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How To Interpret Visions

I need help from someone who can interpret visions! I feel that the visions I have had over the past 2 years are very important, but I have never met anyone who can interpret them, if anyone has any idea what they mean, I would be truly grateful!

Moderator - Pray and fast for God to show you directly.

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 ---nicole on 8/5/09
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It is a sin to try to interpret visions.

It is like going to fortune tellers or read horoscopes.

They are all associated with the evil one.

Leviticus 19:31, 20:6,27
Deuteronomy 18:10-12
Micah 5:12
Isaiah 8:19
Acts 16:16-19
3 Jeremiah 10:2
1 Chronicles 10:13-14
Revelation 22:15
Daniel 2:27-28
2 Kings 21:6

Go to God
James 1:5 Proverbs 3:5-7
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/1/18

This person did not say DREAM, he states vision, I too have had visions I would like interpreted.... if u find out how to interpret an actual vision!!! Pls post info.. bc I have been wide awake not asleep no meds, no artificial drugs of any kind and have had a spiritual vision.
---Teresa_castillo on 4/1/18

nicole: God is the best interpreter of dreams. You can ask God in prayer to tell you the meaning of dreams that are relevant to your growth in Him & your life in general. Some dreams may not be relevant Isaiah 29: 8.
---Adetunji on 9/26/13

Hello, I had dreams,one reoccur down thru the yrs. I can not say if it is God or my own fears.. the trueknowledge only God knows. I used to get upset about it. I do not any longer. It was always SAME SCENE-
" me running to a hospital,view my daughter on her death bed.see myself, distrought in agony,tears..."

I told a few friends yrs. bk
they told me all kinds of stuff!
I quit worry about it.
had this dream since she was about 15 yrs. old. She is now 40.
Dr' claim do not expect me to live too,long,
God holds my life! He the only one who knows.. :) we live by faith not by sight. Jesus knows me, I'm His! :)
love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 9/24/13

from God yes you know . you stand obedient as if he were speaking to you while awake. your spirit knows Him the Father. dreams not always understood until they come to pass. my experience dreams come to pass with in a few months. and they are brought clear.
---laura on 9/22/13

when God gives you a dream, it comes to pass giving him glory. when he speaks to you in a dream you stand obedient as when he speaks to you while you are awake. automatic you respond with yes Father. I do not always understand dreams until they come to pass. no one else can tell me what they mean.
---laura on 9/22/13

Nicole, I know you are not around anymore but I will answer. Almost everyone has dreams and visions. I know of no one who does not. There is no way for anyone to say they come from God or not. There is no way to authenticate they are from God. Many people believe them, and will swear to them, but you have only their word for it. And the word of man is not reliable, they are sinners who fail all the time, unless it is the gospel Truth.
---Mark_V. on 7/29/13

The one who has the vision is the only one who should interpret it.
---jan4378 on 7/26/13
see daniel
---francis on 7/26/13

The one who has the vision is the only one who should interpret it.

Like dreams. God uses symbols unique to you. If anyone else interpreted it, they'd be using their symbolic interpretations which would right for them, but wrong for you.

Pray to God for him to give you the interpretation of your vision.
---jan4378 on 7/26/13

yeah, I ask my husband or daughter 'cause sometimes I don't understand them either. I wouldn't condemn myself if I didn't understand them though!
---Katy on 6/6/13

Yes, if they are from God you need not go to humans for explanations. Your personal relationship with the living God, trust Him.
---catherine on 8/21/09

Nicole,God began to give me prophetic dreams after I was saved at age 11. After being Baptised with Gift of the Holy Ghost at 22, he moved through me in prophetic spoken words,and unspoken visions I saw with the eye of the Spirit. Example, my best friend was Baptist,I had been sharing that the Baptism of Holy Ghost was separate from the salvation experience. One day I laid down to take a nap and while still awake I saw huge wide open eyes going around in a circle in the air. I was telling my friend and said I don't know who but someone is going to have their eyes opened. She said its me Darlene my eyes are opened and I know salvation and receiving the Baptism of HG are two different things. God is awesome!
---Darlene_1 on 8/20/09

I sooh agreed with the moderator...God said the dreams that are revealed to us belongs to us. And the secret things are for God:) I pray we both continue to ask Father in heaven for a direct interpretation of our dreams, like Daniel He did pray and fast continually..Father in Heaven help us for we are weak.

