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Southern BaptistsTongues

Are there Southern Baptists who have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and who speak in tongues either as a private prayer language or as a means to deliver God's message to others?

Moderator - One of the Mods has that type of background. What is your question?

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 ---Rhonda on 1/18/10
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Donna66, this post is closing maybe I can answer you some place else. peace
---MarkV. on 2/18/10

MarkV-- Paul was capable of a strong rebuke when he felt it was needed. But apparently, though he impressed the Corinthians with the need of an interpreter if tongues were used in a group, he did not condemn the use of tongues otherwise....cetainly not as an act of paganism

1Cr 14:16 Else when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say Amen at thy giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest?
1Cr 14:17 For thou verily givest thanks well, but the other is not edified.

The main problem here seems to be a lack of consideration for others.
---Donna66 on 2/18/10

Now sis you know that verse doesn't mean that.
It means that unknown tongues is a sign to unbelievers NOT that those who speak in unknown tongue ARE unbelievers.
---miche3754 on 2/18/10

Miche, I know. I was just making a joke. However just look around at all the unknown tongues going on here..English speaking that is!! I can't make heads or tails of much of it.

But one thing is true, much of this babbling on line do have many interpreting! Can't make heads or tails of that either.

---kathr4453 on 2/18/10

Certainly the writers of your commentaries must know more than I.
---Donna66 on 2/18/10

Actually, I believe that you can have as much or more understanding than the commentary writers. It is the HS that teaches us and "unlocks" the word to us so He lets you have as much understanding as you can handle.

I totally disagree with the idea that we should know less about Scripture the farther away from the writers we get. We may know less about the culture and the references to it, but we should know more about God and His Word by being able to study it openly and often and discuss it with other in the faith, like in these blogs.
---Mark_Eaton on 2/18/10

MarkV He who speaks in a tongue" 1 Cor. 14:2, This is singular, mentioned in (v.v. 4,13,14,19,17)indicating that it refers to the false gibberish of the counterfeit pagan ecstatic speech.

Certainly the writers of your commentaries must know more than I. But to me this sounds like a real stretch, not at all supported by the context. Nowhere does Paul rebuke the Corinthians for praying to pagan Gods, which is a serious offense, deserving of rebuke. The strongest rebuke is for using tongues in a congregation without interpretation or (if it IS a rebuke), "edifying" oneself if used in private.
---Donna66 on 2/18/10

Now sis you know that verse doesn't mean that.
It means that unknown tongues is a sign to unbelievers NOT that those who speak in unknown tongue ARE unbelievers.

I believe as Mark E does.
I believe there is private tongues for when you are so grieved in spirit that you don't know what to pray for(I have been there many times) That the Holy Spirit in you takes over and speaks to God FOR you but this for the person alone.
Then there is tongues for the edification of the Church body that should be interpreted.
Personal tongues should not be used in public worship.
---miche3754 on 2/18/10

Speaking of Baptists, a Baptist Pastor told me this cute little joke.

This guy died and went to heaven and Jesus was walking him around heaven, introducing him to the various groups of people up there.

And over there we have the Baptists Jesus said, but sssshhh we must be very quiet because they think they're the only ones here...LOL!
---Donna on 2/18/10

I respectfully disagree with you brother. :) How about if I use the terms "real" & "unreal", "true" & "untrue", "fact" & "fiction"?

Our differences in the matter obviously boils down to perspective. I think you're standing on subjective beliefs (personal feelings) regarding unknown tongues. Do you engage in the practice of speaking in UT?

In opposition to your position, I believe I've objectively presented data as evidenced by what the Bible contextually says. So, we're not going to agree, at least not today. So be it -- adios, peace!!! :)
---Leon on 2/18/10

Mark E. I knew my information would not help you in any way, it comes from much work concerning the subject since I belonged to a Pentacostal Church at one time and had trouble just asking questions, but since you had asked me I went ahead and gave it to you. I am sorry we do not agree Scripturally on this matter and will leave it at that. It is not a subject many like to talk about. I found that out many years ago. I love you brother and I will leave you with peace.
---MarkV. on 2/18/10

Mark_E: No sir! :) "Genos" means diverse kinds of languages/tongues of people in different countries (nations). To say "classification" in the sense of one kind being "know languages" & the other kind being an "unknown language" (UT) is stretching Scripture beyond creduilty.

The Bible doesn't say we're to use tongues for our personal/private use (edification). Paul certainly didn't say that! However, he did put heavy emphasis on edifying the Church body by use of interpretation of tongues (known world languages) in the Church.

