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Do Demons Really Exist

Do demons really exist?

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 ---Moderator on 7/16/09
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Demons do very much exist. Does anyone see them? I don't think so unless they can see something that is invisible. And I don't think there is anyone who can. They are spirits. They work all around us. While demons still continue to act, the level and severity of activity expressed in the New Testament is unique. It was in the "fullest of time" the last great defense of this world against the Redeemer of mankind. As it were, he pulled all the stops. With the resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, satan's reign, and that of his demons, was severely restricted.
---Mark_V. on 11/14/11

Thanks Mark-v,

I hope you have retired on this because you began to get a little tiresome because it does not fit in your little box the story is not viable.

It may not be my experience but that does not mean the person is lying. Common sense along with the word lets you know that God could not possibly write every single detail down, no book could ever do that...

However if you know God you know all things are possible as long as it is within the frame of things....

Psalms 91, Romans 8 work them out for yourself... Peace also be with you...

---Carla on 11/13/11

Carla, it was nice discussing things with you. I'm sorry if you are offended. I had not question any of your other responses concerning other matters and have liked many of them. This one we just do not agree. With respect to you, I will move on and answer other questions. There is just so much to learn. Peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 11/12/11

....Does that mean Jesus was white with brown wavy hair ?
... that's why you have credible witnesses and biblical evidence...
---Carla on 11/10/11

Yeah, you go girl. Ur opinion, ur only witness.
Bad,bad hermeneutics's to have him "white" with wavy brown hair.
There is a documented witness. Pilate. described Christ in a letter to Rome/Caesar as white with wavy Golden coloured hair..
A copy of original is in the Library of Congress.
Not a good thing is it? That bad ole wavy hair.

Rev 3:9
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie, behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, to know that I have loved thee.
---Trav on 11/11/11

Carla, you are mistaken. The Medievil Church had pictures made of satan and demons for the purpose of poking fun at satan. The Church was convinced that an effective ploy to withstand satan was to insult him. His most vulnerable part was seen as his pride. It was to attack his pride. But the biblical view of satan is far more sophisticated then people think. The Bible tells us that satan appears as an "angel of light." Satan is clever enough to manifest himself under the appearance of good. The prince of darkness wears a cloak of light. The very opposite of what people claim he looks like. We are told he walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour" yet you won't see him, you have to sense him spiritually.
---Mark_V. on 11/11/11

Altobello painted the picture of Cesare Borgia European looking.. typically after the Pope's son Does that mean Jesus was white with brown wavy hair ?
..... I don't think so perhaps you are not understanding the historical elements of art in contrast to hermeneutics's.....


Gods "word is finite" human depiction through art is culture, seen through the work of painter paint and paper paid to portray the image of the author and his subjects, it is used to convey a message of a certain interpretation, not everything is believed through art... that's why you have credible witnesses and biblical evidence... chose what you wish to believe?

---Carla on 11/10/11

Carla, you never asked me a question. Your last post did not addressed me. I don't know why you said I was ignorant. Of what? Explain, don't just throw a jab. I can answer you politely and kindly.
I answered you that you did not explain to me how you can know something is a demon if you have never seen one. The RCC church had many paintings of demons made, are you saying they look like them? That is what I meant.
You spoke of feelings. Everyone has feelings. What does feelings have to do with knowing something when you see it? If you can explain its ok, if not don't get angry. It is just a question. Nothing else.
---Mark_V. on 11/8/11

Mark-v you did not reply to me is that because you are being ignorant or both ignorant and rude, what matters is that you understand what you are talking about and not indicate something.... that someone never said.

There is no need to over ride this with ignorance, just believe that not everyone bare false witness(lie). I don't need to lie that is a joke or blame everything on demons or everyone other than myself... Anyone knows me I am dab hand at looking at me first and asking if my behaviour or attitude is correct, unfortunately a good many times I am wrong but hey... I know and I try... can only do my best to pray to become more humble... PeaceXx
---Carla on 11/8/11

Shira 2: When Jesus told the Pharisees that their father was the devil and they were doing the desires of their father, in John 8:42, He didn't mean that the devil was in them or that demons were in them, He meant that their "desires" was to do what satan represents. They are called children of wrath because their spiritual father is the devil. That goes for all who are lost. These same Jews accused Jesus of having a demon. They could also see demons where there was none.
"Jesus answered, I do not have a demon, but I honor My Father, and you dishonor Me." (v. 49). It was not about the demons been present, but of doing the desires of the devil.
---Mark_V. on 11/6/11

