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Lord's Name In Vain

What is considered "taking the Lord's name in vain?" I thought it was using it to curse, but was recently told it's saying things like "God will punish you for that." Can someone explain please?

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 ---Nan on 9/14/09
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Catherine--you might have been a little less general in stating, Any person using God's name other than the saved ones, are using God's name in vain

Don't you think a teacher of ancient history, though he isn't a Christian, can use God's name, or the name of Jesus, respectfully? Can a non-Christian ask questions about God or Jesus by name, without it being "sin"?

The thought behind the words is surely more important than the person who speaks them.
---Donna66 on 2/9/10


You wrote: "Any person using God's name other than the saved ones, are using God's name in vain."

How do you reconcile your statement with this following verse...

Ro 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

The "unsaved" gotta use the name of the Lord to call upon Him. I also gotta believe it's not in vain... or none of us would be "saved".

BTW: Just a suggestion... you might be a tad more careful with proclamations of "guilt".
---BruceB on 2/8/10

"God will punish you for that" isn't, if given in correct context. God's name in vain....Any person using God's name other than the saved ones, are using God's name in vain. How many on here are guilty of this GREAT SIN?
---catherine on 2/8/10

Pr 30:7 Two things have I required of thee, deny me them not before I die:
8 Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches, feed me with food convenient for me:
9 Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the LORD? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain.

Ya gotta wonder what that last verse means: don't ya? I don't think it has anything to do with cursing while at the same time, snaggin' somebody's goods.

"Thou shalt not take..." In Ex 20:7, take [Heb: nasa'] means to bear... or to carry or take up. In Pr 30:9, "take" means to lay hold of. Perhaps falsely: by theft?

Just some thoughts for consideration.
---BruceB on 2/6/10


Rev 22:20 ..... Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
---jerry6593 on 10/3/09

Donna66, how true, people can be so wrong and so cruel to each other. God's patience with sinners may seem like God's neglect to protect the innocent. How long O' Lord before you act, we cry to you day and night for your help and restoration and your protection, and still you let the wolf eat us your sheep. Come O' Lord, Maranatha Come! Please! Come! God Speed Come! A-men Come and avenge us of our adversary, we pray, in Jesus Come.
---Eloy on 10/3/09

Not only is curing using God's name in vain, but also something like telling somebody you will pray for them when you wont.
---Kelly on 9/27/09

Jerry6593 -- Exactly what I was thinking. (In fact I started to write something similar and then didn't post it). Where class envy is not fomented, police professionals (though they aren't perfect)
are trained to follow their
job descriptions regardless of who requests their service.
---Donna66 on 9/25/09

Alan: What worthless police you have! I thought it was the job of the police to protect the lives and property of the citizens. This is the answer to the question "What's wrong with socialism?" It breeds class envy (biblically, coveteousness), just like Marx expected in his "class warfare" model, and our Obama espoused in his "spread the wealth around" comment. I guess you guys in the UK have had it for a long time - what with Robin Hood and all.
---jerry6593 on 9/25/09

Alan of UK -- This attitude is becoming more common in the US, too. If you appear to have any wealth (no matter the circumstances) it's assumed you must have gained it dishonestly and/or been "greedy" to keep it.
Small-minded people resent you without knowing anything about you.
---Donna66 on 9/24/09

Betty, thank you. Yes, this world is getting darker and darker, but my consolation is, "I am one day closer to the end. They can take everything else away from me, but this one thing they cannot touch, each day that passes I am getting one more day closer to the end from leaving this wicked and horrible and world filled with rotten and condemned people.
---Eloy on 9/24/09

Alan, sorry to hear about your daughter's burglary. My li'l sister says that I should take responsibility for being robbed, I said I am not reponsible for being robbed, the robber is! Why should I a law-abiding citizen be responsible for needing to put bars and locks and alarms on our homes in order to keep the guilty criminals away from us, when this is supposed to be a free Christian country? What about the robber's responsibility for not breaking and violating the law and breaking into and robbing things that do not belong to them? What about the neglegent cops and bystanders who do nothing to stop the offenders nor help the victims, what abouyt their responsibility? Their Judgments are coming, well-deserved.
---Eloy on 9/24/09

Eloy ... Some years ago, whilst I was away from home, my daughter no 3 came home to find the house broken into. She phoned the police, but did not go upstairs for fear the intruders were still in the house.