You mentioned "confusion". If the self-serving practice causes confusion, IS IT RIGHT FOR CHRISTIANS TO EVEN DO IT? (1 Cor. 14:33)
---Leon on 2/18/10

If unbelievers heard the whole church speaking in tongues, they would think everyone was crazy. Or as Scripture puts it, "Out of their mind"

I agree with MarkV . Not only so, if everyone was speaking in tongues it would mean ALL were unbelievers! HA! Sorry I just couldn't pass up that one.

19Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue. 21In the law it is written, With men of other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people, and yet for all that will they not hear me, saith the Lord. 22Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not:
---kathr4453 on 2/18/10


It is you who are using the term legitimate and illegitimate. Paul does not make a distinction of the legitimacy of the tongue anywhere in the three chapters on this subject. I challenge you to show me anywhere in Scripture where the Bible makes the distinction of legitimacy of tongues.

The only difference Paul makes is where and how the tongue is given. The where refers to either the "private" tongue without interpretation that edifys only the speaker or the public tongue which MUST have interpretation given to edify the body or church. Everything else Paul says is explanation on what the gift is and what the gift does.
---Mark_Eaton on 2/18/10

MarkV: Part 2

Your point about the singular and plural use of the word tongue is lost on me. Both words are the same Greek word glossa, meaning the body organ, language, or supernatural spriritual language. Neither use a different root word, so their usage is the same and is based upon the subject being directed by, i.e. I speak a tongue, we speak tongues.

Your last point about using tongues to speak to a god other than our Heavenly Father baffles me. Why would Paul include this? This is a sin, idolatry. Why would Paul not tell us specificially that this is sin, why leave it vague. I believe Paul is talking about using the tongues to talk with our Heavenly Father. Anything else does not fit the context.
---Mark_Eaton on 2/18/10

Mark_E: I respectfully disagree brother! :) Was Paul referring to the false UT or the genuine "tongues" (known world languages) 1st spoken on the Day of Pentecost? Did you notice the distinction he made regarding interpretation of legitimate "tongues" in the Church as opposed to the unintellible (impossible to understand or interpret) UT the Corinthians were practicing? "Again", Paul was rebuking, not approving the UT speakers. He didn't say he spoke in gibberish. He said he spoke, as did Peter & the other saints, genuine tongues as God gave him utterance. He therefore encouraged the Church to do likewise, but always with interpretative prophecying following. Otherwise, he instructed them to be silent!
---Leon on 2/18/10

Again, Paul was rebuking not approving UT speaking.
---Leon on 2/18/10

You are incorrect, brother.

1 Cor 14:5 "Now I wish that you all spoke in tongues, but even more that you would prophesy..."


1 Cor 14:18 "I thank God, I speak in tongues more than you all"

Paul was not rebuking them for speaking in tongues. He even wanted them all to speak in in tongues and was thankful that he spoke in tongues more than them. Rather, Paul was rebuking the INCORRECT usage of the gift and how it was disruptive to the church when done without interpretation.

His last statement was "Therefore, my brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak in tongues"
---Mark_Eaton on 2/18/10

MarkV: Part 1

I am sure you have studied this subject, but your study has left an incorrect conclusion.

You have quoted 1 Cor 12:28 "various kinds of tongues". The Greek word for various is genos, which to us means "classes or classification". There are different classes of tongues and these classes have different uses.

What you have concluded as "gibberish" is the class of tongue for the personal use. Paul refers to it in 1 Cor 14:14 when he talks about praying in a tongue. The tongue is for the sprititual edification of the person speaking. When this class of tongue is used in the presence of others, it cause confusion because it only benefits the speaker.
---Mark_Eaton on 2/18/10

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MarkV: You are correct but few will listen. :)
---Leon on 2/18/10

Mima, I know from your past post you are a tongue speaker. I am not against you are anyone speaking in a tongue if it helps you in some way. I am not against anyone who is doing it. But concerning Scripture, the tongue spoken was gibberish and as Leon said, even when you do it, you don't understand yourself what you are saying, and you say you are speaking to God. Speaking something you yourself don't understand makes no sense. If you remember from Scripture He says, "For I know the things that come into your mind, every one of them" So before you speak He already knows what you will say. But if you speak Gibberish, how can He understand nonesense?
---MarkV. on 2/18/10

