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Prayer And Praise Blog

Since we all belong to the body of Christ and fellowship on ChristiaNet, do you think we should have a monthly prayer request and praise report blog?

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 ---Bob on 2/4/10
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Hi, I understand but he's going into treatment--hard-core treatment--starting tomorrow, and he is determined to beat the alcohol. He knows it would ruin our marriage so he is determined to win. :)
---Mary on 2/14/10

Mary...May or June? Please think about this! You are planning on getting married to a man whom you already know is a drunk. Is that how you want to spend a marriage?
---karenD on 2/13/10

Hi, God bless those of you praying for my fiancee, we have found a solution, praise God!! :) He is finally going to get some treatment--serious treatment--for his alcoholism and starting today so I couldn't be happier about that! :) It will not be easy but it will pave the way for his healing and a better marriage for both of us when we do get married in May or June. God hears and answers prayer! :)
---Mary on 2/11/10

DavidA....Did you miss the part where Mary calls him her "fiancee", not husband?
---KarenD on 2/11/10

Mary, things usually do get worse before they get better. The response you are seeing is a good sign. Your relationship to your husband gives you a special authority to battle with satan on spouses behalf so keep up the prayers. In so doing, consider that your husbands drinking problem is rooted in some other place where permission has been given to the enemy to attack. Focus on rooting out that permission and removing it and you may see more things than the drinking symptom evaporate (or rather be replaced by the real things that were meant to be there instead of the symptoms).

I'm praying right now that Jesus counsels you both through this process and brings you to a fullness in this regard.

---DavidA on 2/10/10

Mary...I am praying for you.
---KarenD on 2/10/10

My fiancee and I are going to a prayer meeting tomorrow night and I'd just like to ask prayer for him...although since I've requested prayer for his drinking problem, things seem to be going completely crazy--why?! Does Satan attack with a vengeance when God's people ask for prayer? Can someone help me understand this? Thank you.
---Mary on 2/9/10

I sure do serve a great God. He keeps me. And I just love His little movements in my stomach. My love for Him, peeks. He reminds me, I am His. What a God, I serve. He is my friend. I am His friend.
---catherine on 2/8/10

Mima...It gives a smile to my face when I see typos. Of course, we all knew what you meant. I thank God that my mother made me learn to type almost 50 years ago. Yikes! That makes me really old now. LOL
---KarenD on 2/8/10

Thanks to you all who prayed for my nephew in Dayton, Ohio... He's much improved & should be out of the hospital soon. THX!
---Leon on 2/7/10

---KarenD on 2/5/10, yes I see the mistake.
I do not type although I surely could do better at proofreading. When I was a boy in high school my spelling was so poor that was afraid to take typing as I thought to take typeing a person had to know how to spell. Foolish mistake I now know however I have this machine that really types well as you talk into it.
---mima on 2/7/10

I pray today that God would take care, protect, and bless all of you and your families. That He would guide you into all truth and down the path of righteousness. That He would give you the wisdom to make all the right decisions in every situation and circumstance. May He help you to overcome your faults and weaknesses. I pray for salvation for your unsaved family members and friends and healing for those who need God's divine intervention. May God supply all your needs on a daily basis and show you mercy and grace in your time of need when you come before His throne of grace. May you feel His presence 24/7 and enjoy all His promises and good things in life which He freely gives to you. AMEN AND PRAISE GOD FOR HIS LOVING KINDNESS!
---Bob on 2/6/10

Ofcourse! And I will start it. I want to praise God for getting me through each and everyday for the last nine and half years. That's how long I have been saved. THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST. I love You. Amen.
---catherine on 2/6/10

I too think it's a wonderful idea.
Please, let us pray for each other.
The scripture is being fulfilled because truly the love of many has waxed cold.
Therefore we as Christians (Christ's) need each other.
God Bless
---ashle7439 on 2/5/10

Mima...Just where in "Calgary" is that cross located?
---KarenD on 2/5/10

This mrgn, my step-mother called from NY. Her grandson (16 yrs old) lives in Dayton, OH. He does volunteer work at the VA hospital. Yesterday, he gave blood, left the hosp' & collapsed. He was taken to the Children's Hospital. On arrival, he was unresponsive & the hosp' staff says his condition doesn't look good. Please join me in praying for his speedy recovery & my step-mother's strength in the Lord. THX!!!
---Leon on 2/5/10

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To the participants on Christianet,
because I believe in pointed, targeted prayer I want to pray the following prayer.
Dear heavenly father I am coming to you under the righteousness of Jesus Christ shed blood at the Cross of Calgary.
Recognizing your sovereignty I sincerely beseech you to purposely bless every reader and writer on the Christianet blog. Believing this request not to be against your will I ask that your will be done in this matter. Thank you for the privilege of praying to you. Thank you in advance for your answer to this prayer. Glory hallelujah to the beloved name of your son and our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ amen.
---mima on 2/5/10

All whom blog here on ChristiaNet are not Christians nor are they any part of Christ's body. This site has a "Prayer Request" link: just click on the [ Mall ] link on this page, then on the Mall page scroll down to the [ Bible & Graphics ] sub heading, and under this heading you should find the [ Prayer Requests ] link to click on.
---Eloy on 2/5/10

Yes, I do think we should have a prayer and praise blog because there are a lot of Christians out in the world today who need to know that there are others who care about them. I have posted my own prayer requests on other Christian websites, and when they pray for me, I know my prayers have been answered.
---terea3865 on 2/4/10

A group of missionaries(lay people) are beginning to return from the Philippines after a four-week trip, one week in China and three weeks in the Philippines. I wish to thank Almighty God for what he has done with these men. I have some numbers, but in my opinion the numbers are too enormous for most to handle. We can be sure that Almighty God knows the exact number and numbers don't get too large(or conversely too small) for his calculator. They have been successful in soulwinning completely beyond expectations. Thank you Jesus.
---mima on 2/4/10

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God is doing awesome things in our local church. People are getting saved and we are having a baptism with over a dozen people who want to get baptized. Praise the Lord for what HE is doing today!
---KarenD on 2/4/10

How about an Hourly Prayer request? and a semi-annually Praise, just kidding.

I say that because we need Him every minute of every hour and the breakthrough's and answers to our prayers don't come everyday or even each month.

Sometimes it takes months for God to answer prayers. That's because 1) He is working out all the details, especially the ones we forget that need to be worked out and 2) He works all things after the counil of His will and His timing is not our timing, His ways are not our ways, His ways are HIGHER.

Other than that, I'm all for it.
---Donna on 2/4/10

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