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Thoughts On Jakes And Hinn

Today I watched T.D. Jakes with Benny Hinn on This is your day. They both fall into the catagory of those mentioned in Romans 1:18-25. From years of listening to T.D. Jakes, he is in the catagory of those mentioned in Titus 1:10-11. What are your thoughts?

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 ---Rob on 11/16/09
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Strongax, your tests or misjudgings of Christian evangelists are not the test of the Bible. Know your enemy, else you find yourself becoming the enemy of God. Satan, the enemy, delights in turning people against effective Christians for God, rather than having people support and advance the kingdom of Christ throughout the earth. Benny's issues are not leading people into perdition, but he is leading people into becoming Christians. Benny is ProChrist and he does the creative works of Christ, he is not AntiChrist doing the destructive works of Satan.
---Eloy on 12/12/09


Yes, and HOW is an evangelist/prophet/teacher/etc. proven to be real? For a teacher, if he teaches sound doctrine, in accord with what scriptures teach. For a prophet, if his prophesies are fulfilled. No leader is above being tested (and proven correct, if he really is so).

It is only the false teachers and false prophets who refuse to submit to scrutiny, criticism, and accountability. The kind of attitude that certain Christians are so "anointed" that they are above scrutiny permits errors to creep in unnoticed - remember Jim Jones who was once an anointed preacher of God, but because he placed himself above scrutiny, he eventually descended into heresy, depravity, madness, and genocide.
---StrongAxe on 12/11/09

John tells what THE Test is: "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." And here is THE Test: "Hereby know you all tha Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God, and this is that of antiChrist, whereof you all have heard that it would come, and even now already is it in the world." I John 4:1-3. Does Benny confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh? Yes, therefore his spirit is of God. end of the misjudgment of Benny.
---Eloy on 12/12/09

Final - Mssrs. Hinn and Jakes: Matthew 7:15-23, John 10:12-13, Acts 20:29-30, 2Timothy 3:1-9.
Eloy: You were asked those questions on 12/7 & 9 in order to help you. Even then, you have been justifiably corrected several times concerning several subjects, and by at least three Godly Christians, but you refuse to repent. If you have any wise Christian friends, please ask for some advice. Often you have given a correct description of a verse, but then misapplied it in such a way that it shows that you desperately need to be delivered from a 'spirit of deception'. Isaiah 5:20-21, 23-24, Jeremiah 2:13, 19, Matthew 6:23, Ephesians 4:29-31, Hebrews 12:15, James 3.
---Glenn on 12/11/09

We as Believers are to judge what someone preach or claim to prophesy.Paul didnt rebuke The Bereans when they searched the scriptures to see if it is the truth (acts 17:10).in 1 John 4:1 we are told to test the spirits..Noone is above the Word of God. If they are speaking truth, then it should line up with the Word. The Word is the final authority, never a man's position or his claims.
---Ronald on 12/11/09

Strongax, to be precise, "test the spirits" does not mean NonChristians are to dis Christian evangelists whom are proven to be real, and which manifest Christ's creative healing works. It also does not mean that NonChristians are to pretend to be Christians in order to dis and misrepresent Christ and the Scriptures. But on the contrary, Jesus Commands: "Misjudge not, that you all be not misjudged."
---Eloy on 12/11/09


To be precise: Benny Hinn spoke what he claimed to be the Truth as he believed the Holy Spirit revealed it to him.

We are told not to follow prophets blindly but to test them - if what they say does not come to pass, then God was not speaking through them. We are also told to test the spirits to see if they are from God.

Even if you have a rationalization for his Castro prophesy, how about others, such as Assad making peace with Israel, or Jesus appearing physically on stage with Hinn, or God destroying a certain group by fire in 1995

(Also, are you calling me a false witness? I am just pointing out what he said himself, I'm not making up things that he didn't say)
---StrongAxe on 12/11/09

Strongaxe, As recorded, Benny spoke the truth as was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit, and he even said that he did not know if this was a physical death that was going to befall Castro: but unsaved nonChristian hate-mongers whom have zero works of Christ and delight in throwing dirt upon God's children, are condemned. These bad-mouthers and false witnesses against active Christians of the good news are the enemies of God, being antiChrist and antiGod. There are so many blasphemers today disguised as Christians and good people, but they are not: for they dis Christians, they dis Christ, they dis the President, they dis every body around them and refuse to repent from their sin, right on down into hell where they each will go.
---Eloy on 12/11/09

