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Is Islam Non-Biblical

In an attempt to get a statement we can all agree upon please critique the following statement.--- "Islam is against the Gospel and Jesus Christ and wishes death to all Christians!!!--- is the above statement true or false?

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 ---mima on 9/3/09
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Blog Question: "Islam is against the Gospel and Jesus Christ and wishes death to all Christians!!!--- true or false?

Psalm 109. Sheep lost or otherwise can/should all pray deliverence concerning the muslim/imposter/error. Leader of goats.

NIV Psalms 109:8 May his days be few, may another take his place of leadership.

KJV Psalms 109:8 Let his days be few, and let another take his office.
14Let iniquity of his fathers be remembered with the LORD, let not the sin of his mother be blotted out.

---Trav on 11/20/09

Wayne-- call me "on the carpet"? for what?
I have nothing more to say.
---Donna66 on 9/10/09

Wayne, I don't get angry with you. I hardly get angry with anyone, but I do confess, only one person a long time ago I did get angry with, and I don't believe Donna wiches to discuss your challenges but maybe someone else will. I never read what you are talking about. You make this serious claims that you say no body wants to answer. Why don't you give us passages where Paul go against Jesus. And Paul against Peter.
You keep mentioning that everyone is wrong and you are right and why you use to be like us but now you are different because you now see the Truth. Yet, the Word of God is the Truth, and since you doubt Scripture how do you know you now have the Truth?
---MarkV. on 9/11/09

Donna66- Not interested, but why? Could it be because you cant answer the questions. I have found that typical christians get very angry when called on the carpet and they cant answer questions posed. I used to be that way myself when I believed as you. Dont say your sorry for sounding angry, I hold nothing against you. But when people who say they believe certain things such as the letters attributed to Paul, but cannot answer some very serious questions then there is a problem. This is eternal life we speak of , not some game. What if Im right, and you and others are following things that are against YHVH, have you thought of this? But to you and others, I could not possibly be right, huh.
---wayne on 9/10/09

Wayne -- You're the one with all the questions (and the answers)! I have no questions on this topic. Sorry for sounding angry, but I'm just not interested in your "challenge".
---Donna66 on 9/10/09

Donna66, MarkV,

As I said you havent explained it. Because you cant, period. You believe in something you cannot explain, yet use those very things you cannot explain to break the Torah. Bravo to christians every where, Im sure Yahushua is very proud of you both. So much for pauls saying about always being ready to give an answer to why you believe what you believe. And as a christian neither of you could even be honest about why you wont answer. And Donna your right, but the rabbit trail is yours and Marks, and it doesnt lead to anywhere good.
---wayne on 9/10/09

Nice try MarkV but its like beating your head against the wall-it feels better when you stop.
Some are more insterested in arguing than edification, entertaining pathetic diversions over whether its Yeshua or Christ or Jesus. You're points are well taken.
Anything other than the Gospel of Christ is a lie and that includes Islam, Animist, Wiccans and even the Watchtower and LTD's who add to the gospel.
I think Glenn with his references to the Quran itself ends all debate on whether the book is holy or a reflection of a holy God.
I am sure there are some Muslims who would never commit an overt act of violence but that and a cup of coffee will get you into hell.
---larry on 9/10/09

Donna66- one more thing for you, the anger you display is because of the fact that you cannot defend paul, nor can you explain why these sayings are attributed to him. So keep being angry, but make sure its directed to the proper place, yourself. You know that the examples I pointed out are truth, but your mind refuses to accept you and others like you have been lied to. So make sure thats the place of your anger.
---wayne on 9/10/09

MarkV- Thank you for your answer, at least you tried, but you still didnt answer any of the questions about Paul. I didnt make these questions up, I took them from his own letters. Should you not be able to explain why Paul said these things? Should you not be able to answer why Paul gives different versions of the vision he had? I know you do not like me, and feel Im an enemy of the faith, but at least I can look at these thing honestly. You who say the letters in question are inspired by YHVH are in reality placing all of this on YHVH. YHVH is not a Elohim of confussion. And seeing that you didnt answer, Im taking it as your just as confused about why Paul would say these things.
---wayne on 9/10/09

