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Celebrate Birth Of Christ

Tis the Season! Is there a proper way to celebrate the birth of Christ? Or is it all worldly?

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 ---Crystal on 12/3/09
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Warwick knows December 25 is from pagan mythology and yet he still continues to hold to that date as something sacred and sullies Christ's name with it!

Warwick is a pagan, masquerading as a christian, speaking untruth about our Lord and saviour.

If Warwick thinks people didn't celebrate the birthday of the false god Mithra on December 25, then he'd better take the matter up with the New Encyclopaedia Britannica.

To Warwick and all the other pagans infesting this site, I hope your Mithra-mas brings you what you deserve.
---David8318 on 12/14/09

David, you wrote "Warwick spreads pagan ideals and philosophy...." That is just so silly. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such a lie about me.

I am not a pagan and do not support any pagan beliefs or activities. You seem fascinated by paganism.

As you admit "Mithra is a false, man made God." Therefore Mithra never existed, so there never was a day celebrating the reality of Mithra.

Conversely Lord Jesus is ultimate reality, being alive. Those who love and serve him will worship Him whereever they are. And on days when blinded people worship nonexistant gods.

Had He wished us celebrate His incarnation on a certain day surely Scripture would tell us.
---Warwick on 12/13/09

My point is that a Christian is not made pagan by worshiping Jesus on a pagan festival- Warwick.

Thanks for the measured wisdom brother.

The hang up over December 25th or pagan festivals such as Mirtha misses not just the point but the glory.

For Christians everyday is Christmas, Thanskgiving and Father's Day. Everyday without exception.

We celebrate all three holidays by giving thanks to the Father for tidal waves of mercy.
---larry on 12/13/09

Warwick spreads pagan ideals and philosophy that have no place in the lives of true Christians.

'You cannot be feeding from the table of God and the table of demons'. 1 Cor.10:21.

Yes Mithra is a false, man made God. That's precisely my point. It's another of Satans tools designed to mislead people from the Truth of Gods word. True Christians praise and give thanks to the life & death of Christ EVERY day of their lives, not on a date reserved for man made gods.

If Warwick wants to perpetuate a date originally set by pagan mythology, all the best to him. Have a Merry MITHRA-MAS.
---David8318 on 12/13/09

David you try to spread mischief!

Jesus is our living Creator, Healer and Redeemer. On the other hand Mithra is a man-created god, a nobody. Our God was God from all eternity and is, I am sure, happy to receive our worship on any day of the year.

Let those who follow a never was god call it whatever they like. Let those who love the living God celebrate His coming to earth on that same day. It is His day, as Mithra never existed other in the overheated imaginations of men.
---Warwick on 12/13/09

According to The New Encyclopedia Britannica, 'December 25, the birthday of Mithra, the Iranian god of light and . . . the day devoted to the invincible sun, as well as the day after the Saturnalia, was adopted by the church as Christmas....'

Lets call it what it really is shall we.

To all those celebrating on December 25, have a very merry MITHRA-MAS.
---David8318 on 12/13/09

Rhonda you miss the point I am making. Your comments are out of context. Go back and read what has been written, starting with Wayne's comments about Christmas.
---Warwick on 12/10/09

"For that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she will bring forth a son, and you will call his name JESUS: for he will save his people from their sins. And they went into the lodging, and found the infant with Mariam the mother of him, and kneeled down and worshipped him. And opening their treasures, they offered to him gifts: amber, libani, and sweet myrrh." Maathew 1:20,21+ 2:11.
---Eloy on 12/11/09

Matthew ch. 15 makes it abundantly clear that Jesus opposed their religion ...hey worship me in vain, their teachings are but rules taught by men.'

Matt 15 describes Christ opposing TRADITIONS of the Jews - the 613 Mosiac Civil Laws (blotted out by Christ) that were USED to obey Gods Laws

Christ a JEW did not oppose Gods Laws/10 Commandments because HE gave them to ancient Israel through Moses and HE magnifies them - He did not "destroy" them as false counterfeit "christians" teach today

re-read Matt 15 through again

Matt 15 reads with false teachings of ANY religion not "just" the Jew ...Christ says hey worship me in VAIN on RCC's xmas day this teaching is taught by men
---Rhonda on 12/10/09

My point is that a Christian is not made pagan by worshiping Jesus on a pagan festival. The names of the days of our week are pagan themselves. Are we becoming Pagan if we worship Jesus on Thors day? Nor was Jesus made pagan for preaching in the Synagogues. Matthew ch. 15 makes it abundantly clear that Jesus opposed their religion. For example vs.'s 3 and 9 'And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition?,' 'They worship me in vain, their teachings are but rules taught by men.'

