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Ask God To Die

My brother is on morphine for pain and also other pain killers and medication. Is it wrong for him to ask God to take his life and/or let him die and receive him into heaven?

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 ---bob on 12/19/09
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No, God understands his pain and desire to be with him.

Asking isn't wrong. Actively speeding up his death is the sin.
---Nicole_Lacey on 1/5/17

I myself pray such as had Moses, Job, and Jeremiah. There are a great throng of people who pray the same. But while we are stuck in this earthly tent, we stick it out out of respect for God.
---mike4879 on 1/5/17

Hello,also got to agree with Bro.Luke God has complete control over who lives regardless of man's medical expertise God is all knowing ever never ending He pulls the shots yes or no...who lives who will not survive..amen.I seen alot in these hospitals..
---Elena95555 on 3/13/16

To Bro.Mike wow! your answer quite astounding!! wow God take the first command to do as He please's God is in complete really profound..answer!
I think we mean well,yet we are in error for God is in all control over everything come across to him first to do as he pleases in jesus name.amen
---Elena95555 on 3/12/16

I don't believe there anything we can say that will change the will of God. We can ask all we want, live or die, but the will of God will be done. If someone pulls the plug, it will be done by the will of God. If he has no breath left, it is by the will of God, He gives us the very breath we live by.
Many ask to die and they might live a long time, others might die right away. Even Jesus was trouble in the spirit when He was going to die, He ask the Father take the cup away from Him, and then He said,"nevertheless, not what I will, but what You will" Mark 14:36.
---Luke on 3/6/16

He is not the first to ask to die. Job, Moses, Isaiah and Jeremiah asked to die, and I have also. Solomon said "better the day of death than the day of birth" and Paul said "To die is gain." Yet the Bible say, "He who destroy the body, I will also destroy.
---mike4879 on 3/5/16


My personal belief - it is not wrong to ask God to take your brother back home...

But add in another line, let your will be done not mine...

Our ultimate purpose in life is to glorify God... And if God has a purpose for your brother suffering (btw, our God is not a sadistic God and will not purposelessly let him go through suffering for nothing), let His will be done.

If not, He will consider the suggestions of His friends into consideration.
---Ng_Kock_Leong on 1/3/16

hello god can you take my life in my sleep bacuse im ill god blees you
---perry_layzell on 2/6/14

gosh cluny...satan tries to destroy any heart especially the young and vunerable. I can't believe you can't see that. you are blind my friend. just take a look at what hollywood has in the theatres today...all geared to lure young people. liquor is geared to look attractive to young people. they are direct target for satan.
---shira4368 on 10/18/12

Hello,this for Shira3468 good see you here,you know I feel the same way,the enemy satan of coarse,he will get like you say our kids vulnerable, my daughter used to go to church. When now she don't even
Care about me,nobody, and as far as my health,God very good,yet it never seems to faz me one day I feel so good and then like this last few days felt so weak, I am up now because very uncomfotable, thankfull.because yes,it could be just that much worse.just wanted to share, thankyou, be. Blessed. ELENA
---ELENA on 10/18/12

Cluny, you are correct on your answer. The problems we all have with the body comes by the curse of physical death that came through Adam. Each one of us will break down and die at one time or another. Many who look physically perfect on the outside, are dying already in the inside. We have control many times on our quality of life, but no control as to our death, unless we take it ourselves.
---Mark_V. on 10/17/12

satan can oppress people. He is going around seeing who he can destroy. my sweet little grandson was saved appr 3 years ago and after he was baptized, he changed 360 degrees. now he don't want any part of church. satan does destroy lives especially the young ones who are so vunerable. our bodies are corruptable and we all get sick but we just must have faith that God will sustain us.
---shira4368 on 10/17/12

\\I have afflictions caused by satan and some of his agents.\\

Do you really think you mean that much to satan, pat?