Wayne, what I would tell them is that they are crazy and looking to discredit the inspired word of God by trying to make it look as if Paul was not teaching the gospel Truth but Jesus was, Without no hermeutical evidence just their own bias opinions as to how they interpret Scripture. And that their agenda only gives evidence that they are not looking to find the Truth of Scripture but think they know what real truth is outside of Scripture.
---MarkV. on 9/10/09

Jenny your fiance is most likely a wonderful man. This does not change Koranic commands. Read those I quoted. Get hold of 'Islam and Terrorism' by Mark A Gabriel. Previously professor of Isalm at Cairo university and an Imam, a peaceful man who wondered why many Muslims are terrorists. He asked questions and was assaulted, stabbed, and gaoled and had to flee the country.

In Indonesia Christians are murdered, beaten and gaoled for being Christian. Two schoolgirls were beheaded for being Christian.

In parts of Indonesia Christians are forced to live under Sharia law.

In Malaysia it is illegal to leave Islam and become Christian.

Read 'Open Doors' literature and see how peaceful Islam is.
---Warwick on 9/10/09

Wayne --
Why should I run down all those rabbit trails? This is YOUR issue, not mine.

I don't care to prove or disprove anything to you. I don't feel any need to defend the apostle Paul for anything!

And it's not as if you've never before heard what I believe, or MarkV!

Sooo...How about if you quit trying to change me...and I won't try to change you, either.
That would satisfy ME just fine!
---Donna66 on 9/10/09

Donna66,MarkV- What would you tell someone who was thinking on becoming a christian,but asked you these same questions? Who brought up these same problems? I have posted these questions dozens of times and yet not one of you could explain them. To be honest if you try to explain them you would only have a very few choices 1 I dont know

2 someone tampered with scripture

3 paul was against Yahushua and YHVH

So lets see if you will explain.
---wayne on 9/10/09

Donna66,MarkV, and all who defend paul, I issue a challange: Since you defend paul so much for telling you to break Torah and violate Yahushua's own words explain all of the half truths of paul,

Explain the different versions of his visions

explain the out right statements of paul where he says he lies for YHVH's glory,

expalin these issues for me. But I highly doubt you will or can?????
---wayne on 9/10/09

Donna66- If you couldnt tell I was being just as sarcastic as you were. For the most part christians will continue to follow lies and deceptions. This is why Yahushua said will He find faith on the earth when He returns. Truth has been given, and those who claim to love Yahushua the most reject it as usual. What a shame. But I can tell, you defend the letters of paul but yet cannot answer as to why he said what he said, interesting. You claim to follow paul but yet cannot explain or answer serious questions.
---wayne on 9/10/09

Mima - true! Any creed that does not glorify Jesus Christ, and properly lead one to a saving knowledge of him as Lord and Savior, is the religion of Antichrist *1. A Christian is pro Christ *2, and anyone who is not saved is antichrist *3. It is the Lords desire that all would be saved *4.
p.s. Wayne have you read the question above. Please start another blog, and we could all respond.
*1 Isaiah 64:6-7, Matthew 7:18, John 10:7, 9, Romans 3:20-22, 6:20-21, 10:3, Ephesians 2:8-9.
*2 Matthew 7:13-14, John 10.
*3 1John 2:18, 22, 4:3, 2John 1:7.
*4 1Timothy 2:4-6, 2Peter 3:9, 15.
---Glenn on 9/10/09

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Wayne-- I should know by now that sarcasm doesn't transmit well in in
"sure that's convincing, really convincing" NOT!

Somebody has gone to a LOT of trouble to discredit the apostle Paul. Why? Pick, pick, pick -- some of the petty flaws in Paul's writing make me even more certain that it is genuine. Do you always tell something word for word the same every time?

SOMETHING caused Paul to turn 180 degrees from Christian murderer to Christ follower. And you don't understand what it was ....makes me wonder if you really know Jesus after all.

