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Marry My Hindu Boyfriend

Should I marry my Hindu boyfriend? He's extremely willing to work out our religious differences. He says that interfaith marriages don't fail because the spouses are of different religions, but because of their inability to work through their differences. Do you think this marriage could be successful?

Moderator - According to the Bible, Christians should only marry other Christians. No, you shouldn't marry a Hindu if you are a Christian.

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 ---Melinda on 11/1/09
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Many people quote "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers". What does Yoke mean? It means to walk in the same direction by sharing the load, so that the other persons load is eased. In any marriage, which is a combination of two people, who has strengths and weakness, moments of faith and weakness if both people are walking in the same direction, we probably are violating this command. So if you have faith, we should challenge ourself to see if we are humble. It is not by our works, it is by grace of God only we can come to God through Jesus, who came for everyone. The so called Christians, Hindus, the proud Christians who stand outside like the elder brother. Please read 1 Cor 7 12 -14.
---Jos on 3/18/10

I can only say this God was not to pleased
when Israel intermarried with diffeent nations. Paul also said if you marry do so in the Lord now wnat do the Hindu's believe
do they believe in te Lord Jesus and his death burial and ressurrecton and that only through him can oan be saved or do they believe different. I Pray that you choose wisely not from lust but from your heart
---mae on 12/11/09

Some will give advice to marry anyone you want to marry no matter what faith they belong to, and later say,

"Pay no attention to the precepts of those fools who forbid it."

He is saying to pay no attention to the precepts of those fools who forbit it, and it was God who forbid it. How can anyone who is a christian make those comments? To go against what God has forbid. And if you dare disagree with him you are a low life.
2 Cor. 6:14 is clear, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: For what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Satan?
Does it honor Christ to marry an unbeliever? No.
---MarkV. on 11/25/09

I agree with the Moderator, the Moderator is right.
---Eloy on 11/24/09

No, no and no and your already doubting and know in your heart that you should not be unequally yolked.
---larry on 11/24/09

Take the Dating and Marriage quiz above and you will see the scriptures which teach us to marry only in the faith. That is what the Word of God teaches and not my own prejudice. We are talking about something God values very much and He does want His children to enter into marriage seriously. We are to be equally yolked. I don't say this bc I don't like other people. Quite the contrary..I love people. I just know better than to marry a nonchristian bc God doesn't like it. Calling me stupid isn't going to change that.
---jody on 11/24/09

"Just as I may eat, drink, sleep, walk, ride with, buy from, speak to, and deal with a heathen, Jew, Turk, or heretic, so I may also marry and continue in wedlock with him. Pay no attention to the precepts of those fools who forbid it. You will find plenty of Christians and indeed the greater part of them who are worse in their secret unbelief than any Jew, heathen, Turk, or heretic. A heathen is just as much a man or a woman, God's good creation as St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. Lucy, not to speak of a slack and spurious Christian."
Martin Luther
---Nana on 11/19/09

Jody, you are not suppose to get it. Nana was not even in the same topic as you were. You were in not marrying someone from another religion as commanded by God through Scripture and he is speaking about been prejudice agains't others in death. That you would pick Christians over others, and let those others die because of who they were.
He connected both topics to send you a message as to how wrong you are. Didn't have anything to do with marriage at all. Don't try to figure it out Jody, you cannot.
---MarkV. on 11/18/09

Nana thanks. I am not sure that I get it though. You might have to spell it out for me:).Really. If I were in a life-boat that was sinking,I would probably praise God and drown. I am not certain that I am enough of an organizer to choose the Christian's, women, children, men, Hindu's/or any type of people to get them into the life-boat. The best choice would be to get the unsaved into the life-boat bc if they drowned, they would go to hell.I do not dislike people different than myself and pray that all people will be saved.But they won't. I'm sure that your point is specific and would like to understand it.What am I missing? I do pray that I am not put in that situation too:) What would you do? Pick church members:) joking. I dont get it.
---jody on 11/17/09

