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Evolution Taught In School

As a parent of a christian family what can you do to stop your children from being taught evolution in school?

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 ---Tracie on 7/14/09
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Lee1538: "One case that is very evident is the belief held by the church that the sun revolved around the earth instead of the earth revolving around the sun. Galileo got himself in real trouble for publishing such a 'theory' and spent the rest of his life in house arrest.

Of course, those that condemn scientific theories are those that claim their interpretation of the Bible supports their viewpoints."

You are mistaken the RCC interpretation to the Jewish/christian.
---Steveng on 8/2/09

Jerry - *When you see a black wall, do you "logically" conclude that it is white?

Unfortunately there are those that have been unable to see any contrast.

Sorry that you lack the gray matter to see that there is virtually NOTHING in the Genesis account that even suggest the duration of the 1st 3 days.

And poor boy, you simply cannot argue with what is obvious to those that are capable of thinking more than once a day.
---Lee1538 on 8/1/09

Alan when Jesus the Creator said man was made 'at the beginning of creation', He knew man was not made at the beginning of creation week, agreed?

He is using 'creation' in the same sense as Romans 8:22, 'creation' meaning that in which we live.

This assists in verifying Jesus did create in 6 24hr days.

If, as some say God created via evolution over millions/billions of years then man appeared at almost the end of creation, agreed? Why then would Jesus say he appeared at the beginning?

However Jesus' statement makes sense in a 6 24hr day creation, beginning some 4,000 earlier.
---Warwick on 8/1/09

Let us follow, God's word and His Word, and not concern ourselves with nonBiblical opinions, 'churchie' ones or no.

Regards Galileo conflict arose because a clique of the RCC accepted Aristotelian geocentricity. A view not from Scripture but the long prevailing 'scientific' view. Galileo dared contradict their worldly view, not Scripture.

Today part of the church is again accepting a prevailing worldly 'scientific' view of long-ages & evolution. Again a view not supported, actually contradicted, by Scripture.

Those sold-out to this worldly philosophy again persecute Christians who opposes their pet theory, exposing their compromise.

What will the compromisers do when this belief is overthrown?
---Warwick on 8/1/09

* Many of the science facts were proven accurate within that past fifty years.

And those that have followed the history of science and religion have found that many of the scientific theories formerly condemned by churchie people are today recognized as facts.

One case that is very evident is the belief held by the church that the sun revolved around the earth instead of the earth revolving around the sun. Galileo got himself in real trouble for publishing such a 'theory' and spent the rest of his life in house arrest.

Of course, those that condemn scientific theories are those that claim their interpretation of the Bible supports their viewpoints.
---Lee1538 on 8/1/09

Lee: "so we can logically conclude that the definition of what constitutes a day has changed."

You are the only person I've ever known who could "logically" conclude that a simple, obvious statement means something that it not only doesn't say, but doesn't even hint at. When you see a black wall, do you "logically" conclude that it is white?
---jerry6593 on 8/1/09

I believe when God said ,be fruitful and multiply,and said each after its own kind,to a degree evolution may have come into play.But a bird has always been a bird,a monkey ,a monkey, and a man a man.
---tom2 on 8/1/09

Frank indeed God wrote Genesis for those of limited knowledge, us! How arrogant of 'modern' man to imagine he has great knowledge. How do you imagine the sum total of all human knowledge stacks up against the knowledge God posseses?

If, as you claim, God as creator is consistent with evolution why did His 'story' contradict the evolutionary story so conclusively? Why is the order of creation so opposite? Did God lie, or did He get it wrong?

When I say there is more evidence for creation as per Genesis than for naturalistic evolution I do so from years and years of research. And that of numerous research scientists. And me an ex-evolutionist! Yes such a closed mind!
---Warwick on 8/1/09

Frank re the different order of creation Genesis vs evolution, see below:

Earth before the sun & stars
Earth initially covered in water
Oceans first then dry land
Life first created on the land
Plants created before the sun
Fish and birds created together
Land animals created after birds
Man and dinosaurs lived together

Evolution/long-ages speculation
Stars & sun before earth
Earth initially a molten blob
Dry land, then oceans
Life started in oceans
Plants came long after the sun
Fish formed long before birds
Land animals before whales
Dinosaurs died out before man appeared

As a Christian I choose to believe God over man's opinions!
---Warwick on 8/1/09

God told man many scientific truths in the bible that were only proven within the past 100 years.

