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I Enjoy ChristiaNet Blogs

I want take time out to say how much I enjoy Christianet and this blog. I have been on other blogs but none are as good as the give-and-take we enjoy here. Question how many of you agree?

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 ---mima on 9/22/09
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Donna, I have done the same thing a few times, and I go back on my computer to see if I still have it, and find it is not there for some reason, and next day I find out it never went out. I go great. I could have word my response different. I suppose we all go through that. I try to copy everything I write this way I can check what I wrote and if CN doesn't post one of my post, I post it later.
---MarkV. on 9/29/09

Darlene1--I agree with you.
Sometimes I have actually prayed "Please, God, don't let that last post of mine appear on the blog". I may have said something I now believe wasn't quite accurate. Or I may have let a little sarcasm creep in, that I later regretted.
Sometimes I'm puzzled about why something I wrote DIDN'T post, but I've never believed I'm being treated unfairly. If it is something I feel very strongly about, I may re-write and re-submit.
---Donna66 on 9/28/09

MarkV thanks for the blessing. I don't think very many do think about the persons physical and mental condition before posting an opinion but you are right we all should be that considerate of others. Thats nice that you want to be. That is one reason I like to use Bible verses to address most situations,God's Word is easier taken to heart,than anyones opinion. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 9/28/09

In the several years I have been here from time to time as able, I have thoroughly enjoyed. As more bloggers came on and the names became confusing, had to adapt to that! It is deeply appreciated that the moderators do go over the blogs and provide a framework in which to answer. It would not be an easy job. At first I wished that they would let me know what happened. Then I realized they didn't have time to do that, and have come through experience to find what is acceptable and what is not. Thanks CN for this forum in which we can even disagree, and come back to see what God has said, what saith the Lord.
---wayne8738 on 9/26/09

To Susie B, et al
I just got here, so I'm not outa here YET, but I know that some blog questions have not made it or have been changed. As long as a blogger doesn't use offensive language and sticks to the subject of christianity their blog question or reply should be posted.
---Sissy3396 on 9/26/09

Yes I enjoy ChristiaNet, even though I don't come on or respond very often. Thank you ChristiaNet. :)
---colupy on 9/26/09

SusieB, this site belongs to the ChristiaNet people so I presume they can run the show here according to their own lights.
---mugwump on 9/25/09

I believe it is more the moderator's personal opinions rather than God directing them. I'm outta here!!!!
---SusieB on 9/25/09

thanks to christianet
i enjoy blogging here

how old it christianet if i may ask? it seems to have so many bloggers which makes it very interesting to blog here
---patie3447 on 9/25/09

Darline, God bless you. what you said about your condition brought reality to me. What I mean is that when I answer, I never even think of the condition of the person I am answering. On line we miss so much of how we should answer another. We need to still teach the truth, but to show more love in our answers. I know I would show more love in person then on line. Online we are really hiding behind the ability that no one sees us.
From now on I am going to remind myself of that fact. I thank Christianet so very much because it does as Donna mentioned, gets us back on the Word, keeps us sharp on the studies, bringing light to God's Word in areas we had trouble with, and keeps us in the spirit for most of the day.
---MarkV. on 9/25/09

SusieB ... You are not the only one to suffer in this way.

But I suppose there is justification in some cases, such as,

the same point being made by someone else
repeating the same point you've made recently
appearing to be offensive (but some of my posts appealing agsinst offense have not been published, whilst the offense continues)

I think sometimes the Mods aren't on duty, 'cos posts are published which just are incoherent.

