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Illegals Work In The USA

As a Christian small business owner, I would like to know other opinions about illegals working here in our country?

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 ---James_King on 10/31/09
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Jesus taking all these Gentiles outside the nation of Israel, forgiving their sins, and grafting them in, ...
---StrongAxe on 1/4/10

Israel never grafted in with GOD's blessing. This is how Solomon lost the kingdom. Unapproved grafting at the highest level.

Jesus if you will notice, never forgave anyone sin that he healed....that was not formerly or of Israel.
The law was to Israel. They are the ones that came under the penalty.
The grafting in is both Olive variety. The divorced house/Nations of Israel is the Graft.
The New covenant does not say this is the new covenant I make with the house of Gentiles and Judah.
---Trav on 1/6/10


I imagine th legalists in Jesus's day would have been just as upset about Jesus taking all these Gentiles outside the nation of Israel, forgiving their sins, and grafting them in, making it easier on them than people born into it who had spent their life being Law-abiding Jews.
---StrongAxe on 1/4/10

Well, I will be willing to bet that Obama will introduce a bill that lets illegals in this country next year. He will try and pass it through congress soon, before the next elections. I have been reading that there are over 15 million illegals in this country and when they get their "citizenship" they will be able to bring up to 5 family memembers here. Wow, is this a great country or what? We can take what is illegal and make it legal... I can not imagine the financial impact that this will have on the citizens of this country. All of the illegals having kids here? Wow, all this for breaking the law. Jim
---Jim on 1/2/10


As long as we live in a country where police can't just randomly walk up to people at any time and demand they produce ID (like they can in totalitarian regimes), it will be possible for people who come here legally to overstay their welcome by just keeping a low profile.

If you want immigration laws to be aggressively enforced, you will also have to live in a country where the police can pull you over, demand you produce a passport, and kick you out of the country if you don't have one (and good luck if you accidentally left your purse at home).

Of course, an iron-clad economic solution such as that used by the Beast of Revelation could also solve this, but I don't think any of us want to go that route either...
---StrongAxe on 12/31/09

I am thinking that if and when Obama passes his Obamacare package to all citizens, I am wondering when he will let all 15 million illegals to become citizens and they can tap into this program. I don't know about you, but when this happens, we will be paying additional billions to provide mecical to illegals... giving them a foothold into our way of life...
I am ashamed of our leaders spending money that we do not have, printing more worthless money and spending it on future illegals... does this make sence to you? not to me.
---Jim on 12/29/09

We had Thanksgiving and a woman from Poland came to dinner. We ended up talking about how she came here legally, kept her visa's current and eventually married a US citizen.
She seems to understand what it means to wait in line to come here, they waited 17 years to have her brother get "invited" to come here. Unlike our neighbors who can walk, swim, boat, drive across the boarder.
When will we wake up and start demanding that we shut the boarders down, find out who is here, send back as many as possible and start taking care of it's citizens? After all, it wll only benefit our citizens.
---Jim on 11/27/09

Rhonda -- If you are wealthy enough and influential enough, you may not only get by without paying may also qualify as a member of the Presidents Cabinet!
---Donna66 on 11/19/09

So, lets go after the illegal aliens, and those American Citizens who are doing exactly the same thing, including NOT paying their taxes.
---NurseRobert on 11/19/09

Amen NurseRobert

if that were cleaned up this country would be well on its way to recovery

In a well-known state in New England (name of state withheld to protect its inept government blunders) illegal aliens having unusual names whereas one cannot differentiate first from last or middle - collecting welfare checks under several alias names just by re-arranging their given name

tax evaders who are caught spend years in courts clogging up the system with legal maneuvers to prolong or reduce their tax penalties - its a BIG law business
---Rhonda on 11/19/09

//Good question, since the issue of illegal aliens has gone back decades, why hasn't the governemnt, Republican as well as democrats done anything about it?//

Indeed a good question. If a serious effort had been made to enforce immigration laws, perhaps the 9-11 bombers would not have freely overstayed their visas.