Donna, No, for Jesus Commands Us: Judge righteous judgment.
---Eloy on 12/11/09


Yes! Precisely! That is what I have been saying. He spoke of people who were ALREADY spiritually dead - this is a continuous state of being. He did NOT speak of a transition from being spiritually alive into being spiritually dead (i.e. something that happens at a particular time). So why did Hinn mention Castro dying in the 90s? Was he spiritually alive, and then something odd happened to make him spiritually dead? There is no evidence of this actually happening (other than Hinn's prophecy), nor are there any examples of it happening in the Bible (other than to Adam and Eve at the Fall). If you can show some, I would be glad to see them.
---StrongAxe on 12/10/09

to donna

there is a difference between judging & rebuking.
so what will you call it when other than jakes & hinn are doing the same they are doing? judging or rebuking.

so where is that line between judging & rebuking. if these profit makers are deceiving thousands substituting the gospel, it is our duty to say something.
---jim on 12/10/09

A-ha, our dear sister Donna on the Mount of Common Sense and Mercy. Nothing like scripture to bring us back to the starting line. You Go Girl!
---larry on 12/10/09

Folks, I don't think God wants us sitting down here on earth judging others. Isn't that HIS job?
---Donna on 12/10/09

Strongax, typo: you are not speaking the truth, for Jesus did Not say, "Let the DYING bury the dead", but truly Jesus said: "Let the DEAD bury the dead."
---Eloy on 12/10/09

AMEN!!! I agree!
---Renee on 12/10/09

Strongax, you are speaking the truth, for Jesus did Not say, "Let the DYING bury the dead", but truly Jesus said: "Let the DEAD bury the dead."
---Eloy on 12/10/09

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Glenn, When a born-again Christian like myself preaches and does the works the works of Christ, and I uphold another Christian man whom is publicly preaching the Holy Writ and he also does the works of Christ which has signs following, then both of us in accord and following Jesus' Commandment. For by the fruits the tree is known: whether they bear good fruits of righteousness which is evidence of salvation, or whether the tree bears rotten fruits of sinuousness which is evidence of condemnation. My Lord tells me: "Every weapon sharpened against you will not succeed: and every tongue opposing you in judgment you will condemn. This the heritage of the servants of Yhwh, and their righteousness from me, says Yhwh."
---Eloy on 12/10/09


I saw your quotes. However, those refer to someone being dead. This is a continuous state that does not happen at a particular time. They do not mention a person at some specific time going from a state of being spiritually alive to spiritually dead (i.e. dying). That was what I was looking for. Otherwise, why would Hinn need to specify a particular time when Fidel Castro would "die"?

Also, the problem with Hafez El-Assad remains, as well as several other prophecies he has made that have not shown any evidence of being fulfilled within thier specified timeframes.
---StrongAxe on 12/9/09

*1 John 5:22, 27, Acts 10:42, 2Corinthians 5:10 the final judgment is the Lord's, Matthew 7:1-5, Luke 6:41-42 hypocrisy, and unjust judgment, Matthew 18:15-20 personal offenses, 1Corinthians 2:15, 5:3, 11-13, 6:2-4, 11:31 instruct us to judge, Romans 14:4, 10 "meats and days", James 4:11 falsely judge, or diminish our brother, 2Thesalonians 3:6, 2John 1:9-11 God tells us to correct anyone who calls himself a brother and sins.
*2 Acts 20:27-30, 1Timothy 3:1-15, 5:19-22, Titus 1:5-16, James 3:1-18, 1Peter 5:1-3.
*3 Romans 16:17-18, and 1Corinthians 5.
---Glenn on 12/9/09

Now please comment on 12/7: 2) interpretation *1, 3) submission, and the final sentence - importance of doctrine.
The disciplining of a presumed Bishop is not a punishment, but recognizes that man is not qualified. This could be due to immaturity, ignorance, sin, apostasy, or not meeting various Biblical standards *2. If the charge is justifiable *3. However, what you preach, you place yourself under. Since according to your belief, and because Benny, Thomas, and you are "dissing" those who "speak' the Word of God" - Matthew 7:20, wouldn't that make y'all unsaved as well? Eloy 12/8, it's your doctrine!
---Glenn on 12/9/09