There was a time when it seemed posts were rejected because they don't toe the party line, but I think this error has been corrected
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/24/09

Mugwump,thank you for the blessing,that means a lot to me.
Susie B I am surprised at you. Do I hear a little bit of jealousy coming out. Surely not,thats not you,is it? I think we all have things sometimes which get rejected and all I have to say to the Moderator is,I trust your judgement thank you so much for not putting those through. Some were written in the moment of weakness and really not fit to go through. The Moderators rescued me from myself and didn't impose my weak thoughts (shame on me) on others,and I am grateful. So you see Susie B take heaart,look at it this way,God uses the Moderators to protect us from our own,less than gracious,words.
---Darlene_1 on 9/24/09

I've run into the same. It maybe that who may send in a new blog & or even to reply to one, the moderator & or moderators may be affended, or it may not be important enough. It also could be a limitation to free speech.
---Lawrence on 9/24/09

One question? Who decides when a question gets posted? I posted one last night that did not get posted. Also, what's with the censoring of posts? Maybe more people would post if the obvious preferential treatment to a few posters was stopped. We constantly see Mima and Trish (for example) have numerous posts while many of us have our posts rejected by Moderators. Frankly, I think some of the Moderators are the posters under other names.
---SusieB on 9/24/09

Yes, it is a good thing to share the gospel.
---Eloy on 9/24/09

There's been a lot of good info here.
Some of the diff blogs here I find Godly ideas & inputs & Mostly worldly ideas & inputs.
God's people are in this world for His service, But So Many have their feet in worldly aspects. Worldly aspects such as, dancing, ball games, races, those that take vacations & to be away from Church, movies, & with other worldly pleasures. For satan(the god of this world)uses these aspects-devices to take peoples minds off & away from the things of God. People need to know you canNot serve 2 masters. Choose you this day who you will serve, The God & Creator or the god of this world(satan).
---Lawrence on 9/24/09

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I have for the most part enjoyed blogging on here. I believe christianet is for the most part fair to true believers, which more and more I find is not the case in most circles like the media. If you speak on behalf of God, I am finding out some simply do not want the true God brought into hardly anything. What is wrong with people? God had better be brought into EVERYTHING or people will have to face the consequences. I blame a lot of it on too many pretenders so people don't know what to think, or what to believe, or who to believe....Irrespective of all of this, I have grown a lot. God has done such miracles in me in just seven years compare to 55 years of living without Him. Is my testamony. And it is a good one.
---catherine on 9/24/09

Darlene, God bless you!
---mugwump on 9/23/09

I have found no blogs to compare with Christianet blogs. This is the best.
---Betty on 9/23/09

Christianet rescued me from a stagnant mind. Being disabled I am homebound a lot of the time,no longer able to get out and enjoy Bible studies or Womens meetings at church,I really missed that fellowship and things I might glean from particpation in them. I enjoy the exchange on here and find it an excellant why to continue Bible Study. It's good to see other view points,to examine them in light of God's Word. It's interesing to get to know others and reminds me Christians are a very diverse group and we all need God to guide us in every thing. We get the chance to love the extended family of God and know we had better get along on here or how can we expect to spend an eternity together. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 9/23/09

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More excellent way -- I enjoy this blog for much the same reason. Many Bible studies are taught by people who stay within the outline and feel obliged to defend a particular view. I remember times a particular scripture would bring an interesting question to my mind...If I didn't word my question very carefully I'd almost be accused of apostasy... just for asking.

Here I've learned that others have wondered about the same things I have, and for the same reasons.

I've also learned from these blogs that whatever position I take, I'd better be able to defend it with scripture, because there will always be some who disagree. Again and again it sends me to the Word.
---Donna66 on 9/22/09

Years ago when I was going to bible studies, I was not only bothered but even brokenhearted that they are 'scripted' and we could not really share or express our own ideas about the things that really matter to each other's heart and mind.

At times, a person might have been so bold as to express their personal concerns, yet they would remain within the bounds of the accepted "Christian lingo"/jargon. The freedom here at ChristiaNet allows for PERSONAL expression, an essential element of a PERSONAL relationship.

The format here at ChristiaNet (limited words) keeps it short and sweet so the...

...YES will be YES and the NO will be a clear and unmistakeable NO.

God bless ChristiaNet.
---more_excellent_way on 9/22/09

Mima, we are sometimes disagreeable, and less often than not we agree, but it's always interesting!
---mugwump on 9/22/09

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