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Kissed A Married Man

I am a married. I had my faith so up high and was praying every night and reading the bible it made me feel so good until I kissed this guy. I feel like God is dissappointed in me. What do I do?

Moderator - Just repent and stay away from the guy.

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 ---Connie on 10/5/09
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Betty ... No confession, no indiscretion!!

I was showing the difference between romantic kiss & greeting peck
I did say "peck" ... quick cheek-to-cheek.
In UK it is normal for men and women to greet one another like that. Hand-shake is generally when you don't know the other person ... otherwise it's regarded as too formal.
All done with the husband's/wife's knowledge & in their presence, No suggestion of romance

The social function was attended solely by Christians.

With a Polish Christian couple I know, it is expected, as in many European cultures, to greet and say farewell with a triple cheek-to-cheek.

And of course French men greet each other with cheek-to-cheek.
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/13/09

Mary- Look, I've seen too many bold ones around like she sounds. She needs to get tough with herself & repent. She needs to BEHAVE. God wants Christians to act like Christians. Next time she wants to kiss some man, she ought to kiss her own husband.
---Betty on 10/13/09

Genteel Alan- Don't you know your confession was not good for Connie to read? Her conscience was obviously condemning her as it should, and you come along, humbly musing over your indiscretions at social events. Don't you think a fine Christian man like yourself should merely speak pleasantly to the ladies, instead of kissing them? God is watching you.
---Betty on 10/13/09

Ask forgiveness from the Father in Jesus name and remember once you repent don't bring it up again to him because it shows that you don't believe he forgave you the first time, and it makes him unhappy. (the act will still be in your memory so you want do it again, but don't confuse this with unforgiveness,) Hang in there because Jesus loves you.
---larry on 10/13/09

No, Betty, she had a moment of weakness and gave in to temptation. I still see no indicator in this woman's writing that she used her religion. She feels very bad now, cut her some slack. If she's repented, God forgives her.
---Mary on 10/9/09

Betty ... Yes she was wrong, whatever happened!

But I don't think she kissed him as a reult of feeling god by reading the Bible. I think it was in spite of reading the Bible, and then she felt bad instead of good.

She asks what she should do ... I hope she repents, as we all suggest.

I wonder whether she will tell us how she has dealt with this.

I suppose it was a romantic kiss? I kisssed perhaps a dozen married & unmarried ladies tonight. Just a quick peck, with no meaning except to greet them at a social event.
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/9/09

alan- The title led me to believe that she kissed a married man. Even if she had kissed a single man & she was married, it was wrong.
---Betty on 10/9/09

mary- She talked about faith, praying & reading the Bible making her feel so good until she kissed the man. Sounds like religion to me, and she used it for an excuse.
---Betty on 10/9/09

Betty, I see no indication that she used her religion as an excuse to sin! Instead, it sounds like she is indeed very remorseful, pray for her, not condemn her.
---Mary on 10/8/09

Betty ... The questioner, Connie, did not say she had kissed a married man!

She said she is married, and kissed a man. He may not have been married.

But your question, if revised to take that into account, is still very valid ... why did she kiss the man?

& I don't read her account as suggesting her Bible study, or God, or religion, led her to that kiss.

I think she is saying her Bible study made her feel good, but she can't feel good about hewrself now, because of that kiss.

I bet God is disappointed in her! As you say she needs to repent and get back to the bible study and keep away from tempteing men!
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/8/09

Why did you kiss a married man? Did God tell you to? No. You wanted to and you used religion as an excuse. You need to repent and confess your faults to God.
---Betty on 10/8/09

Also, if you can, confess to whomever you have also hurt with this and say that you are sorry. Such as your husband, this man's wife, or both.
---amand6348 on 10/5/09//

Confess to your husband and the other man's wife IF and ONLY IF you know FOR SURE that your unburdening your conscience will not hurt them and lead to marital strife or even divorce.
---Cluny on 10/6/09

I would agree with CLUNY's comments and add that you need to look at how this happened and try to avoid the situation again. I would also stay away from the man you kissed in order to avoid further temptation.
---tommy3007 on 10/6/09

Where did you get the strange idea that you disapppointed God?

You can't disappoint God because you can't surprise Him!
---Cluny on 10/6/09

Many a Christian has fallen from grace. We are not cookie cutter people. We all have our own issues, but sometimes we like to put on "masks" for the world. Repent, stay away from him, and use your experience in this department to help someone else (not the man you kissed but maybe another woman) who is beating herself up about what she did. Help other people who are struggling with the same thing that you went through. Try to avoid the men?

Also, if you can, confess to whomever you have also hurt with this and say that you are sorry. Such as your husband, this man's wife, or both.
---amand6348 on 10/5/09

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