When the 2 police arrived, they sneered at her, saying "if yuo live in a big house like this, you served yuo right that you should be burgled"

(The house is big 'cos my wife & I brought up 4 daughters in it, and provided acommodation for two grandparents)

And they would not go upstairs with her to check the house was empty.
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/23/09

Eloy- You're right about this apathetic world. Sorry to hear of your troubles. May God lift you out of them and bring you to a fine understanding of His love.
---Betty on 9/23/09

Alan and a Well Wisher, Thank you for praying. When I told the people in charge about my wallet being stolen, they all just stood around and did nothing. And one girl smiling I heard who did not have any care of this happening, say inside of herself that, she was just glad that it was not her. The police are also apathetic. Should a person scream out for desperate help in the neighborhood, and all the residents turn their volumns up on their televisions in order to drown out the person screaming for help? What stony hearts are in people today. Surely in that day I will say to them, "Depart from me all you cursed into everlasting hell fire prepared for the devil and his angels, for I Never knew you. And you did Nothing for me."
---Eloy on 9/23/09

Eloy ... I am sorry to hear of your cancer & the difficulties brought on by the treatment. I hope others will join me in praying for you.

Burglars, even vandalising ones, are verywhere, and I have suffered from them. Damage to you car is even worse when you do it yourself (as I did recently, backing through my drive-way gates. And loss of wallet is just as bad if you just lose it!

These thngis have all come together for yuo ... but don't let them get you down!
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/23/09

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ELOY:- i AM SORRY TO HEAR OF YOUR PLIGHT.USE ALL YOUR TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS AS STEPPING STONES TO PERFECTION. Taking the Lords name in VAIN is using His name indiscriminately without reason as a general practice without cause, & in a disrespectful manner.Hence the commaandment.
---A_well_wisher on 9/22/09

Alan, Thanks Alan, I am going through another Jobe experience, where when it rains it pours. My home was burglarized by animals, and I have undergone some surgeries for cancer which is producing some difficulties, and my car was backed into in the parking lot at work, and my wallet was stolen yesterday, and so I have been somewhat incompacitated for a while. Nevertheless, as his eye is on the sparrow, so his eye is also upon me. The Almighty Lord is with me, and I know that the All-Seeing eye will have his perfect vengeance.
---Eloy on 9/22/09


Where you been?
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/22/09

Taking the Lord's name in vain is dissing him. We are to give honor where honor is due, and he is proven to be worthy of all worship and acceptation. It is misjudging and speaking derogatory in wrongly saying Jesus is a loser sinner like all sinners (wrong-doers), when in fact he is a holy man and sinless saint (well-doer) doing God's work: this calls the innocent guilty. When Jesus' holy name is maligned, it brings his judgment down upon that foolish flesh. And if anyone blasphemes the Holy Spirit, they will not receive forgivenness in this lifetime nor in that to come. Our Lord's name, Jesus, should be taken seriously and not in vain. He is holy and went to the death for each soul that will receive his personal sacrifice for themselves.
---Eloy on 9/21/09

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joseph has it correct,it has everything to do with how we walk in God's authority. The Hebrew word "shem," which we define in English as "name," means more than just name in Hebrew. It is representative, in this case, of God's power and authority, his character, his attributes. When we take his name in vain (vain means to make of no worth or useless). So when we take his shem (name) in vain, we are making his authority and power of no value. An example? A prophet can say "thus says the Lord" and then tell us what will come to pass. But if that prophet doesn't speak according to God's authority, he is taking his name in vain, and that thing he spoke will not come to pass!
---Ken_Rank on 9/21/09

Exodus 20:7 & Deuteronomy 5:11.
This means to take his name lightly, or to falsely swear - Leviticus 19:12, Exodus 20:16, especially while taking an oath, to preach lies and false doctrine - Matthew 7:15, John 8:44, 2Peter 2:1, to tell an untruth about the character of God (blasphemy) - Matthew 12:31-32, Acts 7:51, to mention his name without proper reverence (which most unbelievers do) - Leviticus 24:11, to utter imprecations that are against Gods will, and in speaking profane and obscene words.
Matthew 12:36 - idle word, Romans 14:19, 1Corinthians 6:12, 20 - glorify, Ephesians 4:29 - corrupt communication, 5:4 (!), 1Thessalonians 5:22 - abstain, and Proverbs 15:4 / James 1:26 - the tongue.
---Glenn on 9/21/09

Cursing ( as in giving a curse), cussing, swearing false oaths ( as in court), lying to each other with God as your witness or I swear to God I didn't do it when you did.
---Betty on 9/21/09

Cluny-- There is a Biblical reason for Christians praying "in Jesus' name"
Jhn 16:23 And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give [it] you.