Nonetheless He taught there. Neither are we influenced by paginism if we celebtrate His birth on a pagan festival day. It isn't what goes into a man that pollutes him but what comes out of him.
---Warwick on 12/10/09

"For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given, and overthrows the head mastership by his shoulder: and His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6.
---Eloy on 12/10/09

Synagogue of Satan describes the FALSE counterfeit christian church

Rev 2:9, 3:9 those who CALL Themselves Spiritual Jews Rom 2:29, Gal 3:27-29 ...these are FALSE Christians CLAIMING Christianity which per scripture is calling oneself Spiritual Jew ...yet PRACTICE observe serve honor PAGAN rituals traditions and superstitions and blindly "christianize them" through their MOTHER RCC (rev 17) on HER authority

Per Holy Word of God - God HATES all pagan traditions WARNING to not mix abomination of pagan traditions Deut 12:29-31 with HIM

celebration of xmas STARTS with RCC ....celebrate the day if you choose the honor goes to RCC who established the day - there is no honor to The Father in Heaven
---Rhonda on 12/9/09

He rejected their nonBiblical religion. Synagogue's of Satan as He described some.

story of Solomon led away from True God by PAGAN wives ...lesson for ancient Israel and for Spiritual Israel or Jew who are True Christians GRAFTED INTO promises given to tribe of Judah - Jew

Bible - collection of books includes OT by which ancient Israel followed ...understanding WITHOUT OT its prophecies and lessons Christ is UNKNOWN

...where is scriptural "claim" Christ rejected Jews as "non-biblical"? how absurd Christ WAS A JEW keeping Jewish Holy Days given by God

synagogue is word for CHURCH

Synagogue of Satan only mentioned in Rev 2:9, 3:9 ...describing the FALSE counterfeit christian church
---Rhonda on 12/9/09

Jesus happily taught in the synagogues even though He rejected their nonBiblical religion.
Synagogue's of Satan as He described some. I would preach in a brothel if I had the opportunity---Warwick on 12/9/09

He taught,(fulfilling scripture) in the synagogues because, he was coming to his own first. Judah Benj, had not been divorced as had the other nations of Israel. That is who the Synagogues consisted of....and yoke throwers of Esau. Edomites. Non Biblical? They followed scripture. Past where it was intended to be followed, adding and substracting so it fit their lifestyles. Like the churches/denoms do today.
As far as preaching in a brothel. Preach, the opportunity are always. Spend twenty and preach.
---Trav on 12/9/09

Wayne, I don't think I was putting you down. You said you were not a Christian anymore. I did not abandon my faith. It is true faith. Saving faith. What you had before was not true faith, if it had been you would still have it, but you abandon it. It was all your works. I cannot be held responsible for your works.
To you it is sin to celebrate Christ. To me it is a joy. You want the pagan's gods to take a day away from Christ, I don't. You want to continue bringing the Greco-Roman deities back again so that everyone knows they use to be worshipped, that is your business. I don't even think of them unless people like you and Pastor Jim bring them up. For most Christians they were forgotten until both of you brought them up.
---MarkV. on 12/9/09

Warwick, thank you for your answer. The Spirit speaks to our conscience, and what we perceive to be sin, we should never do even when our conscience is wrong. Some here have a lot of knowledge about history, which is good, but many times they take it to far, bringing paganism to the fore-front. Educating people about pagan gods, and what we should or not should not do. They then take "idol" worship" and connect them together to make you feel bad. When in our hearts all we want to do is celebrate the birth of Christ who died for us. The ancient gods were forgotten, and all they do is bring them back up again. They just don't want you to forget them.
---MarkV. on 12/9/09

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Wayne, I agree with Mark that you need to follow your conscience. If you perceive something as sinful then you should not do it.

Conversely I cannot see how worshiping our Creator and Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ can be pagan no matter where we do it, nor on what day we do it. Surely everyday is a pagan festival day to someone somewhere! I have manned a Christian stall at an overtly pagan festival and that did not make Jesus or me pagan. In reality it brought light into darkness.

Jesus happily taught in the synagogues even though He rejected their nonBiblical religion. Synagogue's of Satan as He described some. I would preach in a brothel if I had the opportunity.

