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Space Travellers Be Raptured

NASA is talking about building a space station on the Moon and Mars within the next 40 years. What happens to the Christians on the moon or Mars when Jesus returns? Will they miss the rapture?

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 ---michael on 7/31/09
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John 17v15 is about "keeping" us safe,it is not meant to be a doctrinal proof that Christians will not be raptured,do you not know that no verse alone is to be taken out of context..your outlook on this is almost amusing but then I realise how serious this matter is and it saddens me,on your current knowledge and expectations there is no way you can endure the tribulation coming..go and buy some oil quickly.
---richard on 1/6/10

Beloved, there's nothing like "rapture". This is a false doctrine propagated by sections of the church.Read John 17:15.
---edmun5646 on 11/12/09

How about reading John 17:6 yourself. The people in that verse are the "they" and "them" of your John 17:15.

Does that change your view?
---Mark_Eaton on 11/13/09

Beloved, there's nothing like "rapture". This is a false doctrine propagated by sections of the church.Read John 17:15.
---edmun5646 on 11/12/09

The earth was made for man, and man for life on earth. The man who arrogantly attempts to live on mars, the moon or any other planet, while yet mortal, will die trying, and eventually again be resurrected upon the earth.
"The heaven, [even] the heavens, [are] the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men. I [the LORD] have made the earth, the man and the beast that [are] upon the ground, by My great power and by My outstretched arm, and have given it unto whom it seemed meet unto Me. And hath made of one blood all nations of men 'for to dwell on all the face of the earth', and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation." Psa 115:16>Jer 27:5>Act 17:26
---joseph on 11/11/09

The book of Revelation a pseudepigraphic text that was never written by the Apostle John

those who DENY written word of God IGNORE Gods WARNING Prov 30:5-6, Rev 22:19

if Revelation is false than Matt 24 Luke 21 1Corin 1Thess 2Thess Isaiah Ezekiel Jerimiah Zechariah and Daniel are false books as ALL have accounts that parallel Revelation ...AND all WORDS of Christ are false as HE also quoted from OT too Eph 2:20

John didn't write Revelation so NATURALLY it WOULD NOT be HIS writing style

did you MISS Rev 1:1?

REVELATION 1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him (John)

John was JUST secretary (hence "bare record") other words he RECORDED words FROM Christ
---Rhonda on 9/30/09

No, Jesus will just pick them up on the way!
---kathr4453 on 9/30/09

..... Oh Betty!
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/21/09

They'll never get there in the first place. NASA & no other space program in the world have any ability now or ever to send anything out to the moon & planets. It's all a hoax.
---Betty on 9/21/09

"Assuming" the validity of the Rapture, and the plausibility of people living on the moon or Mars, the answer would be NO, IF there were christians in the Space program, they would not be outside of God's reach when it occurred. I don't see it as being an issue though since as cluny stated the space program predicted that scenario over 50 years ago and it ain't happened yet.
---tommy3007 on 8/3/09

michael,God made everything from nothing,God knows everything you say and do,even your thoughts,GOD IS ALL KNOWING ALL SEEING,ALL POWERFUL what in the world makes you think that being on the moon,or mars would somehow hide anyone from GOD?
---tom2 on 8/2/09

No, they go a nano second sooner as they are closer to Heaven.
The three heavens are as follows:
The first heaven is the atmosphere, Genesis 2:19, Lamentations 4:19.
The second heaven is outer space, Deuteronomy 17:3, Matthew 24:29.
The third heaven is Heaven, which contains Gods' throne, Deuteronomy 10:14, 2Corinthians 12:2.
---Glenn on 8/1/09

Some of us still doubt that they ever landed on the moon. They did lose the movie footage of that you know. It will be interesting to see what they do now with the space program.
---SusieB on 8/1/09

Nothing in time or space is beyond God's reach. I'd think He could rapture them from anyplace in His universe. But I doubt this will be a problem, since I expect the rapture to come sooner than that.
---Donna66 on 8/1/09

If ones of us are obeying God by being led to join in space work, Jesus will be fine about this. Geographical location won't be enough to keep a person from the Rapture > the location of the *heart* will be what matters (o: Halleluiah (o:

Intimacy with God in His peace (2 Peter 3:14) will have us already in the Rapture, now *spiritually*, so we are ready like Jesus says "be ready", in Matthew 24:44, by being ready by being "holy and without blame before Him in love" (Ephesians 1:4). Being away from this earth might help, so we can be quiet with God.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/1/09

Do you realize that in low gravity environments the bone marrow in your body ceases for function properly and you lose your immune system. Humans will never be going into space until someone comes up with a gravity field that can force gravity upon the body so that the body functions properly.

In my opinion, God designed man to live on Earth in Earth's gravity field and nowhere else. We won't be living in space for a very long time. No moon either, it just won't work and it's all science fiction.

Nasa just wants a ton of money that will not end up working for man living on the moon or mars.
---stephen on 8/1/09

do you believe that these people arwe outside of Gods reach,or will?anywhere?
---tom2 on 8/1/09

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I was hearing about people living on the moon and on Mars "in 40 years" back when I was growing up in the 50's.

We didn't see it on that schedule, did we?
---Cluny on 7/31/09

1. First of all there is no such thing as Rapture. Pre Tribulation and Mid Tribulation events are both false teaching and a Post Tribulation event has never been called Rapture.

2. The likely hood if space travel during or immediately following a period of Tribulation ridiculous so the whole question is illconcieved and devoid of theological meaning.

3. The book of Revelation a pseudepigraphic text that was never written by the Apostle John. John could write in good Greek grammar. The Greek text of Revelation has poor grammar. The Greek vocabulary of Revelation and writing style are inconstant with the Gospile of John. Even Martin Luther questioned the validity of Revelation.
---Phil_the_Elder on 7/31/09

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