Asian illegals have known for at least 30 yrs. that the way to gain entry to the US is to enter by way of Canada and they won't be questioned.

In this politicized era, it has been a politically flammable issue. Bush wanted to grant amnesty to some, also tighten up immigration laws, but so many citizens objected by mail, fax and phone calls that considerstion of it was dropped by Congress.
---Donna66 on 11/19/09

Larry, Our gov. needs to enforce our boarders and enforce our laws. As a business man, I should not have to do the work of the gov. I should not have to check id's, s.s #, address, dr. license... to see if a future employee is a legal citizen. Our gov. should be enforcing the law. I should be able to hire anyone that knocks on my door without fear of him/her not being a citizen and the fear of the gov. arresting me for hiring an illegal. As for nurse r. I think that we can narrow our views and come to terms someday. Regarding the money issue, if the illegals were not here, how much would we save?
---Jim on 11/19/09

Jim, what you posted could be said about THOUSANDS of American citizens who do exactly the same thing. They use the ED as a doctors office and don't pay for their care either.

I agree, it is a problem.

Did you know illegal immigrants are paying what amounts to billions of dollars in federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes this year. One rough estimate puts the amount of Social Security taxes alone at around $9 billion per year. There are those who feel obliged to pay taxes. Those taxes supports the schools and public services.

So, lets go after the illegal aliens, and those American Citizens who are doing exactly the same thing, including NOT paying their taxes.
---NurseRobert on 11/19/09

Good point both Jim and Nurse Robert.

If businessmen who hire illegal workers were jailed and those caught at the border were deported no one could claim the policy was unfair. Those who favor only one side of the policy would immediately be exposed as "phony" and dismissed from the discussion.

Christians of course have an entirely different take on the foreigner. While we are not to endorse law breaking for God has ordained governments and laws, we are to treat these new people kindly, giving them what they need physically and spiritually for this is the witness of our father and savior. Get them saved. Let the pagans politicize the issue.
---larry on 11/19/09

You take the words right out of my mouth Jim, right on man!! :)
---Mary on 11/19/09

Nurse Roberts, the illegals come here with no insurance (my wife is an R.N.) they have no health coverage/insurance they go into the emergency room with a headache, cough, fever... obviously broken bones, stab wounds. They use the E.R. like a Dr's office and we are paying for their care. We have one of the largest county hosp. in the nation in our back door (Chicago) and if used by our citizens and legal immigrants, I have no problem. Why should a hosp. be required to take care of the illegals time after time. If we were in another country, we would have to show insurance or pay with our discover/visa. Why can't they be expected to pay?
---Jim on 11/18/09

Good question, since the issue of illegal aliens has gone back decades, why hasn't the governemnt, Republican as well as democrats done anything about it?

Tell me, how do you define "abuse" of our emergency rooms?
---NurseRobert on 11/18/09

Nurse Roberts, I am glad that we agree on securing the boarders. Perfect! Now for the illegals working here... all I can say is shame on the business that hires them. I am sure that there are citizens of this country that can do the work on the farms. I am sure that we can find cooks for the restaurants, help in hotels... All I can say is let's try and do without the illegals. Maybe if we make them get proper work visas, maybe they could work here for 6 months/year and go back home. Why can't we try this. Why is it all or nothing? How come they can come here and abuse our emergency rooms, have babies here, go to our schools, get on our lunch and milk programs and the citizens have to pay for them? Why can't they be brought to justice?
---Jim on 11/16/09

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That's where you are wrong, Jimbo...

I think we should secure our borders. I think that illegals in this country should be deported and detained. Then I would like see you out picking crops and washing dishes.

