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Contemporary Christian Music

Do you listen to Contemporary Christian music?

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 ---Kella8334 on 10/8/09
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God loves music. There will be singing in heaven, praise the living God. Worship by music. Turn it up, Satan hates that. That is our job you know, making the devil angry. I listen to music most everyday throughout the day. I just know it's Jesus.
---catherine on 8/18/10

It's used to motivate the people. It's used to take the the place of The Holy Ghost to move on people to worship.
---Lawrence on 8/18/10

I think that music does speak to the soul and emotions. Music by its nature does bring glory to something. Sometimes to God and sometimes to worldly or satanic entities. I used to listen to popular "church" music but don't find myself doing it often any more. When I do turn on familiar "worship" music, I usually begin to worship the Lord and allow myself a time of refreshing closeness. It is a matter of the condition of the heart of the listener. There is nothing wrong with being emotional with Godly music. Problems arise when we find ourselves listening to ungodly or even satanic music. There is also problems with making great monetary profit in preforming what would be considered godly music.
---jody on 11/15/09

Pastor J .... You say comtemporary praise music is copying Beatle, and other "carnal songs

Like you, I prefer the old hymns and earlier..

But you should know that many of our favourite hymns & carols have melodies that were previously secular (and often drinking) songs.
---alan8566_of_uk on 11/15/09

The Bible tells of lots of praise to God. But the songs that are annointed for one person may not speak to another person. It is the Holy Spirit speaking to one's heart that brings the annointing. The raising of hands in a song or other demonstrations of worship must come from the spirit, not from the soul where the emotions play a large part. It is with the spirit that we worship, and it is with the spirit that something speaks to a person.
---Sandra on 11/15/09

Praise Music is Neither!
You know when you see someone swinging back and forth with their hands in the air and eyes close, so that everyone can see how holy they are. Actually they're swaying to the music and nothing else! WHY??? Because if they were holy, they would have done the same with the Hymnal music or Handel/Bach. You see the exact same emotionalism at any Paul Mc Cartney concert.
And people jumping up and down to fast beat Praise. It's exactly the same as African e pagan dances to the drum. I saw the Watussee tribe jumping up and down just like the Phonies in church do.
The music itself are copies of any early Beatle, Paul Simon, songs. by failures who found a new Genre of Pseudo Carnal Christian fools.
---Pastor_Jim on 11/14/09

Betty ... I won't mention the Scots Highlanders again.

I'm glad you agree with me about music.

Indiscriminate kissing ... it depends what you mean by kissing! And on what the kissing means! That's a culture thing as well, nowt to do with morality.

That Bible reading girl did not kiss the man because she felt good. She felt good because of reading the Bible, until she kissed him, then she felt bad.

PLEASE let me know what "SWAK not" means!!!
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/19/09

alan- Only you would bring up that kilt thing again. Decent men know there's more to wear than just a kilt. This culture in the USA is trying to go down the drain fast. Some of them believe in hugs and kisses for everybody & some don't. That's not the main problem, though. No, I do not mean that only Jacque DeShelter's music is Holy Ghost annointed & certainly not every song she ever sang. There are many genres of music which may stir the heart & soul for God. Indiscriminate kissing - WWJS? (What Would Jesus Say?) Remember, a married, Bible-reading Christian kissed a married man because she felt good. How did his wife feel?
---Betty on 10/19/09

Betty ... "Some are open to the calling of the Holy Spirit and some are not"

I hope you are not saying that only those who find deShelter uplifting are open to the calling of the spirit.

And are yuou saying that those who find other music to be uplifting are wrong because you do not find it so?

Hey ... What does "SWAK not" mean?

I'm glad you accept that totally innocent kissing is possible in other cultures, even if it can't be so regarded in yours. It is a matter of different cultures, not different moralities!

& That's why it is OK in Scottish culture for Highlanders to wear nowt under their kilt!!
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/17/09

Betty ... We each find different music which helps the calling of the holy Spirit. For you it is Jacque deShelter, but she could not help me, my ears find the way she sings ugly, whatever the words. I found the sound of Smith more pleasant, but even so, the words were indistinct

I find some of the old hymns far more uplifting.