Mark E #3, In answer to your question I had to go through much studying because this was very important to me 15 years ago. Speaking in a tongue (singular) does edify one-self. Which was the problem Paul was having with the Corinthians. Chapter 12 Paul gives an illustration of how every part of a human body is essentail to the function of that body. Paul showed that unity is an indispensable need of the Church, by divinely-provided diversity within the unity is also necessary. His words additionally implied that some selfish members were discontent with the gifts given to them, and wanting the gifts they had not been given in v.11, and others were using the tongue for prideful reasons.
---MarkV. on 2/18/10

Mark E, #2. "Does not speak to men but to God" This is better translated, "to a god" The Greek text has no definite article, (found also in Acts 17:23, "an unknown god.") Their gibberish was worship of pagan deities. The Bible records no incident of any believer ever speaking to God in any other thatn normal human language. "in the Spirit he speaks mysteries." The carnal Corinthians using the counterfeit ecstatic speech of paganism were not interested in being understood, but in making a dramatic display. The spirit by which they spoke was not the Holy Spirit, but their own human spirit, and the mysteries they declared were the type associated with the pagan mystery religion.
---MarkV. on 2/18/10

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Mark_E: It's you who miss what 1 Cor. 14:1 & 4 really say. Only God can understand unintelligible gibberish (if He desires to) since He knows our hearts. But, what's the point in God talking to anyone who doesn't know what they're saying to Him? That's absurd!

Unknown tongues (UT) speakers don't understand themselves. "No one understands"! :) It's "mysteriously" unedifying & selfish. Obviously, Paul was speaking "tongue-in-cheek" about UT edifying people who do so.

Again, Paul was rebuking not approving UT speaking. Speaking in UT is more like being in a mind altering trance (an enchantment: being under a spell) caused by chanting (babbling syllables). Spiritually dangerous!!!
---Leon on 2/18/10

Mark E, Let me break down these passages the way many of my commantaries do. You don't have to believe it, and it is just to answer your question.
"He who speaks in a tongue" 1 Cor. 14:2, This is singular, mentioned in (v.v. 4,13,14,19,17)indicating that it refers to the false gibberish of the counterfeit pagan ecstatic speech. The singular is used because gibberish can't be plural, there are not various kinds of non-language. There is, however, various languages, hence when speaking of the true gift of language, Paul uses the plural to make the distinction (v.v. 6,18,22,23,29). The only exception is in (v.v.27,28) where it refers to a single person speaking a single genuine language.
---MarkV. on 2/18/10

---Mark_Eaton You are correct but few will listen.
---mima on 2/17/10

MarkV, Leon:

How can you read 1 Cor 14 and miss this verse:

1 Cor 14:1 "For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands, but in his spirit he speaks mysteries"

You have both stated that the singular tongue was the "false" tongue, yet when the singular is used, you are actually speaking to God. And verse 4 states that "One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself" exactly what I have stated.

The issue of unknown verses known tongue seems obvious. If I am speaking to God in a unknown (to me) tongue, then it must be a "known" language to Him. It requires no interpretation on His part.
---Mark_Eaton on 2/17/10

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Yes there are, but it is a HUGE debate as to whether or not it should be "allowed".

A past article in Christianity Today talked about some missionaries who had the "gift". It came up for a vote at the convention as to whether or not it should be "allowed" and whether they should have been "kicked out" even. The SBC was divided but I don't remember exactly what the final decision was. I think they said that they would not "bless" it as "official doctrine" but individuals were "free" to exercise the gift "privately".
---obewan on 2/17/10

Mark_E: I stand on my 1/23 remarks. Yes, there are two kinds of tongues spoken of in the Bible. One is ligitimate (1st mentioned in Acts regarding the Day of Pentecost). The other is the unknown tongues, the false, pagan kind the Apostle (Pastor) Paul spoke of when he rebuked the Church for speaking a non-language (selfish, ecstatic babble, gibberish) no one but God could possibly understand.(1 Cor. 14:2-25)

In 1 Cor. 13:1 Paul was making a comparative analysis: Clearly, whenever God uses angels to speak to us they deliver "messages from God, to us, in our language(s). But, what's the purpose of our speaking an angelic tongue, we don't understand, to God? What necessitates it & how can the Church be edified by it?
---Leon on 2/17/10

Mark_E, continued: "...tongues of men and of angels..." (1 Cor. 13:1)

"Angels" in the Greek translation (regarding this Bible verse) can also mean "pastors" of whom are also God's earthly messengers given to speak/prophecy (deliver) messages from God to the Church. I believe Paul was saying he was a pastor/angel among many other pastors (angels) who did just that.