Go ahead and live by the traditions of the law. Observe whatever day(s) you choose. Your views really are interesting...but not acceptable to me!
---Donna66 on 9/10/09

MarkV- So when I tell you and others the truth about Yahushua being raised on the sabbath instead of sunday, and give the proof for mia ton sabbaton cannot mean first day of the week in Greek, but means on one of the regular sabbaths which proves scripture was changed and kills sunday,good friday, Im being Anti-christ? Even though I care enough to be called all of these names especially by you, because I love you and others enough to want you to keep the commandments and to believe what scripture really says. Whos more of the antichrist? The one who tells the truth, or the one who calls names to the one who tells the truth, and yet refuses to believe the truth and hence follows the pagan way?????
---wayne on 9/10/09

To---Jenny all Islamic people have the Koran has the book they follow. Read their book and you will be utterly amazed. You might even be influenced to find a different boyfriend!
---mima on 9/10/09

Wayne, it's not a mystery that many so call Christians are not Christians but tares. They honor Christ with their lips but not with their hearts. But what you've done is to take the side of Islam over Christianity. And Christianity is base on the gospel of Christ. The gospel of Christ consist of all teachings of Scripture. You divide Paul from Peter, or Paul from Christ. In fact saying that Scripture is not true but fabricated in many area's. You are not trying to help Christians. It is not to edify or help someone learn how to study or interpret Scripture. You want to put doubt in the minds of the believers with your agenda. Something that comes from the spirit of the antichrist. "The spirit of the antichrist is the spirit of error.
---MarkV. on 9/10/09

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Donna66- By joe your getting it! I started on this blog telling christians to look at their own religion and whats wrong with it before putting every other religion down. Islam teaches some vile things, but yet christianity in the form we have it today is vile in its paganism. Yahushua never quoted a pagan god, he spoke the words from His Father. John ,James,Peter,Jude always quoted Yahushua. But that which is attributed to Paul has so many quotes and errors its scary. He never quotes Yahushua, and when he quotes the Tanakh(Old Test) he quotes it wrong, and yet he is the one christians run to for permission to break the Torah. Do you see what Im saying.
---wayne on 9/9/09

Donna66- Heres another thing, why cant Paul get his vision right. He tells it different way each time,why? Should we listen to a man who cant tell his vision the same way each time. He calls the Gospel his Gospel, I thought it was Yahushua's Gospel. He says he caught people by trickery. Is this a true apostle who says these things???? I can go on and on. Believe it or not Im not the enemy MarkV trys to make me out to be. I just want people who love Yahushua to follow the straight and narrow path. Not the easy salvation of rome. Romean paganism is all through the New Test letters of Paul. They even changed the ressurection to sunday, I provided the Greek words and translation to prove it wrong.
---wayne on 9/9/09

My fiance is Islamic, and he does not wish death to any or all of the Christians in my family.

It really depends on which faction of Islam you are talking about, but mostly Islamic people do not wish such things. Certainly none of the many Islamic people I met in Indonesia or Malaysia have such wishes.

When I spoke of the primary importance of love, each Islamic person I conversed with agreed: love is what mostly counts.
---Jenny on 9/9/09

Wayne--I don't "get" it.
None of the quotes cited are from Jesus.
All from the Acts or the Epistles.

Does every word of scripture have to be so unique that no human ever before had a similar thought? If the idea was expressed elsewhere, does that make the Bible version "corrupt"? .
No less than 21 world religions express the equivalent of the "golden rule". i.e.

Buddhism :do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you. Mahabharata 5:1517
Hinduism Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful." Udana-Varga 5:18
Christ taught the same, did HE quote it? Christ's emphasis was that good should be done without a hope of good returned! Do you discount His word?
---Donna66 on 9/9/09

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OH, I see how you figure Jesus quoted a pagan,
>>>'Paul' quoted from the pagan 'Bacchae (IHS)': "I am yeshu notsry [I am jesus nazarene] whom thou persecutest: [it is] hard for thee to kick against the pricks" (Acts 22:8. 26:15 also Line 794 'Bacchae of Euripides')<<<<.

Paul quoted a pagan, the Greek playwright, Euripides, who quoted Jesus, 400 hundred years before Jesus was born.