You moan and groan about the illegals in the country "taking our jobs" but say nothing about the businesses that pay these people the slave wages and give them the jobs that draw them here?
---nurserobert on 11/15/09

I have contacted my Rep. in congress and my senators. I am convinced that Il. senators (Durbin and Burris) are clueless to this issue and I am waiting for a response from my state rep. I told them that I want measures to secure our boarders and want the illegals removed from the states...I guess they are busy with the Obamacare issue at this time.
Hey nurse roberts, it seems that you would like for nothing (or should I say Nada) to happen to the illegals that are here and would not care to secure our boarders. I would like your response.
---Jim on 11/15/09

Jim it's obvious that you are merely describing what you see... any one who lives near the border sees the same things.

Congress has already proved their disdain for business and business people, large or small (they see no difference). Thus our unemployment rate of 10-12%. I know of no congressman who has any business experience themselves. And our "CEO" has never run so much as a lemonade stand (that I know of).

But this issue effects EVERY taxpayer, no matter their occupation, nation-wide (in the border states, even more so) All we can hope for is legislators who put the high-sounding rhetoric aside and deal with reality.
---Donna66 on 11/15/09

To think that some of you can't see it this way?
---Jim on 11/15/09

Not all of us have the "all seeing eye of knowledge" as you seem to have.

Maybe you should set up at the border and just shoot them as they cross the river.
---NurseRobert on 11/15/09

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I started this blog. I am a small bus. owner and have seen the results of the illegals in the "blue collar" world. The illegals are not hurting the medical, law or education fields becaue it takes an education for these fields. The trades are being over run with illegals taking jobs from citizens of thie great country. They walk across the boarder and then "BAM" they have insurance to have a child, use our emergency rooms, have their kids go to school with free lunch and milk programs. We are fools for letting the congress and senate not fight to keep them out. Obama wants to make the illegals legal next year. We will be paying for illegals to have insurance. To think that some of you can't see it this way?
---Jim on 11/15/09

I do not have much of a problem with this. We are all illegals in one way or another. Come on, we have home-grown terriorist living among us..... Do you realize how different, how much better, this country would be not to mention the whole world, if it would learn to trust God....The people in it. MY,my,my, oh my!
---catherine on 11/14/09

James -- I thought you might be the author of the original question. But your views did not sound like any small businessman that I know.
// my stance is Christians must keep their eyes on Christ and trust the He is in control.// Must agree with THIS! Love for
Jesus should be first. Love for family friends, country comes second. But I don't think Jesus disapproves of these....He did say love one another.
---Donna66 on 11/14/09

Donna, I'm not a businessman at all. I go to work for a company that is moving jobs out of America just like a lot of businesses are. They do it because thay can so that's that. My point is illegal people in America working cheap is nothing new. The railoads and coal mines and others were exploiting illegal laborers years ago and paying them nothing. The Irish, Italians, the Chinese and so on. But my stance is not judging the unsaved people that do these things, my stance is Christians must keep their eyes on Christ and trust the He is in control. For me it's simple. The Word says, "if the love of the world is in you, then the love of God is not!" I don't love this world or this country, I love Jesus.
---james on 11/13/09

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James are you REALLY a small businessman?

//everything you accuse the, "illegals" of, big business and your beloved government have been doing to you for years//? It's true, big business ( I don't know about the government) exports jobs to
to people who LIVE in foreign countries, (not immigrants).

I'm glad for those who get the jobs. Often they are quite needy.
In some cases, businesses meeting all the regs of the gov't and all the demands of the union, would drive the price so high nobody could afford the product.