Remember how you bought your first car and how "cool" it was. Then, as you're driving it around town, you begin to notice that half the town is driving the same model?

I read the bible through several times. I was a young amateur scientist in my teens and early twenties that I decided to read the bible through the eyes of a scientist. I picked up all these science facts (or similes) and compared it with the current theories at the time these facts were written. Many of the science facts were proven accurate within that past fifty years.

God surely knows his universe.
---Steveng on 7/31/09

No Warwick ... I don't have a poor memory, and I was not trying to correct you, just commenting.

I was reminding you, and you appear to agree with me, that Jesus used the words "create/created/creation" and "beginning" in two different contexts ...

... one of the the initial 6-day Creation of the world, and us (and we appeared at the end of that)

... the other of the whole period from the very beginning until the time we happen to be in (for creation is still going on) and we were indeed made in the first few days (therefore the beginning of that period.

Two words ... each with two different meanings ... both from Jesus.

An unthinking literalist could be confused and see contradiction.
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/31/09

Genesis is a story, written for a limited scientific mind, the human mind of the era. But the fact that god is the creator, that is consistent with evolution. God is the force behind it all. That's what is important. But saying there is more evidence for genesis is just showing a lack of open-mindednes.
---frank_cos on 7/31/09

*Exo 20:11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth,...It would be difficult to find a more literal, straightforward, defining text than that.

While true, the day as we know it is a solar day whereas there was no sun in the sky during the 1st 3 days so we can logically conclude that the definition of what constitutes a day has changed.

And that also should be very plain and straightforword.
---Lee1538 on 7/31/09

Warwick, Alan: Boys, hold it a minute! The "1,460,000 days" thing is way off and may be leading others astray. As proficient Bible scholars, you both know that there is wide latitude in the translations from the original language into English, with many of the English words supplied. Thus, "from the beginning OF the creation" may also be accurately translated "from the beginning, AT the creation,". So how do we know for sure which it is? Compare it to other scripture and see which fits.

Jesus wrote with His own finger in stone:

Exo 20:11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth,

It would be difficult to find a more literal, straightforward, defining text than that.
---jerry6593 on 7/31/09

Stevenq people often confuse that which is 'proven' by the scientific method, and philosophical science.

The amazing scientific and medical advances have been delivered via the scientific-testable, repeatable, observable-method.

Beliefs about the past such as microbe-to-man-evolution or Biblical creation cannot be tested this way. Therefore they aren't scientifically 'proven', or proveable. I believe, by faith, that the world was created, as per Genesis.

There is of course evidence of what has occurred in the past but this is not proof. I believe there is more evidence to support Biblical creation than microbe-to-man-evolution.
---Warwick on 7/30/09

In short, send your kid to a christian school or try home schooling.
Otherwise you can always prepare your child by covering creation at home, understanding that evolution is illogical and the creatures failed attempt to explain the creation.
Explain that evolution is not science as science understands that every action has cause, that evolution relys on spontaneous biogenesis that Louis Pasteur proved long ago has never been witnessed and is not possible and so on.
---larry on 7/30/09

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Warwick: "I agree there is no conflict between Biblical creation and true science but there is serious conflict between evolution and Biblical creation. Both cannot be right!"

What is "true" science? Science hasn't scratched the surface of what is real. Man knows so little concerning the physical world he lives in. For every solution science finds there are dozens of questions. Most of what science is probabilities and theories like the age of the universe, how everything started, the speed of light, time travel, string theory, etc.

Another prophesy come true: It is written that knowledge will increase a thousandfold. Well, 90% of all scientists in all of history lived within the past 100 years.
---Steveng on 7/30/09

Frank I am not offended, I have no time for such a petty thing. I simply pointed out it was presumptious of you to write what you did, knowing nothing of my knowledge, training and experience.

I agree there is no conflict between Biblical creation and true science but there is serious conflict between evolution and Biblical creation. Both cannot be right!
---Warwick on 7/30/09

Alan you and I have been through this before. You must have forgotten.

