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Tell Family I'm A Christian

How to tell my parents, family that I am Jesus believer? I am from Muslim country. Please, help also with Bible verses from KJV.

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 ---Elnura on 12/20/09
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I agree 100% with Alan. Do not advertise your faith, live it.

Let your light so shine before them that they may see your good works and glorify your Father, who through His Christ empowers you. Prayerfully study His word in whatever translation of the bible is available to you, that you may be able to give a confident reason for the hope that is within you.
If there comes a time that you are directly questioned concerning your beliefs, hold fast to the faithful Word as you are taught of His Spirit, and you may be able through instructions that are free from error, as concerning The Christ, to both exhort and convince those that may oppose the validity of your belief.
---Josef on 12/26/09

We've just had a Muslim father convicted of the "honour killing" of his own daughter, for the crime of falling in love with a member of a different tradition of Islam.

More Excellent Way makes a really valid point in his final paragraph ... you could be in great personal danger if you try to witness to your family.

I don't think you should seek martyrdom in that way, although some Christians may say you should.
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/21/09

The best way in this case to minister to family is using the "Way of the Master" technique - you can find on Way of the Master website. 1st ask if they think they are good people, 2nd take them through the 10 Commandments to show them their sins, 3rd ask them if they would be guilty or innocent and if they would go to Heaven or Hell, 4th let them know that there is only one way to Heaven - Jesus Christ died for them to pay the penalty for the sins they have done, 5th let them know that they must repent (turn away) from their sins, and trust in Jesus Christ as savior and Lord (boss).
---Leslie on 12/21/09

Your particular case silence may be the best way to go. Joseph of Arimathaea, was a secret believer and because of your situation perhaps you should stay a secret believer also. Preserving your life now would seem to be the best choice. Later on things may change and you will be permitted by circumstances to witness even to your parents.
---mima on 12/21/09

Anyone else find the wording of this question strange? Why would the Bible version matter? The comment "from Muslim country" instead of "converted from Muslim" makes me wonder about the person asking this question?
---KarenD on 12/21/09

-- Elnura :

Sister, Share with your parents your new found Love in our Lord, and as you grow & mature in His Love continue to spread all of that with your family as well : Knowing that he which receiveth you receiveth our Lord, and he that receiveth our Lord receiveth Him which sent our Lord.

Elnura, When we confess the Love of Christ before other, He will confess also us before our Father which is in Heaven.

Matthew Chapter 10

Grace Unto You Sister & Peace Be Multiplied
---Shawn.M.T on 12/21/09

I'm 55 and came to Christ 23 years ago. As far as I know, there are no verses in any version that directly address and provide a solution to your problem.

Many young Christians do not realize how very serious your problem is and will give you careless advice.

My opinion is that Christians DO NOT have the right to either encourage or discourage the Muslim to tell ANYONE. ONLY a Christian missionary that works with Muslims in a missionary organization would be qualified to give you INSIGHT and advise AGAINST telling your parents NOW.....WAIT!.

When one Muslim informs another that they have become Christian, it often is likely that the the "Christian" now faces DEATH from the Muslim (even from parents).
---more_excellent_way on 12/21/09

Elnura, you could potentially be putting you self in physical danger depending upon what Muslim country and what faction of Islam your family follows.

The English KJV is probably the poorest choice for referencing scripture in Christianity for the hideous number or translation errors that it contains, 2948 verses wrong in just the New Testament.
---Friendly_Blogger on 12/21/09

And just what significance would the KJV have for your family?

Would it not be more to the point to quote the Bible in Arabic?

For that matter, what meaning would the Bible in ANY translation have for them, as Mahometanism teaches that the Bible has been corrupted?
---Cluny on 12/21/09

I don't want to tell you how to tell them because I don't know how they would take it..I can only tell you to pray for and ask God to give you the words you need and to let their eyes be opened to the truth that Jesus is the son of God and that He, and only He is the way to the Father and to Heaven.. I will pray for you, and will pray that their eyes be opened.. God bless you! what Bible verses do you need help with?
---a_friend on 12/21/09

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