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Does God Really Exist

Does God Really Exist? I have waited for him for 39 years and still don't know.

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 ---Jeri on 10/12/09
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Athiest, I knew when I ask you that nothing anyone says to you or how many times someone gives you the gospel, your answer would be what you said. You cannot go against your conscience, what you know and what you believe right now. And you gave all the reasons.
That is why I didn't bring the gospel to you because in my heart I believe through Scripture that no one can change your heart. No amount of words from anyone can change how you feel. That is the same state all who are lost are in. I use to be the same way. Not a protester like you, using the name athiest, but just didn't believe no matter how many times someone spoke of Christ. I could not muster up saving faith in my heart. What I needed was a supernatural act by God in my heart.
---MarkV. on 10/18/09

1st Cliff, Heylel sinned in the year 4175 B.C., early in the morning, and was thrown out of the Paradise of God.
---Eloy on 10/18/09

Atheist: Sorry if my "word play" confused you. I enjoy my discussions with you. I think you are more honest than many Christians about what you believe and why.

On that note, the statement - "If what is called 'life' did come from what is called 'non-life' it cannot be mathematically impossible." - presents an enigma for you. Abiogenesis is indeed impossible for several reasons. Even noted darwinist G. Wald knew that. Thus, what you have is blind faith in a naturalistically impossible event. That's pretty close to the definition of religious belief in a miracle, wouldn't you say?
---jerry6593 on 10/18/09

actually,the jewish,christanity,and islamic religions all wordhip the same God.The God of Abraham.All believe adam was the first man,and eve his wife.The real difference is only christianity believes jesus was his son.I would guess that 80 percent of the worlds population are one of these religions,so 80 percent believe in God.
---tom2 on 10/17/09

Atheist, your non-answer to my fair question regarding the origin of the genetic code is pathetic. You ably demonstrate you hold to a faith while understanding little about it.

Of course the alternative is that you do understand, and know my question exposes one of the numerous hurdles evolutionists are unable to jump. Unless Evolutionists can show how genetic information arose by naturalistic means they fall at this hurdle. To attempt to move past this problem to the imagined evolutionary tree, shows they are people of great faith. Faith not based upon revelation, but upon imagination, inspired by the need to reject God as Creator.

And you accuse Christians of having blind faith? A touch of hypocricy perhaps?
---Warwick on 10/17/09

Atheist the test of a Christians feelings about God is whether their feelings are in line with His revelation. Christianity is indeed about faith, but not blind faith as Scriptures such as Romans 1:20 demonstrate.

Anyone who has read the Koran will know Allah is not Jesus, our creator God.

Jews and Christians believe in the same God. The original Christians were Jews. Today increasing numbers of Jews are coming to accept Jesus as their Messiah. The others (not including nominal Jews) are still awaiting His coming. The vast majority of Bible-believing Christians (as opposed to nominal Christians) are thankful that the Jews provided us with our Messiah.
---Warwick on 10/17/09

Jesus revealed God in a new revelation-The gospel of Jesus.Jesus is the lens whereby we may experience God with man's own eyes.
Saying that one must realize that peroidic revelation gives man greater understanding as centuries pass by.Isaiah the second magnified God in a much greater light than any older prophets as Jesus magnified God and his nature and personality when he arrived here.Revelation continues to peroidically reveal God each time in a greater revelation than the previous one.And there is another that has recently come to enlighten man.Jesus revelation was accepted to what it is today but rejected by others.
---earl on 10/17/09

Should a man not believe in God! Can you open his eyes? Can you make the blind see? Do you believe God will let him fall? My faith is not in him. My faith is in the son of man. Men walk as the blind, surrounded by the sighted. The spirit walks as the sighted, surrounded by the blind.

If this man believes there is no God, is there no God?
Maybe if you tell him enough times, hell believe? Doubtful!

The lord said if a man hears my words. If he doesn't, I ask the lord why he doesnt believe. The lord tells me, "I have not opened his eyes."

Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all.
May God bless you
---TheSeg on 10/17/09

As far as communicating to the same God the revelations will require comparrisons.
If all of jewry swung to the gospel then their monoethistic religion would have perished for a greater religion -the gospel would have upstepped their previous understanding ,beliefs,nature and will of God.
Revelation is not static-history reveals a long line of prophets and teachers who over time contributed an increase of knowledge as spirit revealed the((maximum possible)) to their minds.Today, God is known not as physical but is Spirit.God is known to have a son but other worshipers may not agree but maintain "God" is their life giver.There is both primitive religions and updated ones.
---earl on 10/17/09

If Jews,Muslims and christians want greater spirit influence then they will have to concede they have missed the boat to the shores of progressive religion,step back and re examine their condition as a whole.
The God concept was to primitive man a physical object for Moses listed why man is not to worship such.God then became invisible.God was once sonless but not today.God and the knowledge of truth has progressed over much time.
If all people was on the same page then this world would be called a righteous kingdom.
The bottom line is all religions are not in step with newly revealed truth.
And ,not even with their own religion.
---earl on 10/17/09

Atheist,4,It all comes to the asking what any two religions have in common with each other to where the two may agree. If the God of the Jews is the same God who christians believe the Trinity belief is attatched then they have common ground to yes..

i am sure in decades to come that both Allah and the God of the Jews will compromise and conceed that God has a son whom many have known for their whole lifetime.
---earl on 10/17/09

If you communicate to 'god' through your heart, and I believe Muslims and Jews also believe this, are you all communicating to the same 'god', or do some of you have a heartfelt belief but are wrong?
---atheist on 10/17/09

athiest,I respect the fact that apparently you live and think like a man,knowledge to you is a matter of provable consequences,and observations,which can be repeated.But there are people who have witnessed and seen Gods power down thru time,just because you haven,t doesn,t make them untrue.Your position to me on a number of occassios is to use my mind,but amassing knowledge,or observing,aka looking for a sign,is not what God does,we communicate with God thru our spirit,aka heart,not our minds, scripture specifically says so.In other words,you have to know God,to understand him,but only to a point,because his ways are a mystery.I hope one day you will believe,because if not you are lost,and that ,makes me sad.
---tom2 on 10/17/09

athiest,now thats where you are wrong. The bible in its present text is identical to the writings dating back to about 30 to forty years after jesus,s death.the tora,aka old testament,is even now being validated by text found that dated prior to jesus,s birth,and so far are found to be identical wording,though it will takes decades to cover all the material,nearly all historical study theologians agree that the text we have is intact from the originals.What you seem not to understand is the fact that scribes were MATICULOUS in their copying,because it is divine word of God.your insuation that it isn,t is wrong.
---tom2 on 10/17/09

"Then where did the 4 letter genetic code come from?"

Maybe it is described in Genesis 30:35-39.

Genetic information apparently can be passed along using shaved sticks in watering troughs,---at least with goats. Sounds like a scientific experiment worth duplicating!
---atheist on 10/17/09

never wait on god rather seek him and the kingdom of righteousness first, then he becomes tangable to you everybody has a spirt that god has placed inside of you that spirtor soul knows who created it and that is god himself.this is why your soul is waiting on god but your spirt has to must be born again, have faith.people have faith in everything but god,people have faith in things they can touch see and feel and smell.the flowers bloom and fade away but the word of god last forever. have faith
---sharon on 10/17/09

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Warwick:"Then where did the 4 letter genetic code come from?"

Gee. I just don't know. So what?

You are in the same dead end loop that Jerry's in...

You can fill in, "Then where did ___________________ come from?", with an infinitely larger combination of words and question results, than those combinations of words and results than are answerable in some fashion.

You position seems to be:

1) Anything that cannot be explained to my satisfaction is explained by my belief in 'God'.


2) Anything explained that contradicts my belief is false because there are things not explained.

Tennis anyone?
---atheist on 10/17/09

Now, please forgive me.
What is 39 years to you?
I pray its not a beginning and end.
So now, you say! Does God Really Exist? Your 39 years are what?