Sure, that's convincing. Really convincing.
---Donna66 on 9/9/09

Rod- the point is this, YHVH said we are not to practice the way of the heathen, but yet the new test letters of Paul or letters attributed to him are full of paganism! And yet the letters of Paul are the only letters used to give an excuse for breaking the Torah and doing away with it. Alot of what is attributed to Paul is actually against the very words of Yahushua. Paul says the Torah is done away with according to christians, yet Yahushua himself says nothing shall pass from the Torah until heaven and earth pass. The last time I checked the heaven and earth are still here. So who do we follow? Paul or Yahushua?
---wayne on 9/9/09

I'm missing your point, wayne.
Whether the quotes you point out originated from other sources really are not important. The application of phrases apply to explaining Who the Living God is, and what people's response should be to Him. Such as when Paul pointed to the inscription to the "unknown God." He explained it. If we never used a phrase that had been used before, we wouldn't be able to converse. How do you know the mind of the NT writers to know that they are quoting other people? How do you know their intent?
Again, I don't understand your point or points. Are you trying to stir stuff up? Can you state your point in one sentence?
---Rod on 9/9/09

Donna66- Paul has Yahushua quoting a pagan god, do you not get this. This is what I have been saying, christians get proof of the paganism, proof of scripture being tampered with and they do not care. Paul or someone attributing this to Paul has him quoting pagans! YHVH told us not to follow or learn the way of the heathens, and then turns around and has His chosen Apostles quote the pagans??????? I dont think so. Wake up people, and see the truth.
---wayne on 9/9/09

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Donna66- Do you realize I can show you scriptures from the original Greek and Aramaic that would show you things such as the sunday ressurection is completely false! I can show you plenty of scriptures that have been corrupted so that scripture matches up with roman pagan beleif! I can show you just give the word. This is from the Greek, it kills sunday worship and good friday, youve been lied to:

John 20:1

Now, on one of the Sabbaths (mia ton sabbaton), Mary Magdalene is coming to the tomb in the morning, there being still darkness, and is observing the stone taken away from the door of the tomb.
---wayne on 9/9/09

What's wrong with Paul quoting well known Greeks and Romans? He was well-educated. If he quotes others on occasion does that mean he couldn't have been inspired? Jesus quoted the Old Testament. Modern preachers often quote well known theologians or other people of import.
Does that call their message into question?
---Donna66 on 9/9/09

\\ From Arastus "We (Christians) are his (Zeus) offspring"\\

Et reliqua.

As I've said before, the Gospel did not come in a vacuum, nor did the Apostles live in a bubble.

And just a side note: has anyone but me noticed that the words "zeus", "theos" and "deus" are etymologically related? Some have even said that "Jupiter" derives from "deus pater".
---Cluny on 9/9/09

From Arastus "We (Christians) are his (Zeus) offspring" (Acts 17:28)From Epimenides "god (Zeus) is not far from each one of us for in him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:27,28)From Epimenides "Cretans are always liars, evil brutes lazy gluttons(Titus 1:12)From Menander "Bad company corrupts good character" (1 Cor 15:33)From Hippolytus "The good that I would I do not, but the evil which I would not do, that I do" (Romans 7:19)From Terence "But if any widow has children or nephews, let them learn first to show piety at home" (1 Timothy 5:4)From Mahaparinibanasuta Buddhist scriptures "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" (Phillipians 2:12)
---wayne on 9/9/09

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False teachers are saying that a person can just add Jesus to their own traditions and religion. This is not true. A person must forsake all other teachings and adhere to Jesus and the Word of God alone.
---Sandra on 9/9/09

#1 john_camping- Did you know that alot of what is attributed to Paul was actually taken from other sources?

1Cor 13- is taken from the Essene gospel of peace word for word.

'Paul' quoted from the pagan 'Bacchae (IHS)': "I am yeshu notsry [I am jesus nazarene] whom thou persecutest: [it is] hard for thee to kick against the pricks" (Acts 22:8. 26:15 also Line 794 'Bacchae of Euripides').
---wayne on 9/9/09

Acts 10:42-43, Romans 1:16-22, 2Corinthians 4:3-4, Galatians 1:6-9, 2Thessalonians 1:8-9, Hebrews 3:18-4:11.
Qur'an Surah's 5:51, 8:39, 9:5, 9:29: 47:4 48:29 tells them to enslave or kill Christians. Surat attaubah 30 curses Christians for calling Jesus the son of God. Surah 5:72 says that those who believe Jesus, the son of Mary, is God are infidels and will go to Hell, and are not to be helped.
Note: Taqqiya allows a Muslim to lie, and Kitman to tell a half truth, for the cause of Islam.
---Glenn on 9/9/09