More likely you have your afflictions--as I have mine--because we live in a sinful, fallen world where nothing works right.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/16/12

Beloved, Wow! How strange I end up on this blogg,Mary,bro.Mark you all know my cancer yes,have to say there have been times,lots of pain, and you both keep close with me,pray and all thankyou both,among others you know what? wow!! this had been my "fear" not death,I have lost many family to illness, I have myself at times asi God, would it be wrong if I have so terrible pain, God no be offened? Let me go into his bosom (die)??
Later, truth I felt ashamed but,yes,honest. I have been that,far been better in that rea,but lots of infections,swelling,etc. ELENA
---ELENA on 10/16/12

I have afflictions caused by satan and some of his agents. All received in the line of duty to my God. So far, God has chosen for me to keep going only by His power. That's it.
---pat on 10/16/12

Wow Mark V, I'm so sorry about your mother in law, among others, who could blame her for wanting to die when she was that sick? God bless you and hope you don't lose anyone else you love--amen. Hugs, Mary
---Mary on 10/16/12

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I take a lot of meds--8 pills every morning, and in addition inhalers, puffers, and snorters, plus PRNs--and every day I thank God for the provision He has made for me.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/16/12

I have several major problems in my physical life, so as a result, I am taking 180 mg of morphine, plus a fentynyl patch (75 mcg/hr/72 hrs). I also take extra strength Vicodin for breakthrough pain. This allows me to function at a near normal level, but until the doctor got it right I was in a lot of pain (see part 2)
---Fr._Brendan on 10/16/12

(part 2) While there have been times that I have wished for the pain to go away--up to asking God to let me die. However, it is normally not God's plan to take someone before his time. What brother needs to do is pick up his cross, learn to bear it (Christ will show him how) and then accept that cross as something God wants him to learn through. This has helped me.
---Fr._Brendan on 10/16/12

You can ask God anything. Ultimately, it is up to Him. God understands your pain. "His grace is sufficient".
---pat on 10/16/12

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Sister Mary, I agree with what you said. I don't see anything wrong with anyone who is in so much pain to ask God to take them. I have lost many in my family. And when my wife's mom was so sick I would take her to the hospital, she was so weak and skinny, when I pick her up in my arms, she would go right through my arms and I had to be very careful not to drop her. She was in so much pain she wanted to die real bad. And there was nothing we could do for her, other then pray and ask God to take over. God bless you sister. God has a purpose for us all. If He wants us in heaven, He will take us to heaven.
---Mark_V. on 10/16/12

Hi everyone. I lost my brother a little over a year ago and I'm glad he's out of pain now but I miss him so deeply it's unreal! I don't think it's wrong to pray for the brother to die but prepare for the pain.
---Mary on 10/15/12

Richard, I'm so sorry you have to go through this tribulation in your life especially since you are a pastor. I have no great ideas to give you. I only pray that through this tribulation you are in, you will come out stronger then ever before. I know that no one wants to suffer true pain as you are having and as the blogger wanted for God to take away his life, most of us would want God to do the same if we were suffering. Nothing wrong with praying that way, because if it is your time, it will happen, if not, it is because God has a greater purpose for you. Praying for you brother Richard, also for God to get you through this pain.
---Mark_V. on 10/14/12

I've been suffering for 2 1/2 yrs after brain surgery. I pastor a church, and have pushed through the pain for all this time. all the time asking God to heal me. Because I can do very little. I have had an average of 2 hour of sleep this entire time, which I know should have put me in a crazy house without God's help. I am now praying that God takes me before I lose my mind, and do something bad. No one knows what it is like to be in pain 24/7 365, and very little sleep. the doctors have tried everything they can think of with no results. I'm on 260mgs of morphine a day, and it's been soo long, it's not helping anymore, and they won't up my dose. So all you with the great ideas, give me one.
---Richard on 10/13/12

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Hello, as a teen every lill' thing made me depressed,but,later that all changed. I learn nev'r judge NO ONE! Most people not able to put up with yes,example extreme pain,agony. My prayer always Lord please help me that I will not loose my mind(thankfull he keeps me) remember where He brought me from..I am pray'the Lord be my help when my time comes... I be 'n His bosom...
---ELENA on 5/2/12

