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Holy Spirit Tingles Inside

Salvation at my door just moments ago. School girl raising money for trip. Asked her was she saved? She didn't know. After witnessing , we prayed. I ask what happened she said I feel all funny inside. Experience tells me that that was the Holy Spirit taking up residence in her body. Comments

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 ---mima on 11/16/09
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I, personally, am not incensed about this because I know Mima and have some idea what he preaches. I don't see how it could have any harmful effects.
There are some whose preaching to my kids would be upsetting.
BUT I am for freedom of speech. Lately, we have tried to legislate whatever people say and even think! The world will always be full of people with whom we disagree... strongly. Where our children are concerned we have two choices.
1. Don't let them out of your sight or
2. Do your best to prepare them (even on how to handle predators) for the adult world they are soon to enter
---Donna66 on 11/23/09


I see very little ridicule here, if any.

The ridicule defense seems to be one held up when all other avenues fail.

The fact is, in a civilized society no one has the right to preach to the children of others. No one.

You crossed the line, and if you claim you didn't, then is correct for anyone of any faith to approach a child with the purpose of altering that child's beliefs, when the child is the most vulnerable and malleable. Some here, of faith are sensible enough to see this. Others are so blinded by their faith that they are only one step away from being dangerous.
---atheist on 11/23/09

As we approach the 75 comment limit on a blog I have went back and read all the replies to this original post. And I must say at the very least it makes interesting reading. People quickly exposed themselves and I dare say really have no idea they are doing so. Open ridicule is not new but ridicule that crosses the line of just disagreement and becomes viciously hostile for no known reason other than the gospel being proclaimed is really selfdegrading.
---mima on 11/23/09


I agree.

But we do have to draw the line at children.

It has been said that everyone has a right to their own opinion,---but not to there own facts.

Facts and beliefs are often, if not always handled interchangeably by adults. The distinction is almost completely lost on children.

If children are to taught beliefs, it is proper that restrictions be expected in the conduct of others when speaking with children.

I would not want to see a world in which the most agressive and convincing marketeer of ideas to children drove our actions.
---atheist on 11/23/09

what happens when unbalanced adults believe children come to their door for THEM's what sexual predators believe - the child was at their door so in their minds the child came to them

if any adult religious zealot (Islam mormon witchcraft and even christianity) were so confident this scenario is acceptable then see how long your community would condone you approaching children in public with your self-righteous religious message

seems many christians believe people are just puppets unable to seek out God without the puppet masters like mima to LEAD the way
---Rhonda on 11/22/09

Rhonda-- you know nothing about me. I have raised children and I won't keep silent just because you say so.
I've learned over the years that you can't control other people. You can only control your own reactions to them. I've taught my children the same thing.
---Donna66 on 11/23/09

Rhonda--Whether or not speaking to your daughter in this manner was good judgement, is a matter of opinion.

no parent in their RIGHT mind would be as unconcerned and downright pathetic in your responses to a neighbor who is PREACHING his opinions to the neighborhood children

no adult attempts to sway anothers child with their idea's unless they are truly unbalanced believing they live above and "better" than the parent of the child

Clearly Donna you do not have children is best you remain silent in YOUR opinions of raising children
---Rhonda on 11/22/09

Who is to tell her of Jesus in that situation? We just let her burn cuz mom and dad weren't around?

beliving YOU "save" is against scripture ...God calls and Christ saves - so by your misunderstanding of scripture Christ is powerless

Atheist and 1stCliff have made valid points yet ignored

again ....if "christian witnessing" to anothers child is religiously right ..then an adult witnessing to your child about Mormonism Islam WITCHCRAFT even the church of satan are right too

it's disturbing how fanatical "christians" hell-bent on MAKING others believe their brand of a "christ" even if needed by PREYING on children to prove their point
---Rhonda on 11/22/09

Rhonda--Whether or not speaking to your daughter in this manner was good judgement, is a matter of opinion.

your daughter needs to learn to deal with such situations. Strangers we meet may say any number of things...often even more offensive than this. If your daughter reported such a thing to you, you would have to help her understand it and help her learn respond to such things.