To All - First, I see most not all here, defending a religion in which paganism is rampant,and yet how many of you have actually started to research any of it. Im safe in saying none. I love the Eternal Father, and Yahushua His Son. But yet Im told not to put down christianity for that is bad. Now if you were defending the faith given to the saints I would respect that, but you do not. Plus Im told I think Im perfect without sin, thats your doctrine. Im a sinner and thank YHVH for Yahushua and His cross. Your the breakers of the Torah(law) and yet Im the bad one.
Camping- Most christians are decieved, Im trying to wake them up, but they deny without even looking in to it, are you the same as them?
---wayne on 9/9/09

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john_camping- I thank you for your candid comment. I dont condemn people for being deceived, but yet I am called an enemy of christ by the very people who will never look into anything to find truth. Yahushua states that until heaven and earth pass nothing from the Torah(law) will pass, well heaven and earth are still here. But MarkV and most here run to Paul and put his teachings above the one they call Lord. Even Peter said people twist Pauls words as the rest of the scriptures to their own destruction, and they do here for sure. So I will ask you, why does Paul tell his vision differently each time he tells it??? No one has answered this yet.
---wayne on 9/9/09

Brother Camping, I do not condemn Wayne. He has done that on his own with his words against the Faith. He is already under the curse. What other curse can one give that is worse then been lost? The curse of Adam.
Let me say that many are lost and all of them need salvation. But they don't go around trashing the gospel of Christ. Only those with an agenda do. In fact I have answered Wayne very kindly before, and his answers were always against the Faith.
Lets look at a person who doesn't believe in God. Many just don't believe which is where most people are at. But some put slogans against Christ, these people have a different agenda then those who just don't believe. We are called to defend the Faith.
---MarkV. on 9/9/09

A clear line of demarcation is being drawn between those taking part on this blog. And while I admit that the churches in Christianity have many areas that could be improved they still even at this time do not reject the Lord Jesus Christ. Personal insults to me are of no import. But to openly insult Christianity is not good. While I'm against Islam(and I have studied the Koran) I hesitate to insult Islam. It is my desire to expose Islam for it's false teachings.
---mima on 9/9/09

Mark.. Pray for a brother and bring them to the knoweledge.. You have condemned this man for what he has said.. and bring a curse on him... Are we not suppose to live in the Spirit? Let us look to the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy for our arrogence and ignornance.
Wayne.. we christians are suppose to worship in Spirit and in Truth.. If we believe something to be true and is not.. we have been decieved.. Don't be against us that we are decieved too..
All = The enemy is trying decieve the whole wolrd from what the truth is and that this world is passing away there is a curtain over our eyes...
The Lord Jesus Christ is Lord and all knees will bow and every tounge confess that he is Lord. Amen
---john_camping on 9/9/09

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Wayne, how do you know what God says and what is truth? You don't believe in Christianity at all. Where does that leave you? Outside the faith. Remember you said it is filled with paganism and corrupted. You also believe you are without sin, and everyone else is a sinner who break the laws of God, but not you. Which makes you a liar and as Scripture declares, the Truth is not in you. You already gave yourself away Wayne. You already told us who you are. Every time you answer, we will know the answer comes from someone who is not a genuine Christian but an opposer of the faith.
---MarkV. on 9/9/09

MarkV- We are told by John to walk the way Yahushuah walked. We know what this means. But yet you as a christian practice paganism openly, break the commandments openly, and still you think your saved. Yahushua says He laid down His life for His friends, who are His friends? His friends according to scripture are those who keep His Fathers commandments. Where does this leave you and those like you. Your lord is paul, not Yahushua. You live opposite what Yahushua lived. He says he will judge your works, never does He say He will judge your faith. Because by your works, your faith is known. Where does this leave you and those like you????
---wayne on 9/8/09

MarkV- Im glad your happy. But lets get things straight, Tell me what I said about the Gospel of Yahushua? I said the New Test was riddled with paganism and changes, not the Gospel. In fact I more then you believe the Gospel of Yahushua HaMashiach. And Im not here to please you or any man. So say what you like, but I find it funny how Im hated for the truth, a truth that is right infron of you, you just refuse to look.
---wayne on 9/8/09