Markv, I totally agree with you. You did suggest that one must see a demon for them to exist, at least that is the way it sounded. We all know satan and his croonies are spirits. They can also manifest themselves in "things" or people. While I have never seen one, I have seen what they are capable of doing. Sorry if you misunderstood me.
---shira4368 on 11/6/11

Shira, I never said they don't exist? I said they do, we know that by Scripture. They are at work. When Jesus said to Peter,
"Get behind me satan" in ( Matthew 16:23) Jesus didn't see satan in Peter, Jesus was suggesting that Peter was being a mouthpiece for satan. Jesus came with the express purpose of dying as an atonement for sin, and those who would thwart His mission were doing satan's work. Jesus could see satan at work, but He is God. When people sin against God those people are doing satan's work. Even the archangel had big time trouble with the enemy, he needed God to help him. What can a forgiven sinner have over such power? That's why we are not commanded to go after demons, but to be a mouthpiece for the gospel.
---Mark_V. on 11/6/11

It has also explained by someone through google as sleep paralysis.

The man in the clip for sleep paralysis and Asian woman explains it is exactly right, It happened in the exact same way that they both explain it, so two completely different stranger's who have never me in my whole entire life can NOT pure coincidence.

Just like when my 5 year old ask me if my lil son was in bed who ran past us on the stairs yet I lived alone, explain how in Gods truth did my son ask me that, we both heard it???? nothing was in my house the police came.
---Carla on 11/5/11

Mark v, If you don't think the devil and his croonies are at work, you are deceived. They have invaded hollywood and their movies are meant to desensitive young people.The devil and his angels are at work more than ever now. I never said there was a hate demon. There may be one I don't know. I know satan can oppress the well grounded christian. We just need to be aware of his tactics.
---shira4368 on 11/5/11

Carla, you still didn't answer my question, how do you know they are demons unless you know what a demon looks like? Many here see demons everywhere. Everything is cause by a demon. We even have schools who teach how to go about fighting demons, liberating Christians from them, taking over cities that belong to demons. Don't they realize that many calamities are caused by God? This should not be hard for genuine Christains to understand. When Job was plague with all his calamties, any typical Christian counselor today would probably advice him to bind satan. But though Job was one of the best servants of God, his sufferings were part of God's plan. That is also true of many who suffer today.
---Mark_V. on 11/5/11

Mark-v you said what does one look like.

Spirits are spiritual forces that manifest themselves through light, atmospheric dust, shadows or figures they posses people to do evil things and they attack you when you least expect.

They strive on fear because when you fear them it takes away the principle of authority to be obedient when fearing God.

God desires that in fear of the consequences of sin... you become obedient. The liar satan uses that to deny God what good obedience produces. instead it is used fearing God evil is feared.

It is understood that if one bad apple remains in the bowl the whole pack go's off. So it is with the enemy one foot hold turns into possession.
---Carla on 11/3/11

Shira, what you said sounds more like sinful people doing sinful sin, when you said movies and books and many other things. Lets not take the responsibility from the people, they are sinners who don't care about God. Who care about what sells and what the majority of the lost want to see and read. Greed, money and power are behind most of those things. Why does everything have to be demons? I'm sure they are at work in many places and in many people, but don't you think you give them too much credit? Like, there is no demon of hate. If there were then many Christians have demons and that is not True.
---Mark_V. on 11/3/11

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Just look around and you will see demons at work. Just to name a few, the occult, voodoo, witches, halloween, movies and hollywood, childrens games, and many other things. demons are at work in our churches working to divide the gathering of christians. We must be aware of demons and their existence. The worst thing I see is how hollywood has influenced our precious children with their occult movies. Almost every movie that comes out of hollywood is paranormal.
---shira4368 on 11/1/11

I once bought my 2 grandchildren keyboards. The minute they opened them they started playing music that wasn't even in the keyboard memory. We let it go as a fluke but it got worse when they got them home. I did witness their shower coming on and watched one of them go from one room to another but she was really asleep in her bed. I took a hammer to the keyboards and put them in the dumpster. Not long after that, it was on the news that "toys r us" had ghost in their california warehouse. demons do exist.
---shira4368 on 11/1/11

Thank you so much for asking Mark-v I respect that you are a man of truth. How I experienced a demon is probably how you experience them but unaware.

