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Does Spiritual Pride Exist

In life are you doing things your way, or God's way? Are you going by your interpretation of the Bible or God's? Are you claiming to know more than God? What say you?

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 ---Leslie on 8/2/09
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It is SO important not to look inward to our own needs and desires and instead to look toward the Lord for His guidance and strength! I found that as I got closer to the Lord I became a more sensitive person.
That meant that if "someone cut me, I would bleed" - the temptation to concentrate on the injury and my hurt instead of seeking the deeper meaning as to why God allowed it to happen in the first place. I pray that I always come back to the Lord - that my love for Him is too deep to let my petty needs stand in the way.
---timothy on 8/9/09

Dear friends,
The Lord says He chose us before the foundation of the world. None of us would ever come to be "saved" IF He had not chosen us to be "saved"
Thank God, if anyone wants to be "saved" it is ONLY because God awakened him or her to their need of a Saviour
---june on 8/7/09

People use this scripture to somewhat put others down by claiming the cover of being the one saved but others not chosen, that's wrong who are we to judge another man place in heaven, that belongs to Christ and Christ judgment only.

This is not what this scripture is saying the whole chapter has to be taken on the merit of the subject why it was said and why the Saint came to that conclusion!
---Carla3939 on 8/6/09

Thanks for all your comments. The TRUTH is that if you are NOT interpreting the Bible from the Hebrew perspective and using the Holy Spirit to open the scriptures to you, you are NOT interpreting it God's Way, but your own = pride and idolitry. How do I know this, the Bible says so. Like one blog stated no one will admit to this, because many are called, but the chosen are few. The Bible says that in the last days there would be teachers of FALSE, Damnible, and demonic doctrines - which MOST on Christianet teach and believe. This is why it is so important to do things God's way, NOT our own - then there will be NO deception.
---Leslie on 8/5/09

''Many are called, but FEW are chosen''.

This one of the scriptures that many people take out of context.

Nothing to do with spiritual pride!.
---Carla3939 on 8/5/09

YES!!! Spiritual pride exist and I am guilty of having it!
Recently I witness to a young man in a subway shop. On asedking him was he going to heaven he said, O sure he said, why I said, because I'm not too bad of a person that do not abuse anyone was his reply. After witnessing to him I ask him did he want to pray a sinners prayer onto salvation, he said, yes he did. I then let him in a prayer and immediately he grasped the significance of what had happened, and he became very very excited and happy and thereafter tried to pump my hand off as he said thank you thank you thank you!
At this I felt such a sense of pride in what the Lord had accomplished and I got to take part. But I quickly repented and asked the Lord to forgive me.
---mima on 8/5/09

Hi, Leslie . . . interesting, how ones are interpreting this question > you haven't said anyone is misunderstanding God, but you have only *asked* if we do (o: I think of Isaiah 55:11 >

"'So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth,
. It shall not return to Me void,
. But it shall accomplish what I please,
. And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.'"

So, God guarantees His word "shall" do what *He* pleases.
This will be in *spite* of however we now might misunderstand God's word. As He corrects us (Hebrews 12:1-11), we discover His *love* meaning of each scripture, better than we can "interpret" (Ephesians 3:19) (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/5/09

Leslie. Come on. Don't run away like you did the last time you started a blog. How do YOU know your interpretation is God's interpretation? The fact is that 99% of every one on CN interpret Holy Scriptures themselves (they argue that they have the Holy Spirit so they don't need teachers.....anti-biblical) and most claim, like you, that is God's interpretation. Every one on CN believe they are 100% correct in there doctrinal beliefs (100% biblical). You are no different Leslie. The only differences is that you put down others here for not following God's interpretation (you did this to me) or rather your interpretation which you deemed to be God's interpretation. You want to talk about Pride? Really?

