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How To Read The Bible

Where should I start reading in the Bible?

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 ---jamea5375 on 8/26/09
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While the whole Bible is written for you, as Paul says in Rom 15:4, it is not all written to you, as Peter says in Acts 2:23, 3:12, "ye men of Israel"
I would suggest you start reading what is written to you which is Paul's writing to the BOC. Starting in Romans.
---michael_e on 12/24/10

Well, God started me out in the OT. Actually I went into Gen. 1:1. Soon became bored. So, I started hunting all through the OT, and found some very exciting scriptures. It was difficult for me to put the Bible down. My focus was limited to about 20 minutes at a sitting. BUT, after a nice break I could NOT wait to get back into scriptures where I left OFF to see what happened. Ofcourse much later on, I could study for an hour or two no problem. I would also preach outloud while I would be studying, and I still do that. Can't seem to help myself!
---catherine on 9/7/09

We need to understand that when we came to Christ, we came because we believed in the gospel Truth already, that if we believed that we had sinned against God, and trusted in Christ works on the cross for our sins and His resurrection, we would be forgiven. Other then that we didn't know much about Scripture. The most important thing a new convert should do is to find out who God is, His nature and attributes. Find every passage that speaks about that topic and memorize them, for He never changes. Some great writers have put only the Attributes and Nature in books so that we can easly find them and read them. This way when we begin in Genesis we can make sure no passage we interpret goes against who God is. If it does, we have interpreted wrong.
---MarkV. on 9/7/09

Stevenq I do agree. The whole Bible is God's story and it begins at Genesis 1. If you want to understand it (like any book) you start at page one otherwise you miss the plot, and the point.

I once read this: The Old testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. I am quite sure God new the NT was on the way, right from the beginning.
---Warwick on 9/4/09

If you are not an avid reader, reading the KJV Genesis-Revelation might be daunting.

I personally love the KJV. I love the cadence and the style. That makes it easier to memorize than other versons IMO. I believe it is most accurate.
For those today, never exposed to old English, I'd recommend reading the KJV...but where the meaning isn't clear, a good modern translation (not paraphrase) can be referred to.
If you like history, start in the Old Testament. If you are looking for more more "spiritual" fare, the New Testament.

Even if you know the Bible, pretend you are reading it for the very first time.Expect to find out some fascinating things. Ask the Lord to bring out what He wants you to see.
---Donna66 on 9/3/09

As for the question at hand:

Would you read a 200 page novel starting from page 100? Has anyone been born at the age of 35? Do you begin building the walls of a house before the foundation? The OT will give a person the foundation. Without the foundation, the NT would just be another cult. It's always good to start from the beginning.

As for the language: I hear many, if not most, christians say that the KJV bible is difficult to read. Have you not gone to school and learned a second language? Besides, The old English is a more accurate language than the new English - even with the thees, thous, and yes.

And what about the Holy Spirit giving you the knowledge of understanding?
---Steveng on 9/3/09

King James version Bible. The Bible's first book, which is Genesis. Prayer, even Praying & fasting to ask God to help you to understand scriptures, & a good concordance really helps also.
I dont take much to the revised version Bibles because to much has been changed around even reworded. Just is Not the same.
---Lawrence on 9/3/09


You obviously did not read the Scripture I gave to you.

Where is your knowledge or do you simply want to fight?

Is Jesus, God, in your opinion? If Jesus is God, then worshipping God is worshipping both, Father and Son. There is no conflict and only one master, God.

If Jesus is not God, then we have a lot to talk about.
---Mark_Eaton on 9/1/09

Mark_Eaton: "Worship both."

Worship both? What does the bible say about worshipping two masters?
---Steveng on 9/1/09

Start with the Gospel of John. Then go to Matthew and Luke. Ephesians would be the next book I would read.

Get yourself a set of the Bible Knowledge Commentary. It's a 2 volume set that costs about $36.00 at CBD (Christian Book Distributors).

Get a notebook and make notes of what God reveals to you or what Scriptures speak to your heart. Highlight in yellor or orange or any color what scriptures speak to you.

Find out who you are in Christ Jesus. Read Romans, Ephesians, 1st and 2nd Corinthians and they will tell you.

Romans is the hardest to understand to new Christians. Acts is a wonderful book to read. It will show you many who got saved, how they got saved, how they got the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, etc.,
---anon on 8/31/09


My response to you would be "YES".

John 14:9 "Jesus said to him, Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father, how can you say, 'Show us the Father'?"

Worship both.
---Mark_Eaton on 8/28/09

Who are we to worship, Jesus or the Father?

Matthew 4:10
Luke 4:8
John 4:23-24
---Steveng on 8/27/09

If you are a new believer in Christ, I would suggest you get to know your Savior by reading either John or Luke.

In both of these books you will get to meet Jesus face to face, see His miracles, see His love, see His life, and see the price He paid for you.

