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Science Increases Faith

Has any scientific discoveries affected your belief/faith in God? (positively or negatively)

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 ---nancy on 9/3/09
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Archeologists are good. If I were younger, that is the field I would just love to go into. Fascinating it is!
---catherine on 9/7/09

//Has any scientific discoveries affected your belief/faith in God? (positively or negatively)

Scientific discoveries particularly in the arena of archeology have verified much that is in the Bible.

And scientific discovery has depicted there are connections between OT miracles and natural events. One being the parting of the water when Israel left Egypt while there are records of a huge earthquake in the Aegean Sea.

Another being earthquakes in other parts of the world that may have backed up the waters of the Jordan River when they crossed into the Promised land.

These scientific endeavors have rightfully forced correct interpretation of scripture on the church.
---lee on 9/7/09

To some Scripture is purely spiritual, about feelings, dissassociated from the real world.

However the Bible claims to be the Truth, from beginning to end, intimately associated with the real world, and intimately spiritual.

Quite often Christianity is presented to the world as a feelings-based spiritual experience. But many people want reality, wanting to know Christianity is ultimate Truth-see 1 Peter 3:15 'reasons.' Romans 1:20 says the creation is such strong evidence for the existence of the Biblical God, 'that men are without excuse.' Surely this tells us Scripture is about real things, things which really happened, happen, and will happen.

True science can give us insight into Gods creation. And praise God for that!
---Warwick on 9/4/09

Yes, the discovery of the parts of the atom and recent research into sub sub sub atomic particles has increased my faith.

The Bible says that the material world and things we see was "formed from things unseen".

I always love it when science validates the Bible and vice versa. However, I don't need to have science validate my faith. It is just a bonus when it does.
---obewan on 9/4/09

\\ I choose to believe God over scientific discoveries. What can scientists discover about God that isn't in His Word?\\

It is not the purpose of science to prove--or disprove--things about God.

Science is strictly about measuring and observing phenomena, and conclusions drawn from these data. God Himself is not among such factoids.

It's like trying to use the scientific method to prove a Beethoven symphony, or a beautiful work of art.

All the facts about frequencies of light or sound in these compositions and how they reflect and interact with our senses do not explain why they touch the heart. So it is with God.

Having said that, I've not seen ONE scientific discovery that disproves God.
---Cluny on 9/4/09

anon -- Scientists can discover nothing about God through science, only the intricacies of His creation....which HE gradually unfolds for our use and admiration.
---Donna66 on 9/4/09

I choose to believe God over scientific discoveries. What can scientists discover about God that isn't in His Word?
---anon on 9/4/09

Well, Alan, I might not care to believe every word of what scientists say (o:

Scientists develop psychological drugs, then decide they need to blame certain drugs for suicides, etc.??? This shows me they don't really know what they are doing . . . or seeing. If their drugs and theories and methods can not *cure* mental illnesses, then "possibly" they do not really understand what they are dealing with. Good diagnosis can have you understanding a problem so you can cure it, I'd say.

And I have read that there are researchers who fake results. But atheists don't throw out science because of such failing and faking, yet they use fake Christians as their reason to throw out God. So, *does* honest science really exist (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/4/09

Tom2 ... You are right to an extent ... but Nancy did ask if anyone's faith had been affected negatively.

I think that as science tells us more facts, some people may find it more difficult to have faith, particularly if they are told they must regard every single word of of the Bible as being literally accurate.

Atheists claim that science proves God does not exist ... BUT Science was given to us by God ... there is no need to be frightened by it, or reject it.

I find that science help me in my faith ... for the more I find out about our world (and the universe) and how it works & everything fits together, that is constantly providing me with more and more proof of the greatness & power of God.
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/4/09

Reading the word of God itself builds my faith in God. However the discoveries of true science confirm the truth of God's word, and do not undermine it.

We are children of faith however it is not blind faith as Romans 1:20 shows. Via this Scripture we are told the physical world around us, the creation, points to God, so obviously that- 'men are without excuse.'

I see the discoveries of the scientific method (as oppoesed to scientific philosophies) are no more than humans discovering the things which God obviously already knows.
---Warwick on 9/3/09

Why only informations on scentific discoveries will affect beleif/faith positively or negatively. All informations of different kinds may affetct the beleif systems.
Even informations such as christians in USA or Europe are selling their old historical church properties irresponsibly may sound awkward and silly to many christians.
---rajib_das on 9/3/09

nancy,it is hearing gods word that builds faith.It is believing that word,not science,or what man discovers about the physical reality we live in.
---tom2 on 9/3/09

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