Don't confuse loving the country with "loving" the government. I love my country, but I often fear the government!
It should not be that way.
---Donna66 on 11/12/09

James, are you the one that posted the question above? Just wanted to know. Thanks for the discussion. blessings to you
---MarkV. on 11/12/09

I recommend you look to the Word of God for your answer as you are very confused about the mind of Christ. Your frustration is evident and you are clearly looking for people to share in your frustration and I can't/won't be involved in your debate. I would share one perspective with you, everything you accuse the, "illegals" of, big business and your beloved government have been doing to you for years. You probably aren't interested but Luke said... never mind. If you want to know, read Luke 6 starting at 17.
---james on 11/12/09

Hey,I am trying to understand some other view points here. I have Christ in my heart, but I really believe that there are reasons for boarders between countries. People can not just walk across the boarder just because they want to. I am blessed that I am an Americian Citizen. I love this country. Ohters come here, trample on our flag, think they are owed something because America is "rich" they fleece our pocket books, use our aid, take jobs from us and we are suppose to take it laying down because we are Christians. I don't think so. People by the millions would like to come here and have to wait in line while others walk across the boarder. This is wrong. Truly, the best people should be allowed here.
---Jim on 11/11/09

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Well said Mark. What you have concluded is absolutely spot on. The Word of God was complete from before the foundation of the world. God is in complete control. As the scripture states, "trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not unto your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your path. You are also correct in that we are swayed to thinking according to the world's way and when we fall into that trap, we lose our peace. The natural mind is opposed to God's way. He says, "bring every thought into captivity unto obedience to Christ". When we do, total peace follows.
---james on 11/10/09

Brother James, again your words are golden. Nothing can stop what God has foreordained already. Sin increases, even our thinking begans to get involve again in the world. In the end what is important is who we are in Christ. Yet I still understand the other view very well. And I feel there should be some order, but before anything else, our faith in Christ comes first. I am a believer in the Sovereign right of God to direct all that is happening, and not one thing is permitted without the will of God allowing or permitting it to happen. If there was one thing working out of the permission of God then God is not Sovereign.
---MarkV. on 11/10/09

Mark, issues like these are endless and they serve as great distractions. We are talking about people coming into America and taking jobs away from us. And doing them for far less money that we would do it for. Meanwhile, American owned business are sending far more jobs OUT of America than what the illegals are taking. Not to mention that one year of bank bonuses to executives is more than the illegals and most of middle Americans earn combined. The world is corrupt and beyond repair, it's just that simple. It's what Satan has done while we, Christians, have been distracted. Our churches have fallen into the same corruption, pasters taking huge salaries while many in the body struggle to make ends meet. PART 1
---james on 11/9/09

PART 2 Christians have no need to be wrangling over the worlds woes. We need to do what Jesus did, and that is pray, pray, and pray still more. Jesus NEVER directed us to be political, His direction is to obey the laws of man, as this pleases God. Pay our taxes and work quietly and be prepared to do the good works that he gave us in advance, to do. Read these blogs and it's clear that most of these folks are waging a carnal warfare, and they will lose because the worlds carnal warriors are it's politians and they don't serve the people, they serve special interest groups and themselves. If it were not true, do you really beileve that the illegal issue couldn't be resolved? It could be but that is not what they want.
---james on 11/9/09

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Part 3 The illegals are helping to seperate the classes. Soon Americans will be willing to work for the wages the illegals work for because they will have to. In the near future, we won't have full time jobs but people will have to have multiple part time jobs to pay the bills and companies will no longer have to provide ANY benefits. This was recently published in a prestigeous business magazine, "Fast Times". and it's happening all around us. The Christians hope MUST lie in Jesus and nothing else. Illegals, drugs immorality, violence, all on the rise and it won't be stopped. As many as are led by the Spirit, these are the sons of God. The sons will wage war through the Spirit and they will do it on their knees.
---james on 11/9/09

James, your words are golden, that was my argument with my wife. As Christians where do we stand? And I gave her what I felt. She in turn said exactly what others are saying here especially Jim. I know she is right because she cares for the country and also fair that we allow so many from each nation so that it can be fair for all who are looking for a better life. We should not stop them from seeking that, but there has to be some kind of control or order. Millions coming over from one place is not fair to the others from other countries. I witnessed hundreds coming over at one time while on a trip to Brownsville Texas. There was no control. That was only one time I witnessed it, how about the thousands of other times I didn't.
---MarkV. on 11/9/09