In Mark 10:6 Jesus used 'the creation' in the same sense as Paul does in Romans 8:22 '..the whole creation has been groaning...'

They are not referring to the six day creation week but to that which was created, that in which we live-the whole creation.

Therefore Jesus, living in 'the creation', about 4,000 years (1,460,000 days) after He made it, said man was made 'at the beginning of creation.' Man being made on day 6 of 1,460,000 days is obviously good enough for Him to call 'at the beginning.'

You are suggesting Jesus the Creator thought He had made man on day one.

Poor memory?
---Warwick on 7/30/09


You express the theory that natural selection occurs between species. How is that verified? We've observed natural selection in the lab and surely in nature as Darwin found in the Galapagos Islands, but all we've seen is adaptation within a specie.

You are only pre-supposing that the same mechanism works from one specie to another.

If you go on the basis of DNA... alligators are more clearly related to birds than to tortoises. Is that what evolutionists would expect?

There needs to be a lot more evidence to prove the evolutionary theory.
---Donna66 on 7/30/09

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Amen Alan! Its about the big picture! We spend so much time trying to extract meaning out of each word that we miss the whole point of His teachings. See it for what it is...jesus spoke in parables, that we know. Same holds true for the OT. God's asking us to figure it out for ourselves, and only then can we appreciate the meaning/message/truth.
---frank_cos on 7/30/09

Hi again Warwick

As you say "man was made at the beginning of the creation" i.e. , "1,460,000 days between 'in the beginning' and when Jesus was on earth" Now that's a long Creation period of millions of days with man created near the beginning on Day 6. And of couse that was Jesus's definition

But, again as you say, "He (Jesus) verifies Genesis 6 day creation as history" If we take that (and it is Jesus's) definition of Creation, man was created at the end of the 6 day period.

So ... 2 definitions ... and both by Jesus !!! And both correct. But treating them both as LITERAL produces a contradiction.

It shows the problem of literalism.
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/30/09

Warwick -

My sincere apoligies if I offended you. In no way was I suggesting your are "ignorant.". What I know, however, is that the science and the bible are fully consistent. Step back, see them in their entirety, and you see...both are right. Too many Christians seem intimidated by Evolution. Teach both, and let the students come to understand the world in all its breadth and beauty.
---frankcos on 7/30/09

Frank, in Mark 10:5-8 Jesus combines Genesis 1:27, & 2:24 in one quote with no hint of them being 2 versions of creation. Genesis ch. 2 is a filling out of some of the man-centered details of creation.

Secondly Jesus says man was made at the beginning of the creation, in which we live. Taking Genesis as history, as written, man was made on day 6 of the 1,460,000 days between 'in the beginning' and when Jesus was on earth. That will do me for the beginning. He verifies Genesis 6 day creation as history, not fable. Just one example!

How presumptious of you to suggest I am ignorant. I am well versed in evolution, and science and have lectured on connected subjects in many countries, alongside highly qualified scientists.
---Warwick on 7/30/09

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Gwen, evolutionists talk about micro-evolution (variation within a kind/speciation/ natural selection) and macro-evolution which involves the appearance of radically different creatures e.g. reptile to bird.

Evolutionists say kind to kind evolution (e.g. reptile to bird) occurs within a gene pool. In my mice example the mice gene-pool in the hot climate would over some generations lose the genetic information to produce plump hairy mice. This loss of genetic information is the opposite of that needed to create a radically different creature. How would time help?

For example in my reptile to bird scenario how would natural selection produce the totally new and unique genetic information to make such a complex thing as feathers?
---Warwick on 7/29/09


1.) Chapter verse context on where jesus said genesis is fact, and which version of genesis is he referring to? Remember, thewre are two, and they conflict.

