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How Has Your Life Changed

If you are a born-again Christian, what transformings or improvements have you noticed in your personal life since the beginning of your new birth.

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 ---Eloy on 9/22/09
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In December 1995 I met someone who told me i could have the same experience as the disciples had At the time i was not a believer but i was curious about the Bible and what it was about and whether there was a God I had no idea where Jesus fitted into the story. After meetin a few more people who were excited about their experience I decided i wanted it too.
They arranged for me to get baptised but before that a pastor took me aside and prayed with me. As far as i can remember it was the first time i had prayed in my life
Within 2 minutes I was speaking in tongues at that point I knew God was real and that the Bible was true I had a sense of euphoria that lasted for weeks I felt Gods love come into my life and I couldn't stop smiling
---Rodney on 12/7/09

Testimony part2
At that point I felt a desire to read the Bible, Pray , Go to Church, Hang out with other Christians and even tell others about how awesome God was for filling me with the Holy Spirit. None of these things held any interest to me prior to that

I learnt about Jesus and began to understand how was all because of Him His name was no longer a swear word but the name of a friend.
I still love the Lord I love preaching His Gospel I pray everyday and read the Bible most days. Jesus has blessed my life I am now married my wife and Kids have the Holy Spirit complete with speaking in tongues and all the other benefits
We are looking forward to His return when His glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea
---Rodney on 12/7/09

kimbe777, Hallelujah! Changed lives is what this is all about, New lives for old, a New creation in Christ Jesus, old things are passed away, and now all things are become new. Hallelujah! It is evidenced that God is really working in your life. Continue to draw near to him, and I promise that Jesus will continue to draw near to you, changing you from glory up to glory. The old person will decrease, and Jesus will increase.
---Eloy on 9/23/09

the apostles lives were filled with persecution,and jesus actually never promised better lives,he promised salvation for the spirit,yes he promised peace,rest,joy,and knowing God.
---tom2 on 9/23/09

Since becoming a Christian my life has changed in many ways. When they started out the changes were very sublte. God worked me from the inside out. I used to be very intolerant, emotionally bankrupt, short tempered, self centered, & explosive. In 4 years my demeanor has softened, I am more compassionate, more understanding, calmer & more caring of the other people in my life, my church & my community. James 4:10 "Humble yourselves before the Lord & he will lift you up". That is what I did & He changed me.
---kimbe7777 on 9/22/09

shirley and susieB and Bill_bila, You each have undergone real transformations through God's Holy Spirit power. I encourage each of you to continue to offer up your selves completely to Jesus in your prayers and in thankfulness for what he is doing in your lives, and ask him to continue to perform that good thing he began in you, even up to the day of Jesus Christ. Jesus is good, he is always good, and he wants the very very very best for each of you. Let the potter have complete control over his clay, to mold you and to make you into that holy thing which brings him joy and pleasure. Pray without ceasing, worship him in thankfulness, and read your Holy Bibles where you will find great blessings for each of you.
---Eloy on 9/22/09

As a new creation in Christ, I am blessed in the confidence that in the end the whole creation will be reconciled to God, and I am part of that. It gives me great peace and joy.
---mugwump on 9/22/09

I am literally like a brand new person.I've been saved for 28 years now but when I was saved my friends instantly saw it.Like the one I would have called the least like a Christian at that time at work after only 2 hours said what happened to you? did you get religion or something? Everyone I worked with at that time was born again within a year and faithful in church except for 2.So too many changes were apparent for me to go into detail about.
---shirley on 9/22/09

My mind is focused on Jesus instead of the person I used to be. I want to do the work of the Lord for HIM instead of doing things for myself. I want to spread HIS gospel so that others can know the joy and happiness JESUS can bring. The world I used to be in offers nothing. JESUS offers everything.
---SusieB on 9/22/09

First cam seeing how I need to look at myself and what the Bible and Christians had to say about how I needed to love. I had been a religious loner and loser. Then I lived out with Boston's street homeless and walked south visiting different churches > this developed my social life a lot and gave me a chance to meet different beautiful saints of God so I could see how I need to relate in love. After my mother died, I turned loose where she lived and on the Net, discovering ladies with backgrounds that gave me a crash course on how others have been living while I was loning it. Now, it's about getting into pleasing God and loving all others in His love while growing in a church where I seem to belong.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/22/09

The idea that there should be 'self gain'/reward for knowing Jesus is...


GOD IS LOVE. If you don't maintain a personal devotion to Jesus simply because you enjoy knowing your creator spiritually and in truth, then you do not have the kind of love for Him He desires.

Comparatively, our love for Him should make our love for our own mother and father seem like hate.

Whenever His love goes unrequited, the "strong delusion" is well deserved.

Jesus wants love OF THE SAME MAGNITUDE/intensity as was given (not just SHOWN) to us on the cross. THAT is God's definition of spiritual LOVE FOR HIM (it's not about how much regard you can have for your fellow human being, it's about loving GOD).
---more_excellent_way on 9/22/09

Basically in no way what so ever. I was born into a Christian family and was trained correctly to start with. I will be 65 in November.
---The_Friendly_Blogger on 9/22/09

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