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I have known Benny Hinn and later, T.D. Jakes for years. Both would be supported by Pastor E.V. Hill to this day, if he was not with the Lord! What I see with this is that many are reading faults doctrine by using the wrong Bible. Example: Which is correct with John 3:16? Is it shall or is it should? The Strong's tells us it is should! Which is correct in the prayer of Jabez? Did he ask not to cause pain or ask that no one give him pain? The NIV is again, wrong, and the standbye, the KJV is right! He asked to never give pain as he gave his mother much in childbirth.. thus she gave him that name. God bless. Earl
---Virgil on 12/9/09

Malachi 3:13-4:3, James 5:20.
Since Mssrs. Hinn and Jakes are unrepentant, erroneous, and pseudo ministers, having been corrected by many congregations according to *1 for violating *2, several respectable congregations have applied *3. Therefore, to continue to support them is an act of rebellion.
*1 Leviticus 19:17, Matthew 18:15-20, 1Timothy 5:19-22.
*2 Deuteronomy 13:1-3, 1Samuel 8:3, Matthew 5:20, 7:15-23, Romans 2:5-9, Acts 20:29 30, 1Timothy 3:2, 3, 8, 6:5, Titus 1:10-16, 1Peter 5:2, etc.
*3 Matthew 18:17, 1Corinthians 5:5-13, 14:37, 38, 1Timothy 1:20.
---Glenn on 12/9/09

Strongax, I just quouted two separate holy verses on the nonphyisical death, or are you also one of those whom are blinded from the truth and unable to see the truth?
---Eloy on 12/9/09


Can you find anywhere in the Bible where people are described as "dying inside" - at a particular time (other than, perhaps, Abihail's husband)? People are described as being figuratively dead, but I don't recall anywhere they are described as becoming figuratively dead.

Also, how do you reconcile his prophecy that Hafez El-Assad would make peace with Israel (otherwise his son could not rule) - yet he died before that ever happened?
---StrongAxe on 12/9/09

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Strongax, Benny asked the Holy Spirit, Do you mean a physical death? And the Holy Spirit repied, it could be worse than any death you imagine. The Word tells us that there is more than one kind of death: "And another of his disciples said to him, Lord, let me first go and bury my father. But Jesus said to him, Follow me: and let the dead bury their dead." So what is worse than physical death? Answer: a living person who dies inside. Recall John the Baptist whom baptized the Savior and proclaimed, Here, the Lamb of God whom takes away the sin of the world? but after he was imprisoned he said, Are you the Christ, or should we look for another? Yes, there are different kinds of death, and some are worse than physical death.
---Eloy on 12/8/09

Glenn, "until you get saved"...proof: Whenever any person disses another person whom publicily speaks the Word of God and is also provenly doing the saving works of Christ, that person, namely you Glenn, is unsaved. "Wherefore by their fruits you all will know them". Matthew 7:20. You see, if Benny was destroying the body of Christ and blaspheming the Lord and preaching some alien god or religion instead of Christ, then your witness against him would have merit, but because he preaches Christ and lays hands on the sick in Jesus's name and the people are healed, your witness against him is false, and when you bear false witness, then that makes you an enemy against the truth and there is no light in you.
---Eloy on 12/8/09


Right. So how do YOU interpret that. Benny said The Spirit tells me, Fidel Castro will die in the 90's.

So, this means one of the following is true:
1) The Spirit didn't actually say that (this would mean the Hinn was lying)
2) The Spirit said that, but it didn't happen (this would mean the Spirit lied to Hinn)
3) The Spirit said that, and it DID happen (i.e. Fidel Castro actually DID die in the 90's). (this would mean that Fidel Castro is dead, or died and has since been raised from the dead)

Which of these interpretations do you believe is true? (or do you have a fourth possibility)?

Similarly for Hafez El-Assad making peace with Israel. He died before doing that, so now that can't happen.
---StrongAxe on 12/8/09

Eloy, 12/3:
1) "Glenn, until you get saved"... Please give your evidence, including the applicable Bible passages.
2) If you would also explain to us your interpretation of those verses I had given before at least as it concerns the disciplining of a presumed brother, the judging of both teaching and prophecy, and thereby judging the 'teacher' or 'prophet'.
3) Why should we submit to you, and not to the many Godly mature brothers who I believe have righteously judged Mssrs. Hinn and Jakes?
Also, if you could give your opinion of the importance of doctrine, orthodoxy, and orthopraxis, it would be helpful.
---Glenn on 12/7/09

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Strongax, this is the transcript of what Benny actually said: "The Spirit tells me, Fidel Castro will die in the 90's. (Ooh my.) Some will try to kill him and they will not succeed. But there will come a change in his physical health, and he will not stay in power. And Cuba will be visited of God. I will visit Cuba. Ooh. Ooh. Holy Spirit, do you mean he'll die physically? What do you mean, Holy Spirit? Tell me please. My. Oooh. Holy Spirit just said to me, It could be worse than any death you can imagine. There's some question in my spirit on what kind of death the Lord means. I'm not sure. I see him. Uh. I see Cas, I, I see Castro bent over behind bars. I don't know what that means."
---Eloy on 12/7/09


For example, Benny himself said "Fidel Castro will die in the nineties", there is no need to twist words - the meaning is fairly obvious.