You appear to be overly concerned about things.
---Warwick on 12/9/09

MarkV- You can put me down for not being christian, thats ok with me. For all believers were first called Netzari. As scripture says about Yeshua-He shall be called a Netzari ( Nazarene ). So Im not worried about it. And if you wish to celebrate a pagan holiday and blaspheme YHVH by using the Moshiach's Name with it , go for it. Ive said the truth, but as I ve seen for years now, christians and truth do not go hand and hand. So do what you wish, YHVH wont force you either, but we all have to stand before YHVH one day, that includes you as well as myself or anyone else.
---wayne on 12/8/09

Wayne, I answered you the correct way to the questions you put down. I don't feel any better or any less better when answering you are anyone. I don't have to answer to you or Pastor Jim to get an ok on what I believe is correct. My conscience guides me, and I follow my conscience not yours or pastor jims. I know what is right and what is wrong. You think it is wrong to celebrate Christ birthday on the 25th, then don't do it. I would not like for you to go agains't conscience. In fact you are not even a Christian and you want me take your advice. Anyone who gives more glory to a pagan by giving up a day celebrating Christ, is giving in to the pagan holiday.
---MarkV. on 12/8/09

MarkV- I dont want you to worship another god, but in celebrating christmas you are doing just that. Its a holiday for mithras but the church has Christs Name on it. This celebration comes from pagan sources so in doing this is learning the ways of the nations and its foolish. Please dont try to change my words to make yourself feel better.
---wayne on 12/8/09

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Wayne, you say,
"MarkV- Jer 10:2 says do not learn the way of the nations vs3 for the practices of the nations are foolish" You have learn the ways of the nations, you just told us what they believe.
You said,
"christmas was a celebration of false gods, and yet you still think He accepts this?"
Where did I say I accept the celebration of false gods? I don't care for their practices and don't believe in them.
You said, "As I said, would you celebrate a satanic holiday and put YHVH's Name on it?" I don't celebrate a satanic holiday's. I celebrate Christ any day I want. YHVH's name is above any name. He comes first. You rather we stop worshipping God in favor of a false god.
---MarkV. on 12/8/09

Mark_Eaton- Blessed are you. I see what your saying and I agree, Thank you Mark Eaton, as I said I respect you very much.
---wayne on 12/8/09

Settle down Wayne, the proper way to celebrate the birth of Christ is with thanksgiving whether December 25th or July 4th, not with the condemnation of other believers.
Nevermind the pagans or the pharisees who argue over whether he is called Jesus (Greek), Yeshua (Hebrew) or Joshua (English).
Don't miss the glory of his birth and use December 25th as an opportunity to WITNESS, duh?
Amid Santa's, Christmas trees, lights and parades hundreds come to decisions for Christ every year. Angels are singing his praises with every saved soul.
You should be praising likewise.
---larry on 12/8/09

MarkV- Jer 10:2 says do not learn the way of the nations vs3 for the practices of the nations are foolish. What do you think this means? All throughout Tanakh YHVH says these exact things. christmas was a celebration of false gods, and yet you still think He accepts this? He gave us the feasts He wanted us to celebrate. As I said, would you celebrate a satanic holiday and put YHVH's Name on it? See Mark you wont answer the questions like this. To you YHVH doesnt care that you put His Name on a pagan day, which shows something important. You know scripture, but when it comes to something you dont want you seem to forget its there. No matter what you are doing a pagan practice.
---wayne on 12/8/09

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As I have said before, I resist and detest the holy-day of Christmas.

Ever since I learned that my Lord was born on Sukkot, I have tried very hard to convince other believers to accept this and reject Christmas. Knowing that He was born in a Sukkah instead of a "manger" makes me understand His Jewishness even more.

However, I have to remember that there are things in my life that do not bring glory to God. Like throwing a frisbee or playing board games. I treat this holy-day like that. A casual activity that fills time.