I was talking to Cluny about about music for the horn, knowing he plays the instrument. .

Whilst Strauss and Wagner have some wonderful horn parts, I would not look for Christ in their music. Does that matter? Does God say we may listen and play only Christian music?

There is a very deep spirituality in Bruckner's music, a reflection in sound, if not words, of his Christian faith.
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/17/09

"annointed" is a subjective description. Christians generally agree about what "anointed" means... but not specifically about what piece of music, what sermon or teaching or piece of art is anointed.
---Donna66 on 10/16/09

alan- Truly, I am glad we are all different also. Some are open to the calling of the Holy Spirit and some are not. The song Healing Rain mentions Jesus by name, also Son of Man & His cleansing the leper, and the Great I Am. Please enlighten me. I am unfamiliar with Bruckner, Strauss and Wagner and their connection with praising the Lord in song or music. What are the names of some of their religious strains of violin, harp & viol, that I, too, may be spiritually uplifted by their melodious noise made unto the Lord? SWAK not. In re Kissed a Married Man blog. European culture.
---Betty on 10/16/09

I listen to contemporary Christian music - and by the Grace of God, I sing contemporary music as part of a choir at my church! What an awesome blessing! The best contemporary music I know are the songs where a deep longing for the Lord is expressed - a heartfelt starving for His presence, His closeness, His majesty!! It's an absolute honor and joyful pleasure to praise His name in song!! Listen to Contemporary Christian music and allow the Lord to continue His work in you!
---Tim on 10/15/09

Betty ... It just shows that different people have different tastes, and what may draws you may not draw others.

I looked for the YouTube of Jackie de De Shelter's "Falling Rain" but found instead the performance by Michael W Smith. I found that very moving, although I did not hear any reference to god or Jesus.

Then I found de Shelter's version which I founf far inferior. I then listened to some other of deShelter's worship songs which (for me) were quite terrible.

How fortunate it is that God has made us all different!
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/15/09

Mary- When a song is annointed by the Holy Ghost, the song draws forth a longing for God and His forgiveness in some sinners & they are ready for a change of heart. In any case, the song makes a person feel the presence of God, sinner or not. It's as if the Holy Spirit is beckoning you. There's a clip of "Healing Rain" by Jacque DeShelter on YouTube- a good example of an annointed song.
---Betty on 10/15/09

Hi Betty, just curious here: what, to you, makes a song "annointed" by God, therefore better than other great Christian songs out there? Just wondering :)
---Mary on 10/13/09

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The Lord's Prayer & other hymns like it are also annointed, I think. There are many Bluegrass gospel songs that are dear to my heart also. Silent Night always brings tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful.
---Betty on 10/13/09

I listen to either K-love or Khpe
---Kella8334 on 10/13/09

When Jesus lived, the 'churches' were corrupt much like the churches of today are mostly corrupt with deceptiveness and watered down sugar coated teachings that appeal to men.

So Jesus chose mostly simple fishermen to be His deciples to share truth. I often wonder if in the day we live if He would not choose modern day musicians to spread His message. I hear much more passion and truth in many of their messages than I do in most ministers of our day.
---Anne on 10/12/09

I do listen...with caution.

I have found that CCM tends to be a lot of "milk" music with some "meat" sprinkled in.

I rate CCM music by the lyrics. CCM music should either: edify the body of Christ, praise God, talk about God, or talk to God. CCM that does none of this is not fit to listen to. I have acually heard lyrics from CCM artists that had heretical statements in it. Most say nothing at all that edifies the body of Christ and should not be called "Christian" music at all.

Be careful.
---Mark_Eaton on 10/11/09

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Cluny ... I understand what you are saying.

I love the sound of the horn, and there,s some pretty good stuff written by Bruckner, Strauss & Wagner. and others.

I wish I could play a musical instrument!
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/11/09

\\How come Russian Romantic is not decadent, whereas much earlier pre-Romantic (including Russian) is?
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/10/09\\

Because they wrote some of the best oboe and English horn parts.