2.) There is a vast amount of testable data that the theory of eveolution is based on. Spend some time, research it. With an open I have. You'll see. Then you may also be able to see how well the parable plays into the science and vis versa. Open your heart to see the truth, you can't see the vastness and beauty of the painting from an inch away!
---frank_cos on 7/29/09


natural selection is the mechanism by which evolution works. they are not separate issues or separate theories. the difference between your separated mice and microbe-to-man is time span. if we're around long enough, instances of so called macroevolution will be recorded and documented in the future by scientists as they are in the past by the fossil record.

and please explain how information MUST be lost because it seems to me any way you look at it you're talking about DNA replication and transmission, and last time i checked, when an error in DNA replication occurs it can result in loss, gain or simple replacement of information.
---Gwen on 7/29/09

Jay: "Evolution doesn't have anything to do with how life got here. The origin of life is Abiogenesis/Chemosynthesis."

"But if (and oh! what a big if!) we could conceive in some warm little pond, with all sorts of ammonia and phosphoric salts, light, heat, electricity etc., present, that a protein compound was chemically formed and ready to undergo still more complex changes." - Charles Darwin, Life and Letters (1887 ed.), p. 202

Incidentally, abiogenesis has been scientifically proven to be IMPOSSIBLE.
---jerry6593 on 7/29/09

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Short of home-schooling, I doubt we can keep our children from being taught evolution in school. It's commonly accepted in our society today. But the responsibility of Christian parents is to see that our children have the correct understanding about it.

"Natural Selection" is a demonstrable fact. It can be observed over many generations of rapidly reproducing plants or animals in a lab. Species do adapt to environment.

What they don't do, is develop into another specie.

Our children must accept that MOST people believe in "Evolution" rather than the Bible.
But as Christians, we consider the Bible as supreme.
---Donna66 on 7/28/09

Gwen you are confusing natural selection and microbe-to-man evolution.

Natural selection occurs when forces select information already in the gene pool. For example if you split 100 mice arbitrarily into 2 groups, placing 50 in a freezing climate then plumper hairier individuals have a survival advantage there. Place the other 50 in an extremely hot place then slimmer short haired mice will have a survival advantage. In time there will only be slim short haired mice in the hot place and plump hairy mice in the other. Natural selection has occured but the gene pool has lost information. Natural selection is the opposite of microbe-to-man evolution which would require copious amounts of totally new unique genetic information.
---Warwick on 7/28/09

Gwen I believe it would assist your understanding of these issues if you went and saw the documentary 'The Voyage that Shook the World'

If you do a web search on the name you can discover when it is being shown at a theatre in your area.
---Warwick on 7/28/09

Ok, for all you who believe genesis is historical fact, then which version? Cause there are 2 and they conflict. Why? Because its not fact, its a fictional account based on little understanding by man of the world. I have no conflict in my heart, except sadness that so many read the bible and don't really understand it.
---frank on 7/28/09

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As a parent, you shouldn't do anything to stop the teaching of evolution. Its science's best attempt to understand as of today, period.
---frank_cos on 7/28/09


you're doing it again. you say you understand the meaning of the word theory in science, then you prove you don't. in science a theory is not something some guy thought up and can't prove either way. a theory MUST be supported by a wealth of evidence. the theory of evolution by natural selection is supported overwhelmingly by the evidence.

evolution by natural selection is an observable fact. it happens, and is observed daily. the problem is you keep looking for proof that mr and mrs horse can give birth to a camel, and that is simply not how it works.
---Gwen on 7/28/09

Frank as one who has worked in research I well know the difference between scientific research using the testable, repeatable, observable scientific method, and philospohy.

The things you mention 'phones, cars, refrigeration, electricity' are all the result of the scientific method, a method developed and used by Christian scientists.

Evolution on the other hand is a belief, a philosophy, not capable of proof. A very different thing. How can scientists test events claimed to have happened in the past!

I do not believe Genesis is a 'parable' but historical prose because it reads that way and that is how the OT & the NT refers to it. Jesus said it was actual history. That's good enough for me!
---Warwick on 7/28/09

frank: "We wouldn't have the many disease cures we have if not for evolution and scientific study."

We wouldn't need any cures if everyone on the planet earth was a christian.

"We wouldn't have phones, cars, refrigeration, electricity, etc without scientific study."

The world survived without them for thousands of years.

"Wake up...genesis is a parable!"

Are you absolutely sure? 100%? Your mouth will say yes while your heart is in conflict because you were not there in the beginning.
---Steveng on 7/27/09

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Gwen as regards your belief in billions of years I leave it up to you to believe what you will.