I don't believe Paul was referring to an angelic language like the angels Gabriel & Michael might speak when they're not delivering messages to us. Instead, he was referring to his calling from God to be an apostle/"pastor" to the Church, clearly prophecying (speaking) all God says to His Church.
---Leon on 2/17/10

Will God, who is against divorce, divorce and remarrie? Is God yes and no at the same time?
---Andy3996 on 2/16/10
Well, Yes.
He is GOD creator of yea and nay. He can do anything, with anyone. But, he won't break his own law. Israel was released from original covenant marriage law by death of Christ.
There are two houses involved here the Nth Kingdom and the Sth Kindom. Judah wasn't divorced. The Northern House nations were. Both freed by the death of Christ for Remarriage. The bridgegroom comes...10 virgins etc. Heb 8:8....the new covenant.
---Trav on 2/16/10

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Mark E. I meant to say, Hello Mark E, I don't know why the "O" was not posted. Sorry for that.
---MarkV. on 2/16/10

Mark E, if you get a word studyBible with the correct words used in 1 Cor. 14, and take notice of each words used, and you will find that Tongue singular is a counterfeit. The word Tongues is the legit tongues that was used to bring the gospel to the unbelievers in their own language, thats why Scripture says, " Therefore tongues are for a sign, not to those who believe but to unbelievers but prophesying is not for unbelievers but for those who believe"
If unbelievers heard the whole church speaking in tongues, they would think everyone was crazy. Or as Scripture puts it, "Out of their mind"
---MarkV. on 2/16/10

are we still chewing the same bone here?
lets face it,
those "baptised in the Spirit with tongues" will never stop defending the right of tongues.
those "baptised in the spirit without the tongues" will never stop saying that it is wrong.
What I know (as a tonguespeaker and interpretor of tongues) is that it really builds me personally and it builds our church.
Yes abuses are there so those who criticize are right as well. problem is (with tongues) that both God and devil use it, so there is no absolute answer.( I only wished ALL spoke in tongues) or a tongue .
---Andy3996 on 2/16/10

Hell Mark E, you said first. "Mark V, your gibberish tongue is not biblical"
I say the same thing, Gibberish tongue is a counterfeit tongue, which speaks nonesense. Anyone can speak it and you don't need the Holy Spirit to do it, heathens and pagans do it also some cults.
Second, you said there is two types of tongues, plural, but there is only one type of tongues, the one of different languages. The other is called a "Tongue" and is singular. Only found in 1 Corithians 14, is the counterfied. Singular because it does not speak of different languages (plural) but one gibberish or estactic voice. Only brings glory to man and not God, for it saves no one.
---MarkV. on 2/15/10

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Mark E. #2, About 1 Cor. 14:23, "Therefore if all speak in tongues" Paul explains in more detail later (vv. 27,28), even for unbelievers, even when the gift of tongues was exercised in its proper time in history, when it was dominant and uncontrolled in the church, bedlam ensued and the gospel was disgraced and discredted. "Out of your mind" Greek word means, to be in an uncontrolled frenzy. When the real gift was used in Acts 2 there was no madness, everyone understood in his own language (v. 11). In Corinth, there was charismatic chaos.
Concerning Angel language, Paul was writing in general hypothetical terms. There is no biblical teaching of any special angelic language that people could learn to speak.
---MarkV. on 2/15/10

---Mark_Eaton's answer has Holy Spirit inspiration.
---mima on 2/15/10

just a thought

I Cor.13:1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, ( "If," he said hypothetically, he could speak in the tongues of angels, and all the languages of the world, if that could be the case) and have not charity, (love) I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal."
---michael_e on 2/15/10


Your "gibberish" tongue is not Biblical.

As I read it, there are two types of tongues, one for edification of the body (with interpretation), and one for the edification of the person praying.

When the latter is used within a service without interpretation, it is out of order. Paul makes that clear in 1 Cor 14:23.

If your understanding is that the "unknown tongue" must be of a recognizable language, I must remind you of the angelic language Paul was referring to in 1Cor 13:1. Can anyone (without HS) speak in an angelic tongue or make sense of one?
---Mark_Eaton on 2/15/10

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The question I would ask of you people is whether the listing of spiritual gifts given in the Bible is an exhaustive one or simply a partial listing.