Most of the Russian pre-romantics were simply writing imitations of what was being done elswhere in Western Europe. There were even Italian composers, such as Sarti, being imported for the Imperial court and chapels.
---Cluny on 10/10/09

Cluny ... I meant the bit about "any music since the Baroque (with the exception of the Russian romantics) is decadent"

How come Russian Romantic is not decadent, whereas much earlier pre-Romantic (including Russian) is?
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/10/09

I was listing to K-LOVE, contemporary Christian music, long before I ever became a Christian. I listened to it for quite some time before even realizing it was a Christian radio station. That's what makes K-LOVE so good. They have a full-time staff of pastors so that there is always a pastor available to talk to someone on the phone. K-LOVE is carried on stations all over the US, plus worldwide on the web.

I have K-LOVE set on my car radio so when I travel, when the signal starts to fade, I merely click on the next preset which takes me to another K-LOVE station. No matter where I am, I can also listen to the same station.
---Gary on 10/10/09

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\\I think (and hope) you have tongue in cheek.\\

Since in my church we sing hymns that are hundreds of years old, predating anything in the West (Roman Catholic or Protestant), not really.
---Cluny on 10/9/09

Darkhouse You are right .... Each to his own ... different people have have different cultures/likes of sound & rhythm.

Anton Bruckner's Psalm 150 of 1892 (in Latin!) and Bach's St John Passion of 1722 are to use Betty's words "Holy Ghost annointed"

Maybe not to your taste, any more than I, or Mima, would appreciate Group Third Day, Holy Hip Bop or Jacque DeShelter.

Thank God there is so much variety of music that we can all be uplifted.
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/9/09

Some songs like "Healing Rain" sung by Jacque DeShelter are Holy Ghost annointed.
---Betty on 10/9/09

Yes. Especially the Praise & Worship. Some of the Holy Hip Hop is really good, but some artists slip in unholy words (not the worst). Surely I was disappointed in some of the Newsboy songs because of vulgarness - like "Breakfast in Hell". Most of their songs are beautiful, I think.
---Betty on 10/9/09

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NO!!! I do not listen to contemporary Christian music. I do not like contemporary Christian music.
But we have to remember that I'm an old men 72 years old now and I would say somewhat set in my wayS.
---mima on 10/9/09

I am one of those who enjoy contemporary Christian music and I feel sorry for anyone who runs it down-For what I hear is fellow Christians praising God who are musically inclined-and I thank God they exist-for their music-like the Group-Third Day has been helping me in my "walk" with Jesus. And I am sure I am not the only one this type of has been helping.
Psalms 150 and other verses similiar tells us to praise God using instruments of various kinds-this includes the ones used in contempory music-for whether it is singing old hymns-a familiar Psalms or contemporary music-if one is truly praising God from their hearts IT IS NOT WRONG!
---Darkhorse on 10/9/09

I like to sing in a choir that performs religious anthems by classical and some contemporary composers. I also do some solo work but very infrequently.

But the quality of most Contemporary Popular Christian music on the radio and CDs is terrible.
---The_Friendly_Blogger on 10/9/09

I tend to listen to modern praise music on my leisure. I worship to modern praise music. I do not listen to the contemporary Christian stuff that is played on Christian radio. My radio is set for the easy listening or pop stations.
---Trish9863 on 10/8/09

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No. It doesn't minister to me like the old hymns and worship music of the 70's. I think it mainly depends on what music you remember from your formative years, either in age or in spirituality.

Much of the older Gospel music is richer in melody and meaning. I find both of these somewhat lacking in most contemporary Christian music. It's mainly a matter of taste, though.
---Donna66 on 10/8/09

I dont care for it myself.
Seems like the music & lyrics sway some people in a mood. It should be The Spirit of The Living God to get the Saints motivated in srvice.
---Lawrence on 10/8/09

Cluny ... Nor do I, but only because to me the words are usually trite and the music has little musical quality.

Is there nothing in the post-Baroque, but pre-Romantic, period which is not decadent?

I think (and hope) you have tongue in cheek.
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/8/09

Not really.

Being an oboist and organist, I consider any music since the Baroque (with the exception of the Russian romantics) decadent.
---Cluny on 10/8/09

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