The man was in his own home, speaking his mind. He did not "lure" her to his front door and she was free to leave. He was within his rights and there is nothing you can do about it.
---Donna66 on 11/22/09

If they cannot, by this age, make independent judgements ....I think they must have been greatly overprotected or completely dominated at home.

so within this fanatical "christian" obsession to "witness" to someone else's child (found nowhere in scripture) by playing "god" you bring new meaning to the arrogant holier-than-thou "christian"

and by your standards an adult (non-parent) asking a leading question to bring someone elses' child to THEIR conclusion (especially when that conclusion goes against the childs parents) and in the name of your "christian brand" THAT is NOT dominating???
---Rhonda on 11/22/09

Atheist ... Christians (or those of other faiths) have as much right to promote their beliefs as you have to promote yours.

Or so it should be.

Except, of course, that is no longer the case.
---alan8566_of_uk on 11/22/09

Feel funny inside is not salvation. Tingle of the skin is not salvation. The Person of the Holy Spirit will come to live inside of you. He is a Person and not a feeling. You will began to walk with Him, and talk with Him. And He with you.
---catherine on 11/22/09

mima said the girl was 17, that's plenty old enough for her to make her own decisions and to talk things over with her parents.

However, this situation sounds like a rarity rather than a norm. On the surface, this sounds like the myth that a 10 second "prayer" saves a person. Just convince a person to say this "prayer," and they are in.

This concept is in the camp of OSAS, just say the prayer, easy salvation, and no accountability. I am not saying OSAS is not true, but it trivilizes salvation.

Although, one plants and another harvests.

"Feeling funny is the Holy Spirit taking up residence." Where's that verse?
---Rod4Him on 11/22/09

Jack B, "just let her burn?" Well if you were to preach that kind of doctrine (that God is a fiend who barbeque's humans) I would be more than "upset"
It's that kind of garbage that pagans believe and you're trying to pass it off as "Christian"??
If that's what you believe our loving God does to humans, then it's best kept to yourself! (regardless of how "good intentioned" you may think it is)
---1st_cliff on 11/22/09


So you think that you have some religous duty to preach to my children?

Well unfortunately, my children will not be knocking on any doors, so you won't have an opportunity to corrupt my children's minds with whichever version of 'god' you have assembled in your mind.

Let's get this straight. You believe that 'god' wants you to do such and such. That doesn't mean there actually is a 'god'. Other people believe in a 'god' that wants them to do this and that. That's doesn't mean that that 'god' actually exists either.

Your beliefs, or the beliefs of anyone else, do not give you the right, priviledge, or the moral responsiblity to preach, 'witness', or do anything else with my children or the children of others.
---atheist on 11/22/09

Goodness Cliff. Does that mean if a 10 year old little girl is the daughter of 2 atheists that Jesus CHrist doesnt want to save her.

Who is to tell her of Jesus in that situation? We just let her burn cuz mom and dad weren't around?
---JackB on 11/21/09

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Out of curiousity,

If a child of another came to my door, how would you feel if I asked if she believed in 'god', and then proceeded to explain why I believe 'god' doesn't exist and what I see as the dangers of religion.

What if I were Muslim, of the rare extreme and fanatical kind, and suggested, particularly in the case of a sixteen year old boy, that by converting to Islam, and by strapping a bomb to his chest he could immediately proceed to Paradise and have his way with 72 virgins.

What if it turned out we were both "Christians" but I believed that she should join my special church and take part in a special service with me, my wife, and my three brothers?

Where do you draw the line?
---atheist on 11/21/09

"Consider this, we are certain that Lot was involved in incest with his daughters. Yet Lot is referred to in the Bible as righteous and just!!!!! What have you to say concerning this matter?"

---MarkV concerning Lot, I believe Lot to be a perfect illustration of OSAS. And I believe Lot was called just by God before he made mistakes and after he made mistakes.
What do you believe MarkV?

I remind you that this is the same lot that got drunk and committed incest with his daughters(he might've been drunk but I still believe he had some concept of the act of sexual intercourse) yet he is called just. Is there a problem here? Can you clearthis up?
mima on 10/20/09
---Nana on 11/21/09

Jack B,
No God will not ask you "why you didn't witness to her", if you read the bible it says parents are responsible to witness to their children!
What if?? Yes what if the parents were Catholic, SDA, Mormon, JW, Jewish etc..
If you want to witness to children, give them a tract and say "take this home to your parents"!
Why assume that only you have the truth?
If you're not worried about being called "fanatic" then self righteous and arrogant won't matter either!
Christians are "meek".
---1st_cliff on 11/21/09

Cliff, I honestly dont think any true Christian cares if they are labeled "religious fanatic". I know I certainly dont.

