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Justify Celebrating Halloween

How do Christians justify celebrating Halloween?

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 ---Kella8334 on 10/20/09
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Most Christians don't care what pagans celebrated and when. The liturgical churches used to celebrate "All Hallows Eve" which has been degraded into what is now "Halloween".
My Hispanic neighbors here in the southwest celebrate "El Da de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead". Unlike Halloween, it is a day of respect and remembrance, in honor of friends and loved-ones who have died. When I was young, Memorial Day was a time to place flowers on family graves and pass on family history.

Our culture today seems at times to "respect" nothing and no one. Families have come apart and lost a sense of origin. How nice if we could have a day to honor the dead, not to mock them.
---Donna66 on 11/2/09

Kella: "How do Christians justify celebrating Halloween?" I don't know. Christmas and Easter at least purport to be Jesus-centered, but Halloween is 100% pagan worship of the dead - spiritualism. This (necromancy) is forbidden in the Bible. Although I may give sweet, innocent children some candy on Halloween, I also give them anti-Halloween literature.
---jerry6593 on 10/31/09

I was once a "religious purist" shunning all things with pagan roots!It became an "ism"!
Now I dress up and take my granddaughter "trick or treating", Do I tell her it's pagan-No We're in it for the candy and just pretending to be some other character!
Nothing serious, just FUN!
But "FUN" is not well understood by religious fundamentalists!
---1st_cliff on 10/31/09

Pastor Jim ... "As you guys know there are folks out there who have no clue what Christmas or Easter is"

You are quite right.

There are folk out there who do not know that Christmas is when Christians celebrate the birth of christ ... they think it is just an excuse for a party

And they don't know that at Easter, Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, and our Rescue. They think it is just another time to go a bit silly with toys and eating.

But Christians know what we are celebrating, and it is all about Jesus
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/31/09

\\As you guys know there are folks out there who have no clue what Christmas or Easter is. \\

Oh, this same drivel, quoted out of context, gets trotted out every year, especially on these blogs, argued by people who think they are telling us something we've not heard before.
---Cluny on 10/30/09

Thanks 1st Cliff and Cluny! Let me lighten up on this one. I just want to make people aware of what these days represent. As you guys know there are folks out there who have no clue what Christmas or Easter is. Having said all that, the choice is between those who celebrate those days and God. I just wanted to get some of the facts out so folks can make a knowledgeable decision. It is something that you will never hear in church and many Christian are unaware if it. I think it is a Pastors obligation to give out all the facts. They know better.
---PASTOR_JIM on 10/30/09

I agree that Halloween is just another pagan celebration that Christians compromise their beliefs to follow after. It is sad to say but I think that we find almost any reason to PARTY. I have no idea as to what God will say on judgement day regarding our participation in rituals. I fear for us.
---jody3965 on 10/30/09

\\Or at Easter celebrating the goddess Ister?\\

As I have pointed out, most European langauages use the term PASCHA or a phonetic equivalent (Pascua, Paschale, Paques) for the feast of the Resurrection of Christ.

Pascha is itself a metathesis of the Hebrew word PESACH, or Passover.

"Pascha" is the preferred term in Orthodoxy.
---Cluny on 10/30/09

Then she is then consistent with her believes.
Halloween is a Celtic Agricultural fest much in the same venue as other pagan holidays (i.e. Christmas). Yet "Christians" celebrate Christmas and Easter with ALL the pagan rules of these festivals. Same way pagans celebrated them. They expect God to accept their pagan offerings. And we all know how God responds to Pagan offerings in his name. God gave us holy days to follow, but now we follow the decrees of King Constantine, other pagans,instead of God. After all those are now "Jewish" holidays, not the holy ones our pagan Kings have decreed. Like the one we had at Mount Sinai but God killed us at that one. Here's one question: Will you follow him, or will you follow HIM?
---PASTOR_JIM on 10/30/09

Pastor Jim, I am as familiar with the winter solstice and goddess Astarte as you.
Look at it this way.. we live in the cold white north,gets dark early,sun rises late,
Without the bright colored lights and Christmas trappings,family gatherings ,do you know what a long cold, horrible, winter it wold be.
People already suffer from SAD (seasonal adjustment disorder)
Lighten up, we don't "worship" Christmas!
So it's pagan,but so are the days of the week!
---1st_cliff on 10/30/09

Pastor Jim ... As it happens, Rhonda does not celbrate Easter or Christmas, because she feels the same about these days as you.