Having read up on the issue I see no proof in the billions of years. I have seen plenty of proof that ages of millions/billions of years have been ascribed to events/items which have occured or been formed recently. Mount St Helens is an excellent example, as well as the Kaibab formations in the Grand Canyon, in Arizona. Yes I have been there!

I trust my Creator, and Redeemer Jesus Christ, who was there, and always tells the truth. He confirms the historical truth of Genesis, and that the world is young, saying Adam was made at the beginning of this creation in which we live-Mark 10:6. Not after billions of years.
---Warwick on 7/27/09

Jay your thinking is a little off.

Either we originated via supernatural or naturalistic forces.

If by supernatural then life originated by design.

If by naturalistic forces the amazing complexity of life has no creator. How did it arise? As you say, microbe to man evolutionary belief holds that naturalistic forces acted upon original life to bring us all life we see! Obviously if evolutionary forces have nothing to work upon no evolution can occur. Those who propose naturalistic ideas need to explain where 'life' came from! But they can't. It all falls over at step one!

It is presumptious of you to say I do not understand science.
---Warwick on 7/27/09

Gwen it is operational science which gave us amazing tecnnological advances. It is about what can be tested, observed, retested, in the present. Neither Biblical creation nor naturalistic evolution can be tested by this method as both occurred in the past and cannot be tested today. Therefore whatever we belive we believe by faith.

I believe the available evidence better fits with Biblical creation.

If you disagree then propose a laboratory test by which either view can be tested. No one has ever been able to come up with such a test.

As a Christian, by faith I believe Genesis is the perfect, all-knowing God's historical record, and correct.

Beliefs about the past are not part of the scientific method.
---Warwick on 7/27/09


the only problem with your moon calculations is you are limiting them to a time table i can only respectfully refer to as misguided.

i would be willing to bet that is also the main flaw with your understanding of evolution, from which all other flaws stem.

truth can only be achieved trough the facts found through science. you can no more find the answers to evolution in genesis than you can find the answers to the great questions in religion in an evolutionary science textbook.

as a scientist, you should know that picking the right source is vital.
---Gwen on 7/26/09

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I have to go with Gwen on this one, Warwick. Your understanding of science and evolution is a For starters:

Warwick: "...evolutionary philosophy has no answer as to how life evolved in the first place-fails at step one!"

Evolution doesn't have anything to do with how life got here. The origin of life is Abiogenesis/Chemosynthesis. Evolution only takes over once life is already present. To use a bad analogy - a basketball game does not depend upon how the fans arrived.
---Jay on 7/26/09

1stCliff: "You're all caught-up in this "magic" thing that God just Zaps things into existance."

Psa 33:9 For he spake, and it was done, he commanded, and it stood fast.
---jerry6593 on 7/25/09

Don't do anything! We wouldn't have the many disease cures we have if not for evolution and scientific study. We wouldn't have phones, cars, refrigeration, electricity, etc without scientific study. Wake up...genesis is a parable!
---frank on 7/24/09

Gwen: "i didn't dig at all. it's well known fact."

Only half your theory is known. The part that says the moon is inching it's way away from the earth as proven by laser measurements. Scientist still aren't sure if the moon dampens the earth's rotation, speeds it up, or doesn't have any real affect.

But who should care about trivial things as such because Jesus is return very shortly.
---Steveng on 7/24/09

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Warwick, Why do you insist that the 6 periods of time (called 6 days) match our 24hr.days?
He selected 6 of our 24hr.days as representative of His 6 periods of creation to demonstrate on a weekly basis ,as no other people did, work 6 rest 1!
On the 7th He "rested?" Was He tired from the hurry-up 144hrs of creating? NO! again this was a demonstration of work 6 rest 1!
Again the term "evening and morning" does not describe a "normal" day , but a "creative"day!
Evening to evening, or morning to morning =24hrs. Not evening to morning!
---1st_cliff on 7/24/09

Gwen I have made but a few comments about evolution. If they are incorrect I am sure you can correct them in 1 or 2 times 125 words!

Maybe you can also show me any error regarding the figures and comments I made about the moon?