To be honest with you I care more about my God and Savior asking one day why I didnt witness to that child at my door back in Nov 2009.

Her parents may very well be offended now, but thats ok. What if, just what if that little child leads her mother and father to Christ? Do you think they will be offended then?

Funny how I dont recall Jesus CHrist sending children away and tellin them He couldnt speak to them unless mommy and daddy were present.
---JackB on 11/21/09

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What legal charges would you bring against Mima?
I don't believe he has broken any law.

Unless you can prove some damages, I don't think either police or lawyer would be interested in your "case".

Many high school girls hold jobs in the community -- they meet and serve the public.
Most of them date young men, often without a chaparone. They often plan for college after high school. There they may live totally away from parental supervision.

If they cannot, by this age, make independent judgements about the things they hear from others, I think they must have been greatly overprotected or completely dominated at home.
---Donna66 on 11/20/09

Rhonda-- If you worry about your nearly grown child being abducted...teach them tactics for self defense!

If you worry about them being influeced by some cult.... Ground them thoroughly in their beliefs. Prepare them to explain to anyone what and why they believe. (esp. if going to college)

You cannot follow them everywhere.
---Donna on 11/20/09

JackB, Another "End justifies the means" thinker.
This approach is and has always been a problem creator! Bad ethics!
---1st_cliff on 11/20/09

This "high school age" girl, unless she's being grossly overprotected ....She is not a child,

Donna your opinion is absurd

As a PARENT my children are MY RESPONSIBILITY until they REACH MORAL MAJORITY - last time I checked mima or neighbors will NOT be footing their college and other expenses or be there for them when they have a child-hood friend abducted

until then if someone POISONS their minds with anything I would and I RECOMMEND to anyone to seek legal advise

HOW DARE mima or any "christian" influence with LEADING questions the MIND of SOMEONE ELSE's CHILD

playing a "god" is dangerous to society and Jim Jones sort of proved how well that went
---Rhonda on 11/20/09

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No offense taken.

That is the point. We are talking about other people's children...

I am sure that there are Christians who would not want other Christians, with different beliefs, attempting to indoctrinate their children.

And on the fringe there are the crazies, who use their beliefs to justify all sorts of unmentionable behavior.

Beliefs in 'god' do not give license to do or say anything because you think you say it in the name of 'god'.
---atheist on 11/20/09

Mima did she repent of her sins and ask Jesus into her heart? If she did, then I believe it was the Holy Spirit. Now, Will the seed of Christ grow in her?
We need to pray that God will keep, help,teach and protect her.
I commend you for doing the will of God.
Christ said for us to spread the Gospel. God bless you for it too.
Matthew 9:37-38
Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few,
Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest
John 4:35
Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest
---miche3754 on 11/20/09

JackB, Donna66, Amen to your post.
Mima all praises to the Father for your desire and zeal. Keep following the leading of your Father's Spirit, and give Him all praises for the gifts He has blessed you to possess and manifest. If it is your experience that the Holy Spirit has shown Himself to take up residence in the people He chooses though those type of physical sensations, then trust both Him and your experiences and rejoice. Continue to witness and be blessed. A preacher is one who publishes or proclaims openly the gospel of Christ.

"How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?" Rom 10:14
---josef on 11/20/09

I have never in my Christian life seen someone so enraged with the way someone was led to Christ, rather than rejoicing that this child will spend eternity with God.

Suffer not the little ones to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

I dont think Jesus cares where we lead someone to Him, just as long as its done.

Thank you Mima for leading one back home.
I know I get excited myself each time someone believes because of something Ive said or done. Its SUPPOSED to feel good.
Praise the Lord!
---JackB on 11/19/09

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Tom -- Sorry to see you go (but I don't blame you). Hope you'll check in again someday.!

Rhonda -- This "high school age" girl, unless she's being grossly overprotected, is going to meet many people who present her with many new ideas... even many "leading questions" as you say. She is not a child, and I'm sure she has a mind of her own.