But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple.
But if ye had known what this meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless.

But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows, And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced, we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.

The lord said!
Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all.
---TheSeg on 10/17/09

Athiest, 2, it was suggest by James that we,
"You cannot have a Gospel that does not accurately preach hell and God's judgement on sin in order to explain the Gospel of God's Love through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ"
and I was thinking it was not worth telling you about where the Bible says you are going since you didn't believe in hell either. So what I thought good idea to ask you the question since you didn't believe in hell anyway nor God. What I believe is that it takes for God to do a supernatural change in your heart first, before I could mention hell, and the reason I didn't mention hell. So that is why I put that question to you. You sure don't have to answer.
---MarkV. on 10/17/09


It is not really a matter of change of heart. I am not against 'God' or angry with 'God'.

I do not see 'God' as anymore real than an adult sees 'Santa Clause'.

The gospel to which you refer has been transcibed, translated, suffered from numerous redactions, politically or theologically motivated additions and alterations, created by combining various stories from cultures and authors, and is continuously re-interpreted. It is hardly an immutable, infallible, or literal source for anything much less the word of or proof of 'God'. If it were, then the character of 'God' would be portrayed in a consistent not confused, loving not sometimes sadistic, and would not sometimes refer to himself as 'we'.
---atheist on 10/17/09

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Tangled up in your own word play?

It is perfectly logical to be an atheist (a noun, one who has chosen not to believe in 'god' or 'Santa Clause') in regard to 'god' and agnostic (an adjective, not knowing something) in regard to the exact mechanism of how 'life' came from 'non-life'.

Knowing that there is a lot we don't know, the conceptual distinction between the two may one that dissolves as we acquire more understanding of those 'natural forces' you especially find the need to compartmentalize from the 'supernatural'.

If what is called 'life' did come from what is called 'non-life' it cannot be mathematically impossible. It did 'happen', and that we don't know how doesn't prove the mythology of Genesis.
---atheist on 10/17/09

Eloy, I agree with your 1st part about satan being a rebellious angel, but we need a time-frame of this "casting out" of heaven.
In Job's time "the sons of God came to present themselves and satan came among them" God asked him where he had been and he said from walking to and fro in the earth. So as of that time had not yet been "cast down" What say you??
---1st_cliff on 10/17/09

markv has hit the reason with their minds,reading,or hearing the word ultimately must become a matter of the heart.
---tom2 on 10/17/09

Athiest, I have a simple question for you if its ok for you to answer. I was reminded by someone name James that I should speak the gospel to you instead of saying what I say to you or about you. He believes that there is a possibility for me to be able to change your heart and mind concerning God.
So my question comes from what he said:
Do you believe in your heart that me or anyone here can change your heart and your feelings? What I mean is, your heart towards God? Is there anything we can say to you that will make you have a change of heart?
---MarkV. on 10/17/09

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Atheist: "Jerry, "A theist" does not equal "atheist". They are really quite different, quite opposite in fact."

Boy, It took you long enough to catch on!

Spontaneous generation of life by random naturalistic processes has indeed been proven impossible. And, yes, there is a mathematical definition of "impossible." To continue to "believe" that which is impossible in the face of scientific and mathematical evidence against it is "blind faith," and much closer to religion than science. And since you don't have a clue as to what such a process might be, you are an agnostic and not an atheist at all.
---jerry6593 on 10/17/09

Eloy, you gave a good response to 1 Cliff on his question about John 14:30,31 "ruler of the world" refers to ruler (Satan) of the system of darkness, the world. And the reason why we are told we are not of the world anymore. "Nothing on Me" The Heb. Idiom means that Satan had nothing on Jesus, could make no claim on Him, nor charge Him with any sin. Therefore Satan could not hold Him in death. Christ would triumph and distroy Satan (Heb. 2:14). His death was no sign that Satan won, but that God's will was being done (v. 31).
You explained 1 John 5:18,19 correctly. Two types of people exist in the world according to John, children of God and children of Satan. We live in the world but are not of the world.
---MarkV. on 10/17/09