---e.theonewithin on 8/16/09

oh, i guess it didn't go through lol, okay i'll write it over again. The butterflies i now know represented me and my new life through Christ, and the vision of God with his eyes as white as fire and hair as white as snow was to show His glory, the vision of the snake eye looking at me was satan, and the vision that my friend had of me stomping on a snake was to represent my victory over satan through my life in Christ, the Skull represents hell and the 2 men fighting represented Jesus and Satan, and Jesus won, the Lion represents Gods victory over evil in the end, and the star shining i believe represents the new heaven and earth God will create. The angel appeared i believe to seal these visions up in my heart, i hope this makes sense now.
---nicole on 8/15/09

i really hope what i wrote in continuation yesterday went through, it really explains how i now know what my visions meant.
---nicole on 8/12/09

okay susieb, i do not attend bible college any longer, so i CANT tell my teachers what i have seen, ive been out of college for 2 years now, and i have seriously given prayer to the Lord, and i dont think that i should share my visions any longer, because they are revelations to me, and i dont appreciate people calling me a schizophrenic, jeepers, i HAVE spoken to people from school who have gifts of discernment who were there that night everything happened,and they know it was from the Lord, all i was hoping was that there would be more people here who could help a little bit more, im not nuts yeesh,
---nicole on 8/11/09

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Rod....Thanks. What concerns me is that she has not mentioned these "visions" to the staff at the Bible College. It seems if they were from the Lord, she would want to tell them first so they could help her understand them.
---SusieB on 8/8/09

anon, almost every angel that appeared to anyone in the bible were greeted with fear,thats why the angels response was fear not.
---tom2 on 8/8/09

I can interpret and vision dreams, but I need to know what the vision is
---Elayne on 8/8/09

What do you mean by their wings covering their heads? Does cover mean *over* . . . above their heads . . . or blocking your view of their faces, or something else, please? Even if it means you couldn't see their heads, this for me can mean how I need to have wings . . . of freedom that keep me from looking to my head . . . my own intelligence. So, I get something out of this for myself (o: But that whitish-green is different. *if* God gave this, what is there to learn from this? I can see green is the color of life, so the black is warring against what is pure (white) *and* what is of life (greenish).
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/8/09

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I think SusieB is on to something. I suggest finding a Christian Psychiatrist. That may be a challenge.
Also, find a group of believers that you can share with and pray with.
Question: Where is Jesus Christ in your life? I try to focus on first things first. Focus on Christ, then on other stuff.
---Rod on 8/8/09

Nicole, it could be your visions or dreams that you have been having is because you are not right with God. Maybe something you are doing you have accepted as right when to God it is wrong. It could be your own conscience because of some thing you are hiding from others. Many have sins that are so hidden that they have forgotten they have them.
Another thing it could be is that they are just visions with no value whatsoever. Maybe your mind reacting to something you saw or read somewhere. Another thing it could be it could be some evil spirit tormenting you because it does seem to be going on for a long time. I am sure if God wanted to convey something to you, you would have known a long time ago. God does not mess around. Just my thoughts.
---MarkV. on 8/7/09

When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water, they were afraid (Mark 6:49). And John fell down as dead when he saw Jesus, in Revelation 1:17. But I have a couple considerations > if you have a vision from the Lord, plenty of people may not understand, and we should be humble, not looking or talking down on anyone. And you have said about stomping Satan's head > Paul does say, "the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.," in Romans 16:20. But Jesus also says, "'Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.'" (Luke 10:20) Most of all, attention to God in His peace (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/7/09

nicole....What you are explaining can also be symptoms of schizophrenia.
---SusieB on 8/7/09