Do not rush through your reading. Do not read even an entire chapter at one sitting. Read one section, one thought, one "scene" portrayed in the Scriptures. Then ponder it, try to think of what God wants you to understand about this "scene". Like you did in school when preparing a book report.

In my daily reading, I may only read one verse, but it may be so deep that I can think about it all day long.
---Mark_Eaton on 8/27/09

Hi, Jamea . . . you think the first two books of the Bible are the same stories told by a different person? If you mean Genesis and Exodus > I see that Exodus continues the record that starts in Genesis, and the first five books of the Bible are the Torah . . . the Jewish Canon scripture which they consider to be the Law of Moses. But there are indeed issues about if Moses himself was used to write every detail . . . like where it tells how Moses died. If he was dead when that was written . . . well, he could have been *inspired* to write the end of his own life (o: You can get sidetracked with questions like this. Most of all, get how God corrects you and feeds you wisdom, and uses scripture to have you learn how to love.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/27/09

Here are my suggestions:

1- First, read the Holy Gospels, particularly Saint Matthew's Gospel, and then Saint John's Gospel.
2- After reading the Holy Gospels, move on the Acts of the Holy Apostles, Saint Paul's Epistles, the Catholic Epistles, and the Book of Revelation (with carefulness, do not fall into many of today end-time heresies-Pre-Trib Rapture, etc).
3- Start reading the Old Testament, starting with Genesis.

Get yourself a good Bible (KJV with the Deuterocanonical Books and/or The Orthodox Study Bible) and the Septuagint for the OT (Brenton' Translation is timeless), since it was used more often by NT writers. Read the commentaries of prominent Holy Fathers of the Early Church (Saint John Chrysostom for instance).
---Ignatius on 8/26/09

Read the entire bible from beginning to end - without concordances, christian reference books and dictionaries, and without other people's opinions (e.i. authors and producers).

Read it through the eyes of a child and not your adult educated mind. Forget about reading the verse numbers because human tendency is to analyze and edit each verse as they are reading to find significance in every word they read. As you read, the Holy Spirit brings you to understanding (it's that small whisper you hear). Then walk and talk with God on the Sabbath (this is so to develop a personal relationship with him).

The Old Testament gives you a strong foundation in the christian lifestyle.
---Steveng on 8/26/09

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If you are to learn the Bible as the others said yes read it,but I don't think that is enough. Get a Bible which has references listed by the verses and run all those referencces as you read. That way you get a better understanding of what you are reading. It also leads you to study more of the Bible than just the verses you set out to read. You will find some verses or words references lead you back to the Old Testament and vice versa to New. Since the Old Testament is given as our School Master to bring us to the New,it is really good to see how they are connected. The Most importsnt thing is to pray for God to teach you His truth of the Bible. John 16:13 -when the Spirit of Truth-Holy Ghost is come he will guide you into all truth.
---Darlene_1 on 8/26/09

i started reading the bible at the start,but i thought the first two books were the same stories told by a different person?
---jamea5375 on 8/26/09

Hi, James . . . so you are in the United Kingdom . . . good to meet you . . . you might read the Gospel of John, using the three other Gospels as your commentary. And go one end to the other of the New Testament and go from one end of the Bible all the way through. Maybe do your Gospels, first, while also starting at the beginning of the Bible. It will all comment on everything else. I'd say be careful about spending much time in writings that are not the actual Bible. God can have you understanding things. And to have really Christian people > so we see how the Bible means to love > this has done me so much good > they are God's letter of love and how to love. And He in us is our example of how to be in love.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/26/09

Jamea: It's no mystery! Start reading the Bible from the beginning (the book of Genesis). Read the Bible from cover-to-cover like you would any other book.

As you read from Genesis-Revelation, in between, God the Holy Spirit will link what you've learned in previous books to what you're learning at various points of your study. What's key (essential) to your study of the Bible is your being led by the revelational teaching of God the Holy Spirit.

Many who read the Bible are led by their own misguided interpretations of what the Bible says because they selectively read & embrace only what they want to hear.

God bless & keep you on an unwavering course as you "begin" studying the Bible. :)
---Leon on 8/26/09

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I myself had that question then i started reading books that tell how Christians should be. My favorite is James short but sweet, Tells you exactly how to have faith through works, because you can't have faith with out works. Read James 2:14-26
---Barnabas on 8/26/09

If you are totally new to the Bible start with the Book of John in a modern translation in a simple English. Especially if you do not read well or English is a second language to you. Use a good quality study guide or commentary on the Book of John to help you with questions. Barkley's Two Volume study guide from the Daily Bible Study series is about the best you will find it is wordy but you will get the best explanations of the text.

I do not recommend the KJV or any derivative it as there is excessive textual corruption [2948 verses wrong] in just the New Testament. Use a Bible based on a Nestle-Aland Greek translation of the New Testament.
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/26/09

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