Hi Atheist. You seem to have a problem that "genetic information is not part of the material substance, but imposed upon it. It is not solid, has no mass, and is not a product of matter."
You said, "WHAT!!!!"
Think. You have presented the blog with information. It came out of your mind, was typed on your keyboard, stored as binary bits on the computer disks, and written to my monitor as light on the screen to form alphabetic characters. In every case, your thoughts have been imposed on the matter and carried by it. "What!!!!" did not arise from the matter, neither is it intrinsic to the matter. Information is a non-material entity and it comes from an intelligent source.
---Plagio_Clase on 10/17/09

Atheist, the Bible is God's revelation to us. It says God is eternal, so no one made God.

To clarify my thinking I phoned a Scientist friend who says I have it right. If you weigh a computer disc then 'fill' it with information it has the same weight. Ilustrating information is not matter, but an agreed code formed by the rearangement of matter.

If we write 'help' on paper, or transmit via Morse Code, or speak it, it is an agreed code which conveys information, which is not part of the matter. In all cases the code is the result of intelligence.

Consider the apearance of life in your naturalistic scenario-no intelligence applied. Then where did the 4 letter genetic code come from?
---Warwick on 10/17/09

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1st Cliff, I preach that satan was originally an angel creature created by Jesus the Creator to serve Jesus, then satan talked 1/3 of the angels into trying to overtake the kingdom and to take Jesus' throne in order to rule over creation in the place of Jesus, so Jesus cast him and his legion out of Jesus' heaven, and the foolish creature satan was turned into a serpent to eat dirt. He is now in so-called "deathrow", as you will, awaiting his eternal torments. Please Matthew 8:29-34. But you are saying that satan is a god, when clearly he is not. His end for opposing Christ his Creator is the lake of fire and brimstone, as is all whom oppose Christ the Creator. We Christians are in the world, but not of this world.
---Eloy on 10/17/09

athiest,your apparent lack of faith ,or belief,though distressing to me,is your decision as it is with all people,its called free will.Believe me I spent many years in agony,before I finally realized that for me a universe,and our earth that formed itself,and all the life on it for me made no a believer God to me is eternal,always has existed and always will. He is a spirit,no one made him,he has always been and always will be.Its the egg says the big bang ocurred from a atom sized explosion into all the matter we observe today,this alone is mind boggling,where did the atom come from?who made it?If as you say everything is physical where was its begining?and its begining?and its begining,and its begining? get my point?
---tom2 on 10/16/09

its no longer a matter of the mind for me,but the heart.Faith,faith in something bigger than me.
---tom2 on 10/16/09

Do you really understand what the process of scientific discovery is? Oh, I forgot you got the degree.
---atheist on 10/16/09

Science is the compilation of evidence. Without evidence, there can be no science.

But what if something existed without having any evidence? What would you call that?

For thousands of years it was called faith. Now we have the technology to see what could only be accepted by faith less than 100 years ago.

Are you so arrogant to believe that there are no more things that cannot be evaluated by facts but still exist?
---Mark_Eaton on 10/16/09

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I apologize. I must of misunderstood. I took that rather rude comment "silly,but raher immature", personally and I guess overreacted.

Also to explain, my concept of thinking includes the idea that nothing is absolutely certain and whatever I do believe is open to change. When one says they cannot change their mind, that to me means they are no longer willing to think, but can now only remember what they decided to believe sometime in the past.

