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Explain 1 Corinthians 11:23-32

Explain 1 Corinthians 11:23-32 (specifically 11:28-32).

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 ---Leon on 12/12/09
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Sister Jody, you go girl. Communion is a very serious matter that commands hearts be in order.
The inference is that its dangerous to proceed otherwise.
---larry on 2/25/10

There is so much good information in these scriptures, so tommorow, God willing, I will do it.
---catherine on 2/24/10

Leon, I am with Bill-bila and Jim. As Bill said, the early church loved feast (Jude 12) usually closed with observance of the Lord's Supper. The worldly carnal church at Corinthians had turned those sacred meals into gluttonous, drunken revelries (v.17 and 2 Peter 2:13). beyond that, wealthy believers brought ample food and drink for themselves but refused to share letting their poorer brethren go away hungry (v. 21). The Corintians church was very carnal. Paul also had trouble with them concerning the gifts of the Spirit. The church was torn by dissension (1:10-17, 3:1-3). The love feast and communion celebration had become so perverted that it was a sinful selfish mockery.
---MarkV. on 2/21/10

It just means that before partaking in the Lords Supper, we must spend time in prayer examining our heart and life. It is a time to ask for forgiveness and repent. If that process is followed, then God does not need to get your attention by disciplining you. I think these scriptures are overlooked too often and it is a shame. If a pastor is presenting the Lords Supper, he should allow for a time for the congregation to make amends with God or he is doing a disservice.
---jody on 12/19/09

This texts speak to bad eating habits. Glotten for one. Overeating.
The bad habit of being intemperate with food has led many to death and disease.
---francis on 12/16/09

Cont'ed. 2). "For this cause many [are] 'weak'-diseased- and 'sickly' -infirmed- among you, and many 'sleep' -die prematurely. For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the 'world' -those led and dictated to by their limited, sensual perceptions. May the very God of peace sanctify you wholly, and [I pray] your whole spirit and soul and body be 'preserved blameless' -irreproachably faultless [in Christ]- unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." With this understanding, we are "sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ" Ref. 1Cor.11:28-32>Cross Ref. 1Th 5:23> Jud 1:1
---josef on 12/16/09

Let a man examine himself, and let him 'eat' -live- of that 'bread' -the mind of Christ lifted to transcend the sensual through the information and inspiration received via the living Word of God- and 'drink' -imbibe or take into ones mind- [that] 'cup' -lot or fate, inevitably predetermined for him. For he that 'eats' -lives under that mindset- and 'drinks' -absorbs that information and insight- 'unworthily' -showing little respect or understanding of or for the power of the Spirit and the complete work of Christ- eats and drinks 'damnation' -Divine Judgement- to himself. 'Not discerning the LORD's body' -failing to recognize or acknowledge the character through which The Supreme Controller's deliverance and protection is activated. Cont.2
---josef on 12/15/09

this refers to examining your worthiness to take communion,jesus commanded that we do this in remembrance of him,not as tradition,but in humble remembrance of him.
---tom2 on 12/13/09

Churches taught this is a mandatory to be performed. This is ceremonial laws only...and it does not Save Anyone who participate. As far as the bible is concerned, Salvation is Election of GRACE. Communion or Lords supper is ceremonial laws or just a works.

The explanation of this verse is found in (John 6:53-56) verse 54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. What is eating of Jesus Flesh and DRinking his blood?
If we study bible by comparing scriptures. He said I am the bread of Life.Jon 6:35 I am the water of life. John 4:10 to be continued
---rosalie on 12/13/09

If we see the picture...the bread refers to Jesus himself, the water refers to Jesus himself. Now in another verse...water refers to Word of God, Bread refers to word of God. THEREFORE, we can conclude that The word of God is JESUS. That's why the John says...THE WORD BECOME FLESH. If we are reading our Bible, then as if WE ARE EATING THE BREAD (JESUS FLESH) AND DRINKING HIS BLOOD. Remember (Blood) refers to sin/punishment or salvation/life
---rosalie on 12/13/09

The millennia old explanation of this will not suit most of the posters to these blogs, so I will be silent.

In short, they did not know how to celebrate the Eucharist properly.
---Cluny on 12/12/09

The Church at Corinth had many problems even after Paul died. Polycarp (early church bishop of Smyrna/Disciple of John/Paul) wrote to them as well, as it appear it was headed for a final schism.

Paul wrote them a harsh warning in 1st Corinthians(now lost).

He wrote 5 letters to them.

We only have 2nd Corinthians(listed as 1st) and 4th Corinthians (listed as 2nd).

---PASTOR_JIM on 12/12/09

1 Corinthians 11:17-22 shows that when the Corinthians gathered, ones of them brought their own food and drink and did not share with Christians who had "nothing" (verse 22). They were guzzling and glumping down their stuff, right next to poor brothers and sisters of Jesus who had nothing, shaming these who are Jesus Christ's own body > therefore, they were "not discerning the Lord's body." (verse 29) And by so sinning in such a wrong spirit, their own sin made them weak, sick, and even dying (verse 30). Jesus wants us to eat His supper, "in remembrance of ," Jesus, by being in His love which is the true remembrance of Jesus, showing His death by living this love that had Him die for us.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/12/09

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