Search for "benny hinn" "false prophecies". The very first hit shows quotes from Hinn's crusades, including sound clips and video clips of him making these claims. No need for interpretations or word twisting - just hear them from Hinn's own mouth.

Note that I'm not accusing Hinn of being a false prophet or being a false teacher, that's not my job. However, when he himself, in his own words, claims to prophesy, should he not be held accountable to biblical standards of a prophet?
---StrongAxe on 12/7/09

Strongax, I am very aware of how the enemy takes words from the righteous and twists them into falsehood, and then presents this fabricated corruption to others to persuade them that the fabricated falsehood originated from the righteous. Like taking bits and pieces of a message and then misapplying them to a different context then that which was actually said, which many enemies of Christ and Christianity do today with holy Scripture in order to substantiate their own falsehood. Benny is high profile, therefore it is expected that many will criticize him. And since there are valid reports that the sick are getting healed through Jesus' name in his ministry, then he should be left alone, for those whom are not against us are on our part.
---Eloy on 12/7/09


I agree with you there are many blasphemers and opposers. However, I'm not talking here about sites slandering Hinn because they don't like him. I'm talking about sites that have actual audio clips of things he said during his crusades, and make those clips available for listening - so even if you don't take them at their word (which you shouldn't anyway), you can judge for yourself. Nobody needs to fabricate witnesses against someone when that person's own words are the best witnesses against himself.

Also, healing itself is not necessary a stamp of divine approval, because false teachers can also work miracles to deceive. So as in all cases, we need to use discernment, and not jump to conclusions based on one single event.
---StrongAxe on 12/6/09

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Strongax, Today there are many blasphemer sources against any manifestation of the Holy Spirit and of Christ. Sin is removing personal nativity scenes, forbidding the rightful and honored name of Christ in "Merry CHRIST-mas" and replacing it with "Happy holidays", et cetera. I have posted an account of a man whom was healed at one of Benny's services: and I have included his name, place of residence, and the name of his Doctor, which can be contacted if anyone desires the truth. I do not agree with fleecing the flock, which Benny and many other TV evangelists are charged with, for this is sin. But nevertheless some people are truly getting healed in Jesus' name whom come to his healing ministry, and the enemy hates that.
---Eloy on 12/5/09


I have repeatedly tried answering this question (both now and in previous blogs) so I think that some part of it is being censored. Let me try again:

Search for "benny hinn" "false prophecies". Some sites have sound clips of him claiming:
- Castro would die in the 90s
- Hafez Al-Assad would make peace with Israel
- Jesus would physically appear on stage with Hinn in Nairobi (Apr. 29-30/2001), despite Matthew 24:23-27
---StrongAxe on 12/5/09

I have realized what we should do concerning teachers and pastors like this.

2 timothy 4:3-4 says, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers, and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

"But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry." (2 timothy 4:5)
---Joel on 12/4/09

Strongax, I haven't witnessed false prophesies from Benny. Also on a site is published, "In 1995 Raymond Scott of Bakersfield had advanced colon cancer, a disease that required chemotherapy, radiation and multiple operations. In desperation, Scott attended a Hinn crusade in Sacramento, where, he says, God cured him. His doctor, Alan D. Cartmell of Bakersfield, wrote in his medical report that Scott "experienced a miraculous healing" and can return to all normal activities "following this amazing recovery." "My medical records prove what God's done," says Scott, adding that he has remained free of cancer. "Hinn is a facilitator of the Holy Spirit. He never claims that he does the healing. God does."
---Eloy on 12/4/09

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2 kings 12:5-7

let the priest take some of that money to pay for whatever repairs are needed at the temple
but by the 23rd year of joash reign, the priest still had not repaired the temple. so king joash called jehoiada & other priest & asked them 'why haven't you repaired the temple? DON'T USE ANY MORE MONEY FOR YOUR OWN NEEDS. FROM NOW ON, it must all be spent on themple repairs.' so the priest agreed not to accept any more money from the people, & they also agreed to let others take responsibility for repairing the temple.
when money is diverted to buy luxury homes cars & jet, the church suffers.
---jim on 12/3/09