But brains are different and I suppose you can think about things and never ever change you mind.
---atheist on 10/16/09

athiest,your blog handle says it all. Might I ask why you come to this site?Is it to seek knowledge?or antagonize?Its apparent you fonr believe Hod exists,so why waste your time?many here will tell you that with your attitude you are doing satans work,might I ask do you believe there is a devil?I caN ANSWER FOR YOU,you believe in nothing but mans inherent inhumanity to man,that after life comes non existance,why in the world are you here?to help create division?If so you are a perfect example of mans desire to cause or be a stumbling block to his fellow man,and apparently give no cfedence to peoples beliefd,or opinions,or worse yet feelings.
---tom2 on 10/16/09

athiest,could you try to use your GOD GIVEN MANNERS?Apparently you weren,t taught any.I have several doctriates,snd contrary to your verbalization ,have a brain,I do thank God it works very differently than yours.You have the right to be NON BELIEVER,please display so manners and allow me and many here to have faith ,and belief that God exists,without the degrading attitude you so often display.
---tom2 on 10/16/09

Science only provides evidence from the material things of this world only-nothing more.Spirit is not physical and yet will remain undiscoverable to the materialist who seeks definition.
There will be no sign given-one must personally experience spirit with the semi spiritual, part material mind to discover it's presence.
Therefore to anyone who doubts the reality of God,the answer will be- you have no experience with Spirit.How can you tell me/us I/we do not know what I/we speak of when you are un-experienced and have an inexperienced perception of reality?
And for the other pondering question-God is self existential.
---earl on 10/16/09

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Eloy, It comes back to the same thing. IE,"the whole world is lying in wickedness" that you claim God is in control of???
Plus who then is the "archaic or primitive" of this world whom Jesus had no part of??
---1st_cliff on 10/16/09

Tom:",s not only silly,but raher immature to think anyone can ever say a thing to change my mind...."

No doubt. Why would anyone even consider that you might use your 'god' given brain to think? Impossible...
---atheist on 10/16/09


"A theist" does not equal "atheist". They are really quite different, quite opposite in fact.

"Several known scientific and mathematic principles"?

You are claiming that science represents certainty, and that all "principles" as stated are correct, and are not subject to change. Further you are claiming that your interpretation of those principles, (the pinnacle of oxymoronity) is the correct one.

Do you really understand what the process of scientific discovery is? Oh, I forgot you got the degree.
---atheist on 10/16/09


You seem to play by two rulebooks.

On one hand you refer to the bible:, "John 1:3 says Jesus the creator God made everything which was created. He therefore cannot have made Himself." which doesn't at all explain who or what made 'god', which was the question.

On the other hand you feel free to cite your peculiar collection of "facts", (at least I think you think they are facts):"...genetic information is not part of the material substance, but imposed upon it. It is not solid, has no mass, and is not a product of matter." (WHAT!!!!)

You've made a career out of the first part of genesis. Make literal sense out of Explain Genesis 30:35-39 on that blog.

Dare ya!
---atheist on 10/16/09

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A theist: As I understand your belief system, you believe that life spontaneously originated by some naturalistic process about which you are completely agnostic. Further, this process (whatever it is) violates several known scientific and mathematic principles which you must purposefully ignore to perpetuate your paradigm. Yet you spend a great deal of time arguing with Christians about a "god" which you claim doesn't exist. Why?

Not a very satisfying belief system, is it? I think that the one true God created a void in our minds that only He can fill. Until you let Him in, you will never be at peace.
---jerry6593 on 10/16/09

for some the universe,with all it,s marvels,and earth with its vast variety of life,are just the result of an explosion,and chemicals coming together,for others it is a designed,created,thing done by God.You believe in one or the other.Arguing over it has been going on and always will.Let me say that I believe God created everything,and it,s not only silly,but raher immature to think anyone can ever say a thing to change my mind,or more important ,my faith.Even before I knew God,I never could believe that the universe,and all the life on earth made itself.bottom linr either you believe in God,or you dont.I DO
---tom2 on 10/15/09

Atheist, we are discussing the Biblical God and Scripture says He is not created but eternal. John 1:3 says Jesus the creator God made everything which was created. He therefore cannot have made Himself.

Regarding genetic information: when your fathers sperm penetrated your mothers egg a zygote was formed. Contained within that cell was all the genetic information necessary to form you. Half from mum, half from dad! This genetic information is not part of the material substance, but imposed upon it. It is not solid, has no mass, and is not a product of matter.