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Hi, Stephen . . . what I see here are visions that are not limited to prediction or commands. This one with the butterflies *flying* along her wall > the butterflies can be the born-again Christians who are beautiful and flying free of the world below. And the wall is the stability of the LORD, from above and also being so down-to-earth (o: And they stay with the LORD and what is stable and sure (o: They were wormy caterpillars, once, that chewed and destroyed, in order to eat, but have metamorphosed into butterflies who now sip sweeet nectar and help to pollinate so there is more life. And it is kind of hard for a snake to catch a flying butterfly (o: "He might look, but he can't touch" (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/7/09

Nicole I received the same message that---anon received. And while I was most reluctant to write down that message after---anon wrote I must agree. Please give yourself a close examination as pertains to whether you are entertaining good or bad angels.
---mima on 8/7/09

okay, this is a response to 2 people, bruceb, im sorry if i was offended by the other response, i wasnt really offended that he called me a weak christian, he can think that if he wants, i was mostly offended because from my perception he was coming off as arrogant, as if he were somehow a better person, and anon, the angels i saw were not visions, they were as real as can be, and i was both scared and awed by their beauty at the same time, but i was not ever at any point thinking they were evil, definitely not, i know they were from the lord, and no, i have never been involved in the occult, ive grown up in christianity my entire life, i became a christian when i was 4, baptised at 13.
---nicole on 8/7/09

o, and i must also say this, i can only have visions at night, i have never had a vision during the day, if that makes a difference.
---nicole on 8/7/09

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Nicole...Thank you for helping us understand where you are coming from a little better. Please understand that we are not being critical. It is difficult for weak Christians to discern some things. As you grow in the Lord, you will become stronger and understand why he used the term weak. We were all once weak until we went through the fire of experience. The visions appear to be more of an attack from Satan trying to keep you from growing in the Lord. How long have you been saved? Have you spoken with the leaders of your Bible college about these visions? You really should address these visions with one who is stronger in the Lord, especially one of the ministers there. The staff should be more experienced at handling this.
---SusieB on 8/7/09

okay, so i went and read some articles on the different kinds of visions a person can have, and i believe now that when i saw the angels, i must of been having what is called an "open vision", where you are aware of you surroundings and can see physical things but at the same time see spiritual things, and the spiritual realm and physical realm seem as one. It really seems the most logical to me,
---nicole on 8/7/09

nicole, I've been in the Lord for over 26 years and I can tell you it definitely sounds like satan is disguising himself as an angel of light. No way would Jesus appear to you in a vision and allow satan to be in that same vision. Why you ask? Because the bible tells us "satan disguises himself as an angel of light."

Especially since you say: I was so scared.
GOD's ANGELS wouldn't scare you if they were from the Lord. They would deliver the message to you, stay a while, and go. Since they covered their wings over their heads tells me that satan is disguising himself as an angel to scare you, to frighten you. Have you ever been involved in the occult? What's your background?
---anon on 8/7/09

Nicole, I find your sharing, here, inspiring and edifying and interesting. I read your Revelation scripture, with the part about the one who overcomes >

. "'He shall rule them with a rod of iron,
.. They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter's vessels'---

as I also have received from My Father," (Revelation 2:27)

I notice, here, how it says ones will be dashed to pieces . . . I now understand, by being smashed by that iron rod. So, with Jesus we shall bash Satan and his kingdom to bits, I now can see > Jesus came "that He might destroy the works of the devil," (in 1 John 3:8) and He includes us,
*now*, in doing this with Him.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/7/09

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You wrote to Steveng: "o, and i am definitely not a weak christian steveq, that really offended me that you would accuse someone of being a weak christian..."