BTW I have worked in the scientific field for decades and am well aware of the scientific definition of 'theory.' I am also well aware of the definition of 'Truth' in Biblical terms.

There is no room for billions of years in Genesis, Jesus the Truth says so.
---Warwick on 7/24/09


I couldn't tell you in 125 words all that's wrong with your understanding of evolution. 125 paragraphs might not be enough. i would recommend you start by learning what theory means in science and do some basic research. you'll find the objections you have to this theory have been made before, and have been answered.
and yes, of course, billions of years.


i didn't dig at all. it's well known fact. i invite you also to find out what the word theory means in science. i didn't say the earth spins because of the moon, only that it spins at its current speed because of the moon. without it it will spin much faster.
---Gwen on 7/24/09

It is only a theory, but a modern science education might be incomplete without an understanding of it.

If a high school student intends to pursue a college education in a science or medical profession major, then an understanding of evolutionary theory might be a course pre-requisite or even required to pass some of the exams.

Of course, if we don't want our young people to go to medical schools that teach "evolutionary theory" then we could just give up and decide to live without any Christian doctors I suppose.
---obewan on 7/24/09

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1stCliff to you we are fools. This from a man who claims birds and serpents aren't vertebrates!

Gods creative activities, miracles or healings are immediate. Consider Lazarus-dead for days. This therefore was a recreation, not a healing, a new Lazarus and it happened momentarily. But I forgot we are not allowed to deduct anything from Scripture.

God inhabits eternity, which is an absense of time, not a long time. He created time for us-Genesis 1:3-5. Nonetheless He can, if He chooses enter time.

You are correct God does what in human terms is magic. He thinks, He speaks and matter, vast masses of it, appear 'bara', created from nothing. Bara being Hebrew translated as 'created' in Genesis 1.
---Warwick on 7/24/09

1stCliff, what would you accept as Scriptural proof that God's 6 days of creation are approximately the same length as our 24hr days?

Tuesday night at Bible study I informed the group that you considered me a slavish follower of the doctrine of my denominational masters. This caused the best laugh of the night.

You mean there's something outside the box! I will have to ask my pastor about that!
---Warwick on 7/24/09

You can not always protect your children from what they will hear in the world, but you can prepare them. Teach them at home and take them to church to hear the truth and teach them that other people have their own beliefs and books, but that doesn't make them right. Teach them to base everything on the Word of God.
---Jeanette_Nimick on 7/23/09

Tracy, You just have to remember one formula that negates evolution and it's theory!
"Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit"
(out of nothing,nothing comes)
---1st_cliff on 7/23/09

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Warwick, "I don't comprehend God"???
Jesus said Jn 5.17 "My father is always at His work, even to this day ,and I keep working"
And you're the one that says God doesn't take time???
No ,you're the one who doesn't know God, we were made in his image, we keep working,designing, inventing etc. just like our Creator.
You're all caught-up in this "magic" thing that God just Zaps things into existance.
Maybe He could , but not likely!
"intelligent design"
Think man, think!
---1st_cliff on 7/23/09

Warwick, *I am a Christian who...tells the truth*
Why not start with the scripture that says the creation days were 24hrs?

Your statement -"God said it" OK where? (and not by deduction)

More knowledgeable?? perhaps in some things, but not theology! (yours is the product of an apostate "ism" ) full of glib-tongued cliche's. That's not knowledge, more like a puppet! Try thinking outside the box!
---1st_cliff on 7/22/09

Gwen: "For all that you claim to know science you are misinformed. Your understanding of evolution is seriously flawed and you might want to investigate the role of the moon in defining the length of days on Earth."

You must have dug really deep for that theory. And that's exactly what it is, just a theory. There are planets without moons and rotate. There are also planets without moons and don't rotate. There are moons that don't have moons that rotate and there are moons that don't have any moons that don't rotate.

Besides, Jesus is returning way before the moon escapes the earth.
---Steveng on 7/22/09

Gwen you say 'Your understanding of evolution is seriously flawed.'Tell me where and how!

Measurements show the earth's rotation is slowing at a rate of .002 seconds/century. The momentum lost by the earth is gained by the moon, causing it to recede from the earth by about 4 centimeters per year.