Please remember that God is God and you are not. He will get the last word on this.
---Mark_Eaton on 12/8/09

"And the angel said to them, Fear not: for here I bring you glad tidings of great joy, which will be to all people. For to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this a sign to you: you all will find the babe quilt-strapped, lying in a feed rack. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." Luke 2:10-14.
---Eloy on 12/8/09

Wayne, you said,
"MarkV- The whole point comes down to the fact that YHVH the Creator Himself does not accept a pagan holiday even if His Name is put on it or Yeshua's Name is used for it."
Where is that written in Scripture? Where does the Creator tell us to not celebrated any day on His behalf? Will God give Primary time to a pagan, and allow a pagan god to have His day, while He waits for a better day for Himself? Just nonesense.
---MarkV. on 12/8/09

the free gift of eternal life through jesus should be celebrated everyday,just as the life of jesus should be,24/7,365 and 1/4 days a year.The greatest gift ever received by man,and most people get more excited about football.
---tom2 on 12/8/09

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George, the tree you mention is not a tree but a piece of log. The point in the passages is not talking about a Christmas tree. The word "tree" should be translated "wood." They carved an idol out of wood. That's the point of the passage. The vain customs of the heathen was to cut a piece of wood and carve it into an idol and they deck it with silver and gold and they fasten it an make it stand up, but you know what? You have to carry it because it can't walk, you don't need to be afraid of it because it can't do anything anyway, and it can't say a word. What a stupid thing to worship, that's the point of the Passage, has nothing to do with a Christmas tree. No one worships trees.
---MarkV. on 12/8/09

MarkV- The whole point comes down to the fact that YHVH the Creator Himself does not accept a pagan holiday even if His Name is put on it or Yeshua's Name is used for it. Its a sin to ascribe a pagan holiday to the Almighty or His Moshiach. This is wrong. Would you celebrate a satanic holiday by putting Yeshua's Name on it because you wanted to convert satanists? Be honest, because this is what people are doing every year with these pagan holidays of christmas and easter. christmas was for the birth of mithras the sun god, easter is for the goddess ishtar and is a fertility festival. Either way its satanic. You cannot eat from the table of YHVH and the table of satan. Its one or the other.
---wayne on 12/7/09

Wayne 2 continue: I think what people miss there, is if they want to celebrate or honor the Lord Jesus Christ, that's great, and if you are really good about it, you will capitalize on people's sensitivity toward Christ at that season. We know psychologests tells us that the most depressing time of the year is the Christmas time. That's when people are most depressed, because they're supposed to be happy and they are not. They look to all the family gathering together, and when they do they fight. But nevertheless each one of us should know the distinction and honor Christ whenever we feel like it, and no pagan holiday should stop us from honoring Christ when we want.
---MarkV. on 12/7/09

Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:
Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven, for the heathen are dismayed at them.
For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
They deck it with silver and with gold, they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. Jer 10:1-4

We are told the heathens decorate their trees and followers of God are to avoid the ways of the heathen. Hear ye the word of the Lord. Or not. You can ignore the word of the Lord today because your friends are actively celebrating and you dont want to be critical of them.
---george on 12/7/09

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MarkV- I understand what your saying, and I myself agree with you that we all should be grateful that YHVH sent Yeshua to us, He gave us a gift that the world could never understand. Yes celebrate the gift everyday, I agree with that also, but not to make a formal celebration on a day which honors another god. YHVH says He doesnt accept it because this is the way the heathens worship thier gods. Can you understand this? It wrong to take a pagan holiday and associate it with the One True Living Eloah, and when YHVH says dont worship me as the nations worship their gods, this should be followed. Bless you MarkV
---wayne on 12/7/09

Wayne, I know that in the early periods the month of December was the month of orgies and feasts and festivals to the gods. To appease the gods that they would survive the winter and they would see the spring and all of this. That is not news to many today.
But just because the world wants to mess up and confuse the issue of the birth of Christ, it doesn't mean we have to confuse it. As a Christian I can celebrate Jesus birthday today or any day I want. And I can be grateful the Lord was born, or the Lord was risen from the dead. That is my preprogative as long as I understand the distinction. The part that I don't think is necessary is for us to sort of just say, well we will not do all that.
---MarkV. on 12/7/09

Rhonda, whatever reason the RCC had for making Christmas or adding mass to Christ is their business. No one has to remind me what the RCC have done in history, in fact I am well aware of their terrible actions through history. What they did and their reason is their own.
I will not stop worshipping or celebrating the birth of Christ because of any pagan holiday. Their holidays mean nothing to me. The Bible no where says we should not celebrate Christ birthday or if we do, what day to do it. In fact, in Christ we worship Him everyday. And we are not going to stop just because of a pagan day or holiday. You can do what you desire and stop worshipping Christ and follow Jim's advice, because you too have been defeated and lied to.
---MarkV. on 12/7/09