But have you EVER come across a Christian who at Christmas is celebrating the "gods of light"?

Or at Easter celebrating the goddess Ister?

Maybe those celebrations do take place at the times the old pagan things were celebrated, but those are now in the past & irrelevant to what we do now.

But Rhonda is right about Hallowe'en, for it specifically celebrates something evil. No Christian gloss has been put on it. I have never found a Christian church that celebrates Hallowe'en & the dead ghouls soming out of the graves to casue havoc to the living..
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/30/09

Rhonda, ignorance is bliss.
You say Halloween is evil? Nothing compared to Christmas and Easter. These are the most evil pagan holidays of the year. Yet you celebrate it blindly. Christmas is the most holy pagan holiday of the year. It celebrates the gods of light so they included Jesus to the list. They burned Yule logs all night to the gods and bring in evergreen trees in hopes that winter will not come. Easter celebrate the goddess ister (Google it) she is the goddess of the rising sun. They go up on a mountain at sunrise to worship her as she rises from the sea. Jesus was born in Sept.(during the high holy days) and was crucified on Passover.
---PASTOR_JIM on 10/29/09

Rhonda, looking at your various posts here and elsewhere, you seemed to be obsessed with accusing other people of honoring Satan.

PER Gods Word Satan IS the god of this world 2Corin 4:4 ...Satan DECEIVES the WHOLE world - not a few

Gods Truth is very different from professing christianity and its OBSESSION with defending ACTIONS that do not honor The Father in Heaven

anyone can choose ACTIONS that do NOT honor The Father in Heaven YET claim and profess from their lips they do ...much like the Pharisee's who could not see the FUTURE RULER of the world in Christ
---Rhonda on 10/29/09

Rhonda ... I agree with with you.... IF there are Christian churches which celebrate hallowe'en.

I have never come across one
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/29/09

\\Halloween honors Satan - repackaging it with new colors and bows professing one "idea" on your lips with ACTIONS pointing toward the evil of the day
---Rhonda on 10/28/09\\

Rhonda, looking at your various posts here and elsewhere, you seemed to be obsessed with accusing other people of honoring Satan.

Why do you suffer from such an advanced case of spiritual optic rectitis?
---Cluny on 10/29/09

Guess what all the churches in the community participate.

Halloween is what you make of it and nothing more than that.

It is?

Then WHY must those who "make of it what they wish" MOCK God and celebrate it on the same day as what the day ORIGINALLY represented - pagan witchcraft superstition

Curious all these "NEW" idea's ...doesn't it say you cannot put NEW into the OLD - IMAGINE if counterfeit christians actually UNDERSTOOD what that really meant ...if they did they would make all their NEW activities on ANOTHER DAY

Halloween honors Satan - repackaging it with new colors and bows professing one "idea" on your lips with ACTIONS pointing toward the evil of the day
---Rhonda on 10/28/09

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I just finished viewing the Internet site for the Neewollah Festival in Independence, Kansas one of the largest Halloween calibrations in the USA. It started in 1918 as an alternative to Trick or Treat Vandalism and has grown to a weeklong celebration with a musical, Queen Neelah pageant, carnival, band stand events, Professional Shows , Athletic Events, Art & Craft shows, a Chili Cook-off, Food Vendors, Marching Band Festival, three different parades, a great pumpkin contest and a medallion hunt each day.

Guess what all the churches in the community participate.