Apparently her mother had enough confidence in her to let her go door to door selling tickets without an adult accompanying her. She probably assumed her daughter had enough common sense not to get into trouble of some kind.

Mima may have given her a chance to gain the greatest thing in life. Who knows how many lives might be changed as a result.
---Donna66 on 11/19/09

like we all do by the word,and the holy spirit,but you would crucify mima for presenting jesus to someone in his home

Tom very interesting

emotionally charged ...yet one more post before you run and hide just stopping in to "pray for all lost souls here" ...cuz you're ONLY one "saved" - something Eloy would post

mima is crucified - is that christian drama

mima PRESENTED his question that would LEAD child to his conclusion

would "christians" be so happy if this school girl goes to another home with an adult who USED A LEADING QUESTION to have the CHILD USE drugs, prostitution, another religion, or even atheism (no offense Atheist) ...HAPPENS EVERY DAY
---Rhonda on 11/19/09

Paul writes in 19:2 have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed asking this denotes that it is a knowing beyond spiritual into physical other verses Rom 8:16, Heb 10:15 myself I could never put in words what happened because there are no words that can describe the indwelling its beyond comprehension so feelings are what we used to describe it! I like what you ask, part of searching for truth is asking whether or not one knows they have been saved! the evidence as Paul writes is have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed! but this is not conclusive (I feel all funny inside) I wouldve ask more questions! funny inside is not what I call the indwelling of the Holy Spirit!! and im sceptical about alot of believers in this way!
---sean_leprechaun on 11/19/09

---tom2 I would miss your post very much and I so hope you will reconsider. Don't be concerned when they make fun of me or call me names I have perfect peace. Long before I ever wrote on Christianet I spent much time in prayer about my witnessing. I asked the Lord many times about my witnessing I have never encountered any objections from the Holy Spirit, humans yes, almost constantly they degrade what I'm doing and openly make fun of me. It is my prayer for these people the Lord would be merciful to them and forgive them of the ridicule. The Lord knows I'm not much but when the Holy Spirit prompts me I'm going to move and to me moving means winning souls.
---mima on 11/19/09

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rhonda,I never stomp my feet,and rarely quote scripture,especially to people like you who should know better than to critise fellow believers who win souls to the lord.answer me GIRL do you present the gospel at every opportunity,scripture ABSOLUTELY SAYS TOO.ABSOLUTELY.did jesus prompt people? ABSOLUTELY.HOW? like we all do by the word,and the holy spirit,but you would crucify mima for presenting jesus to someone in his home.I assume you know the nature of man? no one seeks God who doesn,t know rge truth,and your statement of him acting like God,scripyurallly will lead you to a place you wish not to go.SO BY BY FOREVER ,CAUSE YOU SEEM REALLY LOST I WILL PRAY FOR YOU.
---tom2 on 11/19/09

goodbye to all,this site is totally full of people who call themselves believers,yet all they do is critisize people to nearly the point of crucifiction.And honestly after 4 years am feed up with the constant holyer thasn though attitude which permaiates nearly all replys.MIMA you did good,you did what jesus said,your home is part of the world.GOODBYE I need peace ,and it aint here.
---tom2 on 11/19/09

Over fifty years ago, I was a girl of fifteen. An adult woman, friend of the family, with with whom I stayed for the Summer, sent me to a Christian summer camp. I learned of the Lord Jesus there and accepted Him as Savior.
My parents, who attended a liberal church spoadically, were incensed! The woman was no longer a "friend" and I was "grounded".
I can see how they felt.

But here it is, more than fifty years later and I still love the Lord.
Not only that, but both my parents became believers before they passed away.