Demons come in different strains, but always cause fear. When one attacks you it is exactly how the medical or psychological field call it Sleep paralysis.They often bother you saved or not.

There is a stifling experience that gets worse and worse, naturally you want to get it off you but physically you cannot speak or move.but you can think so you have to call out something to do with Christ. A prayer or for me I HAD to say Jesus, Jesus continually eventually they go.

I've experienced different strengths but I don't get them becasue of Jesus's name.
---Carla on 11/1/11

Carla, I very much like your answers, even like the explanation you gave concerning God, we believe by faith He is who He says He is. I also know Scripture tells us that there is demons and one Satan. We believe this by faith in God's Word.

But my question to you is, how can you tell when you encounter one? How do you know it is a demon without knowing what demons look like? Is that also by faith that it has to be one? And because someone says he encountered a demon, we have to believe that person? We have faith in God, but not faith in man, so how can anyone tell if the person is correct or not? Man is sinful and always contrite many things. Shouldn't we just be aware they roam around because God said so? Just asking. Peace
---Mark_V. on 10/31/11

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Yes, I have seen them inside of people face to face. Demons were once angels of God, which angels God himself created to do his will, but because that lot of angels chose to rebell against God, God their Creator cursed them and he cast these unholy creatures out of heaven for their foolish and repugnant sin.
---Eloy on 10/30/11

If God was a physical person you could prove he exist but the saved know that God is spirit and they worship him worship him in spirit and in truth.

We were made different to heavenly beings demons were once angels but chose to depart from the heavens and so roam around the earth.

The fact that you don't believe is fine they are not bothered in disbelief they are safe.

Try seriously searching praying looking for God and GOD HELP YOU WHEN YOU FIRST ENCOUNTER A demon.

TRUST ME A MERE HUMAN BEING you'll be too ashamed to come back here with doubt. Both my sons were sceptic, ridiculed me.... got saved and both eventually had to ask how to get rid of them.... sorry Jesus help you...
---Carla on 10/29/11

How can you prove demons exist with 100% certainty, if you cannot even do the same for God?
---Russell_Schaner on 10/25/11

Of course! Think of the pigs that cast themselves over the cliff after Jesus filled them with demons that were plauging villagers
---Chuck on 7/22/09

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Yes there is a spirit world but you have nothing to fear if you are close to God.
---sri.ramakrishna on 7/21/09

Yes, as I said before, demons do exist. When Christians cast out demons, it is NOT their power that does it, but Jesus' power flowing through them. In other words, people have NO power to do anything, only Jesus does, and when He flows through us, we can cast demons out. Leslie***

Leslie, my question here to you is: You say Christians are posessed by demons, correct? You said Jesus power through a Christian cast out demons,correct? Are you saying the Power of Christ in us has no power at all in us..if we have a demon, but only through us to others to cast out?

Christ has to be in someone else to cast them out of you, and vice versa? But the Very Christ in you has no power to cast them out of you...? Please explain ?
---kathr4453 on 7/21/09

Yes, demons do exist. The bible warns that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, etc. Jesus cast many out. My husband and I have seen and experienced their demise. But the Word of God is our strength and shield against such as these.
---Linda on 7/20/09

Active Christian since age 7, enjoyed a personal relationship with Christ. During mid-20s hung out at a community cultural center led by a gifted artist and "guru" of religious "truths", biblical prophecy, astrology, meditation. Came home one night and immediately felt intense pressure around me, a living, seething, overwhelming sense of PURE evil - supremely malevolent, angry, oppresive. Called friend who prayed with me, advised me to open my bible. Twenty minutes later everything lifted. Has never reoccured, but I'll never, ever forget it. Discontinued center visits which I believe opened me up to a spiritually unhealthy realm. Horrible as it was, Christ's presence in my life is as beautiful - a million times over!
---DerbyBelle on 7/20/09

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If you believe in the Bible you must believe in demons. Jesus cast many demons out.

I myself have seem many demon possesions. And, the blessing of when the people were freed. I saw much of this in a Halfway House and ministering in the streets.

But till you see a tame man start foaming at the mouth at the mention of the name of Jesus, or people start seizing when you preach, you may not believe, the fact there are demons.