Are there not diversity of gifts given to those for the purpose of building up His church?
---Lee1538 on 2/15/10

Amen!!! Absolutely true MarkV. As it is written in Scripture, the harvest is ripe, but the labourers are few. (Matt. 9:35-38, Lk. 10:1-3) Some plant, others water, but God gives the increase. (Matt. 16:15-18, I Cor. 3:1-9)

Mima: The problem today is there are many so-called preachers who, like wolves, make merchandise of (prey upon) instead of meeting the material & spiritual needs of their flock. If a pastor doesn't know how to win souls, he isn't called of God to preach & probably needs to be saved himself. There are untold numbers of wayward men & women, trying to make a comfortable living from the pulpit, who haven't the call of God upon their lives. Dangerous!
---Leon on 2/14/10

Mima, there is no gimmicks or tricks to winning souls. There is only one way, with the Truth of the Gospel. The pastors don't save anyone. There is no dry holes anywhere, there is many sinners who are not saved everywhere. In every Church, on the streets in the prisons in every job, store, or place.

God does the saving, and when He wants to save someone and the time He wants to save them, no pastor or person can stop the ones God wants to save. God will find a way for them to hear the gospel when He wants them to hear it, and those He has chosen will believe and come to faith in Jesus Christ.
---MarkV. on 2/14/10

To---Leon yes, the most important objective is the saving of souls. Most pastor do not understand how to go about winning souls. Some pastors are fishing in a dry hole(many churches) which will not produce any results. I know a Southern Baptist minister who is a soulwinner and thank the Lord for him. Out of some 73 people who received the Lord Jesus Christ last year through his witnessing about 25 of them started coming to his church the others did not but he is certain of their salvation because he understands the Scriptures.
L yesterday I witnessed to a man who was sure of going to heaven. Later he began to witness to me and my wife(what about us) many mild-mannered soft spoken Christians without any boneless act like that.
---mima on 2/14/10

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My late dad use to say, "The devil goes to church [the church-house] every Sunday. He's there to cause confusion & to keep people, who might otherwise, from getting saved."

Exactly Mark! The gibberish heard in many church-houses comes from people who pridefully seek the attention of others. It's selfish, disruptive & destructive.

Oh yes, I've heard church people (Christians?) say speaking in tongues (gibberish) is the outward sign & evidence that a person is really born again. That's not what the Bible teaches. (Ro. 10:9-11)

What's really important -- where should the primary focus be Mima -- on church growth (body count, numbers) or on saving lost souls?
---Leon on 2/13/10

All too many people who seek the spiritual gifts actually do not seek the Giver instead. Spiritual gifts are basically given for the edification of His Church.

1Co 14:12 So with yourselves, since you are eager for manifestations of the Spirit, strive to excel in building up the church.

But from what we have seen of all too many that speak in tongues is moral degradation. We all remember the Bakkers,J.Swaggart and others who were Pentecostal but discredited because of their moral laxity.
---Lee1538 on 2/13/10

Mark E, your story is something like the example I gave. I believe it is very possible for that to happen. But what is spoken today is gibberish tongue. Spoken by pagans and heathens and some cults and can never be proven it comes from God. What the apostles and others did in the Apostolic Church is written, but what is been done today can never be proven. In the Apostolic time they spoke the gospel through tongues, (languages) there was no New Testment. But today's gibberish tongue helps no one, it brings no one to Christ, it only brings pride to those who claim it. So much pride that many say you are not saved if you cannot speak in gibberish. Just Nonesense, everyone can speak gibberish, you don't need the Holy Spirit for that.
---MarkV. on 2/13/10

mima - I am still left wondering that since Buddhists, Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals, Way International, as well as early SDAs have experienced speaking in tongues, whether or not the human brain can imitate different sounds that resemble languages.

Even small children can do that.
---Lee1538 on 2/13/10

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---Lee1538 I appreciate your answer.RC Sproul is a stout strong Calvinist. His denouncing tongues as a bad doctrine merely serves as a hindrance to his worship. And the gift remains regardless of what he denounces since God gifts are without repentance.

And now to the question of tongues being disruptive, they are disruptive disruptive of what today passes for church services. In such services everything is clearly outlined and I oftentimes asked the question to those standing by. Could the Holy Spirit work his way in without being disruptive? He never does and it has been my experience that he will not interfere where he is not wanted.
---mima on 2/12/10

mima //Many believe tongues is of the devil however I have never met a tongue talker that thought tongues was of the devil, ha ha.