Wayne, I am glad you exposed yourself to everyone where you stand concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This way when you answer, everyone will know you are not a Christian but an opposer of the Faith. Thank you for answering the way you did. From your first answers to me, I kind of thought you were not a part of the body of Christ. Just wasn't sure since I cannot read someone's heart. But your answers speak what is in your heart.
You can probably now change your name again, but you will always be expose because you cannot help saying what is in your heart and any genuine believer will know.
---MarkV. on 9/8/09

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MarkV- And I dont find it strange that you think christianity has the truth. You and millions of christians have been decieved so badly, just as muslims and jews have been. And the funny thing is even if I give you the proof, you wont accept it because of pride. The New Test is riddled with sayings of pagans, changed verses, so that you would believe exactly what you do right now. Your decieved and yet think your doing YHVH's will just as the radical muslims believe they are doing God's will. Your in the same boat as they are yet you think their boat is the only one sinking.....and you will say this until the water reaches your own neck.
---wayne on 9/8/09

Janze, my point is that murdering infidels is not immoral for Muslims, they are commanded to do so. See Surah 4:95,8:49,and 67, 9:123,47:4, for a few examples.

Conversely we Christians are forbidden to murder and told to love our enemies.

Have a read of 'Islam and Terrorism' by Mark a Gabriel, particularly chapter 5.
Muslims are not our enemy, Islam is, and Muslims are its victims. We must pray that they will come to know the saving truth of Jesus Christ.

As regards Americans murdering Americans does that occur because they follow Jesus' commands? No, the opposite.

As regards Muslim terrorists do they murder because they follow Muhammad's dictates? Yes.

Do you see the absolute difference?
---Warwick on 9/8/09

Jantze-->>>> IN ONE YEAR, more Americans are killed, in America, by Americans than by all the terrorists in the world in THIRTY YEARS!<<<<

Do you mean more Americans were killed in America than AMERICANS WERE KILLED by all the terrorists in the world.... Or more Americans were killed in America by Americans than ALL PEOPLE KILLED by terrorists in 30 yrs...please clarify.

If the first...well, probably more Brazilians are killed by Brazilians in Brazil than by terrorists too. Nothing strange there.

If the second....I really question your statistics! What is the source? Or maybe you need to define "terrorist". As far as the moral question, yes, of course, what is immoral for Muslims is immoral for Christians as well.
---Donna66 on 9/7/09

Warwick: Part #1

You may very well be right that I "need to take a grip on reality." However, if killing is immoral and wrong for the Muslims, it ought to be similarly wrong for the christians.

Here is a simple idea, in the last fifty years, who do you think have killed more civilians, the terrorists or the countries of the West, including America? To help you in the right direction, here is a fact: IN ONE YEAR, more Americans are killed, in America, by Americans than by all the terrorists in the world in THIRTY YEARS! Now, is that not something!
---Janze on 9/7/09

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Janze you write 'it is the christians who have consistently wage murderous war against the Muslim people.'

Only a blind person would not know that from its beginning Islam has been a religion which spreads by conquest. For some time almost all terrorism has been carried out by Muslims, following the dictates of the Koran.

Certainly 'Christians' have committed evil also, but are they following what Jesus commanded, in doing so?

I am sure you have the Crusades in mind though. I would not defend what the RCC did but in reality in fighting the Muslims in the 'Holy Land' the Crusaders were fighting the Muslims who were themselves invaders there.

You need to take a grip on reality.
---Warwick on 9/6/09

The question is straight forward. To disagree with the statement would answer it as fully as to agree. Why do you read into it what isn't there?
To the Muslim, Christians and Jews are both "people of the book". Jews and Muslims BOTH claim to be direct decendents of Abraham (true--see Biblical account of Abraham and Hagar)

When you state "it is the christians who have consistently wage murderous war against the Muslim people." you show that you lack knowledge of history. This idea is popularly and widely taught, but is largely propoganda. The truth is that followers of Islam have equally committed ghastly atrocities against Christians. It has been in no way a one-sided conflict.
---Donna66 on 9/6/09