Hey, I started this question for this blog. We are drifting quite a bit. With all of the different views out there, where do we stand? I believe that America needs to do something and do it quick. We are being burdened with the illegals in so many ways that it is crushing our pocketbooks. Again, we are paying for their medical the min. they cross over the boarder, we pay for their education, milk and lunch programs... They are taking our jobs. I personally believe that that Obamacare is designed to help illegals first and then the citizens of this country. If we got rid of the illegals, we would have additionl funds for our citizens. By the way, Obama wants to make the illegals legal next year. Does this make sence to you?
---Jim on 11/8/09

Mark, as Paul wrote, it's a small thing to be judged by people, especially those that have no knowledge of the Word. Most church going folk are not believers, they just go to church. My point here is that, based on the Word Jesus gave us, we must love our neighbors as ourselves and this includes all people. God didn't specify nationality or country borders. He said to pray for ALL men everywhere and that is where we fall short. We are easily distracted by trying to protect our earthly possessions that we lose sight of what is important. The Book is finished and America will fall along with all nations. What will be known by God is what we we did to glorify His son Jesus.
---james on 11/8/09

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Wow, did we ever get off track... we are supposed to be talking about illegals and the problems that they are creating here in the U.S.and here we are talking about Obama... personally, I think they are one in the same.
---Jim on 11/7/09

Mary, I would wonder why a president would bow to the king of Arabia. Why would he tell the world that Ameriica is no longer a Christian nation. (which we were) Why he can't tell us where he was born. (Yes, I am one those) His dad and step-dad were muslim... he was taught in a muslim school for years. When he was elected, the muslim "world" rejoiced. If he is a christian, then why would the muslim world love him? Do you have any idea what happens to a person who leaves the muslim faith?
---Jim on 11/7/09

Jim, Obama is NOT a Muslim, I don't know what he is for sure, but that's between him and God, but he is not a Muslim.
---Mary on 11/7/09

Sadly Jim we are now a secular nation with a Judeo-Christian heritage and that heritage is becoming a distant memory.
You are right that our forefathers were mostly bible believing Christians and some Free Masons. Secularists have done everything they can to sandblast even the figure of Moses off the Supreme Court.
Still I sit in horror as a second-grade teacher tells me she's routinely cursed-out by students.
Add that we have more people in prison than Russia, or that child service agencies process over 50-thousand reports of child abuse in the U.S. each week makes you wonder, just who are we? I answered the question about illegals earlier.
---larry on 11/7/09

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Leroy, first of all I try not to get into this discussions, for one, people here will judge you. Two, many try to find something wrong you will say and later question your teachings on other matters. But three days ago after reading all that has been said here, my wife and I discussed this problem. After studying the Sovereignty of God, all you stated is true. We did not choose to be born here, we are blessed. Many other things you said is also true. What we have here is a problem. A big problem. We as Christians have to make a choice that effects many in the country. Then we have to think about the rights of humans beings to make a better life for their families. Whatever decision we make we will be condemn for.
---MarkV. on 11/7/09

Leroy, 2 continue: There is a solution. How can we make both come true? We have to use methods that will bring so many into the country, and make it even for every nationality. Not millions from Mexico and twenty from Asia, then we would be denying others rights for a better life. There has to be some order. I am a hispanic who's great grandfather came from Mexico. The country was not occupied at that time as it is now.
Donna is correct, many in Texas close to the border would do the jobs the Mexicans, Honduran's and others are doing now. Mexico does have the resources to help their people, but the country has always been corrupt.
---MarkV. on 11/7/09

Jim, as an evangelical I didn't like what the president either but a) he is not a Muslim, and b) he was refering to Article 11 in the Treaty of Tripoli signed by President John Adams in 1797.
Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion, as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen, and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

---larry on 11/7/09

Leroy, you mentioned something about this not a Christian country... Hey, you are not alone. The "President" of the U.S.A. told the world that the U.S. is not a Christian nation... guess what, this is and was a Christian nation. The majority of the founders of this country were Christians... I think they would be rolling over in their graves knowing that we as Americans elected a Muslim President.
---Jim on 11/6/09

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leroy -- Pilgrims don't just wait.
I don't believe Jesus wants us to ignore the conditions around us.
We may help the victims of injustice or we may fight the injustice itself.