As posted previously if any experience involving the gifts of the Holy Spirit does not result in a deeper walk with the Lord, nor does it drive one more into His word, may be questionable.

There are some noteables such as RC Sproul that have had the experience of speaking in tongues but have denounced it as bad doctrine.

One of my pastors holds that tongues is a legitimate gift however, does not want it in his church because it is too disruptive.
---Lee1538 on 2/12/10

Tongue talkers can be found in most churches. Often times the talkers themselves are silent about the gift. Southern Baptist Churches are experiencing a falling away and general lost of growth due to the position they have taken on "private languages" a few years ago even the head of their missionaries in the field had to re-sign because he had a "private language".

Many believe tongues is of the devil however I have never met a tongue talker that bought tongues was of the devil, ha ha.
---mima on 2/12/10

I have yet to hear an account of the biblical tongues
---larry on 2/10/10

I have a good friend who with his wife were missionaries to Colombia for 20 years. He tells this story and I trust his honesty.

During their time in Colombia they often had helpers assist them. One assistant was a well-driller who did not speak Spanish. He needed to present their well proposal to the mayor of the town who did not speak English. They prayed and asked God's help in presenting the proposal. The assistant gave the proposal in English to the mayor who seemed to understand and agree to it. After the meeting, the assistant asked my friend what had happened, and my friend told him that he presented to the mayor in perfect Spanish.
---Mark_Eaton on 2/12/10

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Donna, my experience was the same as yours. I loved my Pentacostal Church. I came to Christ while going there. The pastor was a good teacher, and learned a lot from him. But when the studies came as to the gifts, we had a different teacher from Derek Prince school, and they didn't want you to question anything they taught, and when I did concerning tongues, I was told not to question what is taught, but to except it as truth.
Later they ask the whole class to be baptist with the Holy Spirit, I refused, and when they finished they were all talking gibberish talk to each other. A class of about 50 talking gibberish told me to get out and fast. Two years at that church and never experienced that before during Church services.
---MarkV. on 2/12/10

Donna //I made the change because I was hungry for some vigorous comprehensive Bible study,

I strongly believe that any legitimate experience with the Holy Spirit should lead one more into His Word as well as a more Christ-like walk.

And that is one good reason to reject many that claim to have experienced any of the gifts of the Spirit such as tongues but have nothing to demonstrate that their lives have been changed.
---Lee1538 on 2/11/10

I've seen what you have seen in churches, and the confusion of people who have undergone the "ritual" (if you'll pardon the expression) yet they still can't speak in tongues.

you say Another observation is that such churches seems to be lacking in knowledge of basic Christian doctrines
That is precisely why I now attend a Baptist Church versus a pentecostal one. My decision wasn't primarily a doctrinal one (however my Baptist Church doesn't preach against tongues etc). I made the change because I was hungry for some vigorous comprehensive Bible study,
---Donna66 on 2/11/10

Larry, I am with you on this. I do believe the gift of tongues was given in the Apostolic age for the spreading of the gospel. That it was a language rather then gibberish talk. I also believe it is possible for God to give this gift in certain times to certain people now.
Example, if you were to find yourself in a country that speaks another language and God has put in your path certain people for you to witness to them, that God would make it possible for you to present them with the gospel. If there is cases like those happening, you will not hear of them much. Those people speaking with that gift can later give testimony how God spoke through them the gospel. That really happened in the Apostolic time.
---MarkV. on 2/11/10

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jody //Yes it is also interesting that Buddhists speak in tongues as well. Good point.

Yes, from my study of Buddhism, they refer to it as the "Buddha sickness" and they discourage it.

Frankly, I do believe since it is in the Bible that it can be a legitimate gift of the Spirit but it has been my observation all too often those churches that require it of their members simply take the candidate down front of the church, put their hands on them and then when the person murmur something unintelligible, they proclaim the person has received the gift of tongues. This often leaves the candidate totally confused.

Another observation is that such churches seems to be lacking in knowledge of basic Christian doctrines.
---Lee1538 on 2/11/10

Lee: Yes it is also interesting that Buddhists speak in tongues as well. Good point.
---jody on 2/11/10

larry --- My friend, I think we finally agree on something! I have heard anecdotes about the kind of tongues you mention ( e.g. speaking Portuguese in Brazil) or speaking a known language like, say Italian, when only one person present, a listener, knows the language.
I've never witnessed anything like that myself.