Bob, your brother feels hopeless. Share the love of Jesus with him. Ask him if he would like to have Jesus at the center of his heart and life? And if says yes, then take him by the hand and pray with him, leading him to invite Jesus into his life. God is still in the business of saving and changing lives, and giving hope to the hopeless.
---Eloy on 4/30/12

It is really easy to sit there and say how life is precious and wonderful but not everybody has that kind of life and asking god to die is the only way out some people have. I believe that it depends on the individual and that God judges based on that. Not everyone is met to live.
---Debra on 4/30/12

Thanks Donna66, sometimes a person needs to hear what they know they need to hear. thanks
---Rod4Him on 3/10/10

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Rod4Him ...If it was my father (he lived to 97) I'd pray for the Lord to stop his violent impulses or protect others from them. I'd pray that the people he "sees" that aren't there, would not agitate him.
I'd ask the Lord to ease his breathing. AND I'd ask for patience ...your task is very difficult and I applaud you for undertaking it. ( If you doubt his salvation pray about this, too. Faith doesn't depend on being completely oriented.)

When he is gone (which won't be too much longer) you will be glad you cared for him as you have.
---Donna66 on 3/9/10

Interesting question. Each situation is different, however, here's a current story.

My wife and I have been taking care of her father, who is almost 91. He sees people outside who aren't there, sees unseen people in the room, talks to people not there, sleeps most the time, can't eat without falling asleep, can't dress or undress by himself, can't shave by himself, can't breath well, breaths sometime like a fish out of water, has congestive heart failure, becomes violent sometimes, tried to choke my wife the other night, so how does one pray?
---Rod4Him on 3/8/10

NO! God might do it. He is a merciful God....Make sure it is God. Make sure you are saved, forgiven of your sins, my friends. Sorry about the pain.++
---catherine on 3/8/10

I am not sure, though it is true that Elija (strange, since he was one of only two people who never died) did either ask God to die or stated he wanted to die, so no, it is not wrong, especially when one is in great pain. But he should remember that maybe, God will keep him alive to show what God can do. In the end, in Heaven, he will see WHY either God allowed him to die sooner, or kept him alive longer
---Peter on 3/8/10

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Unless you have been in the severe intractable pain, day in and day out, and have given up an active life for one in which any movement causes pain...perhaps you should not be so quick to advise. (family could ask the MD if his pain can't be better managed)

At age 71, most people are not in denial about death as are younger people. They've seen peers die all around them and know that that their time is limited.

There's a chance for a miracle. And that's the only way healing can come for him. I would pray for healing, more especially pain relief. A prayer for his his survival might be partly because I would miss him if he dies. BUT perhaps God will relieve his pain by taking him home. Nothing wrong with that.
---Donna66 on 3/7/10

Unless you have been in the severe intractable pain, day in and day out, and have given up an active life for one in which any movement causes pain...perhaps you should not be so quick to advise. (family could ask the MD if his pain can't be better managed)

At age 71, most people are not in denial about death as are younger people. They've seen peers die all around them and know that that their time is limited.

There's a chance for a miracle. And that's the only way healing can come for him. I would pray for healing, more especially pain relief. His survival would fill my need, because I would miss him if he dies. BUT perhaps God will relieve his pain by taking him home. Nothing wrong with that.
---Donna66 on 3/7/10

I agree with amand6348 comments.
Those of us not in pain cannot know how difficult it is.
I would just like to encourage you with the scripture (Romans 8:18)that tells us that the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.
It is not easy to watch a loved one suffer...I have done this with two family members so I know.
I will be praying for your brother's healing and peace of mind. God Bless.
Sandy G
---Sandy_G on 3/7/10

Instead of asking for death, why don't you pray for your brother to be healed of his pains. But you must believe with all your heart that he will be healed.

Have a strong heart in the Lord, and God bless.
---JoelV. on 12/22/09

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\\ Elijah asked God to die so yes I would say yes it is all right for your brother to this.
---mima on 12/21/09\\

And did Elijah die?

