this creates an atmosphere where visitors feel free to go to the altar to pray without feeling pressured.
---SusieB on 7/14/09

Alter Calls should be done every time possible. This is because people are dying everyday (spiritually) and on their way to Hell. If we truly care about people and their eternaty, we would do alter calls at church. The best way to do them to make sure that people get truly saved, is to use the Ten Commandments to show what sin is, so they can see a need for a savior and the cross. Start with the law (10 Commandments) and end with grace (message of the cross). Afterward show proof of the Gospel through signs and wonders (healing and deliverance), since salvation is for the whole man (body, soul, and spirit). This is how to do a proper alter call, anything less is NOT Biblical. This is also how Jesus did it.
---Leslie on 7/14/09

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Susie ... I suppose it depends how you define "altar call"

I think most of those would prefer to go quietly and privately for prayer in a corner somehwere.

I don't think they would want the publicity that responding to an altar call produces.
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/14/09

Anytime a church service is held, they should have an altar call to give anyone the opportunity to come to pray for salvation or for any need that they may have. There are hurting people who come to every service.
---SusieB on 7/14/09

---steven-rem7000 on 7/14/09

I am not comfortable with altar calls and switched Churches in part because they performed them every service, they became disruptive to worship and study. The same people would go up every week so I found the ritual to be an enabler to people that were simply seeking attention. My present church allows for alter calls after the service and I find the participants to be more genuine and sincere.
---TIMOTHY on 7/14/09

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Not only on Sunday in God's Church, it should be every service when some one or even some ones Need to pray, even repent.
---Lawrence on 7/14/09

Yes, Churches should have an alter call every Sunday. In fact, they should have one, at the end of every service!
Our Pastor gives an alter call, at the end of his sermon, every time!
The Alter is suppose to always be open to everyone.
At every service, there could be someone in the audience that, is lost. It is up to the Pastor and the Church, to let that person know that, they don't have to leave that way!
That is what Christians are called to do!
---Ruby7969 on 7/14/09

Rarely. There is no significance to an altar call. One can accept Christ at one's seat, or after the service in the privacy of one's home. An altar call is an emotional ploy.
---Trish9863 on 7/13/09

Yes,they should and even sometimes on the mid week service.The altar call is for anyone that feels the convicting them of something or drawing them to go to the altar,pray and rededicate their lives to the lord.Also it is for anyone that isn't saved to come up to pray to ask Jesus into their heart.And for anyone that wants to pray and bring their problems to the lord.My church does it sunday morning,sunday nights and sometimes tuesday nights,depending on how the lord leads.I am glad we do have it,we always end up having someone come to the lord,or rededicate their life to the lord,or just need someone to help pray with them about something.
---angea on 7/13/09

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I believe there should be an altar call at every service. It gives those another chance to give their life to Jesus, plus there may be new people come in at each service.
---a_friend on 7/13/09

Where are altar calls in the Bible?
---Cluny on 7/13/09

Definetly, but they shouldn't use emotional manipulation in the form of sad songs, etc.
---amand6348 on 7/13/09

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