Mark_Eaton, You should know up front if you dont already, I respect you very much. But on this I must disagree. You speak of being humble, but do you speak it to those who spit on YHVH's commandments. Or do you just speak it to Jim and myself for saying the truth. It needs to be said to these people who claim in vain to follow YHVH and His HEBREW Moshiach. History proves christmas wasnt celebrated until the late to early 5th century. And was added by rome to bring pagans into the rcc.Its vile! Christians celebrate pagan holidays without regard for truth or for the very Creator that made them. But they happily reject the Holy days He does want. All of this is in scripture, what does this say about so called bible believers. Thier false!
---wayne on 12/6/09

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you will note the gifts given by the wise men were to jesus.theres nothing you can give jesus he needs,but he does want your obidience,your love,whats really ironic,christ offers us so much more than we can ever comprehend,so who is really giving,who is really receiving,we cant outgive God.needless to say the world has gone santa crazy,alas,and sadly economics has taken over our lords birthday,and an act that was to be an example of love by giving a gift has run totally amuck.the old adage,the best things in life are free comes to mind,alas seems like even love has a high price today.
---tom2 on 12/6/09

Pastor Jim, you never spoke the words of God

there are NO WORDS from God about celebrating xmas so it is all opinion from those who choose to celebrate in name of their christ

the words SPOKEN by God CONDEMN mixing pagan ways with HIS ways and he HATES all pagan traditions

it is blasphemy to ADD TO Christs HOLY name which was done by RCC more than 1000 years ago when SHE added MASS at the end of Christ

on authority of RCC one "christianizes" pagan traditions NOT per God

True Christians do not "judge" religious christianity for mixing themselves into pagan traditions you deceive yourself into believing a mortal man judges you - Gods Word does
---Rhonda on 12/6/09

Pastor Jim, you never spoke the words of God, it was your own personal opinion, for Christ never condemns His children, but you do. You figure if someone does not do what you believe to be true, they are condemned, but you are just as much a sinner as all of us. And no one gets saved or loses their salvation by their works. It is by the Grace of God we are saved and kept by the power of His might. May God forgive you and teach you to be a better person, and a better teacher, for what you teach is not Scriptural but your own personal attacks.
---MarkV. on 12/6/09


If Jesus were you Messiah you would hear his words. For I have spoken them to you, Yet you do not hear them. You follow the desires of this world and so you have no desire for The Christ. For when you marry the world, you divorce Christ!

As the Parissee called MY Christ a Sorceror and Bezeelbul, so you call me.

So that scipture is fullfill, as Jesus told his diciplies that they (and I) will hear those words from those who believe they are doing the will of God.

I do not cast my pearls before swine. I have spoken His word, it is finished!
---PASTOR_JIM on 12/6/09

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You did not speak the Word of God Jim, you spoke on behalf of Satan. Here is why, you took a holiday that pagans used and advice everyone not to worship or celebrate Christ on that day. The devil defeated you, and convince you that it is not right to worship Christ on any pagan holidays. He took presidence before Christ. And now you are telling everyone to do the same. Stop worshipping Christ, stop celebrating His birth. In your case, satan said, "you will surely die" if you worship Christ or celebrate on that day, and you believed him. Now you want everyone to follow the same lie and do what you do.
---MarkV. on 12/6/09

Jim, Please Read the Holy Bible, for in it you will find the truth rather than your wrong words against the truth: The 2 years that you wrongly misapply to the infant Jesus is 2 whole years after the magi gave their Christmas gifts to baby Christ. You are taking Matthew 2:16 which speaks of 2 whole years after baby Jesus and his parents lived in Egypt, Matthew 2:14,15. And then after the magi did not return to Herod to tell him the location of Jesus, then Herod slew all the childlings 2 years old and younger, and then Herod died, and Joseph and Mariam took the child and went to live in Nazareth.
---Eloy on 12/6/09

We are not under your laws. As a pastor you should know, we are judge by our motives,

Pastor Jim does not have any laws although he DOES QUOTE Gods Laws which carnal minds who HATE God and are AGAINST Gods Laws cannot see

this is why self-professing christianity LOVES the WORLD and all its traditions of MORTAL MEN 2Corin 4:4, Mark 7:6-7

per Gods Word he tells TRUE Christians to not mix pagan ways with his ways

per MOTHER RCC Rev 17 on authority of this religious system IT "christianizes pagan ways" MOCKING The Father in Heaven

a watered down spin on Gods Word teaches a counterfeit "judged by own motives" that is antichrist to Holy Word of God
---Rhonda on 12/5/09


The Magi went to see The Christ when he was nearly two years old. They went to Mary house (actually it was her relatives house). They followed an angel and wanted to give Glory to a King.