Thinking Biblically, as Christians must, this means that at creation (about 6,000yrs ago) the earth's rotation was only seconds/day faster than today.

The moons recession rate is about 4 cm/year therefore it was only metres closer 6,000 years ago.

However if you are talking billions of years, you are rejecting Scripture, preferring man's ever changing beliefs to the word of the God who was there and does not lie.
---Warwick on 7/22/09

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Cluny, you wrote 'Warwick, can you prove absolutely conclusively that these are actual terrestial days?'

Yes, anyone can, and beyond any reasonable doubt.
---Warwick on 7/21/09


For all that you claim to know science you are misinformed. Your understanding of evolution is seriously flawed and you might want to investigate the role of the moon in defining the length of days on Earth. Days are as long as they are now because of where the moon is. As the moon continues to slowly drift away from the Earth, days will get longer. And when the moon finally breaks away from the Earth's gravity, the Earth will spin so much faster that days will be about 6 hours long. They will be this long whatever the Bible says.
---Gwen on 7/21/09

Cluny: " Warwick, can you prove absolutely conclusively that these are actual terrestial days?"

God is not a god of confusion. He defines things so we humans can understand. He uses similes, metaphors and parables so that we can understand who he is and what isn't earthly. For instance, many christians misunderstand the verse that says that one day is like a thousnad years. This is a simile meaning that God's times isn't our time here on earth. It doesn't literally mean one day is a thousand years. They forget to include the word "like." Leave one word out and it changes the meaning considerably.
---Steveng on 7/21/09

\\You say 'Even with God, time was taken to "design"...' You fail to comprehend God is outside of time. Time was created for us, and 'one day' defined in Genesis 1:3-5.
---Warwick on 7/20/09\\

Warwick, can you prove absolutely conclusively that these are actual terrestial days?

Don't forget, that time is relative. Even the GPS sattelites that circle the earth have to be reset at least every 24 hours, because their speed makes them LOSE time and their clocks get behind.

If time is affected this close to the earth by speed, how much more can time dilation apply to the act of creation?
---Cluny on 7/21/09

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1stCliff, I am a Christian who trusts God knows and tells The Truth! You on the other hand do not believe God, rejecting any Scripture which contradicts your cultic, man-made beliefs.

You know precious little science and little about Scripture.

You claim I think I know everything when in reality I am more knowledgeable than you, not difficult.

Your disrust of God's word is demonstrated so clearly by your statement 'That each day was 24hrs. is ludicrous!' Contrary to your feeble claim this is not my idea but what God says.

You say 'Even with God, time was taken to "design"...' You fail to comprehend God is outside of time. Time was created for us, and 'one day' defined in Genesis 1:3-5.
---Warwick on 7/20/09

Tracie, you cannot stop your child from the teachings of man. As a parent, you must keep teaching your child morning, noon and night, about the ways of God. If a parent teaches the ways of God from birth, the child will have set a spiritual foundation (and, therefore, a strong bond with you) before he or she goes to school. The parent has created a bond with the child so the child respects the parent's teachings and will ask questions about any conflict between man's teachings and your teachings. Don't fret if your older child sides with man's teachings, through prayer and patience will your child become the prodical son or daughter - coming back to his or her spiritual foundation of your teachings.
---Steveng on 7/19/09

Warwick, Nobody does more to obscure the truth than your rediculous theological interpretation of a our planet and everything on it being created in 144hours!
That each day was 24hrs. is ludicrous!
You have to admit that every aspect of creation was of intelligent design.
Even with God ,time was taken to "design" everything from the amoeba to tyrannosaurus- rex to grass and fruit trees to whales and sardines oxygen and hydrogen etc, etc, etc.
You're reading it wrong!
It takes more faith to believe your nonsense that the stupid theory of evolution!
---1st_cliff on 7/19/09

Just tell them the truth. You know what evolution is and it hasn't stopped your beliefs, right? Your children are going to hear this idea eventually. Trust them to believe what you have taught them and what is right.
---Kristen on 7/19/09

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Ian: "Evolution is taught in school because it is science and the one theory that makes sence"

I think that just about says it all! Sence you say that E is science, I sence that you must have the sence to know the fundamentals of scientific observation and experimentation. Knowing these fundamentals then, in what sence has E been proved to be scientific? And how were these observations senced? Or do you just somehow sence it internally?
---jerry6593 on 7/19/09

Ian to define evolution as change over time as you do is to obscure the truth.