How painful it would have been if my parents had taken further action against the person who shared the Gospel with me and how grateful I still am that she did.
---Donna66 on 11/19/09

you are so wrong in your thinking this will be my only response to you,s


thank you Eloy says this yet never keeps his word

ironically PREACHING then so emotionally wrapped up in IDEAS you simply evade scriptural truth I shared because your "finished" with all who do not bow down to your ideas because you have no scripture to support these ideas

oh boy now isn't that a soul winning strategy - I've had one contact with you on this topic and your "done" ...running off stomping your feet in "name of a Jesus"

mima had to PROMPT the child with questions LEADING to mimas END RESULT

SHE DID NOT SEEK mima out with ANY questions of Christ God or salvation
---Rhonda on 11/19/09

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Proverbs 11:30,"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he that winneth souls is wise."
---mima on 11/19/09


and that is confirmed from WHICH scripture in New Testament to YOUR brand of "truth" you believe you are a god who "wins souls" simply because you believe The Father in Heaven is failing as TOLD by LIES of religious christianity

you see mima ANYONE can take ONE VERSE and apply it to whatever IDEA they are SELLING as "christian"

Philippians 2:12
Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling
---Rhonda on 11/19/09

How does this statement,

"NO TRUTH in "soul winning" Christ said MANY would come in HIS NAME and MANY would call his name and would be FAR FROM HIM "
---Rhonda on 11/18/09

Measure up with this verse from the Bible"

Proverbs 11:30,"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he that winneth souls is wise."
---mima on 11/19/09

Earl ... You said "no moral constitution exists for atheists".

Most of our moral code is based on the Ten Commandments and on what Jesus later taught, such as "Love your neighbour as yourself". As Christians we believe that Code comes from God.

Atheist may say the 10C were created by the leader Moses to ensure an orderly society, and that Jesus was a humane and very sensible man, and so the code is valid.

The conumdrum is that in the way he argues his point of view, and in the personal standards he espouses, Atheist shows more adherence to that constitution than many Christians who condemn him here.
---alan8566_of_uk on 11/19/09

there was a recent blog question asking ,why are there so many denominations.Well just read all the responses on this sight,that should answer that question.
---tom2 on 11/19/09

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To the OP, sorry that your wonderful experience was immediately ripped to pieces by "Christians" who seek to do nothing but tear apart every joyous moment in Christ. Thats a wonderful story.

Im sure everyones 'feelings' will differ a little when they describe how the HOly SPirit made them feel inside. As to how we ACT on those feelings, I would suggest that those are the fruit that the word says we will show.

I know there have been times where I felt like I would explode I was so full of joy, times when I felt I would lift off the very seat I was sitting talking about Jesus Christ. None of which I might add have I ever read in the Bible.

Judge away, Cluny!
---JackB on 11/19/09

Do you have a moral constitution and if so where did you get it from?"

From my parents, from the elders in my home town, from my friends, my enemies and thereafter out of the fullness of my heart. From a "script" or "paper"? Unlike perhaps you, I was not born in a library, neither was nursed by books, rather breast fed.
That which you call "moral constitution" came about because inmorality, "Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so."
"Verily I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you." Watch, atheist may be ahead of you by miles!
---Nana on 11/18/09

rhonda since you quotedme I will tell you that its not playing God while in yourhome.or are so wrong in your thinking this will be my only response to you,scripture says we are to go into all the world,and all the world includes where ever you are ,even in your own home ,if delivering the truth of jesus to any unsaved person presents itself,You know this site is just chalk full of critical people,I wonder if you ,or any of them have ever presented the gospel to a living soul.
---tom2 on 11/18/09

I understand what these issues are but feel that with all of this criticism there is no thought of what a great thing has happened.I am quite sure that in the name of saving children from perversion,the notion of salvation for the little girl has been lost.I have seen MANY youngsters come to Christ in the absence of their parents and it was legal and good.To those who are defiled, nothing is pure.Just because it is MIMA you are acting as if it requires legal action.Jesus said to let the little children come to Him.The child came.I praise God for her salvation today and the angels are also rejoicing. You complain that the Bible has been taken from the schools but shun salvation of a minor. We all need to be preaching the all of creation.
---jody on 11/18/09

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P.2,What you have done with your viewpoint is label the whole basket of seed as defective and not the individual seed likewise.It is a deceptive pratice.It is common with atheists to do this and you did so.Many people ,after signing up with the God of goodness will fail to master themselves and control their animal and beast like nature and emotions and will become wolves in sheep's clothing.Jesus has precautioned/warned his sheep of this long ago.An author basically stated in The Urantia Book that Lucifer denounced the actuality of God and claimed free will as opposed to God's will.Even in heaven there is good that has gone bad.I see that you have also denounced the actuallity of God.
---earl on 11/18/09

As my theme I stated and began earlier-I am defending just judgement-has not been observed on your part.How can you pour out the acts of wolves when many of all religions clearly wear sheep's clothing.That is not just judgement.
---earl on 11/18/09

No Earl.