So you might want to change some of YOUR statues around the Manger scene since they were never at the Manger.
---PASTOR_JIM on 12/5/09

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I spoke the word. I did my job. I'm done.

It's now between you and God.
---PASTOR_JIM on 12/5/09

Worth repeating by Jack B on 12/01/09:
Stevenq.. Of course there is only 1 gospel.

Problem is Christianity has let in another gospel and it is widely accepted by those who are unable to humble themselves before a Holy God and admit they are filthy dirty sinners who can NEVER gain His favor. Their pride simply wont allow them to accept a free gift and theyll instead spend their entire Christian lives trying to earn it. This is NOT grace. (Romans 11:6)

They constantly try to assure themselves of their salvation by pointing out the faults of other brothers in Christ while lifting themselves up for their "obedience to Gods law".

I call them Pharistians (part Pharisee ,part Christian).
---MarkV. on 12/5/09

...magi, who celebrated Jesus's birthday brought gifts to him.

cutesy fable ...or as fairy tale xmas songs and tales told over centuries tell us "3 wise man"

scripture does not indicate how many came to visit Christ as a child not an infant in a manager as the bogus lie tells it

FURTHER the magiians were not christians

The magi or magicians were pagan and custom in Christs time was to bring gifts to a King

the gifts were for a King - not "birth-day" gifts as the ignorant people proclaim who live for the WORLD and its ways and traditions ...history confirms and Gods Word is silent on day of Christs birth and ANY other "birth-day"
---Rhonda on 12/5/09

The first people, the magi, who celebrated Jesus's birthday brought gifts to him. And in the New Testament times celebrations were held with feasts, and music or songs to make a joyful sound to the Lord. Our family usually has a decorated cake with candles on top and we all sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.
---Eloy on 12/5/09

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Wayne, Pastor Jim:

1 Peter 5:5 "...All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."

You are not being humble about this. You being proud and smug at the expense of your brothers and sisters. Do you really know what YHWH or Jesus thinks? Can you really be so arrogant?

Would you speak in this demeaning manner to your mothers and fathers? Many here are your elders, are they not? Why are you dishonoring them?

You have made your point, please move on.

For the record, I reject and distain the celebration of Christmas.
---Mark_Eaton on 12/4/09

Wayne ... No I am not being "flip" I am being totally serious.

Jesus enscapulated the 10C in those two commandments, Love God and your neighbour.

All you come up with is a whole lot of "Thou shalt nots", and no love.

But of course you don't beleive in Jesus' sacrifice for us, so you can't begin to understand Love
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/4/09

Jim, you are quick to bring judgment on anyone that does not have your mind, conscience or your laws. We are not under your laws. As a pastor you should know, we are judge by our motives, and every single believer that says he wants to celebrate Jesus on the 25th, in no way believes he is celebrating a pagan emperior, only you and those who think like you, legalistic, making a law of everything. "one person esteems one day above another, another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord, and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it."
Scripture no where directs us or prohibits us to celebrate Jesus birthday on certain days.
---MarkV. on 12/4/09

Jim #2 continue: the verses in Romans 14 are directed to people like you who bring judgement on something they see and feel is wrong and judge others as what they do as unclean. Paul later says, "I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself, but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean." If the 25th of Dec. is unclean for you, then stop making us feel what you feel. For whatever is not of faith is sin.
---MarkV. on 12/4/09

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alan8566_of_uk- We can do the will of the Father by walking the way Yeshua did. He kept the Torah. I know Alan you were being flip by asking this question, but this is truth. The book of Rev states that we are to keep the commandments of Elohim, and the Testimony of Yeshua. The book of Is says gentiles are to embrace the covenant and not prafane the Sabbath. John says this is how we no we love YHVH,by keeping the commandments. Keeping the commandments are the outward sign of our love and faith in YHVH and in His Moshiach. If we say we love him and keep not His commandments we are liers, and the truth is not in us. YHVH's Grace saves us, but keeping the Torah shows we have faith.
---wayne on 12/4/09

Jesus was 6 months younger than John the Baptist. We know this from Luke 1:36 when Mary, just after being 'overshadowed' by HS, visited Elizabeth in her 6 month pregnancy with John. Jesus' conception in Mary's womb was therefore 6 months after Zechariah (John's father) was told that Elizabeth will give birth to John. Lu.1:11-13

Zechariah was serving as Priest at the time of the angel's visit, as Lu.1:5 reports-'of the division of ABIJAH'.