As an evolutionist you must believe this absolutely vital information arose by naturalistic processes.

How could such information arise by naturalistic processes?
---Warwick on 10/16/09

1st Cliff, the Greek word in Jn 14:30 is "archon", which is translated best here as "primitive", from which we get the Greek word "archaios" and in English "archaic". lit.Gk: "No longer many things will I speak with you, for is coming he this primitive of world, and in me not he has nothing." And in I Jn.5:19 it does not read that the whole world is under control of the evil one, but instead it literally reads, "We know that we are of God, and the whole world lays in wickedness." The passage is showing a distinction between those of us whom are sinless children of God compared to those whom are sinuious children of the world. Please read I Jn.5:18.
---Eloy on 10/16/09

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Warwick:"Another question: life contains 'programs' which run life. This information is not a product of matter, and has no mass or weight. We know that information does not arise without intelligence. So in your naturalistic, no creator system where did such complex information come from?"

What are you talking about?

That was not an answer. Who created 'God'? That you read it in your Bible is not an answer...
---atheist on 10/15/09

Eloy, Who do you think Jesus was referring to JN.14.30 "the prince of this world:??
How much more plain could you explain 1Jn.5.19 "The whole world is under control of the EVIL ONE" Who's the evil one Eloy???
---1st_cliff on 10/15/09

Atheist, we are talking of the God of Scripture, not anyones concept of a god. Therefore God is eternal-no beginning, no ending, therefore uncreated. Too easy!

I have answered your question, now to mine: Is matter eternal or did it create itself? I think you refer to this question when you say you have no answer. Don't you notice how you cling to your faith but have answers for very little. Not a well imformed atheist are you!

Another question: life contains 'programs' which run life. This information is not a product of matter, and has no mass or weight. We know that information does not arise without intelligence. So in your naturalistic, no creator system where did such complex information come from?
---Warwick on 10/15/09


I believe that statement .

I do not restrict it to just Christians. (And don't consider it in a derogatory sense.) The meme,[a postulated unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, is transmitted from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena], is something that helps societies or cultures survive.

A belief in 'god' reinforces positive group behavior that might not be followed if it were up to an individual to decide what to do based on personel gratification or survival. The belief in an omnipresent and powerful overseer therefore keeps some people on track even if no one is really watching. And gives great comfort to many.
---atheist on 10/15/09

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You of course left out Hitler...You must be losing it.

My answer is I just don't know. Why must I have an answer or yield to your 'explanation'?

Now you say that the question of where 'god' came from is easy. Tell me then. Or is this just a game where you refuse to answer such a simple question because I cannot provide you with a suitable answer to yours?

But you have no answer do you? If 'god' created matter who or what created 'god'?
Your question has no answer...

If you must have an answer, it is, "It is as it always has been."
---atheist on 10/15/09

\\An omnipotent and omnipresent 'god', with strict rules and horrific punishments is a good meme, that keeps people in control and reinforces leadership positions.\\

This is a charicature of what Christians, at least, believe about God.

It should also be pointed out that others on these blogs have charicatured what evolution actually holds.
---Cluny on 10/15/09

"You must be born-again".
---catherine on 10/15/09

Atheist, I have always admitted I believe, by faith.

Your inability to answer questions demonstrates you are also a man of faith, blind faith. Your faith is a system where death, disease and bloodshed are the norm, where the strong slaughter the weak. You talk of loving one another, but can suggest no way to get people to agree what loving one another means.

Atheistic nations solved the problem defining morality as whatever the leader ( e.g. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc) believed. Disagree and you die miserably.

I pointed out how utterly implausible your naturalistic/atheistic/evolutionary belief is. You have no answer.