Jhn 17:16-18 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.
As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.
---Donna66 on 11/6/09

According to scripture, this is not the country of Christians. We are pilgrims here waiting for Jesus to take us to our real home.
---leroy on 11/6/09

Mexico has many natural resources. Pemex, the national oil company is one of the largest in the world. The nation is not "poor", just very, very corrupt... as any one who does business south of the border knows.
They encourage their citizens, NOT ONLY the povery-stricken, to come to the US, even printing a booklet for them on how to enter without being caught. Mexico, then, does not have to employ them, educate them or provide their medical care. Instead, the workers live here but send much of their earnings back to Mexico.
Should we continue to encourage this?
---Donna66 on 11/5/09

Leroy, I have Christ's love in my heart. I have donated money to the mission funds at church as well as sending money to the Red Cross after a disaster... I have love in my heart for others...I was overwhelmed after 9-11, I cried for our fellow citizens. I was amazed at the Sunami that hit Indonsia. I care about human life. I am saying this because I think that we should take care of our citizens/country first. We have an obligation to take care of our country. If other countries need help, the U.S.A. sends help. Lets send help there rather than spending money here to help the illegals.
---Jim on 11/5/09

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NurseRobert -- Maybe where you live,
"citizens" would not condescend to work in the fields.

In the border state where I live, which ships fruit and vegetables year round, people are not so inclined to look down on hard physical work.
In this economic depression especially, There would be people willing to work...esp. teenagers, who are having even more difficulty than usual finding work.
---Donna66 on 11/5/09

I understand your feelings but I would challenge you to ask yourself a revealing question. Did you have any say in being born in America? Your gender? Your race? I say no, you had no choice. God made all of those decisions for you. But you have choices now and one is to love your neighbor as yourself, and to understand why illegals want to come here to work and find a better life. Also to realize that most of the jobs they get, Americans don't want. Remember, what we think of others is what we will be judged for.
---leroy on 11/5/09

Well, I contacted my two senators, as well as my congresswoman. All I received was a "thank you dear citizen for contacting me" type of response. I will continue to contact my senators and congressmen. Has anyone else contacted their representitives?
Let's stick together, maybe we can drive a point home to our dear leaders... After all, they are supposed to be working for the citizens of this country, not for the illegals.
---Jim on 11/5/09

I just found out that in December I will be losing part of my health care! And my mom said part of it is likely due to having to fund free medical care for illegals--grrr!!! If she's right I'm really going to be mad!
---Mary on 11/5/09

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While I consider myself a liberal
I'm against illegals working in the United States. Notice the word illegals that alone should answer the question.
I'm for all-out decisive victory over all enemies who attacked us.
I am against abortion, and rape, incesi, and the mother's health does not effect nor alter that position.
I favor the death penalty for provable guilt in capital cases.
And I have trouble with those who place liberals as being all these things.
---mima on 11/5/09

Gotta love the liberal mindset. Let the illegal migrants work in the fields for chump change because we want cheap lettuce. Meanwhile, keep writing unemployment checks to citizens who could be doing that work.

Then we get dumb questions like "how many "citizens" are going to go work the fields to bring in crops?"