The point being is that, according to scripture, Jesus was born 15mths after 'the division of Abijah'(6mths+9mths).

Therefore, Jesus was born at the end of September, beginning of October.

25 December has never been 'christian'. It is the celebration of the Roman Saturnalia.
---David8318 on 12/4/09

Wayne ... you say "So if Yeshua's birth can be celebrated any day then do it every day by doing the will of the Father as Yeshua did"

Can you help us by being a bit more explicit about what the will of the Father is for us, so that we may do it?

Is it, perchance, "Love God and your neighbour?"

Thank you.
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/4/09

Why dont christians celebrate the gift of Yeshua's birth by doing the will of the Father in Heaven? Yeshua said why do you call me Lord and do not what I say. You all have blasphemed YHVH's Word. I agree with Pastor Jim, you have all commited audultery. You have willfully seperated yourselves from your Creator. So if Yeshua's birth can be celebrated any day then do it every day by doing the will of the Father as Yeshua did. You seem to think that because Yeshua kept the Fathers Instructions ( Actual meaning of Torah)that now your free from doing the same Instructions. What a fallacy. Your all being deceived, and willfully at that!
---wayne on 12/4/09

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It was NOT a Christian Celebration that abitrarilly fell on a Pagan Holy Day. It's THE Pagan Holy Day that was chosen specifically by Constantine to include our Lord as one of their gods.


Then they burn the Yule Log in an effigy to the gods in hope they will return after winter darkness. They also brought in the Evergreen Tree to keep Spring going through winter.

May The Pagan Emperor Constantine who decreed these (Easter as well) to be Holy Days bless you and give you eternal life for you sacrifices and offerings (Gifts). Because God is Jealous/Consuming God and you commited Adultery against HIM!!!
---PASTOR_JIM on 12/4/09

Scripture is great until it gets in the way of what you want, what a shame. christians follow their own desires. Jer says the christmas trees are forbidden, but christians dont care. The holiday is for mithras, you dont care. These verses describe christians to a tee
Dan 7:25- because you so arrogantly speak against YHVH and could care a less about His Laws.
Mark 7:7-9- Because you worship YHVH in vain, your traditions are more important then the commandments. I love how people who keep the commandments are called legalists, but yet you who violate them are called christians. But as long as you get to do what you want , thats the important thing isnt it?!
---wayne on 12/4/09

Yes MarkV!!!
---alan8566_of_UK on 12/4/09

When a person is a legalist they will go around looking for every single pagan holiday. They will then use that infomation to guide them to which day they should avoid worshipping God. If all truth be told, there is hundreds of pagan holidays. Should every Christian avoid worshipping God on those day's just because they have a holiday for pagan's?
Who cares about pagan's? Why should any genuine believer avoid worshipping God?
The celebration of Jesus Birthday could be any day. It's His birthday we care about celebrating. How can that be wrong? If you care about pagan holidays that much, don't worship God or celebrate Jesus Birthday, if you don't want. But stop telling everyone what they do is wrong.
---MarkV. on 12/4/09

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if you are a true follower,a true believer in jesus,then its all about him,his birthday partynot santa,trees,lights,presents,its about the arrival of Gods son in the world.
---tom2 on 12/4/09

I celebrate Christmas, as the time of our Saviour's birth, but, I thank God that Jesus didn't stay in that manger. I praise God that Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, and I thank God that He didn't stay here. I praise God that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and I thank God that He didn't stay there. I praise God that Jesus was buried in the tomb, and thank God He didn't stay there. I praise God that Jesus rose from the grave and ascended to the right hand of the Father for us, and I THANK GOD THAT HE DID!
---tommy7376 on 12/4/09

I will disagree about Santa Claus.

Tell your children who he REALLY was--a holy bishop of Myra who was known not only for his acts of charity, but his pure teaching about the nature of Christ during the Council of Nicea in 325.

It's because of St. Nicholas and others like him that the correct teaching about who Jesus is has come down to us today.