Delusional people believe they are guided by 'god' and do weird and bad things.

Some believe in 'god' and get comfort and strength from that belief. I get that. But that doesn't make 'god' real, but it does make the belief in 'god' helpful and useful to some.

That same belief, taken to a extremes, (that is believing you've got the direct line to 'god' and he's talking to you) becomes dangerous to the believers and the world around them.

Go ahead, explain, how those people got the wrong 'god', or are obsessed by demons, or are just pretending but really want to do evil, or whatever.

You know the true 'god', and you are not crazy, and if anyone disagrees then they are crazy and got the wrong 'god'.
---atheist on 11/18/09

P.1,Yes,It is a proven fact that all walks of religious peoples,Jew and gentile who once kept moral constitutions defected from them have committed such acts you speak of.They like Satan and others have defected from their moral self chosen duty to represent moral good.It is not uncommon and more of such wickedness will continue.They are the seeds sown upon the wayside ,thorns and rocks of which did not mature .However the good seed will mature to fruitation and become very desirable peoples.Only the strong-maintaining God's will will survive till the harvest.It is unfortunate that you do not want to be numbered among the harvest.
---earl on 11/18/09

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if you are winning souls to jesus will get your reward,and those who critisize will get theirs

winning souls to WHICH God?

what verse must one take from Holy Word of God to distort and put pure spin with man-made idea of "soul winning" upon?

scripture tells True Christians that the WORLD would be offended because we KEEP and STAND for TRUTH ...NOTHING about any delusional idea we are to "win" someone to God because they came to our door - THAT my friend is playing god

NO TRUTH in "soul winning" Christ said MANY would come in HIS NAME and MANY would call his name and would be FAR FROM HIM
---Rhonda on 11/18/09

She came to HIS door. If he did not touch her, or detain her, or threaten her,..what grounds would anyone have to press charges? A CONCERNED parent could always ACCOMPANY her minor child when going to the front doors of strangers. If the young lady was of age, the question is moot.
---Donna66 on 11/18/09

to mima,and all who are offended,be assured our lord said we would offend people because of him,because of his truth,so mima let them be offended,if you are winning souls to jesus ,truly,then brother keep up the good works,you will get your reward,and those who critisize will get theirs.AMEN.AND THATS THE TRUTH.
---tom2 on 11/18/09


You view of a "moral constitution", may work for you. But it also worked at Jonestown and Waco. It has also worked for child abductors taking young girls, forcing them into "marriage" and motherhood. Then there are suicide bombers, the crusades, several inquisitions, , hatred and distrust for those believing in the wrong 'god', and spiritual support for just about every war ever waged. (The Bible documents many of these well.)

And you dare to accused me of lacking a moral grounding because I do not believe in some 'god', any 'god' in fact, that will provide me with some ostensible moral grounding?

I know the things I listed are wrong, I don't need a 'god' to know that. It is sad if you do...
---atheist on 11/18/09

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Do you acknowledge a moral constitution from a religion and the source from which it comes from -that being God?
Is no the corect answer?
And your screen name is Atheist?
Is yes the correct answer?
And you are communicating to the audience what idea?
Is your answer God is a delusion of man?
So from this would you say moral constitutions are a product of delusions of man and did not come from a Divine source? Is this not an atheist view of the cosmos-void of Spirit?You may cry out there is a verbal attack on you but I stated only facts of your manipulation, assumptions and casting suspicions.Are you in the seed sowing bussines?
---earl on 11/18/09

I'm with Trish (11/17).

mima, I respect your passion and apparent commitment to Christ. However, by way of caution, believers are to do their good deeds in private. I see a bit of broadcasting of yours.

If some stranger was talking to one of my kids (under 16 or so) about religion, they'd probable get more than just a raised eyebrow.

That's my problem with "youth ministries," parents leaving their kids with someone else.

Don't misunderstand me, there is a place for youth ministries. Many youths don't have a godly home, and if those parents let the kids go to youth ministry, great.
---Rod4Him on 11/18/09


Interesting tactic on your part.

My main point was that it is inapproriate for anyone of any faith to be preaching to the underage children of other people. It seems there is quite a bit of agreement on that point.

