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Christian Radio Show Name

You are invited to suggest a name for a 15 minute radio program to be started in the near future. Basically this program will be made up of on the spot interviews about the Bible. Your suggestions please.

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 ---mima on 9/10/09
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Well, you better know the Bible, well! Okay a name/"simply the Bible". Mabe they will ask you simple questions!
---catherine on 10/23/09

The program is called" Bible Talk". Second programm will air Sunday.
First Sunday was about strange events recorded in the Bible.
This coming Sunday is entitled "grace verse worka"

After naming the program I remain open to suggestions for subjects for each Sunday.
---mima on 10/23/09

Here's a goody, 'Truth or Consequences'. Tell the Truth or suffer the consequences of Not telling the Truth.
---Lawrence on 10/2/09

---Trish9863 and---Geraldine-- I could call it" is the Bible controversial" thereby combining both of your suggestions.
Today it is raining here and so I'm not witnessing at the fair.
Yesterday at the fair I spoke with a Jehovah witness this person was very very intelligent, very coherent, and nothing I said impressed her until I finally said "my heart is crying over you" immediately she began begin to giving credence. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit turns her around!!! Yesterday at the fair was very slow after a heavy Sunday prayed with just 25 people yesterday.
---mima on 9/15/09

Mima: Will your questions be anything like the ones you ask here? If so, what about, "The Bible and the Controversial."
---Trish9863 on 9/14/09

Maybe "Is The Bible Reliable?"
---Geraldine on 9/11/09

How about, "The Mima Show on the Air!"

As opposed to the Mima Show on these blogs.
---Cluny on 9/10/09

---Donna66 years you have Come up with a wonderful idea. The program could have a certain name but each weekly segment could have a different question. Now that's a great idea and I will give it much consideration.
My friend and I already have one radio program going. But in my desire to support the station(I once had a radio program that ran for five years) I'm thinking about starting a program where I would be solely responsible both financially and content wise. Again thanks Donna.
---mima on 9/10/09

Mima -- What a great idea! Wish I could think of a snappy title. All I can think of is: "What Does the Bible say about...?" (you fill in a different topic each broadcast).Or how about simply "Is it in the Bible?"

A lot of non-believers are actually curious about the Bible... but don't want a long sermon in response to simple questions.
---Donna66 on 9/10/09

---wivv thanks very much for your reply. I also like your suggestion "Your opinion, Please", as a name for the show. Yes it will be a Christian radio station. In fact this little program is one of the ways of supporting the radio station. I would basically be outside but with very little background noise. Also our fares are beginning to start and I will pick up many interviews from them.
It has been my experience that when you ask people what I must do to go to heaven most will give you an earful because the vast majority have no idea of the correct answer.
---mima on 9/10/09

The name of the program will depend on your audience and rather it's going to be boradcast on a or Chritian station. Here are a few suggestions: "Your opinion, Please", "You and the Bible", "Is the Bible Real?" Doing on the spot interviews takes much planning. I edited a tape for a pastor once who tried this, and edited out most of it. He asked his questions in such a way the answer given in response was shorter than the questions. He also made the mistake of doing the interviews in busy traffic intersections because he wanted the background noise which was another big mistake. (My BS work was in Radio & TV Productin.)
---wivv on 9/10/09

In the world we are living in today, the best name for a show is "BE A BEREAN", Acts 17:11.
---Rob on 9/10/09

---anon I like your suggestions. Certainly you're correct if we keep Bible in the title of the program it automatically identifies the subject. Because I have trouble walking it is my intentions to just set up a small table with a sign stating radio interviews for-- and the name of the program.
---mima on 9/10/09

What does that mean on the spot interviews?

Does that mean radio listeners will call in to interview you or someone?

Does it mean that you are going to have a guest that you will interview?

Can they ask questions? The radio listeners.

How about Bible Interviews. OR Let's Do Bible. If you keep the word Bible in the title, the audience will know what the subject matter is. In other words, it's not about football or sports, etc., it's about Bible. How about Bible Radio Show.
---anon on 9/10/09

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