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How To Find A Mate

How can you know the will of God in seeking a partner?

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 ---C_Wilson on 8/14/09
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Pray often for God to choose your mate. Wait for Him to answer. Don't choose for yourself. He will answer.
---Betty on 10/9/09

God will deal & talk to your heart. Praying with some fasting even will honor such.
---Lawrence on 9/18/09

Talking to a young man, as the conversation went, I was describing some of the things my wife does. Things like putting up a ceramic backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom tile, mowing the lawn, painting the house inside, taking the car to the mechanic, etc. He said, "Where can I get a wife like that?". I said, Son, bars and nightclubs are mostly for sport fishermen, they do that "catch and release" thing, you'll hardly pullup a keeper.
---Nana on 8/22/09

C_Wilson, Have you recognised when God communicated/directed to you before? If so or not, the Bible is filled with examples. You only have to ask God sincerely from your heart about anything that is lingering in your mind and HE will surely answer you back in HIS own way, He will choose how HE will communicate with you(it can be through other Christians as well)and you will be very sure HE has spoken with you. Make sure you pour your heart to Him (do not hold back anything nor assume you know how-to-do-it). Earthly techniques/advices will not give you the best mate.
---Adetunji on 8/21/09

I think "do not be unequally yoked" is the major directive.

Aside from that, I am not certain there is specifically exactly only ONE person that he has selected for us. We are called to stay with one person for a lifetime, but the searching process may include more than one valid option.
---obewan on 8/21/09

Trust your instinct for love, and he or she will make himself or herself revealed to you. Trust your divine inspiration for the feeling of absolute truth in you selecting your true mate for this earth, and the glory that lies beyond. Feel love, and you will receive love. Give, and get. Give, and take, and keep, and let go. And join in union with our Holy Father who will reciprocate by showing you the absolute truth of your mate.

---zachariah on 8/21/09

C W ,Personally I don't believe God runs a lonely hearts club,dating service , or match making service.
Do your homework,find your own mate,compatibility is the key!
Marriage is an exercise in compromise.
Are you a "controller"? then you have a problem right off the bat!
You are together by mutual consent, not by force.
Seeking the "Kingdom" together is the cement that binds..
You have to be "best friends" not bosses!
---1st_cliff on 8/20/09

a mate who lives in obidience to the word of God,Iam sorry to say in this life usually isn,t a priority,which sets us up for a fall.when we sow our relationship with looks,money,or any fleshly,or worldly priorities, we reap wordly relationships.A Godly man or woman is what we should be seeking,
---tom2 on 8/18/09

I'm trusting God to make me honest, so I will want and obey Him about if He wants me to marry. And check my own self, about if I am for real or not > never mind just checking out someone else (o: If I am selfish, this will connect me with an abuser or alcoholic or adulteress or arguer, etc. because I am not being real in love, myself. And I am in question, to say the least. So . . . if I want to be with a real woman . . . I need to become a real man (o: One thing I get is not to show what I think women want. God can do better than what Christian women may seem to want >

"For wisdom is better than rubies,
.And all the things one may desire
. . . . cannot be compared with her."
. . . . . . . . (Proverbs 8:11)
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/17/09

You ask God, "Is this YOUR will for my Life Lord?" And He will answer you.

Man, Woman, human beings cannot tell you what the will of God is for your life - only God can because it's HIS will, not man's.
---anon on 8/17/09

God wants someone who will love you and care about you for you. Someone who can grow as a person with you and help you grow as a person. I don't think that all matches are really "God" based...some people are looking for a doormat and other people are willing to be a doormat..they easily find each other in church, not saying all church people are the same, just saying. God wants marriages to stay together, right? So obviously He's going to find someone for you that is somewhat like you in the struggles that you have.
---amand6348 on 8/15/09

What could help the process, you should list core absolutes you must have in a mate and pray that God will bring that person to you. I'm single female and some of my core's are no males with STDs, herpes or AIDS and that he would appreciate end-time prophecies, he's not over 50 or under 35. I'd try not to get to trival or picky such as does he snore or keeps his nails clean, etc. I recite Psalms 37:4 & 5 for my mate and things I desire to come to pass in my life and that would please God. If there's anyone out there drop me a line, see my profile on this site, sandr4873.
---sandr4873 on 8/14/09

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