Your comment about the reverse of the curse of Babel interests me. Can you elaborate?
---Donna on 2/11/10

Donna you are a wise wisdom and I like you spent many years in AG and COGIC churches where the gift was at times abused and there was no interpretation and therefore the congregation was not edified.

One AG pastor was very good about one or two speaking followed by an interpretation.

I have yet to hear an account of the biblical tongues where you, for example, would travel to Brazil, and find yourself spreading the gospel in fluent Portugese.

This incredible reverse of the curse of Babel shown at Pentacost is the real tongues to be valued.
---larry on 2/10/10

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Jody and Markv --Agreed. Many churches fail to obey the instructions of Paul for use of tongues in at a time and always an interpreter. The pastor is NEVER to be interrupted. That would not be
"decently and in order". It's not biblical for a group of worshipers to to be speaking in tongues simultaneously (Paul specifically warns about this).No wonder it appears to skeptics that tongue-talkers have lost control or are in a trance!
The Holy Spirit doesn't require "pumped up" believers, just willing ones.
---Donna66 on 2/7/10

Lee1538 "Interpreting" tongues is not a "word for word interpretation" (unless it is a language known by the hearer). It is more like "interpreting" a painting. The interpreter tells what he prayerfully senses is the meaning of the message. Thus, different people may have somewhat different renderings... but the essence would be the same. If The Holy Spirit wants to convey something more specific, it usually comes in the form of a prophesy.

This is just my opinion as a former Assembly of God member.
(the denomination might describe it differently)
---Donna66 on 2/7/10

It is interesting to note that many of those early denominational groups spoke in tongues, including Methodists in their various revivals, Nazarenes, Mormons, and even Seventh Day Adventists.
---Lee1538 on 2/6/10

//Ecstatic babble (unknown tongues, mumbo jumbo) can't be interpreted since it's not a human (or otherwise) language though many churchgoers call it their private/personal prayer language.

A Greek professor friend of my Greek instructor went into an Assembly of God church prayer meeting where they spoke in tongues. He rattled off a Psalm he had memorized in Greek, and some lady gave an interpretation that was totally different from what he had stated. When he revealed who he was and what he did, there was complete pandemonium and the meeting immediately broke up.

It is really a matter of discernment.
---Lee1538 on 2/2/10

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Very good points Jody. If I may piggy-back on what you said, it's obvious from what the Bible teaches, true Holy Spirit empowered tongues speaking is that which can be interpreted for the understanding of believers & unbelievers. If it can't be interpreted, the Bible commands one who speaks unintelligibly to be quiet. In order to be interpreted, tongues must be a "known human language".

Ecstatic babble (unknown tongues, mumbo jumbo) can't be interpreted since it's not a human (or otherwise) language though many churchgoers call it their private/personal prayer language. "Selfishness" has nothing to do with edifying the Church.
---Leon on 1/31/10

Mima,Good point, that is true. The Bible teaches to not forbid speaking in tongues. The Bible also teaches to control speaking in tongues in meetings. Only one at a time and only with an interpreter. I know people who pray to speak in tongues thinking that it is evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and some equate it to salvation as well. We are told in the Bible to pray for the gift of prophecy. We are not told to pray for tongues and Jesus never spoke of tongues in relationship to the events of His death and resurrection releasing the Holy Spirit/Comforter for all who believe. The Bible says that there are various manifestation of the Spirit. Not just tongues. It seems it is another pivotal point for division among believers.
---jody on 1/29/10

The gift of prophecy is the means to deliver "God's message to others". Bible teaches to pray for the gift of prophecy which is the mind of Christ. Also that tongue speaking during services needs to be controlled "let one or two speak but only if there is an interpreter". Some denominations believe that one isn't really saved or have the Holy Spirit if they do not speak in tongues. To me, this is Cultish thinking and erroneous.
---jody on 1/28/10

Leon, a very good answer you gave. I tried to bring that out but to no avail. Not many are listening. At one of the churches I visited, it seemed like the people liked get pump up when everyone is doing it, I heard some say, they get recharge. I suppose during the week they get discharged. I don't mean everyone of course, but the vast majority of them at that perticular church. At our church the pastor didn't allow anyone to speak in tongues during services. If someone started, one of the elders went to tell them to stop. In private our pastor prayed to God in tongues. But that was private. He never let tongues become a mockery at his church.
---MarkV. on 1/24/10

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I'm going to say something that may be tantamount to a flatulence in the Southern Baptist Church. "But", here goes!