Evolutioniusts have proposed this definition and introduced the misnomers micro-evolution (small changes over time) and macro-evolution (big, kind to kind changes) to obscure the truth.

Variation within a kind is not the process that evolutionists believe caused one kind of creature to become another. Variation within a kind (e.g.the variety of dogs) is a conservative process which results in a loss of genetic information.

Conversely macro-evolution requires the 'creation' of massive amounts of totally new and specific genetic information and that has never been observed to occur.

Micro-evolution is not evolution at all.
---Warwick on 7/17/09

Trish, I'm not sure evolution is science because its unreasonable. It assumes something from nothing and science says every action has a cause. 100 years ago scientists confirmed that cells are incapable of spontaneous biogenesis and incapable of increasing their own complexity, making the suggestion that your ancestors were once lizards and apes laughable.
There is no scientific explanation how the carbon and water that make up mankind could evole itself into a thinking emotional human.
Evolution is faith, more faith than it takes to believe our Lord and Savior.
---larry on 7/16/09

Why would you want your children to not be taught evolution? Evolution is taught in school because it is science and the one theory that makes sence. It is only a theory but a theory in scientific terms is not just a guess but something that has a lot of fact to back it up and nothing to disprove it. You can not deny that evolution is not real because it is fact that organisims change over time due to adaption, genetic changes, and natural selection.
---Ian on 7/16/09

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Cluny you write '... evolution is an orderly process of development from simpler to more complex forms. This is actually the essence of Genesis 1.'

No, as there is no such thing as 'simple' life. The single cell would have to be enlarged to the size of New York city for us to see its amazingly complex chemical workings.

You also have to remember evolutionary philosophy has no answer as to how life evolved in the first place-fails at step one!

Also the order of appearance is opposite-e.g.

Bible-earth before sun and stars.
Evolution- stars and sun before earth

Bible-life begins on earth
Evolution-begins in the ocean

Bible-fish and birds created together
Evolution-fish formed long before birds.
---Warwick on 7/16/09

\\As to creation just teach the Biblical version, the one which fits with reality better than other religious views, or evolution.\\

I was taught that evolution is an orderly process of development from simpler to more complex forms.

This is actually the essence of Genesis 1.
---Cluny on 7/16/09

Cluny you have made a good point.

Which version of evolution should be taught?

The popular view which most knowledgeable evolutionists cringe at.

Or that which is in school textbooks, lagging some decades behind the current story.

Or the latest untestable speculations?

As to creation just teach the Biblical version, the one which fits with reality better than other religious views, or evolution.

Give people choice. Stop the political indoctrination!
---Warwick on 7/15/09

One can be taught and understand what a theory holds without being in agreement with it.

Which version of creationism would you prefer? A literal reading of Genesis, the one in the Popul Vuh, or the Asian idea that the world rests on the back of a giant turtle?

Remember, the government must be neutral to religion, so if one of these is taught, they all must be.

Could you handle that inclusive approach?
---Cluny on 7/15/09

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It is my understanding that many school districts are now teaching both evolution and creation. Chuck norris is a christian ,and a big proponent of this dual teaching. My understanding is many schools in the west are now doing this.Many christians though,send their children to private christain schools to avoid the issue,your situation may be the same.
---tom2 on 7/14/09

Tracie....As a child over 50 years ago, I was taught the THEORY of evolution in school. This is nothing new. I was also taught from birth the story of the creation as recorded in Genesis. I believe the Bible. Teach your children the truth and they will not depart from it when they are old (like me). That is paraphrasing what the Bible says.
---SusieB on 7/14/09

I did not try to stop my children's school from teaching them evolution. I taught my children the truth at our dinner table, and informed them that they were to be respectful at school and to understand that evolution is a THEORY that many scientists believe, and that to be informed in our society they must know what others believe, even if they do not agree with it. My children excelled in school, and did not have to buy into the lies they were taught to do so.
---Trish9863 on 7/14/09

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