The answer is as many as are willing to. The teen unemployment rate is over 25%. You don't think American teenagers and younger people would be willing to take on the jobs now monopolized by illegals? When I was a teen, we worked on farms, washed dishes, etc. All the jobs that the "elite" say Americans won't do. I think it's just the liberal elite's that can't imagine doing actual work.
---ralph7477 on 11/5/09

What also makes my blood boil is to see someone getting food stamps and not even speaking the English language--ugh! My mom even once saw a sign that was written in Spanish on the top and English on the bottom! Now that's going too far!
---Mary on 11/5/09

The State of California issues fake SSN to illegals so they can get welfare. I was told that directly when I tried too apply for Welfare several years back.
---Jim on 11/4/09

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NurseRobert, larry, Mark_Eaton,KarenD, great posts! With the rest I am quite unimpressed.
---Nana on 11/4/09

In response to the SSN issue: The illegals have fake numbers, they can get drivers license from Wisconsin, show mortgage papers... and guess what? they are still here illegal. My wife is a nurse and at her hospital, hundreds of illegals come through there and we pay for their babies. If there is a high risk baby or mother, they are sent to Loyola Hospital at a min. of $80k. We also pay for that. Our schools are "busting" at the seams. We are paying for the illegals to be in school. We are paying more in taxes because they are draining us of our money. The more illegals, the less money. The less illegals,the more we keep.
---Jim on 11/4/09

Tell me Donna... how many "citizens" are going to go work the fields to bring in crops?
---NurseRobert on 11/4/09

As a Christian business owner your job is to first honor the Lord in the way we treat foreigners and to obey the laws set before us.
The move to accomodate illegals was first set in motion by conservative business people who wanted cheap labor. They now hypocritically rail against the fruits of their own desires.
And liberals who scream about human rights in many cases encourage and provide sanctuary to these law breakers.
Both sides of the aisle are dirty and as usual the real issue moves beyond left and right to greed, avarice and disdain. Nothing has changed since sin in the garden. The opportunity these foreigners present as a witness for Christ has been lost in the secular argument.
---larry on 11/4/09

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Mark Eaton -- A lot of illegals don't have a SSN, but that aside, the gov't will make MORE, not less in taxes, if the jobs are taken over by higher paid citizens. And all of us will save in taxes that support schools and in hopital bills. Plus the money earned by workers will STAY in the United States. I'm willing to pay more for a grapefruit.

KarenD -- People may assume that in some areas of the country. But a citizen of any nationality can quickly prove it if necessary. The border states have so many hispanics nobody makes assumptions. Anglos are a minority where I live. And many Mexican-Americans who worked hard for citizenship resent those who take advantage.
---Donna66 on 11/4/09

Mark Eaton -- A lot of illegals don't have a SSN, but that aside, the gov't will make MORE, not less in taxes, if the jobs are taken over by higher paid citizens. And all of us will save in taxes that support schools and in hopital bills. Plus the money earned by workers will STAY in the United States. I'm willing to pay more for a grapefruit.

KarenD -- People may assume that in some areas of the country. But a citizen of any nationality can quickly prove it if necessary. The border states have so many hispanics nobody makes assumptions. Anglos are a minority where I live. And many Mexican-Americans (who may speak Spanish)worked hard for citizenship and resent those who take advantage.
---Donna66 on 11/4/09

After reading nearly all of your posts, I think the issue is more complex than you think.

While I agree that those here illegally should be removed and not granted citizenship, doing so will cost of lots of money.

The cheap labor they provide will be filled by higher paid people, resulting in a rise of prices.

Our government will not like the removal of many millions of taxes that these people pay. Not to mention the SSI that they pay with illegal SS cards.

Are you willing to put your wallet where your mouth is?
---Mark_Eaton on 11/4/09

The problem I see is that many people see a person of Mexican descent and assume they are illegal. There are millions of legal Mexican-Americans in this country. Just because someone speaks Spanish does not mean they are illegal.
---KarenD on 11/4/09

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I wrote to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)
some time ago. She is for increased security on the border and better immigration control. There is a good chance she will be the next governor of Texas.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has worked for more more border patrol and workplace compliance with Immigration law.