If you know where Islam is coming from you know that they are a direct rebellion to Christianity. Hagar's child Ishmael and Sarah's son Issac. Sarah/ Abraham's disobedience he was told he would have a child but chose to sleep with his wife's handmaiden. A clear rebellion and consequence of God standing by his decision that we stay within the constraints of one wife from the beginning it was[...] so! Mat 19 on marriage.
It has been suggested it was the reason Diana had to die she was having an affair with a Muslim and would be bring the Monarchy into direct combat with Muslim beliefs making the future king blood sibling to a Muslim.
---Carla3939 on 9/6/09

in the end there is only one trueism
there are only two religions in this world
1. jeasus is the truth, the way and the life of a christian and no one comes to the father but by him.
2. the other is good works (what ever form of religon it takes}. all works of man are filthy rags and anti=christ(i.e. against christ,hate christ.)
---jerry on 9/5/09

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I have to agree with MarkV about the victim part. THEY don't get the chance to research or check into any religion, they don't have rights like we do. My husband and I lived in Saudi Arabia for 2 years. They are raised into Islam and that is all they know OR are ALLOWED to know.
---Barbara on 9/5/09

Wayne, I don't find it strange that you would speak for Islam and against Christianity. I have heard the many things you already say and trashing the Christian faith falls right up your alley. Muslims are victims of a false ideology, Christian's are not victims of a false ideology, the Christian faith is not false. If people are terrible it is because they are not a part of the true Christian faith. They might think they are a part of the body of Christ but they are not.
---MarkV. on 9/5/09

It does not seem that the statement was meant to generate insightful and constructive comments. The truth is although many unchristian christians may be inclined to believe that Muslims are against christianity, it is the christians who have consistently wage murderous war against the Muslim people.

Additionally, since some people seem to believe that the Muslims are ungodly because they do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah, would Judaism and the Jews be similarly categorized since they too do not accept Jesus as the Messiah?
---Janze on 9/5/09

Wayne the difference pointed out is not so much between Muslims and Christians but the differences between Islam and Christianity.

In this light Islam comes off badly as it is a book which commands death and violence against infidels and those who leave Islam. Conversely Jesus commands that we love even our enemies and do no violence against non-believers and those who leave Christianity.
---Warwick on 9/5/09

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Wayne- If you want to talk about what is wrong with Christianity, why don't you start a thread about that. There will be plenty of people who will contribute to that blog.

The topic here is Islam. Do we have to defend ALL OUR beliefs just to be part of the discussion?
---Donna66 on 9/4/09

larry- I havent missed the point, you just do not like the fact that christianity is being put in the spot light. Its easy to look at other religions and point out thier faults, but when yours are pointed out you dont like it. Islam doesnt believe Yahushua is God in the flesh, but yet the Apostles didnt believe that either. You believe it because the church has taught you this, plus the scriptures have been changed to fit the pagan god-man doctrines which rome believed in. You read into the scriptures the regurgitated beliefs of the church. Islam believes Yahushua is the Messhiach, hes coming back, born of a virgin, hes the word of God. Yet you hate them, but support jews who dont believe any of it....strange.
---wayne on 9/4/09

Cluny -- I took the question at at face value. You saw it as a rhetorical question. I read it as a true-false question.
---Donna66 on 9/4/09

Warwick is right and Wayne misses the point, its not about Christianity its about Christ - the only potentate and way to salvation.
Islam does not believe or teach that Christ is who he is and thus Islam is another and successful plan by Satan to mislead just enough to prevent even the most pious of spreading the gospel or worshiping him in spirit and truth.

Admittedly the fact the many Christians don't have their house in order is a distraction and hurts the corporate witness. However if you think the behavior of other Christians is an excuse before the father you have another thing coming.
---larry on 9/4/09

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Warwick on 9-3-09
Just googled and read Mark A.Gabriel Testimony.
Very Enlightening story.
Thanks for the info.
---char on 9/4/09

The stament is part true but mostly false.

Islam is does not follow the Bible. But not all Muslims wish or want to kill christians.

Since the question is is the stamtment true the answer must be no it is false.
---Samuel on 9/4/09

\\ Cluny---

What is Mima saying? I thought he was asking a QUESTION! What is your answer?
---Donna66 on 9/3/09\\

mima never asks questions. He makes statements disguised as rhetorical or leading questions.
---Cluny on 9/4/09

Warwick- Im not defending extreme Islam, but christianity has a lot to take a look at in its own yard. All of the religions have been hijacked. Sufi Muslims evan say orthodox Islam is not true Islam. Sufi Muslims translate the Quran quite differently and by thier translations Islam makes alot more sense. When christians can look and admit that they practice paganism then I would be more inclined to hear what they have to say, ya know.
---wayne on 9/4/09

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The answer to the question is TRUE.

