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Pain Relief For Granny

I think I have arthritis, but the doctor says no. The joint pain is really bad, especially in the mornings. What are some arthritis remedies that will give me some instant pain relief. Thanks.

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 ---granny on 7/29/09
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AlanofUK ---it's a soft "g" in America, too.
---Donna66 on 7/31/09

Have you tried applications to the joint of (moist) heat or cold?
---Donna66 on 7/31/09

Arthritis High Blood Presser
Rheumatism Gout
All in Jesus name get out

have you been checked for food allergies? Too much sodium causes my joints to ache.
---anon on 7/31/09

Thanks for the input, I don't want drugs. I'm looking for a natural pain relief. Any suggestions?
---granny on 7/31/09

Anon ... Are you sure that's how it sounds?

It doesn't in the UK!

Here we sound the "l" before the "g" ... in tha same order as in the written spelling.

Interestingly, in UK, and in this word, the "g" is sounded soft, not hard.
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/31/09

Try "room-a-tol'-o-gist" for correct pronunciation. Yes, this is good advice.
---Donna on 7/31/09

You need to see a Rheumatologist (Pronounced room-a-toggle-ist).

There are alot of various pharmaceutical drugs on the market and only your doctor will know which one to prescribe to you.
---anon on 7/31/09

SOMETHING is causing your knee pain. If your present doctor can't tell you what it is, get another opinion.
---Donna66 on 7/30/09

I believe a doctor can do a blood test for arthritis. So, if the doctor has done the right things and says no . . . you could tell us what the doctor has said. And to ask for "instant pain relief" > who says there is such a thing as pain relief that is "instant" (o: Well, you could die, overdose, get miraculously healed. Or you can promote quack remedies, and then find out they don't work, after all you've spent. Just making the pain feeling go away, can be not what one really needs. For one example, we have people who have overeaten, and their excess weight has been grinding down on their knee joints, wearing away their joints > just making the pain go away is not what they really need. Which joints?
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/30/09

Im not a doctor either (but I see them all the time where I work!)

Joint pain could be caused by a number of other problems besides arthritis. If its not arthritis your doctor should be trying to find out what it is!

Good advice has been given. Seek a second opinion.
---NurseRobert on 7/29/09

Get a second opinion.
---Cluny on 7/29/09

Granny: I am not a doctor, so I will not advise you on medications for arthritis. This is a blog for Christian fellowship and education.

I would suggest that you seek out a rheumatologist, and get a second opinion.
---Trish9863 on 7/29/09

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