Let me 'bully' again: Is matter eternal or did it create itself?
---Warwick on 10/15/09

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atheist (10-14)- Where do you think the first man came from? If you think he evolved from something, where did that something come from? Why is there day and night instead of all dark or all light all the time? Where did the soil come from? Where did the water come from? Where did the various colors in the world come from? I've seen little maple tree seeds that are encased in something with a little wing on it. The wind blows the maple seeds hither & yon so they all won't fall in the same place, and maple trees will grow in other locations. That seems planned to me.
---Betty on 10/15/09

You stated your 'belief', you explained nothing.

No amount of bullying can force me to answer a question that no one has the answer for---YET!

And a lack of an answer does not prove your beliefs.

Is the Genesis myth the only creation story you are aware of, or is it the only one you have chosen to believe?

Misbehaving people do not make for sustainable society. An omnipotent and omnipresent 'god', with strict rules and horrific punishments is a good meme, that keeps people in control and reinforces leadership positions.
---atheist on 10/15/09

1st cliff, The creature does not command the Creator, neither can any little child command their adult parent: and satan the creature from God has zero command over God's Command. God rules this world and all creation always and at all times: and the creature satan, which Jesus has created to destroy, can do no thing at all without his permission. Please read Job 1:8-12+ Isaiah 54:16+ Matthew 4:5-10.
---Eloy on 10/15/09

Warwick, many people like Cliff use the english translation of the Bible on the market just as it is published without comparitively investigating the actual Greek to find out what was actually written. As it is in the case of Cliff misperceiving that satan is a god, rather than a fallen creature created by the Creator. lit. Gk: "But if indeed being covered the gospel from us, in them being lost it stands covered: In whom the deified who's of this age blinded the intelligence of the unbelieving, onto not the dawning on them the brightness of glad tidings, which glory of Christ, who stands portraying who's God." II Cor. 4:3,4. No satan is no god, not at all, but he is erroneously deified by the unlearned.
---Eloy on 10/15/09

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Warwick, What I took exception to was Eloy saying this is "God's world"
Satan is the god of this world,hence we see all these maladies!
Adam to blame? yes but satan is the one creating all this havoc!
Not 'till he's chained will Christ rule and we see "wondrous and marvellous" things!
---1st_cliff on 10/15/09

Atheist I disagree, the alternative, as explained in my last post, is fantasy, pure fantasy, upon fantasy. A fairy story for adults. Isn't happening!

Conversely Biblical Christianity can be seen in action in the lives of evil people whose lives have been utterly transformed.

As the Communist said: Russian Communism will put a new suit on everyman. The Christian replied: Christianity will put a new man in every suit.

When wuz He 'thunk' up Atheist? Did sumbuddy jes thunk him up an no wun noticed he waznt there the day befor?

Who created God, easy. First answer my question. Is matter eternal or did it create itself?
---Warwick on 10/15/09

1st cliff, people are getting saved from sin every day and are being translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Christ, people are getting healed and set free by the power of God. Those whom exercise faith receive manifold blessings and the things from God, and those without faith receive nothing. O' yes indeed the earth is the Lord's and the fullness there of, and all things were made by him and for him, and by him all things consist. He hangs the world upon nothing and by his word things are called into existence, and by his word things are brought to nothing: always and at all times the world is the Lord's alone, and he will baptize it with his fire to purge away the dross, and sin will not rise up a second time.
---Eloy on 10/15/09

Cliff you wrote 'I see mudslides,raging forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis,floods,30,000 children die each day from hunger related causes.'

Scripture makes it very clear that God created a perfect world and death, disease and suffering are intruders, the consequences of Adam's sin.

See Romans 8:19-22 which explains the creation has been groaning and suffering since and because of Adam.

Fortunately things will not always be this way but will be restored. Not back to billions of years of evolutionary death, disease and suffering but back to the perfection of Genesis ch.1.
---Warwick on 10/14/09

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there has always been a heaven,God is there,not empty space.Problem is you think like a man.God is a spirit,he is not flesh and blood,though he once took on that form in the person of jesus christ.
---tom2 on 10/14/09

Eloy, What "wondrous and marvellous" things do you mean??
I see mudslides,raging forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis,floods,30,000 children die each day from hunger related causes...and you say this is "His world"????
Not yet Eloy, not yet!
---1st_cliff on 10/14/09

Warwick:"We exist because God exists."