Rob.. I think "deaf ears" are a result of an unwillingness to obey God bc it would mean that we need to change something in our lives that we now idolize. We don't always understand that to live with God is more pleasant than to live with our idols. I pray that God would open our eyes, ears and even our wills/hearts to understand and to obey Him.
---jody on 12/3/09

Glenn, until you get saved you will continue to bear false witness against the manifested reality which is publicly broadcasted over the television for all to see. Let him whom has an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit says to the church: How many preachers use my word to take your money? is my gift bought with money says the Lord? When I walked among you did I ask of you all for your money before I ministered to you: before I healed you, before I fed you, before I saved your soul from the grave, even before I gave you my words of life, did I at all require you to pay me any mite, any tithe, any money at all, says the Lord. Then know of a truth that I do not need any money from you for me to minister all my goodness upon you, says the Lord.
---Eloy on 12/3/09


While Hinn preaches the gospel and has been a positive influence tp many, there are several things that are troubling.

For example, he has often made prophecies (not just predictions) which are documented and have manifestly not come true (for example, because they were dated and the time has passed).

Also, when others have researched his healings, they could not find anyone who he "healed" who actually had a documented improvement, but did find many who were not healed. This means that at best he has poor discernment over his gift, and at worst he's a fraud (or God is a poor healer). Whenever any showman performs miracles that aren't real and claims they are from God, it brings God's name into reproach.
---StrongAxe on 12/2/09

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Mr. Jakes said:
TBN, 9/12/04. ..."The power of life and death is in the tongue. You can have whatever you say."
The Harvest, pg. 46-47. "Scripture teaches"... "Just being saved does not make you a son of God," ..."only those who are willing to be led by the Spirit actually realize and manifest the sonship of God."
"His holiness, John Paul II was truly a"... "messenger of God." Proverbs 29:9, Isaiah 32:5-7, Romans 1:18-22, 2Timothy 3:1-9.
Exzucuh: Apologetics, 'Bible References Trinity', 9/16 1/2 2/2. And there are several other verses. John 8:58, 10:30-34, 17:5, 1Corinthians 1:2 (Psalm 116:4), Hebrews 1:8 (Psalm 45:6) - the Father calls Jesus God Theos.
---Glenn on 12/2/09

Lying signs and wonders are where ministers misuse the anointing of God to promote their own Ideas.

Matthew 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

They did wonderful works in Jesus name but they were workers of iniquity. They were not workers of righteousness. Their fruit was of the flesh and not the Spirit.

Matthew 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
---exzucuh on 12/1/09

---Glenn on 11/26/09 Where can you prove that being a trinitarian is the correct Ideology. You cannot because it was made up by a bunch of men at the council of Nicaea. It is just as ridiculous a belief as praying to Mary or praying for dead people. Peter told Jesus you are the Son of God and Jesus told him he was correct and he received that information from his Father. Jesus did not tell peter he needed to believe in a trinity. There is only one God and he is The Holy Spirit and he has An only begotten Son named Jesus, And that is what the Bible teaches.
---Exzucuh on 11/30/09

As a false teacher, he is disqualified to be a 'minister' (on several counts). T.D. Jakes is a modalist, believing that God is one person in three modes, not a trinitarian, believing that there is one God in three persons. The Nicene and Athanasian creeds were specifically written to address this issue. There is a Jewish saw that says the three temptations of most men are money, power, and women. Some preachers are only tempted by two.
Ezekiel 22:27, Matthew 10:16, Luke 10:3, John 10:12-13, Acts 20:29-30, 33.
Jeremiah 2:12-13, Ezequiel 34:1-10, Mathew 7:15, 15:14, Romans 12:16, 1Timothy 6:3-4, 2Timothy 4:3-4, 2John 1:9-11.
---Glenn on 11/26/09

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Even with proof to the contrary, you continue to not tell the truth about Mr. Hinn, Romans 16:17-18, Titus 3:10-11. 11/29, "proven track record of many people getting healed". > After Benny has promised to show proof of 'healings', he has not so done. 11/20, "Benny is preaching the Word",... "just as commanded in the Word." > No, and you know it! 11/19, People always criticing others." ..."what are you actually doing for Christ? nothing?"..." and you have no Christlife bearing from you". > Matthew 7:1-5 and Luke 6:41-42, Please see blogs addressed to you at 'Benny Hinn Barred From UK' including Glenn, 11/9 (judging).
---Glenn on 11/26/09

Jim, thank you for sharing about Jim Jones. For years I have tried to warn others about Mega Churches and the Word of Faith Movement who have brainwashed people into worshipping the Pastor and doing whatever the preacher/teacher tells them to do.