His feast, btw, is 6 December. It's easy to see how he got assimilated to the British Father Christmas--and advertising drawings by Coca Cola certainly helped in this conflation.
---Cluny on 12/3/09

I love to receive cards that focus on the birth of our Lord. We try and send them out as well... I am also not politically correct during this time of the year. I have a Christmas tree, I say Merry Christmas... It is truly a special day in the history of this world.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all good night.
---Jim on 12/3/09

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Its okay to keep pagan holidays because paul gave permission to eat food sacrificed to idols, even though James made it forbidden to eat food sacrificed to idols. So much for those who claim scripture as their sole authority. All of you here this day have with your mouths and hearts proven you are separated from the One True Living Elohim and His Moshiach. Even though none of you will care, you are so much apart of this world. Think of yourselves as being saved, for every idol word you will be judged. None of you care about YHVH, you care about your own desires, and what this world has to give. Enjoy it while you can, YHVH will not be mocked!
---wayne on 12/3/09

What I have done is to avoid Santa Clause pictures or decorations in my home. To only send Christmas Cards that focus on Christ's birth, and quote scripture. Set a firm budget on any gift shopping. Be creative and make things. Make a birthday cake for Jesus, and put a candle in it and have the family sing "Happy Birthday" after dinner. Set up a nativity set. Read the Christmas story from Luke to my children. Participate in the church's Christmas pageants.

To all the nay-sayers here, I have birthday parties for people all the time, and not necessarily on the exact birthday.

As for it being pagan, if I am allowed to eat meat sacrificed to an idol, then having a birthday party on December 25th is no biggie either.
---Trish9863 on 12/3/09

Show me where any of the Apostles celebrated christmas. Its a pagan holiday and we are not to learn the way of the heathen. Its on the b-day of the sun god who became man, sound familiar.
---wayne on 12/3/09

Since the heathen had their own god and son, shouldn't that mean that we also should not worship our God and Saviour as well?
---Ruben on 12/3/09

---KarenD on 12/3/09

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Col 2:16
Romans 14:14,23

Do what feels right in your heart?

Personally I think its a wonderful day! I dont care what people celebrated on it 5000 years ago or whatever. Im sure every day has *some* pagan worship on it. Whoop guess that means we cant worship God on ANY day now...
---JackB on 12/3/09

Jody ... "so called pagan holiday" You've put yuor finger on it ... it is only so called by such as Pastor Jim, and Wayne.

And Wayne says he is not a Christian, so he can't really comment as to what Christians celebrate

Wayne ... "You celebrate holidays of the pagans" No, Christians do not do that. We celebrate the Birth of Jesus the Man, and also His Resurrection. There's nothing pagan about that. NOTHING
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/3/09

One way is to avoid celebrating BEFORE the Feast of the Nativity According to the Flesh of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ on 25 December.

That means you spend the weeks beforehand (Advent) in fasting, abstinence, more intence prayer, almsgiving, and the like.

This also means, among other things, no parties, or as few as you can get away with. I realize that there are frequently social obligations associated with work and business at which some people might have to make a token appearance.
---Cluny on 12/3/09

Jody, the scriptures also teach that we are not to learn the way of the heathen, Jer speaks of the pagan christmas trees, but you as well as others prove my point, you could care a less what YHVH says, your so ingrained in these traditions of men that you dont see the evilness of these things. You celebrate holidays of the pagans that YHVH says not to, yet you violate the celebrations YHVH says we are to celebrate. Thank you for proving my point, christians have left the true Elohim of Ysrael, and they have abandoned His Moshiach for the sake of their own passions and traditions.
---wayne on 12/3/09

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The Bible teaches that some have faith for one thing and some have faith for another. Whatever is not of faith is sin. God does work all things together for good to those who love him so if we choose to worship Him during a so called pagan holiday, then He will work it for good. If one feels contrary to the hustle of this holiday, then to him, it is sin. That person should not celebrate the holiday. If my celebrating causes anyone to stumble, then I will not celebrate. There is no one in my life, however who appears to have this view so I will keep bringing Glory to God. Praise His Name!)
---jody on 12/3/09

I'm glad Jesus Christ was born. I cherish more about His death - burial - resurrection
& then later His Church was born on the day of Pentecost.
---Lawrence on 12/3/09

Show me where any of the Apostles celebrated christmas. Its a pagan holiday and we are not to learn the way of the heathen. Its on the b-day of the sun god who became man, sound familiar. When do people wake up? Is tradition this important to those who claim the ultimate love of Yeshua? YHVH who sent Yeshua should be first and foremost in our hearts, but because of the paganism YHVH have been forgotten, His Instructions have been dumped. Yeshua showed us the way to live, yet christians would rather follow men instead of YHVH.
---wayne on 12/3/09

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