I think you are close but you have it backwards:"'God' exists because we exist."

We all just thunk him up to explain what can't be explained.

Your position still requires an explanation of who or what created 'God'. And considering your literal interpretation of Genesis, what was he doing before he 'created' 'creation'?

Did he just sit there bored in an empty timeless nothingness, and then decided, "Well I think I start making 'creation'"?

And then 'he' decided to make us, who if we failed to believe in 'him' he'd roast in 'Hell' or according to others would would just let die?
---atheist on 10/14/09

Jesus is God, and yes indeed he most certainly does exist, and by his Spirit he is doing wonderous and marvellous things all over his world.
---Eloy on 10/14/09

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We exist because God exists.

Genesis 1-2 explains God created the universe, earth, and everything in it by Almighty power. He surrounds us with stunningly complex beauty. Romans 1:20 says this is sufficient proof of His Creatorship, that those who disagree are without excuse.

The alternative is that matter made itself, or is eternal, and for no reason exploded. And this explosion created all the matter in the universe. Then lifeless matter, without intelligent input, produced the amazing complexity of life. And that this life, also with any intelligent input evolved into the vast array of creatures we see.

If you can believe this fairy story then the faith necesssary to accept Jesus died for us, is comparitively small.
---Warwick on 10/13/09

Jeri,the gospel, as Jesus taught it ,never said to anyone that our life on earth here will be easy,infact he did say blessed are we who believe without seeing.Thus no sign will be given to us who wait upon one.
Jesus also said we are a sign seeking people meaning that we thrive on phenomenon,miracles and wonders that do not quicken,change our lives or give birth to a soul.
Be of good cheer Jeri for in time the one you seek,if you truly seek to see him, will reveal himself but not so in the manner you believe he should.
Patience is spiritual.
---earl on 10/13/09


YES God does Exist!!!!!!!
---Shawn.M.T on 10/13/09

Jeri,the sign God loves us was given when he took his only begotten son,Jesus and required he must go to a cross,not for anything Jesus had done wrong but to be the scarifice for everyone else's sins. My goodness what more would anyone need to see God's love for humankind. As for trials and tibulations,look in the Bible,it plainly tells us and shows through the tribulations of Christians of that era,just because one is redeemed from sin doesn't mean we'll have nothing but rich trouble free life,for the rest of our lives. We aren't to live by sight but by faith. It isn't what we get from God,but what we give of ourselves to the service of God expecting nothing in return. Love God,obey,praise him,worship him,fellowship with God. Rejoice in God.
---Darlene_1 on 10/13/09

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to believe that evolution is responsible for all the many thousands upon thousands of different and varied life,reptiles,birds,mammals,that have lived and are living today to me means that nature is and has run in high gear changing constantly,and actually takes more faith to believe than a creator.
---tom2 on 10/13/09

What am I waiting for? Hmm well I am waiting for some sort of sign that he cares. I used to do everything in my power to worship him, to be a good Christian and the only things that ever happened were trials and tribulations.
---Jeri on 10/13/09

Yes,the very order of the universe proves the existence of God.Also their is historical evidence besides the Bible to prove Jesus existed.Like the writings of Josephous a Jewish scholar.
---shirley on 10/13/09

And just what were you waiting for Him to do?

Did it occur to you that He's been waiting for you for 39 years, too (our time)?

And don't you think that God has more to do that simply exist?
---Cluny on 10/12/09

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to believe that life can and does evolve form microbial existance makes no sense.Even less likely that on more than one occasion,mass extinctions were responsible for such evolution,just dont work for me.
---tom2 on 10/12/09


What does chance have to do with it?
---atheist on 10/12/09

if you are looking for scientific proof ,there is none.The bible,and the witnesses within,along with prophecy,and changed lives,and miracles are all proof.
---tom2 on 10/12/09

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