There are two kinds of tongues spoken of in the Bible: One is the legitimate tongues 1st mentioned in Acts about Pentecost Day when the disciples spoke in many "known tongues" (languages) of the day in the hearing of people who actually spoke those tongues & marvelled at the disciples being able to do so. This was beneficial to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The other tongues is the "unknown tongues", a pagan variety Paul spoke of when he rebuked the Church for speaking a non-language (selfish, ecstatic babble) no one but God could possibly understand. (1 Cor. 14:2-25)
---Leon on 1/23/10

As the deciples waited in the upper room the sprit of God came as fire on their tongues.
Now the upper room was in a very busy trading center for people from other countries with languages that wasn't aramic.
So when the deciples went out and preached to these groups of people they were able to speak in the language of the listener. To me the people who jump up in church and talk in a language that no one knows, are only trying to attract attention and praise from people who do not know better. Why would God have the deciples babbling when He sent
different languages to the people building the Tower of Babble.
God Still loves You.
---Mike on 1/23/10

The church which I used to attend had our head deacon coming back from Florida fully believing in the gift of tongues.

The pastor who always tells us he believes everything in the Bible preached that while it was a genuine gift of the Spirit, he simply did not want to deal with it in his church.

Apparently he had seen too much disruption in other churches where it occured.

That head deacon now attends church elsewhere.

I can see that Southern Baptist churches which boast of their conservative worship style would not want to see that in their churches as well.
---Lee1538 on 1/21/10

Rhonda It appears your reason for asking the question was so you could be hateful and meanmouth a person who cared enough to share with you. To say tongues are of Satan is to say the Holy Ghost and Gods move through his children is of the Devil. Thats blashphemy,which is the act of insulting or showing contempt or a lack of reverence for God or showing irreverence toward something considered sacred. Matthew 12:31-all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men,but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. You have entered a dangerous area. Holy Ghost given tongues isn't of the Devil,but confusion is. 1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion,but of peace,as in all churches of the saints.
---Darlene_1 on 1/19/10

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The issue of tongues among Southern Baptist looms ever larger, and is much deeper than most Southern Baptist realize. Already it has caused them to lose missionaries, and there is really no way of knowing how many members it has cost them. Many Southern Baptist hold unknown tongues(babblings is what they call them) to be of the devil.
Consider this, if tongues is not of the devil, but rather is the Holy Spirit expressing itself through a person, that would place them in a position of speaking against the Holy Spirit.
---mima on 1/19/10

"wrong Holy Spirit feeling" What is that?
---Mandy on 1/18/10

Dear Mandy the word wrong was a mistake it should have been "strong Holy Spirit feeling"
---mima on 1/19/10

Yes there are more than you think. Mainly they are smaller congregational churches. I have found very few that exist today as everyone is more apt to attend the :social club" baptist churches
---rev_hank on 1/18/10

"wrong Holy Spirit feeling" What is that?
---Mandy on 1/18/10

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Rhonda,I belonged to a Southern Baptist Church and I believe the Pastor had the Gift of the Holy Ghost with tongues.

Really? And WHICH KNOWN language was he speaking where EVERYONE in the congregation heard him in their native tongue (aka language)?

I know many people who are fluent in more than 5 languages ...easy enough for Europeans ...many in US speak 2

false ministers of Satan profess tongues BABBLING like an infant ...they are saying nothing in any tongue (language) they are simply putting on a SHOW
---Rhonda on 1/18/10

Rhonda,I belonged to a Southern Baptist Church and I believe the Pastor had the Gift of the Holy Ghost with tongues. He took delight when the Holy Ghost moved on the congregation,there would be that sweet move of the Spirit lifting our spirits higher. Once when that was going on with me,he ask all who had experienced an emotioinal high to hold up their hands and hands went up all over the church. When I went to him and told him I have a hard time not raising my hands to worship God in church,being Pentecostal, he told me to go up front in the pulpit and ask if the church minded if I did that. I didn't. I soon left to go to an Assembly of God church in another town with my Mom and Dad. I was sorry I didn't.
---Darlene_1 on 1/18/10

Moderator confirms what I've known for some time. I of course have never met the moderators only read their written word but I had this wrong Holy Spirit feeling that one of the moderators spoke in tongues.

I have a Southern Baptist background. I Have been saved 51 years and was given the gift of tongues about 20 years ago. Immediately after receiving this gift my affiliation with the Southern Baptist churches began to weaken.

I too would be glad to communicate with you about this subject. I am mima 3783 penpals
---mima on 1/18/10

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