But this warning and red flag tends to fall on deaf ears because people have been brainwashed to the point of no return and to no point of reason.
---Rob on 11/24/09

Jim, I know what your saying. Now I do not agree with the "money" thing that alot of TV preachers like Benny does to get hung up on, but I also understand that it costs a lot of money to pay to get yourself a broadcast time on Television. I myself do not watch Benny, nor any other TV evangelist, that wrongly uses scripture to glean money from the audience. Now I know that if these evangelists do not cease fleecing the flock, God indeed will deal sorely with them. Paul set a good example in the scriptures by himself making tents in order to personally support himself: rather than beg the people, or worse yet wrongly use God's word to make people feel guilty, in order to give their money to the preacher.
---Eloy on 11/24/09

to eloy
the only thing I can say is this. be careful. I was watched the documentary on jim jones & jonestown. jim jones did the same thing too, he 'healed' people with sickness & plenty of people in his congregation believed in his healing. and then the rest in history.
---jim on 11/23/09

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to eloy
from my experience I obeyed all what a pastor told me & in the end i found out that there were other verses in the bible that contradicted what they said. 1 example is job. his friends accused him of sin right away when he was suffering, but not all suffering is caused by sin. and if people do suffer, in the books of mt, mark luke & john, christ showed compassion & mercy but the pharisees were narrowminded that healing on the sabbath is unlawful. i cannot judge benny hin but looking at jim jones he is an example of warning.
---jim on 11/23/09

Larry, I have some questions for you.

Satan is subtle, a liar and a deceiver.

Benny Hinn is far more than being wacky, so why would T.D. Jakes appear on This Is your Day with Benny Hinn. Could the answer be because of what is written in Romans 1:28-32?

In the past I worked in media productions. I know about the sublimal seduction along with other tactics used especially in commercials to seduce, and decive people. These tactics are so subliminal people who do not have a trained eye and ear will never ever noticed them unless they are pointed out. T.D. Jakes along with others use the same tactics.

Larry, if I shared with you these tactics, would you take time to truly examine them, or would you just discard them?
---Rob on 11/22/09

Jim, praise Jesus for your kindnesses to others. Now for the sake of elucidating the way of life: let's say that you have an incurable illness (statistically, a person with your incurable illness has a life expectancy of only 3 months left to live) which you have ernestly prayed and fasted to God to be healed from, but still you have not been healed. Now you know that this rich TV Evangelist, which you do not like very much, named Benny, has a proven track record of many people getting healed which have had the same incurable illness as you yourself have. Would you go to him to seek to be healed? or would you not go to him but continue to bad-mouth him, because you do not like him nor agree with him?
---Eloy on 11/21/09

to eloy

I give a portion to world vision, so children can have clean water, good food & education. I send 2 chicken so somebody can benefit from it.
did Paul preach the gospel in a golden ship? he focused on christ & did not use malachi to enrich himself. did paul preach prosperity gospel? does having a jet luxurious cars & homes help the poor who are suffering. and by the way, malachi 2:7 they are the messenger of god & their teaching causes people to stumble... give your 10% so you can be rich?
---jim on 11/20/09

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Jim, I have not heard of Benny selling a piece of property and then lying about the amount he sold to the church, as the liar in the Bible has done. So why are you concerned about any other person's money, which is Zero of your money? Coveting is sin, so stop worrying about other people's money, and instead I charge you to look to your own financial affairs which you are in charge of. It is manifest that Benny is preaching the Word, and he is laying hands upon the sick and they are being made whole, just as commanded in the Word. So tell me, what are you doing for the kingdom of Christ? nothing? Then I charge you again Jim, in the name of Jesus Christ, You Get up, Go out, and Go Do! Just as Jesus Commands.
---Eloy on 11/20/09