Islam "hates" Israel and clearly wishes for it's disapperance, demise, etc.

Islam is against the Gospel, Jews and Christians, and God too.

The Bible clearly teaches that whoever doesn't acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is headed for the Lake of Fire. Uh, Oh!

Islam "blinds" it's followers to the truth and is just another false religion.

---Augie on 9/4/09

Wayne I agree we should take the beam out of our own eyes before we judge others. However to say that the Koran, and the Haddiths command violence against infidels is just a statement of fact. After reading 'Islam and Terrorism', by Mark A Gabriel (ex-Muslim) I have come to see Muslim's as the victims of Islam. I know a few who have become Christian and they are set free, and praise the Lord Jesus for that!
---Warwick on 9/3/09


Islam is definitely contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why? Islam does NOT recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

Instead, Islam teaches that Jesus Christ was only a "prophet" who didn't complete his work. Mohammed was sent to complete what Jesus Christ didn't. Thus, Mohammed is "revered" as the Messiah. Quite contrary to what Jesus Christ taught.

Whoever is a TRUE follower of Islam is COMMANDED, in the Koran, to "spread the word by the sword". That is why we saw the 9/11 terrorists, suicide bombers, etc. Islam teaches that they will go to heaven as Martyrs.

Your statement is 100% true.

---Sag on 9/3/09


What is Mima saying? I thought he was asking a QUESTION! What is your answer?
---Donna66 on 9/3/09

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The Quran teaches that Muslims should not be friends of Jews or Christians. It commands to kill them wherever they are found.

However, the majority of Muslims, though they may hear this from radical Imams, are not really interested in practicing it. And many are not much more familiar with the Quran than nominal Christians are with the Bible.

If you want to read the Quran for yourself, there is an English translation of the Quran on line. Just look for: Quran online.
---Donna66 on 9/3/09

Well, alert the media!

mima is saying nothing that Eastern Christians have not known all too well for centuries.
---Cluny on 9/3/09

I find it strange how christians who violate the commandments in Yahushua's Name, who practice pagan hoildays knowingly, can find whats wrong in every other religion. Why is that? Its been proven that the Bible has been tampered with and that alot of so called christians doctrines and beliefs are either pagan or are made up doctrines and yet every other religion is pointed out to be wrong. Remove the beam from your own eye, then you will be able to see clearly enough to remove the speck out of your brothers eye.
---wayne on 9/3/09

On a web-site I read where the islams believe that Jesus was just a prophet & did some mighty acts, but they deny that Jesus Christ is The Almighty God. Jesus Christ Is The Almighty God, 1st.Tim 3 v 16.
The islam's are in an up-roar because christians are putting Jesus above their god.
The islam's god allah, along with buddha's, hindu's etc god's Are dead. Even if they were alive they Will & WOULD be subject UNDER Jesus Christ The Only True & Living God. Again, The Only True & Living God !!
---Lawrence on 9/3/09

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Didn't Mohammed their Prophet officially say that Jesus did not die for our sins and rise from the dead? And it seems Moslems in general do not consider Jesus to be the Son of God who is God's way to Him and salvation. And Jesus' Sermon on the Mount talks about how to really love. So, only through Jesus we can find out how really to love > "learn from Me," He says, in Matthew 11:29. But ones do not say this and go by this. And Jesus says, "He who is not with Me is against Me," in Matthew 12:30. So, it's not just the Moslems, but many claiming to be Christians, who have not gotten with Jesus in order to find out how to love in their marriages, etc. This has had cruel consequences, "maybe" worse than being killed.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/3/09

First part true, second part false.

Mohammed, like Joseph Smith, claimed to be God's last prophet with God's last book.
These messianic yahoos show up every so often and unfortunately lead many astray.
---larry on 9/3/09

Mima ... I doubt if you will get a consensus ... there are those here who will maintain the truth of your statement.

But none of the Muslims whom I know wishes death to all Christians.
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/3/09

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