But, we have to remember were there are demons and satan, God and his angels watch over you.
---Shelly on 7/20/09

The answer is so obvious I believe the moderator or questioner is seeking something more deeper.
Start with trying to find evidence fallen angels (demons) do not exist.
---larry on 7/20/09

Demons exist. I have one or two scars left from my past demons waiting to be removed at the moment. Moreover, I can spot a demon in a person very quickly, and so can you if you observe them for long enough. In heated conversations, I've invoked the name of Jesus Christ and God and seen the demons in the people shreak in terror.
---stephen on 7/20/09

To deny that demons exist is denying scripture.The word says until the judgement and God making the world new,including the new jersaluem satan and his demons are loose upon the world,and will be,though jesus has defeated him by dying on the cross he is still loose,trying to deceive even the elect.
---tom2 on 7/19/09

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Demons exist. Holy Tradition (i.e., Holy Scriptues, writings of the Holy Fathers/Mothers, Holy Icons, etc) affirm the existence of Satan and demons. All those who believe otherwise have fallen from the Apostolic Faith.

---Ignatius on 7/19/09

Leslie, will you provide scripture to back up what you have written about casting out demons?
---Rob on 7/18/09

catherine...Actually, there are many non-christians who know there are demons. That's why they need Jesus.
---SusieB on 7/17/09

Yes, as I said before, demons do exist. When Christians cast out demons, it is NOT their power that does it, but Jesus' power flowing through them. In other words, people have NO power to do anything, only Jesus does, and when He flows through us, we can cast demons out. When demons get cast out, it should direct the person to look ONLY to Jesus, NOT people. If they are looking to people, then it is FALSE delierance. Jesus gave ALL Christians the power to cast out demons, and He even COMMANDED them to do so. If Christians do NOT cast out demons, they are in REBELLION to Jesus.
---Leslie on 7/17/09

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You better believe they do! But you can not believe they do, unless you are saved by God's Blood. Then you shall not only believe, but you will know indeed demons do exist, and takes their orders straight from Satan.
---catherine on 7/17/09

yes they do..

and in Africa, we see them glaringly at work

even pagans know they exist!! with voodoo powers at work.... everyone knows it is the work of the devil through his demons

there are kinds of magic where humans lift cars and other heavy things at magical displays

and other strange and unusual things

Jesus said cast out deaf and dumb demons from people while on earth
---pat on 7/17/09

I would add that demons trade on some people not knowing, for surely that is something else learned in encountering a demon: the demon expects and knows some not to know God to achieve its aims, or at least have their faith weakened in the shock of encounter. To know and trust God, however, is to be protected, and that knowledge isn't yours alone, it is yours and the Spirit's at that point of Communion, to defeat the attempts of God's enemy upon God where that enemy would use you to see a part of that which God loves and which is a part of God harmed, in lieu of what a demon really wants, which is to kill God outright. You might also learn more about the Spirit, too, depending on the nature of the Communion.
---Emekmiyahu on 7/16/09

Jesus said they do, I have experienced them and if you never have to experience them that's great, but somehow I feel that if everyone is really honest with themselves who have experienced demon activity they would say it's only when you actually experienced demons that your understanding of who and what God represents really becomes clear and even more real to you. If this evil exists you KNOW there just has to be good and a God.!
---Carla3939 on 7/16/09

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Moderator, if you had to deal with them, you'd KNOW they exist. Of course they do. They are satan's co-horts.

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spirits and principalities, against spiritual wickedness, etc.,"

Matthew 8:16 - When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick:

Matthew 8:31 - So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.
Want more examples?
---anon on 7/16/09

Yes demons REALLY exist - they are fallen angels. Demons can possess anyone including Christians by an open door of sin, unforgiveness, and the occult or false religion. They can be seen in physical and mental diseases - in fact Jesus made NO distintion between someone who has mental or physical sickness, and someone who has demons (they were one in the same). They can enter in by the body, soul (mind, will, emotions), eye gate, ear gate, and mouth gate. Christians have been given authority over demons from Christ, and can cast them out of people, including themselves. Confess and Repent of ALL sins, Forgive others (including self and God), Renonce ALL occult or false religion, and make Jesus Lord (boss) over EVERY area of your life.
---Leslie on 7/16/09

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