The unspoken but implied point is that such behavior should not condoned, as it could be an opening for other activities or ideas that could be harmful to young people and impressional minds. Again there seems to be agreement.

I do doubt that Mima had onerous intentions but acceptance of such behavior simply because one sees himself as a 'soul winner' is still over the line.

Your tactic of attacking me, as immoral, is ridiculous as it is off point.
---atheist on 11/18/09

This proves once again how blind and void of the word of God you really are, I'm not judging you mima but i have have to warn you that you are not in the straight path that lead to life because you give heed to seducing doctrines.
---Metuschelah on 11/18/09

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Do you have a moral constitution and if so where did you get it from?If where you get it from is a religious script, paper or teaching then those who do not acknowledge such things as a value to human living are without a moral constitution.Man is rightly free to choose this obligation to exercise morality but without a moral constitution man neither knows right from wrong except by respecting ,obedience to and loyalty to local,state and federal laws.Even within the simpelest law there is/may be a trace of morality steming from a moral constitution from some religion that atheists do not acknowledge as a credible source ,that being God.
---earl on 11/18/09

Question was posted because of my excitement about the opportune to witness that the Lord had given me.

Let us attempt to fill in the blanks left by the storm of criticism.

This was a senior in high school, and while I did not ask her age she was at least 17 years old.

I answered the door in a transport chair(wheelchair that you move with your feet) I answered the door because my wife had a guest visiting her.

I held the door open during the conversation. I did not touch the girl.

As for my ministry, I am a soulwinner. And if my witnessing is offensive to you, please tell me what you use and I will start useing that.
---mima on 11/18/09

personally I give little credence to warm,fuzzy tingly feelings,and more to a changed life.I get all tingly and fuzzy when I see a baby,my grown daughters smiling and laughing,A twelve point buck standing broadside at 50 yds.
---tom2 on 11/18/09

I am defending just judgement.Mima has his own methods of ministry .I am not familiar with them .The theme on this post is self evident ,about others who read a post and assume,assume,assume.
---earl on 11/18/09

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"The ministry then is not yet immoral .And I have no clue to what Mima'a ministry is about."
---earl on 11/17/09
If you "have no clue to what Mima'a ministry is about", you can't defend it as "not yet inmoral".
"... but considering you are atheist and no moral constitution exists for atheists how can you prove it even if using the golden rule?" That of course is ridiculous, unless atheist is writting from jail while serving time for "moral" infractions, he is as free and as moral as yourself.
---Nana on 11/18/09

Earl: "...she may be a young legal adult".

Yes she maybe...But young legal adult usually does not equate to 'school girl'.

If the school girl was a minor the act of proselytizing to another's child is inappropriate, as noted by several Christians here. Don't excuse such because mima is a Christian.

If the girl was not a girl but an adult and said she felt 'all funny inside' and that was the best description she could muster, I would have some worry about mental disability or at least a problem with adult language and communication.

Mima, knows if the girl was a girl, and if she was fully able to understand adult issues and make decisions as an adult. Unless she was clearly an adult, he crossed the line.
---atheist on 11/17/09

This is becoming more interesting.
Rhonda states,"will seek legal council -restraining order or other legal means....".Well who did what where?The female went to a mans house asking for money. If not a legal adult who permitted the act of going to a house asking for money?If she's legal adult student or not how would a restraining order work where the man opened the door of his own dwelling and a student asks for money and she also recieves ministry?br>What information do you have stating she is not a legal adult?It seems everyone here knows this person's age.

The post does not give her age.The ministry then is not yet immoral .And I have no clue to what Mima'a ministry is about.
---earl on 11/17/09

P.2How do you know she is a minor child?Did you send her to Mima's door?What is her age?In reply ,she may be a young legal adult.
So how can you say there is a naive response on my part?
I believe you manipulate the audience for the post does not say.The post should be read at face value not with intent to decieve others because you have clearly read the post.
How can you morally respond when you claim a fact not yet proven?
If it becomes fact ,then I do not agree with the method used.I do state that over zealousness in any condition is spiritually unproductive.
---earl on 11/17/09