When I wrote to Rep. Ruben Hinajosa (D-TX), I got a form letter in return, stating how important immigrants are to our economy.
---Donna66 on 11/4/09

If we are in agreement, let's get busy and call our congressmen/woman and voice our opinion. I already posted that I called my congresswoman Judy Biggert, and am waiting for her response. I will let you know what she says in her response. If you agree with me, please call your congressmen, senators... let us know what they said.
Jim King
---Jim on 11/3/09

Correct, Darlene_1.

With unemployment as high as it is, there are many who would take any job they could get.

ILLEGAL means NOT LEGAL. This should be a no-brainer. GET LEGAL, OR GET OUT!
---Gary on 11/3/09

Jim I know what you mean. Many people in this area of Texas are in the construction business. We hear all the time that illegals do work Americans wouldn't do anyway. That is a baldfaced lie. I know of one case and there are many others,where an illegal was skilled in construction work and worked steadily in USA until the people hiring him found out he was illegal. There is no doubt he was taking jobs which Anericans would and could do if they had the chance. Another bad thing is when people hire illegals and even file taxes on them with their illegal numbers,Social Security I assume,then the person hiring is subject to be fined $5000.00 for hiring them and that is unfair because the one hiring didn't know they were illegal.
---Darlene_1 on 11/3/09

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Hey, I just e-mailed my congresswoman, Judy Biggert in Il. and told her my views on illegal immigration. I would ask that all of the readers would do the same. Write to your congressman/woman and tell them that we have to stop the illegals. The illegals are eating us up financially. Through medical, education, education, taking jobs from us. Hey, please wake up and start making calls. Obama wants to make the illegals citizens. This makes my skin crawl.
---Jim on 11/3/09

Well, what are we supposed to do? I am self-employeed in home construction, and I see the direct impact that they have on us in all aspects of the trades. My wife is a nurse and the % of illegals having babies and having a "card" for a free delivery has got to stop. I am and will be sending notes to my congressmen/women as well as the two most liberal senators in the nation... Dixon and the Burris (Buris, the guy that our dear Gov. from Il. gave obama's seat to) To all of you that are reading this, please tell your congressmen/woman that they need to start a bill and get illegals out of this country. Jim
---Jim on 11/2/09

I agree with Jim whole-heartedly!
---Mary on 11/1/09

Since God's Word says we are to submit to authority, I don't see how any true Christian can support an illegal activity.

IF these people are needed here, then the laws should accommodate them.
---Gary on 11/1/09

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BillBila5659 -- LOL. The government wants to SPEND money (ours, of course) NOT learn to economize!
// It might be safer here...where in Mexico there are drug gang fight outs with each other and the authorities.//
I live in the Southwest USA where gangs and drug lords fight everyday, kidnap children for ransom, It's NOT just across the border.
Some are hard workers and send most of their money home to Mexico. (Some have fled OUR poor economy)
Many come, solely for free medical care provided by the state (not just the fed govt.)They know the "entitlements" better than most citizens. Our education districts are stretched to the max, too.
Before hiring them at a reduced wage, remember they're illegal, and they cost us ALL.
---Donna on 10/31/09

I am permonally tired of them being here taking over our jobs and getting into our pockets. They are in all aspects of our economy and we are paying for them to be here? Free medical care, education, lunch programs, housing benefits.. why? I have to work for everything and they are entitled to it?
---Jim on 10/31/09

They're Ok with me. But I'd like for them to be taken care of right. It might be safer for some of them, than being where in Mexico there are drug gang fightouts with each other and the authorities. And a number of them have it harder, at home, than plenty of Americans. So, if it works out for ones of them to get their families taken care of, by working here > > > Also . . . I think of Pedro Zapeta who in 11 years, I think, saved up $58,000 from washing dishes, didn't blow it on girlfriends. But they let him out of the country, though he might have been able to help the government to learn how to balance the budget and get the debt taken care of. They wanted his money, but not his expertise (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/31/09

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