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Catholic's Second Marriage

I'm a Catholic guy that bore a child out of wedlock and got separated. I met a single Christian woman (Evangelical), we've been dating for 3 years. Why is marriage not allowed for us in their church? Please differentiate this site's church and my girlfriend's? What are options for me to marry her?

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 ---Jonn on 8/11/09
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I believe that you did the right thing in refusing to give your ex-husband that letter.

What was he thinking?

That it's A-O.K. to depart from the family that he helped create? NOT!

My Catholic church would tell him to go back to HIS family. So would God.
---Sag on 8/14/09

Unfortunately, the Catholic church does not have the right to, nor can they, supersede God's word. There is NO SUCH thing as an annulment found anywhere in the Bible. It is something that the Catholic church thought up, not God, so it is worthless and has no merit in the sight of God. Also, an adulterer cannot remarry and then be forgiven while continuing in that adulterous marriage. Finally, an adulterer has to either reconcile with their spouse or remain unmarried. I believe that verses in Matthew and others show this.
---WaPa on 8/13/09

Actually, a divorced person can petition the Catholic Church for an anullment. My ex-husband asked me to write a letter for him so that he could do this and be married in the Catholic Church to the woman he left me for. I have children with him, yet he expected to do this. I did not write that letter.
---SusieB on 8/12/09

As others have pointed out. It is impossible to answer your question without letting us know which Protestant tradition your girlfriend is in. Although this may still be hard, as churches within a Protestant tradition (lets say Pentecostals) often do not have a set of rules regarding everything. Most of the time, it is in the discretion of the Pastor.

It may have something to do with you being a Catholic Christian, and she being a Evangelical Christian. Ask her Pastor.

---Ignatius on 8/12/09

secondly,Idont believe the catholic church recognizes any divorce,even for adultery.
---tom2 on 8/12/09

One thing is for sure:

You will get at least one person completely anonymous to you, a stranger howbeit but that person like everyone Else has a mission to help you scripturally as best as they can which is better than asking just anyone.

People on this site are here to help you, you don't know them and they don't know you and what best way not to have spoken your situation to a friend who then betrays your trust.
---Carla3939 on 8/12/09

John....This site has people who post from many denominations, but who are members of the "church" of Jesus Christ. Your girlfriend's church's pastor may not want to marry the two of you because you are a Catholic. What denomination is the church where you girlfriend attends? We cannot help you understand their doctrine if we don't know the denomination. You would probably be better off discussing her church's beliefs with her pastor instead of total strangers.
---SusieB on 8/11/09

Why don't you ask her Pastor why marriage is NOT allowed for you folks in THEIR would we know? What kind of church does she go to? Also, have you only been dating for three years or are you dating and sleeping together too? Because if you're living in fornication, that would be a reason why her church may not marry you. There are all kinds of questions to be asked here - I feel like this is a Dear Abby site lately.

Ask her Pastor about your options for you to marry her, he would know best, it's his church, right?
---anon on 8/11/09

Sir,if your r-catholic the first trin-church,there shouldn't be a marriage prob. Because, the evangelical's - bapt - luth - naz - presby - method etc trin-churches (not in precise order) are branched off away from r-catholocism. For r-catholocism started the trin-doctrinal teachings & is NOT scriptural according to God's Word. For r-catholocism has their own bible(Man-made teachings because of their idol graven-image worship & the such like). NOT God inspired.
---Lawrence on 8/11/09

So, now you have all these people to learn how to love > Jesus says,
"learn from Me" (see Matthew 11:28-30). You need to provide for your child, including being Christ's example of how to love and care for and relate with the mother. And we can't differentiate her church from this website, unless you tell us why they said your marriage is not allowed in her church. Have you been moral with her? Love does not have us just *using* people for what we want, then dumping them when we can't use them any more. Are you an example of how loving is "without complaining and disputing"? Please consider Philippians 2:14**-16***.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/11/09

Seems to me that if you really wanted to get married, you'd be asking your own pastor about being married in the Catholic Church.

And if you really wanted to know the answer about why your intended's church will not allow you to marry, you would ask the pastor there.
---Cluny on 8/11/09

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