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Dominating Church Woman

A dominating woman married a new church member, from off the street, then when she wasn't satisfied with him, she treated him like dirt so he would commit adultery and she could remarry. Does his adultery, in this case, make it Ok for her to remarry?

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 ---Bill_bila5659 on 8/1/09
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Is she a fan of Juanita Bynum, leaving Mr. Small for Mr. Big. Proverbs 14:1.
Even if a Christian couple were qualified for marriage (not married to another, not prohibited due to past adultery, etc.), they may be unfit to marry. In the past, young women were expected to use the engagement period, in order to learn how to be a good wife. The Husband was to be free of many responsibilities for the first year of marriage so that he could get to know his wife, Deuteronomy 20:27, 24:5, 1Peter 3:7. Many people need to break the 'soul ties', or longing for other people in past relationships. Also, start afresh as you shouldn't bring incorrect expectations of marriage into marriage.
---Glenn on 8/11/09

Remember, the questioner is presenting only ONE side of the story. It is his ASSUMPTION that >>>>when she wasn't satisfied with him, she treated him like dirt so he would commit adultery and she could remarry<<< We don't know for sure that's what she thought at all.
I imagine if she could give her side of the story, it might be different.

And if this WAS her motivation, her husband could have easily foiled her plan by NOT commiting adultery!
---Donna66 on 8/10/09

\\First they both are in sin. Both committed adultery according to the Bible. The woman also was involved with witchcraft (domination = witchcraft).
---Leslie on 8/1/09\\

And do you know the actual woman of this story?
---Cluny on 8/9/09

Bless you Bill! You are like refreshment on a hot day around here!! :)
---Mary on 8/5/09

Thank you, Michael . . . our pastor talked about how we need to be making "melody in your heart to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ," (in Ephesians 5:19-20) as Paul says, just before the verses you shared. We need to first be filled by the Holy Spirit to live like this, so then in our marital relating we can be "submitting to one another in the fear of God." (next verse, 5:21) This would also be in the order of marriage . . . that we first are filled by the Holy Spirit so we are "submitting to one another" the way God has us relating. And, with this, "the husband is the head of the wife", loving her like our Groom Jesus loves us.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/5/09

This mess started in the garden. Remember Eve? Whenever Satan attacks a marriage he goes after God's order first. Ephesians 5:22-27 describes that order. A marriage where the woman is trying to take over or the husband doesn't love her as Jesus loves His Church is a mess.This order can only happen as both spouses are living Spirit Led lives. FLESH WILL REBEL!The worse mistake the church has made is letting psychology in through "counseling" instead of relying solely on God's Word.
---Michael on 8/4/09

Thank you for your comments that can be good to teach *me* (o: Cluny, this is of concern to me, mainly because of how I might learn from seeing what others do. I'm partly imagining, here, what has happened, going by what I saw. I can see she was in an established church family, no long-term member man who knew her would touch her. So, she got a guy saved off the street, then found him not good enough for her church reputation and ambitions > knowing she couldn't just dump him and remarry, she browbeat him so much for keeping her from marrying a real man, that he dumped her and remarried so she couldn't say he was stopping her. I learn from this to check what's really going on with women I know, and in myself (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/4/09

He obviously had an adulterous heart to begin with, since he married again yet she only treated him badly not unfaithfully with another man.
---Carla3939 on 8/4/09

She sounds like she as a JEZEBEL SPIRIT, and not the SPIRIT OF THE LORD.
---Rob on 8/4/09

hmmm, that is very complicated, but I would have to say that God ultimately judges the heart, and God clearly states that adultery is wrong, and that the only time it is permissable in His eyes to divorce a spouse and remarry is when someone commits adultery or if they are abusive. I think that, even though the woman was abusive, he should not have committed adultery, for that was wrong on his part, if she ultimately wanted a divorce he should have waited until she divorced him, because then she would of made the wrong decision in Gods eyes. She still ultimately will be judged for being manipulative though, but unfortunately the husband will be judged now too for committing adultery.
---nicole on 8/4/09

How do you know for sure that's why she treated him like dirt? And how did he treat her, also? There are 2 sides to every story, very seldom is it just a "dominating woman"--and besides, who knows how the "dominating woman" may have been hurt in the past. Not excusing her behavior, just offering my point of view on it, thanks :)
---Mary on 8/3/09

Bill....You and I both know that it doesn't matter what any of us think. She'll remarry anyway.
---SusieB on 8/3/09

Bill, are you assuming that because this dominating woman was in church, that she is saved? Walking intimately with Jesus? Loving The Lord thy God with ALL of her heart, soul and mind?

It doesn't sound like it.

It sounds like this woman has a Jezebel spirit.

So if she goes to church but doesn't do what the word says to do, then she isn't a Christian and I believe the adultery and remarriage scriptures pertain to TRUE CHRISTIANS, to those who are walking a straight and narrow walk with the Lord God and Jesus and Holy Spirit. Yes, she's considered an adulteress, and NO, it's not okay for her to remarry, but if she's not a Christian, she isn't following scriptures, thus she is considered wicked and unsaved.
---anon on 8/3/09

She was Totally in the Wrong doing what she did. Some wommen really have gone hay-wire since Eve done what she done in the Garden of Eden(1st. Tim 2 v14.) & the same is still in some women today,thinking they know more than God.
Sounds like she forced him to do what he done. Since she's the actual cause in this case, she's liable to do the same again with another. She'd better Not remarry.
---Lawrence on 8/2/09

Bill based on the scenario you have presented, she's obviously free, in her own mind, to do as she choses. She, herself, has already disrespected and violated the marriage covenant in the following ways.
"Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so [let] the wives [be] to their own husbands in every thing. [Be] discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. [Be] in subjection to your own husbands, that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives, while they behold your chaste conversation [coupled] with fear."
Eph 5:22,24>Tts 2:5>Pe 3:1,2
---Josef on 8/2/09

Adultery is adultery...they both will be held accountable for their motives of even why they married. Jesus says what He put together let know one put it asunder (or apart).
---Sandra on 8/1/09

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My first answer would be yes, but if you think about it in different ways, wasn't she committing her own form of adultery by treating him like dirt? This is where the lines get blurry though, so be careful with this type of thinking.
---amand6348 on 8/1/09

First they both are in sin. Both committed adultery according to the Bible. The woman also was involved with witchcraft (domination = witchcraft).
---Leslie on 8/1/09

Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

BTW--is this any of your direct concern?
---Cluny on 8/1/09

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