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Can Single Moms Find Man

Can a single mom find true love and happiness? Where can she meet a decent man?

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 ---Elvir9568 on 10/23/09
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The only bit of advice I can give is to write a list of what your perfect for you man would be and to pray over it. Put your faith in God and let him know that you know there is "your perfect man" out there. If you happen to meet a guy that you might be interested in...look back at your list and make sure he is everything...if hes not, move on, keep looking and praying. Never settle for less than best when it comes to your heart and the rest of your life...especially with little ones that also depend on you to make responsible decisions.
---Ashley on 12/14/09

Karen /Elvir,with my God and his love all things are possible,kids need love and support and adults do too, my God has been Mighty to Save,he has also healed and restored me and my kids and turned all things together for good,how can you give someone who you don't know advice like that it seems so negative/hopeless even?
Dear Elvir Walk with Jesus listen to him, the voice of truth in your heart,lay your life before him in prayer,share your burdens with him i assure you if its your hearts desire God is able to fulfill you,you may have to wait you may not.
NEVER EVER Limit God in your circumstances or you might never grow and NEVER EVER see all he has in store for you.Do not loose heart guard it its your life!!.
---beany on 12/9/09

You can only find the 3 things you are seeking at the feet of Jesus Christ, there is no other way. Try Jesus, be sincere and truthful. You will soon smile.
---Adetunji on 12/7/09

Tom2 "by descent you mean they will tell you when they have an affair"
That is a very unfair statement. You seem to be saying that one mistake (for it may be that) changes an honest character into a totally bad one?

Tom2 ... "you do realize that people aren,t descent? they are lost" Presumably you mean that none of us are decent?
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/29/09

you do realize that people aren,t descent?they are lost.
---tom2 on 10/25/09

When your children grow up, they will say, "You were always too busy looking for a man to spend time with us."
---KarenD on 10/24/09

She can find love in her own heart, first, with God. And if she is obedient and honest with God, this can make her able to connect with whoever else is genuinely obedient > it is not enough for her to tell herself she is obedient, but submit for *God* to be the Judge and the One to make sure she is transformed to become truly obedient > then He can lead her to whoever He has for her. It helps to spend time with Jesus, so you know how Jesus is loving, and you find out how to relate with Jesus so you are able to relate with a real Jesus guy. Then, with Jesus who is your Groom, you will also be quite satisfied, even if He does not choose to trust you to a man (o: >
"learn from Me," Jesus does say, in Matthew 11:29. God bless you (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/24/09

join activities that are family oriented where you can meet other single parents who prefer to spend time with their children

what is common today are single parents taking more time away from their children to "find" another mate is selfish and leaves children more with babysitters so parent can have fun ...mixed up priorities

the love and happiness and time you should be giving to your children is usually minimal in comparison to time out with friends and on endless dates looking AGAIN for "Mr Right"

I agree with Karen single parents should wait with divorce at an all time high of more than 60% the next marriage will be a mixed marriage requiring more work than the first marriage
---Rhonda on 10/24/09


I agree with what you said. When kids are young, and with the deep hurt that comes from seeing your parents no longer living together, the last thing that these kids need is more hurt. I have seen many kids have to live through that. Some grow up to be fearful of marriage because of their parents' divorce, remarriage, etc.

I've studied the problems of remarriage. Mainly to help friends who are struggling with what they thought would be a "quick fix" to singleness, but found themselves in an "asking for trouble" situation. Remarriage involves more people. Children and Adults. From previous relationships as well as current ones. The Bible says people are imperfect. Pray.

---Sag on 10/24/09

by descent you mean they will tell you when they have an affair.
---tom2 on 10/24/09

Yes. Start with prayer to Jesus, and let Jesus be her Lord God, then ask him what he wants for her.
---Eloy on 10/24/09

A single mother or a single father should wait until their children are grown before considering marrying.
---KarenD on 10/23/09

"Can a single mom find true love and happiness?" Yes, In the Father's rest and love.
"Where can she meet a decent man?" Wherever she presents herself as a decent woman, willing to open herself to love without dissimulation, hypocrisy, cynicism, or unwarranted, unrealistic expectations.
Be for another what you would expect from another, give to another what you would like to receive from another, and trust the Father with the results of that.
---Josef on 10/23/09

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