Halloween is what you make of it and nothing more than that.
---The_Friendly_Blogger on 10/28/09

Cluny is of course right, about the old traditional All Saints Day where we celebrate the lives of all past Christians (for we are all saints, but not Saints) being hijacked by the pagans

Hallowe'en is pagan, and if taken seriously is quite evil. The spirits of the dead come out of the graves and terrorise the living for the night. That's what is behnd some of the frightening dressing-up for 'trick or treat'

But most who "play" Hallowe'en don't know all this, and to them it is a harmless bit of fun.
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/26/09

Actually Pagans tried spoiling the Western Christian feast of All Saints (Hallows) on 1 November by doing their things on the evening before.
---Cluny on 10/25/09

The problem with this bit of fun is that it is called Hallowe'en, and is thought by some to have spiritual significance.

But that spiritual significance is given only by Christians who object to it because of its pagan origins.

Most who celebrate Hallowe'en, be they Christian or otherwise, don't give a monkey's about the pagan origin, so they are not corrupted by it.

Don't know if that answers the question.

I find the trick or treat aspect to be quite frightening for some people. But apple bobbing & toffee apples and other games are fun ... would be nice if it could be separated from Hallowe'en
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/24/09

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True Christians do not participate ...religious christianity follows the world and ITS ways choosing blissful ignorance to LIVE with and FOR the god of this world Satan 2Corin 4:4 ...Billions of dollars spent on this pagan day

calling it fun by entertaining Satan evil spirits and slapping Christ over profane traditions calling it Holy ...only God can declare what is Holy - MAN cannot

you can eat candy any day of the year - why must one gorge on candy once a year in the name of fun?

there is nothing harmless or "fun" about this dark evil day ...gloss it up repackage in name of a "christianity" to please yourself MOCKING The Father in Heaven because this heathen day still belongs and is FOR Satan
---Rhonda on 10/23/09

The reason for doing Halloween is the same as the reason for going to the beach -- it's fun. The only people disturbed by it are the people who seek out being disturbed. If the shoe fits, wear it. on 10/22/09

We had an alternative Holyween at our church so the kids wouldn't feel left out collecting candy. My daughter dressed up as Mary.

I look back at this years later unsure about the wisdom of that activity but know my daughter was no worse for that evening 16 years ago.
Instead of a wiccan activity the small kids even at a private Christian school believed Halloween was a time to dress up as a cartoon character or back when my daughter was young an opportunity to be" the Little Mermaid".
The church I now attend has no such activity and my daughter matured to simply using the day for what she believed its original purpose - candy. No costume, no trick or treating, just ask daddy for candy. Cute.
---larry on 10/22/09

The dollar "rules". Halloween has become big business, like Christmas. Most merchants do 50% or more of their annual business at Christmas!
I don't know if it's like we are here, in your area, but on Hallowe'en whole neighborhoods compete for scary decoration!only to be replaced by elaborate Christmas lights and trappings!
---1st_cliff on 10/22/09

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What's the point in celebrating a secular Halloween when you don't celebrate the Christian feast of All Saints' day, giving thanks for the "cloud of witnesses," or All Souls' Day, praying in thankful loving memory for all dear to you in Christ?

I also remember in the third grade, I was counted off for not putting the apostrophe in Hallowe'en.
---Cluny on 10/21/09

Living in the flesh(our physical bodies) we do not outgrow the influence of evil spirits.
Justify Halloween? Will is very difficult to justify lies, and dark foreboding events.

Inquire about Halloween to those who've been in the occult and you get your eyes quickly opened!!!
---mima on 10/20/09

there are many things that christians justify,or should I say merely they ignore Gods word about the list is VERYYYYYY LONG.
---tom2 on 10/20/09

Usually by calling it a "Pumpkin Festival" or "Fall Celebration" or some such.

Most of us outgrow it--as well as outgrow arguing about it.
---Cluny on 10/20/09

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