Hinn seems a little wacky but Jakes is very good at freeing those who are in bondage through Christ.
He challenges folks who are holding on to past hurts and wounds to seek healing through Christ and lets them know not only can Christ heal your past but that its necessary so you can be in a position to help others.
I haven't seen but heard his efforts and movies concerning abused and angry women but understand they've been very helpful.
I haven't heard much from Hinn lately. Does anyone know if he still blows people over with his coat or are those reruns?
---larry on 11/19/09

to eloy
so what is benny hinn preaching? is it the good news? or is he using god for profit.
Ananais sold a land that is intended for the church but he took some for himself & lied about it. the gospel is about salvation of man not making more money to buy mercedes coupe or mercedes SUV, owning a private jet, multi-million $$$ homes. paul did not buy a golden boat to preach the gospel.
if you want to prosper & have abundance work & sharpen your skills not preach malachi & give your 10%.
what I am doing is giving to world vision so another can benefit from it. and also be consistent with the bible. share the good news & be a SKILLED WORKING christian. NOT EXPLOIT & PERVERT MALACHI
---jim on 11/19/09

People always criticing others. You whom are criticing others, what are you actually doing for Christ? nothing? then stop pointing at others whom are openly Doers of the word, and You, You Go and Do. Then we will see how well of a Doer you are: for better to get out of the boat to walk on the water, and if you do sink Jesus can lift you back up, then for you to stay in the boat, or worse you critic others whom are doers, and you have no Christlife bearing from you.
---Eloy on 11/19/09

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These trin-merchandisers (Not much Gospel)on radio-tv = B. Hinn, T.D. Jakes, P. White, P. Robertson, Schambach, Falwell, many others etc. Psa. 73 v 12, Mark 10 v 23. They have their reward down here, well taken care of, No real sufferings, no need of things etc.
Because of their riches down here they will Not be in God's Heavenly riches up there.
Their riches down here just may be fuel to fire for them in the lake of fire.

I think it could be real, God with His chosen few standing on heavens balcony watching, ' As The World Burns. '
---Lawrence on 11/18/09

Every church today are under the authority of satan not just Hinn and Jakes but every last one of them. GET OUT OF THE CHURCHES OR BE PARTAKER OF HER DESTRUCTION.
---Metuschelah on 11/18/09

I suppose the only thing that we don't get freely from God under the covenant of grace is money. When a Christian does everything they are told to do to receive financial blessings from God and don't receive them they hear the following excuses: did you tithe off the gross? Did you write God the first check? Maybe you have hidden sin? Maybe you have unconfessed sin. Oh ye of little faith? Do you have any unforgiveness in your heart? etc... Same excuses for healing. Prosperity and healing ministries use the same excuses to inflict guilt, condemnation, confusion, etc.. but they never refund your offering.
---Bob on 11/17/09

who are the accusers of the brethren?

it will be good if you also spread the True gospel you know... rather than pointing accusing fingers at others.

let's not create forum for gossip and black mail but for edifying of the saints. thank you, these are my thoughts
---patie3447 on 11/17/09

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Daniel, you say these are men of God and not FALSE PROPHETS. I guess you have never taken the time to study what is written in 2 Peter Chapter Two.

Are you aware that several years ago Benny Hinn said that Christ himself would make PERSONAL AND PHYSICAL APPEARANCE WITH BENNY HINN at one of his so called miracle crusades. This goes against what is written in Mark 13,32-33. Everyone who has any God given sense knows that Christ did not appear on stage with Benny Hinn.

There are many people who claim to be MIGHTY MEN OF GOD. But what they will never ever tell you is of all the people who are mentioned in the New Testament, only one was ever called a MAN OF GOD!
---Rob on 11/17/09

Adetunji, have you ever read what is written in Romans 1:18-32, 2 Corinthians 11:1-15, Galatians 1:6-10, and 2 Peter Chapter Two?

Benny Hinn along with T.D. Jakes are part of the Word of Faith, Name It/Claim It, Prosperity Gospel Movement. You never, ever hear them talk about SALVATION as it is written in scripture.

They tell people if they want to receive a blessing from God (become rich) they need to sow a seed (send their money).

The will never tell people this teaching goes against what is written in Acts 8:20.

They will never tell people that sowing seed has absolutely nothing to do with money, Mark 4:3-20.
---Rob on 11/17/09

if i hear a televangelist or a pastor saying that the way to abundance is to practice malachi & 10% or SOW $100 seed, then you see him driving a $80,000 car + private jet + luxury multi million $$$ home then I won't believe what he preaches.
he is using god for financial profit & financial 'SELFish' gain.
and I am not a CAFETERIA CHRISTIAN because I would rather follow & practice what is said in proverbs like HE WHO WORKS HIS LAND WILL HAVE ABUNDANT FOOD or SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS TO SUCCEED. christians have a RESPONSIBLITY TO ACT & not be lazy.
---jim on 11/17/09

Benny Hinn and T.D. Jakes were on TBN together yesterday.