No, he has not.
---Cluny on 12/22/09

Bob, Anger at the Almighty and hurling ultimatums at him usually do not acquire any positive response from him, but if Bud really wants the Almighty Jesus's help, then Bud should go to Jesus in prayer with a surrendering, penetant and seeking heart, in order to seek out his help and his healing.
---Eloy on 12/22/09

He can ask God for anything He wants. For the Word says to cast all of our cares onto Him. I Peter 5:7
Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.

As long as he doesn't kill himself he should be okay.
---amand6348 on 12/22/09

My brother has many problems but the major one is his spinal column has deteriorated so bad that he can't be operated on. All of his nerves are affected and any kind of movement results in some type of pain. His only relief comes when he falls asleep. I pray for him daily and he has had a lot of prayers offered up on his behalf. He also prays for himself and others to be healed. He said "I got angry and asked God to either heal me or take me home". He is 71 years old and his pain got worse over the last 15 years. He use to be able to get around but now he can't hardly get out anymore. His name is Bud and he can use your prayers. God Bless You!
---Bob on 12/21/09

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Elijah asked God to die so yes I would say yes it is all right for your brother to this.
---mima on 12/21/09

There's a scripture that says, "He works all things after the counsel of HIS will."

Your brother should ask God, "Lord, I'm suffering greatly down here, can I ask you to please reveal YOUR will in this situation?" "Is it your will for me to be healed? then please show me HOW you want to do it. If it's your will for my brother to die, please take him Lord, in Jesus name I pray."

When my mother was ill in 2002 and almost dying, I asked the Lord, "What is your will in my mother's life?" The Lord began to give me scriptures on healing and I read them to her and spoke them out every day at the hospital. Today my mother is healed of that disease, but has other ailments she's dealing with.
---Donna on 12/21/09

He should be asking Almighty God to heal him and to take away his pain instead.
---Eloy on 12/21/09

He can find out with God what to do.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/19/09

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It is easy to say "I want to die". But why not have your brother ask God how He can use him to minister to others instead of seeking death? His testimony about how he trusting God will make a greater positive impact than asking God to end his life.
---Nick on 12/19/09

You've not said what illness your brother has.

I know a man who is on 180 mg of morphine, as well as a fentanyl patch and Vicodin to control his pain from fibromyalgia (and these do not totally remove it but merely bring it to a tolerable level), but he lives as full a life as possible.

While he does not want extraordinary means to prolong his life--and has executed a document to this effect--he loves going out to eat, going to the movies, going to the store, and especially going to church as much as he can.
---Cluny on 12/19/09

No sweetie, I wouldn't say it's wrong, it is sad all the way around though. My brother just lost his wife to painkillers and he's in unbearable pain right now. Maybe pray for physical relief from all the pain? I'm not honestly sure what to say, I think my sister-in-law's recent death may be keeping me from giving you a good answer but know you're in my prayers, as is your brother, dear one. God bless you.
---Mary on 12/19/09

God understands the heart of your brother and loves him. The Bible says that we can ask God "Aba" "Father" anything. Everyone has an appointed time to pass away and if it is within God's will for your brother's life to end then his prayer is not in vain. I will keep him in my prayers. Praying for death is not to be misconstrued with suicide. Prayer is not a sin while suicide is.
---jody on 12/19/09

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Right or wrong? 1Jo 3:20,21 'I believe' the Father gives His children the option of asking "LORD receive my spirit". Without holding that request against them.
When I was 12, maybe 13, my grandmother who raised me said to me the night before she died. "Are you able to care for yourself" (she knew that neither my natural mom or dad would step up). I said why? I have you to care for me."
She asked me again "can you care for yourself when I am gone? I need to know." I said yes. The next morning she was gone. She chose to go home, and Father honored her choice. Her reason? The following day she was scheduled to lose her limbs to diabetes and did not want to be a burden on anyone.
---Josef on 12/19/09

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