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be thankful you do not live in my community for poisoning a childs MIND - if it were my daughter I would most definitely seek legal counsel ...restraining order and any other legal means against you personally - KEEPING YOU AWAY FROM precious minds of little children and your brainwashing tactics - I sincerely hope the parents of this child take legal action

Just like many self-professing "evangelizing" cults to believe they have POWER over other people and especially children ...eventually leading to more sinister self-actualized power like Jim Jones and other mind-control

when one begins to think they are a god their actions stray further and further from Gods Holy Word so they can satisfy their deviant behaviors
---Rhonda on 11/17/09

\\ Did you lay hands on her and actually say, "I baptize you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?" Acts tells us that "they were laying hands on them and receiving the Holy Spirit."\\

Assuming that mima is actually one of the apostles or a successor thereof.
---Cluny on 11/17/09

Atheist,Did she cross the threshold of the door ?If she did then it may constitute entry.He did not say.You assume.I did not.Did Mima do any thing illegal?You obviously think he acted immorally but considering you are atheist and no moral constitution exists for atheists how can you prove it even if using the golden rule?Was the parents, if living, of this unknown aged girl responsibly fostering spiritual guidance?The post did not say.It did say she did not know.I do not think his technique is my cup of tea but through inquiry she is ignorant of spiritual truth and where it comes from?Who then will tell her truth leading to an infinite life.I am sure this is no interest to you.Too many assumptions.
---earl on 11/17/09

i believe it's the joy of the Holy Ghost.

Yes.... joy of the Holy Ghost may evidence the presence of the Holy Ghost.

His joy is because of His presence....

---patie3447 on 11/17/09

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Mima, Do you not know the scriptures say the parents are responsible for their children's salvation?
Usurping parental authority indicates that you believe the end justifies the means,"bad thinking!"
Talk will get around that you're a "religious fanatic" and they will avoid your house altogether.
If that was my daughter the next knock on the door would be me and I would not be amused!
Atheist was right, you crossed the line!
---1st_cliff on 11/17/09

I am in agreement with Atheist. A child should be left alone, and not touched by anyone, nor should Mima have done anything but send her on her way. I would not have wanted my child to be witnessed to by anyone of any religion, and would expect my neighbors to respect my child enough to leave her alone.

As for the Holy Spirit, I know of nobody who experienced physical symptoms upon salvation. Salvation and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are FACTS and TRUTHS based on FAITH and GOD'S HOLY WORD. Not feelings, tingly or otherwise.
---Trish9863 on 11/17/09


Mima clearly crossed a line. At the very least, he took the opportunity to exploit the presence of another's child in his home to demonstrate what he believes to be his ability to bring others to 'salvation'.

To suggest that this behavior is proper for spiritual reasons is unconscionable naive.

You certainly would not condone the same behavior on my part if I brought someone else's minor child into my home to explain to them that she were wrong for believing in 'god'. Or if one of Muslim faith did the same for the purposes of conversion.

There are clear lines of conduct in civil society and those of the Christian faith are not excluded...

I hope the door was open, and there was no laying on of hands...
---atheist on 11/17/09

Did you lay hands on her and actually say, "I baptize you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?" Acts tells us that "they were laying hands on them and receiving the Holy Spirit."

That girl will know whether or not she has the Baptism of the Holy Spirit if she begins to read the bible and understands what it's saying. "He (the Holy Spirit) will teach you all things.

She will have power to love the unlovely people. She will be able to forgive people. She will speak in tongues if she wants that gift. YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT...the fruit of the Spirit is love, peace, joy, kindness, patience, long-suffering, self-control, etc.,
---Donna on 11/17/09

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people sow seed of gospel even to daughters of materialism.Then there is always that possibility of sowing seed upon rocks,waysides and thorns and the seed never matures but it is sown nevertheless indiscriminately even to blind sons of God.
Your comment is rather gray in content but does clarify your opposition ,resistance and confusion to things spiritual.Men long ago who was and today are God conscious have learned to see with the eye having a spirital lens and not with the human darkened material eye.We cannot help what you cannot see ,neither can we help what you are unwilling to change.
---earl on 11/16/09

Glory HalleluJah!!!
heart of stone turns to a heart of flesh!!!
YaY! \o/ \o/ \o/
---kevin on 11/16/09

If that were may daugther I would ask if at any time you had closed the door...
---atheist on 11/16/09

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