An example of the false teachers TBN caters to and promotes is there was a person I had never heard of before teaching.

He was teaching on how to use Christianity in a subtle way to deceive and con people out of their money.

He called it merchadising (selling) the Gospel which in one since is the same as prostituting the Gospel for selfish gain
---Rob on 11/17/09

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Not only these trin-ministers T.D. Jakes & B. Hinn, the others also. Now they do rightly teach things that pertains from the O-Testament relating to the N-Testament. Where they Fail to teach is, God's Salvation. They teach Man-mades salvation ideas, once saved always saved, no works salvation, the sinners prayer etc, these Are False teachings, Non-scriptural & ARE Man-made teachings. B R O A D Is the way that leadeth to destruction & many it shall be. Such Good people, But, so spiritually blind.
---Lawrence on 11/17/09

Rob i think you have misunderstood those servants of the Lord. I may not have listened to their programs that gave you the impression you have, but their programs that i have listened to/watched in the past do not contain any ungodly or unbiblical views. They are not totally free of errors, only the Lord is perfect. Apostle Paul had occasion to correct Apostle Peter in their time, but this is not equal to dicarding the good works God has done thro' him. Take whatever God says to you thro' them, but if anything come-out of the flesh from them, discard it. They are still servants of Jesus Christ as long as they obey HIM.
---Adetunji on 11/17/09

Well, in Hebrews 13:5 we have, "be content with such things as you have". And our Apostle Paul says, "Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ." (1 Corinthians 11:1) And Paul's example to imitate, I consider, includes what he shares about himself > "And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content." (1 Timothy 6:8) And Peter has given our leaders this > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3) The Holy Spirit anoints us to obey our examples such as our Apostle Paul and Peter. And, Daniel, you are guaranteeing us that T.D. Jakes and Benny Hinn are anointed? Does this include being content "with food and clothing"?
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/16/09

What do you do when one of your friends is constantly talking about one of these preachers and rarely mentions the name of Jesus?
---KarenD on 11/16/09

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Darlene that was well said and surely from God. I used to read Christian books by reputable authors and have even given that up. Its nothing against them but it feels like a waste of time as the Bible says it all.
---jody on 11/16/09

TD Jakes, Hinn, Dollar, Long, White, Meyer, are all false preachers of the gospel... Read 1Tim 6 and you will see that all of the hypocrites fall into this category
---Antonerio on 11/16/09

Those who believe Benny Hinn and T.D. Jakes are Men of God probably never open their Bibles and study.

Benny Hinn has told people if they don't send him their money he will place a curse on them.

T.D. Jakes has told people the people of God are to be walking in darkness. This is in direct contradiction of what is written in John 3:19-21.

I guess what is written in Colossians 2:8 is irrevelant to so who have been brainwashed by false teachers.
---Rob on 11/16/09

These are Men of God and not false prophets they are anointed. They are to speak to a nation and help prepare and equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. Just because their saying something that you do not understand or may be even disagree with does not make them a false prophets. Maybe the problem is that you are not mature enough to understand it yet. I would hope that they would have and understanding of God that the average person has not reached yet.
---Daniel on 11/16/09

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Do these two Beg for Money??
If they do, then those are the ones that are mentioned in Titus 1:10-11

---Gabby on 11/16/09

Darlene, I have always LOVED your responses and this one is such a right-on, accurate response.

We are yoked to Jesus, not to a church, not to a preacher.

Have you ever heard the saying, eat the chicken and spit out the bones? Meaning, take what the Holy Spirit teaches you, if anything from preachers, and if it doesn't sit right with you, ignore it.

Let the Holy Spirit be your teacher and your guide as to what you should learn and where you should go to be fed. The bible is the best place to live!
---Donna on 11/16/09

Excellent Darlene, especially since none of know Jesus so well that we are the sum total of all the truth in and of ourselves. Paul, after years of ministry, signs and wonders, notable miracles, pastoring, evangelizing, mentoring, fathering, experiencing supernatural deliverances from his enemies, and seeing things happen in his lifetime that most of us wouldn't even dream of (because of lack of knowledge or flat out unbelief) cried out, "Oh that I may know Him, in the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable to His death if by any means I may attain to the resurrection of the dead." We are to dare to walk by faith in those things but won't last through any of them if we don't know Him.
---Linda on 11/16/09

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