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Hell For Unconfessed Sin

Does God send you to Hell for unconfessed sin? Even after you become born-again?

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 ---janet on 7/14/09
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If we truly love God with all our heart and love our neighbor as ourself then we will not commit grieveous sins.
---Anne on 7/27/09

The law will not keep you from sinning, it never did. The only thing that will work is love. HE sets all that love HIM free from sin.
The sin of the world is unbelief in HIM.

---duane on 7/27/09

If sin has no meaning, then we as (Christians) are free to kill, lie, steal, covet, rape, pillage and burn. Do even things the Bible teaches against. Do things even the pagans do not do.

So if that is your belief, then your belief is worthless.

Now if you are saying that you are subject to the law and do not follow, but it's not a sin. And you must repent from your straying from the violation of the law, then you are just playing semantics with words.

And if you are saying that I am free to have sexual relations with my fahter's wife and it's okay. Then I believe that Paul speaks against you and I wonder what your belief in God is based upon.
---stephen on 7/25/09

hell isn't a place per Gods Holy Word

born again is an inheritance to eternal life ...not possible to be "born again" in this life time of the main reasons Christ described what is born of flesh IS FLESH what is born of spirit IS SPIRIT

Christ was NEVER spirit in the flesh is it mens religion dismisses this always ignoring basic fundamental scripture to support their lies

and finally where is "unconfessed sin" in Gods Holy Word? another man made term to describe a man made pagan idea
---Rhonda on 7/17/09

When a person "backslides", it is because the protocol of the "church of man" disappoints them in their quest for a true relationship with the creator.

There are of course, some people who simply do not have the capacity to be sincere about anything, but it is almost always only the truly sincere that want to truly love God who will "backslide" and be a failure of the 6th day creation's version of spirituality (God works in mysterious ways).

God is LOVE ("the GREATEST of these"), not faith.
---more_excellent_way on 7/17/09


If Christians backslide (but can't sin), there are three possibilities:

1) There is no such thing as backsliding (if so, why do people talk about it so much?)
2) Backsliders aren't sinners (absurd)
3) Those Christians weren't in the Body of Christ in the first place. (What are they backsliding FROM?)
3a) And since such people genuinely believed they WERE in the Body of Christ before they backslid, this puts EVERYONE's assurance in his/her own salvation in question.

1 John 1:8(-10)
"If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us."

While sin no longer has any dominion over us, we are all imperfect humans and stumble from time to time.
---StrongAxe on 7/16/09

The word "sin" no longer has ANY "spiritual" meaning to ANYBODY that is spiritually INSIDE the body of Christ (it only has spiritual significance to those who are not truly inside Jesus's body).

In Jesus, we have been "cleansed" permanently (for ALL time) and should no longer have any spiritual concern about such a thing as "sin" (our concern should be about "wrongdoing"),...Godly people avoid "wrongdoing" because, "spiritually", there is no longer any such thing as "sin".

FOR THE UNBELIEVER, "sin" means "miss the mark"...but for the Christian, it has no spiritual meaning at all.
---more_excellent_way on 7/16/09

All manner of "WRONGDOING" is what God desires that we avoid. The word "sin" means "violation of a code". We can still "sin" against the code of table manners, dress codes, codes of etiquette, etc., but God doesn't care about that.

Actually - to sin means to miss the mark.
---Kelly_P on 7/15/09

All your sin will be for given. If you believe in your heart, The Lord Jesus Christ is the one and only true begotten son of God. Not born of man!
On he who was put to death on a wooden cross, for the sins of the entire world, seen and unseen, known and unknown. All the while telling you all sins will be given. Even with his last breath saying, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Was resurrected by the father, where he showed himself alive again. Where he told his follower, feed my sheep! If you love me, feed my sheep! So, if you love him, feed his sheep!

The Lord Jesus Christ, will forgive you!
God Bless you
---TheSeg on 7/15/09

In the old way of worshipping God (old testament), "sin" was not truly "cleansed" from a person's soul, but now Jesus has cleansed us permanently and "sin" has no more spiritual meaning.

All manner of "WRONGDOING" is what God desires that we avoid. The word "sin" means "violation of a code". We can still "sin" against the code of table manners, dress codes, codes of etiquette, etc., but God doesn't care about that.

In Jesus (being INSIDE the body of Christ), we are protected and hidden from the "law" so that "sin" has no more spiritual meaning to us at all. It's time for Christianity to have TRUSTING faith.

To be continued.
---more_excellent_way on 7/15/09

I agree with Augie. When you were saved, did you remember and confess every sin, large and small, that you ever committed in your life? I don't think so. Did God withold forgiveness because of something you didn't remember? NO.

If you were truly saved, you were crushed by the knowledge that you could never in a million years reach God's standard of righteousness. But realizing that Christ had shed His blood for all your sins (remembered or not) you could enter God's kindom claiming Christs righteousness as your only qualification for Heaven.

Now you seek to please Him...are contrite when you know you haven't.
But God doesn't change... He's no LESS forgiving now, than He was when you first came to Him.
---Donna66 on 7/14/09

Sin has no power over a Christian, much less send then to hell.
---duane on 7/14/09


When you are "born again", your sins are all forgiven. There might be some that you remember and others that you do not. The sins are all forgiven and you will NOT be going to hell for unconfessed sins.

However, I believe that a believe would want to confess their sin, and turn from it, as soon as they are aware of the sin. That puts your mind at rest that that sin has been covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.
---Augie on 7/14/09

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