---Ignatius on 8/4/09

I was recently brought to understand that blind faith is often more poignant than a knowing faith which has seen. I sometimes forget that not all have seen the Kingdom, nor the key, for themselves. To them, a duty is owed: to serve All, as brothers and sisters in the Mystery,through a spirit of Love, and Truth, and Understanding. We each do the best we can where we each strive for the good of all. That is all I know.
---Emekmiyahu on 8/3/09

I have close Christian friends who have been walking with the Lord for over 30 years and they are STILL believing God for material things and they can't and won't and don't realize how selfish and self-centered they are being. God must because he hasn't answered any of their prayer requests in the 20 something years I've known these sisters.

Do you really think Christians will or can admit "Oh no, I'm not doing things God's ways." Oh yes, I know God intimately," They don't really and it saddens me.

Many are called, but FEW are chosen. The gate is narrow that leads to life and FEW are those who find it. Do you know how to prepare for being the Bride of Christ? Do you know the requirements Leslie?
---anon on 8/3/09

Interpretations are best when discussed with open minded Christians. However, there is a general rule of principles that rate concepts from the highest to the lowest. The highest scripture is what JESUS said in the NT. If someone tries to twist what anyone else in the Bible said to go against what JESUS directly said, then they are doing a disservice to the scripture. The other people are to clarify what Jesus said, not to twist it on it's head.

For example, the hardest one for me is the Love your enemies. Most people I talk to try and twist some other part of the Bible to go against that higher law of Jesus. There are no loopholes in the Bible and any attempt to loophole out of something is a "sleight of man" which is warned.
---stephen on 8/3/09

Until God shuts Satan down completely, we will be nagged by questions like: Is this scripture interpretation correct... am I being led by the Holy Spirit or by Satan? Our surest way to know God's will is being served is to ask IS IT LOVING? If our act is loving it is of God.
---Geraldine on 8/3/09

I guess it does!

There are a lot of ''christian's'' who are proud and behave that way towards others. I find a lot of them also interpret the bible according to their preacher and not the Bible. obviously they get things (scripturally,wrong) and cannot be persuaded because they believe everything they hear rather than what they read.
---Carla3939 on 8/3/09

The most important is we should be humble to ask God wisdom. Prayerful, Read, and willing to learn. Many understanding were not reveal to us since our hearts are not open to check the scriptures. Comparing scripture to scripture is very important. Observe how God used in other scriptures. For example if you check the word "Hell" it means death, grave or pit in King James version. Hell is not real that unsave will punished or tormented for-ever bec. it means "Death"
---ROSALIE on 8/2/09

"In life are you doing things your way, or God's way?"
I have submitted my will to His, therefore, trusting Him and His Word, I can boldly state that it is He who works through me, to will and to do that which is pleasing to Himself.
"Are you going by your interpretation of the Bible or God's?"
Neither I nor the Father interprets His Word. He means what He has said, and has said what He meant. It is for me to allow for my mind to be opened to understanding what has been said. My only teacher is His Spirit, and my only ability to receive understanding, is Christ in me.
"Are you claiming to know more than God?" Not possible.
However by His Grace I will come to Know Him, and He whom He has sent.
---joseph on 8/3/09

I understand God is much more and knows more than I do. So, any time I think I know what I'm doing, I can be worried, at the same time (o:

"For wisdom is better than rubies,
.And all the things one may desire
. . . cannot be compared with her." (Proverbs 8:11)
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/2/09

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This seems a strange question to me.

Who do you know who says, "Well my interpretation of the Bible is different from God's, so I'm going by MY interpretation?"

Many people say to another believer "Well, my interpretation is different from yours, so I'm going by mine."

The questioner sounds as if she always has the correct interpretation, whereas others might err. In this case she may not know more than God...but she apparently knows as much!
---Donna66 on 8/2/09

How do you know that your interpretation of the Bible is the same as God's, Leslie?

You're the one asking these questions to start with, so you should be willing to answer them for yourself.
---Cluny on 8/2/09

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