But it has become a habitual, and sometimes thoughtless, addition to a prayer. It can be as reflexive as praying the Rosary is for some.

I'm not against talking about God in a casual, but respectful way.
BUT I don't like the expression, OMG, especially as used by young people who scarcely even believe in God! My dislike must somehow show on my face because I've known several people who stopped in mid-phrase when I'm with them.
To me this IS using the name of the Lord in vain!
---Donna66 on 9/20/09

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Using the name of God for an untrue cause or using it to deceive others is also using the name of the Lord in vain.
---Adetunji on 9/20/09

"What is considered "taking the Lord's name in vain?"
Acknowledging and accepting the authority of our LORD and putting it to no useful or constructive purpose within the kingdom of God.
The parable of the talents illustrates it. Specifically Mat. 25:25.
"So I was afraid and went out and hid your talent in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you."
The authority and character of Jesus we have been blessed to possess is meant to be shared in the mist of a lost and dying world. Not to allow our light to shine, that men may glorify our Father in heaven, is to receive that light vain.
---josef on 9/18/09

I did a study on this about a year ago. My findings surprised me, so I don't expect anyone to just accept them. First, Lord and God are not names, they are titles. Remember, when scripture says, "whose name is the LORD," the all caps LORD is used in replace of his name.

Shem, the Hebrew word for name means more than just name. It also reveals the character, authority, and attributes of the name holder. Cutting to the chase, we can profane God's name when we are disobedient to God's will. We take his name in vain when we make his name (authority) of no value, degrade it. Words don't do that as much as actions, or lack of them.

Saying GD isn't good, but it isn't taking his name in vain, God is not his name.

---Ken_Rank on 9/15/09

"OMG" is definitely taking God's name in vain.
---mima on 9/15/09

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In 1987, the televangelist Oral Roberts claimed that GOD had spoken to him with orders to raise $8 million by a certain date or GOD would take Oral Roberts home. GOD would never kill someone for worldly wealth.

Hmmm. Was Oral Roberts "crazy" or what?

Oral Roberts did collect his $8 million and wasn't called home. His claims were clearly not from GOD, but from the devil.

This was one of the biggest examples of BLASPHEMY and taking the Lord's name "in vain". Using the Lord's name to get attention or something else.

I'm surprised that GOD didn't send "Fire and Brimstone" upon Oral Roberts for insulting GOD like that.
---Sag on 9/14/09

The Lords name is full of power and we as believers in him have been given the power of attorney to use that name. The word vain is translated from the word shav' meaning desolating, evil, uselessness. Do not use the Lords name in a desolating, evil or useless manner. His name is Holy and is to be respected and held in high regard.
---caughtup on 9/14/09

something I hear alot is people saying "OMG"
over things that mean nothing. people back when I was a kid would say "oh my goodness"
now this generation and even some of the older people use this. "OMG"
What do you all think about that saying? Is that taking God's name in vain?
---wayne on 9/14/09

I think using the dread Name above all names, namely "in the Name of Jesus!" as a magic charm to get what you want out of God is taking His Name in vain.
---Cluny on 9/14/09

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Never heard of that definition before. Though I wonder what God thinks about people telling other people what He will do when he says that his ways and thoughts are above ours.
---amand6348 on 9/14/09

Using God's name in vain is not only saying G-D D---, or Je-us Ch--st as cuss words, but also when you speak blasphmey (things about God that the Bible does not say).
---Leslie on 9/14/09

Taking the Lord's name in vain technically means not to invoke the name of the Lord when swearing an oath frivolously, or an oath you don't mean to keep. Jesus taught that people shouldn't swear oaths at all, thus making the commandment merely academic.
---mugwump on 9/14/09

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