How is it you are offended (you are a Christian, yes?), and why would you automatcally respond as though it were an accusation, rather than as though it were merely his perception of your position in Christ?
---BruceB on 8/7/09

o sorry, maybe i didnt explain thoroughly enough, i KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that my visions are from the Lord, I can feel it in my soul, hmm, I'll share some with you:

about 2 years ago they all began, after I started going to bible college,they are never dreams, for i am awake during the entire time,the first vision was of butterflies, they were flying along my wall, and then a gigantic snake eye was staring at me. It was moving, and I new that it was actually Lucifer staring straight at me. I ran down the hall to one of my roommates, and she prayed over me and said that she had a vision of me stomping on a snake.
---nicole on 8/6/09

I then went back to my room, and had another vision of the Lord, his eyes were like lightning and his hair was fire like white. i then had a vision of a great lion in front of me, and then of a great skull. 2 men began fighting in a great battle, and one fell, I thought of it as representing jesus and satan, and jesus won, and right afterwards a star shone in our room, and i saw black figures coming toward me and it terrified me, and i cried out to God to protect me and an Angel appeared in the middle of our room, i was so scared i felt like the shepherds in the field, he was so bright i could barely look at him, and his wings were enourmous. He did not say anything, he just stayed watch all night over us.
---nicole on 8/6/09

I just have this feeling in my heart that all of these visions were supposed to mean Revelation 2: 1-28, but i do not understand what that is supposed to mean. Every night now, I always have visions of 2 sides fighting one another, one is black and the other is whitish green, and i know that one is evil and one is of God, but I dont understand why it is happening above me. One other night I was so scared that i prayed to god to send angels to protect me, and 4 angels that looked like stone pillars appeared in the 4 corners of my room and covered their wings over their heads and stayed there all night.
---nicole on 8/6/09

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o, and i am definitely not a weak christian steveq, that really offended me that you would accuse someone of being a weak christian if they are just developing their spiritual gifts,peter attempted to walk on the water when jesus called him from the boat, and he lost faith and fell into the water, that does not mean he was a weak christian just because he lost faith for a moment.
---nicole on 8/6/09

There are two ways to get your dreams interpreted: one, by God the Father himself and, two, by someone else who God the Father sent to you.

When God gives a dream to someone, it's for a specific purpose that needed something done right away - save endtime prophesies. He wouldn't want you to wait two years to get them intepreted to have God's will acted upon quickly. A weak chrstian will undoubtedly not interpret his or her own dreams and God the Father will sent you someone to help out. But in the end, you are to perform whatever God was trying to contact you in the first place.
---Steveng on 8/6/09

Nicole...I have very vivid dreams. As soon as I wake up I know if they are from the Lord or or not. I also know what the Lord is trying to tell me. No one can teach anyone how to interpret dreams and visions. The gift of interpretation is given to the person from God. Don't let anyone fool you into going to someone who says he/she can teach you how to interpret dreams or visions. Only God can do that through his anointed.
---SusieB on 8/6/09

There is a guy by the name of John Paul Jackson. He is a Christian who does dream and vision interpretation, and teaches you how to do it yourself.
---Leslie on 8/6/09

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nicole, if God is giving you these visions, then only the Lord can and should interpret them for you.

Just ask Him, "Lord, what does this meean?" Then stay in His Word, read His word day and night (as much as you can) and the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you.

Another human being can't give you an interpretation of something God has given you in a vision UNLESS GOd reveals it to them. Has He?
---anon on 8/6/09

There are visions and dreams that people have shared with me, and I found they had scripture meditation meanings. And, like in reading a passage of the Bible, different ones can get blessed with different things. So, you might share one with us. Of course, here we can be tested by ones who would misrepresent, etc. > "Test all things, hold fast what is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21) But we are "members of one another" (Romans 12:5, Ephesians 4:25), "teaching and admonishing one another" (Colossians 3:16). So, we can share with each other. I might offer a meditational meaning, someone else a personal counseling interpretation, someone else prophetic can give a specific practical message.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/6/09

Nicole....It would help if we knew what one of the visions is.
---SusieB on 8/6/09

do you mean dreams?Joseph was Gods greatest imterpreter of dreams,But as the moderator has stated if they are of God he will let you know,or show you directly.some more time with him should be a revelation.
---tom2 on 8/6/09

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