I also say to you the same thing, "I do feel for you and your dilemma."
If you were on a sinking ship directing 'people' to the life boats, what would you say? Perhaps, "christian women and children first..."? Hope and pray you do not ever find yourself on their sinking ship, for humanity have the need and neccessity to treat others as they are treated.
---Nana on 11/16/09

The Bible teaches to "guard your heart". A Christian should not be spending enough social time with a person of another faith so that they "fall in love" in the first place. As the bloggers have stated, the bible is clear that Christians should marry only in the Lord. I do feel for you and your dilemma. You have a very important choice to make and no amnt of counseling will change what you decide to do. Human nature dictates choice by emotion and I do hope you seek God's help to overcome your emotions toward this man. Marrying him would be a mistake. God can help you if you seek and obey Him.
---jody on 11/15/09

Mima, you and Tommy are correct. Yet we can question all we want whether someone is a Christian or not and not be sure. The reason this is important not to be a Christian and marry a Hindu or Hindi, is two fold, One, we are told not to. Second, When we are told not to do something it is for our own good. The believer might be forced to go to the teachings of hindu's because of the husband an so be worshipping other gods, or the marriage will never work out because of arguments. So God, for our own good sets boundaries to protect us.
People continue to make excuses to avoid what God tells us. They contrive the idea they can change the other person. Only God changes people.
---MarkV. on 11/11/09

Apparently you do not understand what it means "pleased to dwell with".
There is an illness which befalls many a christian, not only in marriage but in friendship and in life in general, that they are not "pleased to dwell with" their fellow men. On the contrary, Jesus was pleased to dwell among us and at every moment He worked for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, even as frail and ignorant as we may be, and he taugh that we ought to do the same. I call to question your 'faith' and whatever it is that you are called for, and Cluny, my brother, is right.
---Nana on 11/10/09

Part 1 St. Paul dealt with the issue of Christian married to non-Christians in 1 Corinthians, and NEVER questioned the faith or status of Christians in such marriages.

Why do you, mima?
---Cluny on 11/1/09
There is a BIG difference between St. Paul's comments on this situation than this person wanting to marry a Hindi. The circumstance Paul was referring to was people who were married as pagans/unbelievers and then one got saved. The Bible clearly teaches that a believer should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers and to think that it would be alright for a "believer" to do so would likely call into question the fact of their "faith" or at least their submission to Christ.
---tommy3007 on 11/9/09

NO. That would be spiritually risky. Not worth risking your own soul. If the man "converts" TRULY to the Lord YAHUSHUA/JESUS sometime, and if it's the Will of GOD that you two, then, marry...then, by all means. Do not let Satan trip you up on this. He comes as an "angel of light", and he makes unwise things seem like a dream come true. Please, pray to GOD for His Guidance, and heed that "Still Small Voice" of His Blessed Spirit. It will save you future heartache, even though you don't see at this time, that that could happen.
---Gordon on 11/6/09

Read 1Kin 11:1-2... Look what happened to Solomon and his kids when he did that.

Read Ezra 9:1-4

The Hindis have no convictions and accept any gods including Jesus, but not the same as us. Jesus would be on par with Cows. Actually the cows are more sacred to them.
---Pastor_Jim on 11/1/09

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\\ Many, and that includes me, would question whether or not you are a Christian if you Marry a Hindu.
---mima on 11/1/09\\

St. Paul dealt with the issue of Christian married to non-Christians in 1 Corinthians, and NEVER questioned the faith or status of Christians in such marriages.

Why do you, mima?
---Cluny on 11/1/09

Many, and that includes me, would question whether or not you are a Christian if you Marry a Hindu.
---mima on 11/1/09

"IF" you are truly a christian, you already know the answer to your question! There is NO working out of differences, Jesus said in John 14:6, "...I am the way, the truth, and the life..." The only acceptable option is to leave your "boyfriend" to settle his differences with the true God of ALL Grace and Mercy and find Him faithful, then proceed from there. If you marry him now, you MAY succeed in staying together which would be a miracle in itself, but you wouldn't be truly blessed because you would be in direct disobedience to your MASTER.
---tommy3007 on 11/1/09

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